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A good DVD player should be affordable since the technology is very old. Despite the improvement of digital media and Blu-ray, aging is not bad. We can play our DVD collection on the TV or PC thanks to DVD players.

A good DVD player should be well-built and reliable. This ensures that your discs will not scratch and that playing them will be a pleasant experience with the least background noise.

You can find them at brands like Sony, Panasonic, and LG. However, this list also includes less-known names for their outstanding work. If you want to stream TV, you will need a DVD player that has a hard drive or smart TV compatibility. They are more expensive, but you can do all this with your smart TV or set-top box.

Modern big screen TVs and projectors will get better pictures with Full HD upscaling. Be sure your DVD player is capable of playing region-free DVDs.

Here are the best region-free DVD player available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Region Free Dvd Player

Best Region Free Dvd Player Reviews In 2023

1. LP-099 Multi Region Code Zone Free PAL

This multi-region DVD player/CD player supports all zone-free and region-free DVDs, including the CPRM copy control. Easily connect this HDMI DVD player to your conventional or smart TV via the supplied HDMI cable to see standard definition movies upscaled to smooth, jagged-free 1080p Full-HD quality.

All Region Free (Does not support Blu-ray disc)

It can play both CDs and DVDs in a wide variety of disc formats. Available to play DVDs from any region (1-6 except for CPRM) and support Disc format: CD, DVD, DVD-R/+R, DVD-/+RW, CD-R/-RW, VCD, SVCD. There will be no limit on your disc choice and provide maximum viewing and listening pleasure.

Resume and Last Memory

The DVD player can memorize the resume points of previously played discs, so you can pick up where you left off at any time.

2. DVD Player, HDMI AV Output

The DVD Player Pro accommodates a wide range of media types. This powerful DVD Player for TV captures beautiful and precise colors for stunning effects while providing multiple ways to play your media. Customize whichever episodes you wish to playback or jump ahead with the smart remote control. The device can display on traditional/smart TVs, Monitor displays, Projectors, and Home Theater.

Compact with HDMI and RCA output

The DVD players for TV are designed to protect their superior image quality through both HDMI and RCA. Users can enjoy this CD/DVD player at home, even with a Mic input design with karaoke features.

All region NTSC/PAL System for TV

The system of this DVD Player for TV is so powerful that it can automatically switch between NTSC and PAL DVD player, whichever works the best for your DVDs.

DVD player with USB Input

Enhanced with a DVD Player USB input at the front, users can play their online files at their DVD Players. Applicable files: AVI(Xvid,MP4V,MPEG-1),D2VX,MPG,MPEG,MP3,MOV,ASF.

3. Mini DVD Player ARAFUNA

Mini DVD Player for TV Projector + HDMI Cable and Remote Control. Compact portable design, convenient for vacation, camping, party, etc. With HDMI Cable and Remote Control. 1080HD lifelike quality image give you the best viewing experience. Anti-shock protection ensures a smooth and reliable viewing experience. The DVD player is great for playing DVDs on your TV or computer monitor in the car, bus, train, plane or living room without needing to pack heavy laptops.

DVD Players with Memory Playback

The DVD player can automatically begin playing the disc(DVD or CD) from the point where you last enabled this function.

Compact DVD Player- Charging Ways

Three types of power supply modes. The Micro-USB charging cable can be adapted to the car’s USB port or the power bank. Convenient and easy to use.

Mini DVD Player- Suitable for Travel

This small DVD player is just 0.57IB and smaller than an A4 paper. Easy to carry out and use where you want.

4. DVD Player, HDMI & RCA Connection

The MTDVD-FE (Family Entertain Edition DVD-Player) is the perfect front-of-house solution for family entertainment centers. The first DVD player offers two microphone inputs: one mic input integrated into the player and a second mic input added through a 1/8-inch Mini Stereo Jack. The unique dual microphone input feature increases singing and general communication with your friends and family by increasing Microphone Jack input from one to TWO!

USB DVD Player input design

These DVD players for tv can also read USB files and project on screen up to 720P or 1080P for CD/DVDs. Applicable USB Files:

AVI(Certain Formats), D2VX, MPG, MPEG, MP3, MOV, ASF

Compact DVD player with Remote Control

This CD/DVD player for TV comes with a remote control that fits most users’ demands; please do keep in mind that Maite offers free remote replacement if needed.

RCA/HDMI DVD player with NTSC and PAL

This HDMI DVD player has a built-in Dual system that supports NTSC and PAL Disc the same time; the system can auto switch to whichever works best for your DVDs.

5. DVD Player, Home DVD Players for TV Region Free DVDs 1080p Full HD Compact

The Multiple functional DVD players with no region restriction can support almost any disc in DVD, AVI, CD, CD-R/RW, and so on. It is the best choice for you if you have region limitation problems. It is perfect for home theater, office, or anywhere in your house; it is easy to operate and install.

Different Disc Format

This home DVD player can play CDs and DVDs in different disc formats, including DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW, etc. Additionally, you benefit from enhanced file format compatibility, including MP3、JPG、AVI、DIVX、MPG、MPEG4、VOB、FLV, 、JPEG via the USB port.

DVD Player for Home

Compact and Easy for home video and karaoke makes it simple but multi-functional DVD player to your home entertainment system. Just one-time purchase but multiple entertainment experiences, DVD/CD players also with the Karaoke(Microphone included).

6. Mini DVD Player for TV, Region

The Region free DVD player provides maximum viewing and listening pleasure. It allows you to easily play any discs on this DVD player, whether a normal DVD or a music CD. And for your information, this region-free DVD player does not support Blu-ray discs.

Memory Playback

With Memory Playback Function, our DVD player stores the watching process when sudden power off. Once turned on, it’ll return to what you previously watched.

USB Flash Drive Supported

Built-in USB port for playing digital audio and video files, so easy to use, you can enjoy smooth, detailed video from USB, offering an excellent home theater experience. Via USB, it can support to play:

HD 1080P Upscaling

Tojock Mini DVD player for TV up-converts DVD video to 1080p with fine details. Easily connects it to your smart or conventional TV/projector with the supplied HDMI cable to experience HD picture quality and solid sound in a compact design.

7. WGC Sony Region Free Blu Ray Player Pal

Get the best of both worlds with this Region Free Blu Ray Player Pal/NTSC Zone A B C Region 012345678. With full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc playback and DVD upscaling capabilities, you can enjoy your movies and shows to the fullest. The HDMI output makes it easy to connect to various devices.

Upscaling Easy Access

Region Free DVD, Blu-ray, Pal / NTSC, and BD conversion. Stream from various apps and entertainment services Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc playback & DVD upscaling Easy access to apps and functions with a new customizable, user-friendly interface Improved boot-up and loading times with super quick start. Enjoy music, photos, and video via the front USB slot Experience HD sound with Dolby TrueHD and dots-Master Audio, Energy Star 3.0 compliant.

Good Image Quality

WGC Sony Region Free Blu Ray Player is a region free device that can play PAL, NTSC, and several other regions. Compatible with most US models of TV and some other countries’ TVs, this model is ideal for those who travel abroad often or offer something unusual in their living rooms. With an excellent price/performance ratio, good image quality, and all popular file formats supported, WGC BDP-S1500 is currently one of the best players on the market.

8. Philips All Multi Region Zone Free

This Philips DVD player allows you to watch DVDs(PAL and NTSC) from any region(0-9) with proofreader drive playback on any disc. HDTV compatible, inputs from HDMI, S-Video, component video, and composite video connections. Connect to your television via HDMI. This player has a combination of features for 4k video along with 10-bit color depth, allowing for smooth playback of the latest in movie quality graphics and exciting fast graphics making it easy to take advantage of today’s latest technology when connected to this device.

Supports Up-conversion

The 1080p Multi-Region DVD Player from Philips is compatible with NTSC/PAL video systems and DVDs from all regions. It will play CDs as well. The DVD player also supports up-conversion to Full HD 1080p. It features HDMI, digital coaxial out, and composite video outputs. t supports HDMI-CEC for single remote operation and includes a remote control. Other features include a 108 MHz / 12-bit video DAC and a JPEG slideshow function with MP3 audio playback.

Convenient Multi-zone

Watch your favorite DVDs on any TV, in any country, with this convenient multi-zone Philips DVD player. It plays all DVDs from regions 0 to 8 (including NTSC format) and is compatible with PAL video systems. Easily switch between the different input modes – cable box, game console, or Dish Network receiver for seamless control of multiple devices.

9. hPlay Compact Desktop DVD Media Player

play Compact Desktop DVD Media Player is an ultra-slim, multifunctional media player for playing multiple media formats on your TV more conveniently. The player supports Region 1-6 DVD format and plays multiple media formats: DVD, DVD-R-RW, AVI, MPEG4, VOB, DAT, VCD, SVCD, CD, CD-R-RW, etc. The device adopts fast and quiet disc reading technology so that you can enjoy your favorite video in no time.

Multi Formats Supported

This DVD media player is fully compatible with DVDs, DVD-R/RWs, VCDs, SVCDs, HDCDs, CDs, CD-R/RWs, and Kodak picture CDs. It also supports USB Flash drive playback on the following formats:

Control Your Player With Ease

Use the remote to switch between DVD/USB, A to B Repeat, Select Language and Subtitle, Fast Forward or Rewind, etc.

HDMI and AV output

Connect your TV and audio system for high-quality audio and an enhanced entertainment experience when watching your favorite shows, movies, and sports. Both HDMI cable and AV cable are included.

10. Lg DP-132 All Multi Region Free DVD Player with USB Input Plays PAL

Enjoy your favorite video and audio with LG’s DP132 DVD player. Multi-playback means you can watch a DVD or JPEG or listen to an audio CD or MP3, while USB 2.0 Plus allows you to play back any JPEG, MP3 or DivX file stored on a USB memory device. And, with USB direct recording, it’s easy to extract audio tracks from your CD to your USB to make your own MP3 music file collection. A powerful and easy-to-use function allows you to directly extract audio tracks from CDs & transfer them to a USB device. Just insert a CD and make your own MP3 music file collection.”

USB Input Plays Pal

Lg DP-132 All Multi Region Free DVD Player with USB Input Plays PAL is an old model special for the US market. It plays DVDs and CDs and DVD-Rs, DVD-RW, and CD-R/RW discs. The player supports the following video output terminal: S-video, composite video, and stereo audio outputs.

Favorite Movies Or Photos Via USB

This LG DP-132 All Multi Region Free DVD Player with USB Input Plays PAL is an ideal DVD player. It also features a USB port to watch all your favorite movies or photos via USB or SD card. This item is also NTSC compatible, so if you have NTSC DVDs, they will play fine on this device.

Buying Guide: Best Region Free Dvd Player

Blu-ray players will give you the highest quality on your TV whenever you watch any movie or show you love. Blu-ray disks also contain a variety of extras, including film commentary and some behind-the-scenes looks at the movies.

Blu-ray discs can only be played in certain regions. It is possible to restrict the viewing of Blu-ray discs to specific regions with region codes. You need a region-free Blu-ray player to watch Blu-ray discs from countries other than the intended region. The options available to you are quite diverse. We’ve provided below a buying guide on region-free Blu-ray players if you’re looking for more information.

Supported Region Codes

We will discuss region-free Blu-ray players only today, so it is important to understand what region codes DVD players support. If the Blu-ray player supports a region code, discs marked with it will be compatible.

DVDs can be assigned a region code of 0 to 9, while Blu-ray discs have region codes A, B, and C. In addition, if you plan to use the Blu-ray player in a particular region, you need to manually adjust the region setting.


A Blu-ray player’s resolution determines how good the playback will be. Commercially available Blu-ray players have a maximum of 1080p displays, the most common resolution for films and TV shows.

Despite these obstacles, 4K ultra HD has become a popular medium for entertainment. Considering that it offers four times more pixels per frame, the quality and detail of the video are improved considerably. Playing 1080p discs with them requires a Blu-ray player capable of upscaling 1080p, so a 4K Blu-ray player is a better choice.

Smart Features

In most of our homes, we use smart electronic devices. There is at least wireless connectivity on the device even if it does not have a dedicated operating system. As well as Blu-ray players that come with built-in WiFi, there are also game consoles that have this feature.

The player can be used without discs if this is done. Using the player, you can stream content from sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime directly from your local network.

Connectivity Options

Dedicated Blu-ray players feature a wide range of connectivity options. If you want to use your Blu-ray player effectively, make sure these options match the type of screen you will be using. Streaming high-quality content is easy with an HDMI connection on a recent TV. To make sure you have the correct I/O ports, you should test the Blu-ray player against your TV. As a result, you will avoid the hassle of having to purchase 3rd party connectors in the future.


Are all DVD players region-free?

Codes for DVDs that are region-free are called region codes. An international version of a DVD that is unlocked to any particular region can usually be played on any DVD player around the world.

What are the advantages of region-free DVD players?

It has no regional restrictions and can be played on a wide array of devices regardless of where it was purchased. One of the main advantages of Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs is that they are region-free. Discs purchased in the same region can be played on the Blu-ray optical drive.

How many DVD players are multi-regional?

A region code is usually included on DVD players so that only compatible discs can be played. An English region DVD that contains the number 2 can be played only on specific DVDs that are also UK region-compatible DVDs, and it will not play on any other device.

DVD players with no region code are legal?

Owning a multi-regional or region-free player is legal in the United States. Because US DMCA prohibits the SALE of multi-region players in the US, all transactions to purchase such a device take place outside the US.

Changing a DVD’s region can be difficult.

Click the DVD and CDROM drive icon in Device Manager. Choose the DVD Region tab from the Device Properties window. To select a region code, click the DVD Region tab. Click OK to complete the process.


Although Blu-ray discs are easily available, it can be somewhat difficult to obtain a disc that is not designed for your region or country. It will not work on your regular Blu-ray player even if you manage to get a hold of a disc.

Our region-free Blu-ray players will allow you to bypass these restrictions so you can watch the films. Below are a few of our top choices.

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