Best Region Free Blu-ray Ray Player [Today’s Update]

Blu-ray discs remain the most popular method of watching video content, even though streaming technologies have rapidly expanded in recent years. Blu-ray players need to be able to play movies regardless of their region. There will be no limitations on the disc’s code, as the player can play any disc.

An international Blu-ray player should have several features that are important to consider. Choosing the best models in the market today to save you time was our primary goal. Our analysis included a comparison of pros and cons for each player using the information we obtained.

Here are the best region-free blu-ray ray player available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Region Free Blu-ray Ray Player

Best Region Free Blu-ray Ray Player Reviews In 2023

1. LG BP175 Region Free Blu-ray Player

This Region Free Blu-ray Player is the perfect way to watch movies from different regions. It will play any region DVD or Blu-ray disc, so you can watch any movie from any region as if it was made for your TV. You can also plug this player into an adapter to use in any country with a different voltage than what you’re used to.

Types Of Blu-ray Discs

This region-free blue ray player is great for all types of Blu-ray discs. You can play DVDs and Blue-rays from any region in the world. Easily connect this player to any TV with an HDMI input and enjoy movies in HD quality. This product works on all TVs, whether PAL or NTSC compatible, because it comes with a built-in video converter so you can play DVDs and Blu-rays from anywhere in the world.

Compact Portable Dvd Player

The Region Free version of the Dynastar BP165 is a compact portable DVD player with a built-in PAL/NTSC video converter. With 24p support, HDMI, USB and S-video input, HDMI output & optical out, this player can go where you want it to. The built-in PAL/NTSC video converter allows for worldwide use. This player also has a remote control and a Dynastar HDMI cable.

2. LG BP Region Free Blu-ray Player

This region-free LG BP Player can play all your favorite Blu-Rays and DVDs from any region, no matter where you live. The unit comes with a 6-foot Dynastar Trademark HDMI cable, a remote with batteries, a 110-240 volts power supply, an instructions manual, and the region-free instructions sheet. This player is popular and is suited for any home entertainment needs or computer-like streaming or playing movies off a hard drive.

Player Plays Virtually Any Disc

The LG BP Region Free Blu-ray Player plays virtually any disc, including DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays. This region-free player was created with international travelers in mind. It supports PAL and NTSC so that you can play any disc on any TV, regardless of the format used. This player is compatible with DVDs, and Blu-rays purchased internationally- no regional coding restrictions here! With power outlets supporting 110-240 volts, this region-free player works internationally with electricity worldwide.

Power To Play Back

The BP330 Blu-ray Player from LG gives you the power to play back DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs in exceptional Full HD 1080p. The player also features a USB 2.0 port that allows you to connect external storage devices that can be used as playback sources, such as movies, music, and photos. Additionally, with its HDMI output, you can enjoy all of this great media on your HDTV with outstanding image quality.

3. Sony All Region Free Blu Ray

The Surfboard SBBR320 USB 3.0 WiFi Media Player is the perfect addition to your home theater system providing entertainment for any occasion. Enjoy watching your favorite Blu-ray discs, streaming music, photos, and videos over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, or connect directly to your Smart TV with an HDMI cable. Internet connection is not required to watch Blu-rays, DVDs, or play music files or CDs.

Enjoy Full Hd 1080p Quality.

This Sony Blu-ray player allows you to enjoy full HD 1080p quality, plus upscale your standard DVDs to the same high-resolution images. Play audio CDs and other media files, and connect a hard drive to enjoy all of your movies, music, and photos.

Rich Cinematic Experience

The Sony BDPS6500 Region Free Player lets you play region-locked Blu-ray discs from all over the world. Robust and ready for virtually any task, this sleek black player allows you to view content on virtually any display in your home. The BDPS6500 provides a rich cinematic experience at home with support for both PAL and NTSC formats, while 1080p upscaling ensures that your entertainment is always crystal clear.

4. WGC Sony Region Free Blu Ray Player Pal

Region Free DVD, Blu-ray, Pal / NTSC, and BD conversion. Stream from various apps and entertainment services Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc playback & DVD upscaling Easy access to apps and functions with a new customizable, user-friendly interface Improved boot-up and loading times with super quick start. Enjoy music, photos, and video via the front USB slot Experience HD sound with Dolby TrueHD and dots-Master Audio, Energy Star 3.0 compliant.

Digital Collection

WGC Sony Region Free Blu Ray Player Pal/NTSC Zone A B C Region 012345678 will play DVD, DVD+/-R/RW, Laserdisc, SACD, audio CD, and HDCD. The versatile player also supports DivX playback so that you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows from your digital collection. It’s easy to connect the WGC Player to your home entertainment system via the HDMI output for crystal clear high-definition resolution.

Plays All Region Discs

WGC Sony Region Free Blu Ray Player PAL/NTSC DVD player plays all region discs and will work in any country. This excellent player can be used to watch UHD 4k, 3D Blu-ray, H265, and Dolby Digital Plus. The WGC technology keeps the player from going into standby mode when not in use for 60 days of continuous use for the first time after installation.

5. Multi System Region Free Blu Ray Disc DVD Player 

The Multi-system Region Free Blu-Ray Disc DVD Player lets you enjoy watching your favorite movies in any language. The two HDMI outputs and one HDMI cable make it easy to connect to your TV and speakers. A high-speed HDMI cable is the only connection that can provide a Blu-ray experience with 4K or full 1080p pictures and digital surround sound.

Region Free Blu-ray Disc

Connect to your home wireless network easily with our Multi System Region Free Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player. With built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, you can connect to your existing wireless network without running a cable. The IOS remote control lets you pin from the top 25 apps in the App Store – such as Netflix and Twitter.

Metadata Analysis Technology

Enjoy a dazzling high dynamic range (HDR) picture thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Vision. This built-in dynamic metadata analysis technology helps improve every image, enhancing brightness and contrast while optimizing color and picture detail on your compatible display. Dolby Vision support is to be made available through a future firmware update.

6. Sony 2K/4K UPSCALING 2D/3D Built-in WI-FI Region Free

The Sony 4K Upscaling, Wi-Fi & 3D Region Free Blu-ray Player is perfect for travelers. With built-in WiFi, you can stream movies and TV shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Hulu. This player is also region-free, so all your discs from any region will play on the player (A, B, C). It’s compatible with PAL, and NTSC video signals and has full conversion so that you can play any DVD or Blu-ray on any TV.

Stylish Blu-ray Player

Upgrade your home entertainment with the Sony BDP-S6500 Region Free 2D/3D Blu-ray Player. With built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port, this stylish Blu-ray player lets you enjoy all of your favorite media over your network by connecting to your local area network or the internet. Upscale your entertainment to 4K quality and get the most out of your 4K Ultra HD TVs. Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies in Full HD 1080p3 and upscale the visual quality of DVDs to near HD quality.

Wi-fi Region Free Upscale

Sony 2K/4K upscaling 2D/3D Built-in Wi-Fi Region Free Upscale your older movie collection with this Sony Blu-Ray player. Connect your home theater system to the HDMI output, coaxial audio output, Ethernet connection, and USB input of this device to watch content like Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Instant Video on a larger screen.

Buying Guide For The Best Region Free Blu-Ray Player

You can stream the highest-quality movies and shows on your Blu-ray player from your living room, so purchasing one is a great investment. On Blu-ray discs, you can also find some new extras, like deleted scenes and director’s commentary versions. There are some regions where Blu-rays cannot be used, however. Region codes protect Blu-ray discs from being viewed in certain areas.

To watch Blu-ray discs in any region other than the region they were intended for, the best region-free Blu-ray player is necessary. You can also check out our guide below on the best Blu-ray players for other options, so be sure to check that out too.

Supported Region Codes

We will only talk about region-free Blu-ray players today, but let’s also discuss which region codes are compatible with DVD players. On Blu-ray players supporting the region code, it is possible to play certain discs in specific regions.

DVDs have region codes ranging from 0 to 9, while Blu-ray discs have codes ranging from A to C. You must set the region code on your Blu-ray player before you can play the disc.


The Blu-ray disc will have a high-quality picture when played on a Blu-ray player. Currently, 1080p is the most common resolution for home videos and television. A limited number of TVs on the commercial market support 1080p.

In recent years, 4K ultra HD televisions have become increasingly common. Due to the four times more pixels in every frame, it is more detailed and of higher quality. You should select an upscaling Blu-ray player over one that plays 1080p discs.

Smart Features

Home electronics are filled with smart devices. Even if the device does not have a dedicated OS, wireless connectivity will still be available for ease of use. Blu-ray players also feature WiFi connectivity as part of their built-in features.

Using this method, you can play discs even if the discs are not present. If you connect the player to your local network, you can directly access content streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Connectivity Options

Lastly, there are several ways to connect a Blu-ray player. Selecting the right display option for your display device is important for the optimal performance of your Blu-ray player. The recently released TV features an HDMI connection that makes streaming high-quality content possible. Compare the I/O ports on your Blu-ray player with those on your TV to see if they are compatible. Using this method, you can avoid purchasing third-party connectors in the future.

FAQ: Best Region-free Blu-ray Ray Player

Is It Possible To Get A Region-free Blu-ray Player?

As a region-free Blu-ray player, it can also play Blu-ray discs from regions A, B, and C and DVDs not labeled with a region. This device can play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs, and 3D films, making it the ideal device for Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs, and 3D movies.

What Are Region-free Blu-ray Players Available For 4k Uhd?

Backward compatibility is fully supported for Ultra HD Blu-ray players. One good thing about Blu-ray discs in 4K is that they have just one region code. So, essentially, they have no regional restrictions. All 4K players in the world can play them.

What Are Blu-ray Players Region-free From Sony?

With its passion for quality and seemingly endless ability to innovate, Sony has been a global leader in home electronics for many years. Blu-Ray and DVDs from any region can be played on Sony’s region-free Blu-ray players.

Is It Possible To Turn My Bdp S6700 Into A Region-free Model?

The DVD region does not need to be changed. By default, DVDs are not region-locked. Bluray discs, however, require you to change the region. The player must be turned off. Press the yellow button for the Sony models, the blue button for the Sony models, and the red button for the Sony models.

Blu-ray Players That Are Region-free Are Expensive; why?

It’s not cheap to buy region-free players because they cost as much as the player itself, plus the labor and parts needed to make them region-free. A full HD Blu-ray Player with 1-button region switching, it’s the Region Free Sony BDP-S1700. It’s only $99 and is available with region-free content.


It may prove difficult to find such discs if you reside in a country or region not designed for Blu-ray discs. A Blu-ray disc with a region code restriction cannot be played on a regular Blu-ray player, even if you acquire the disc.

To get around these restrictions, we have purchased region-free Blu-ray players for you. The following are our top recommendations from our list.

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