5 Best Reflex Hammer in 2022

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A reflex hammer is a medical device used in the neurological assessment. It is made up of a handle, which is usually heavy and padded, and a beater, which usually has flat striking surfaces or can be semi-convex. The flat/semi-convex surfaces are used to strike the patient’s reflex points on the body. Doctors use this device to determine the ability of the patient’s nervous system to respond to stimulus, which is called “reflexes.”
There is more than one good and reliable reflex hammer on the market. So, how do you choose the best one? This is what we are going to be looking into in this article. We will list the best reflex hammers on this page. So let’s drive.

Best Reflex Hammer Reviews:

1. MDF Tromner Neurological Reflex Hammer

MDF Tromner Neurological Reflex Hammer with Pointed tip Handle for cutaneous and Superficial responses - Free-Parts-for-Life & - Black (MDF555-11)
Brand NameMDF Instruments
Model NumberMDF555
Number of Items1
Part NumberMDF555
UNSPSC Code27000000

It is one of the most well-known reflex testing hammers that is well-designed with high-quality materials and perfect balance, the MDF Tromner hammer has risen to the top of our list of the best reflex hammer. It contains a well-structured, thorough section that aids medical physicians in triggering muscle responses, abdominal reflexes, and accurately detecting abnormalities.

A Brush for cutaneous and superficial reflex reactions is integrated into the MDF Tromner hammer.

The lightweight material is used for both the head and the handle of the MDF Tromner reflex hammer. This makes it simple to carry and use the hammer.

The majority of people rate this reflex hammer as excellent, indicating that it is one of the best reflex hammers available.

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2. Primacare DH-3692 Taylor Neuro Hammer with Stealth Black Head

Primacare DH-3692 Taylor Neuro Hammer with Stealth Black Head, Stainless Steel Percussion Reflex Hammers, Doctor and Surgical Tools, Medical Supplies for Surgeons and Nurses, 7.5'

Primacare Taylor hammer in black, the most popular of neuro hammers. The most popular of neuro hammers. Chrome handle with a triangular synthetic rubber head. Latex-free. Overall length 7-1/2-inches. It is not only beautiful, but the Primacare Taylor percussion hammer can accurately and effectively induce muscle extension, superficial, skin, plantar, and abdominal reflexes Product Features: Latex-free rubber material Tests deep tendon reflexes Chrome-plated metal handle Durable Rubber Head Significantly lighter Can also be used as a chest percussion device The hammer’s latex-free rubber head is very long lasting. This may very well be the last reflex hammer you will buy so long as you don’t lose it.



The hammer kit has an overall length of 7.5 inches that accurately and effectively elicits reflexes of different muscle and sensory testing with less effort & greater patient comfort.


Medical-grade and premium quality hammer set for corrosion resistance, and superior craftsmanship. Includes chrome-plated triangle rubber head and soft bumper for a solid, strong, and easy strength control.


Used by practitioners intended to elicit patellar reflexes as well as myotatic reflexes. The chrome-plated handle features a tapered tip designed to elicit plantar reflexes.


The Primacare Taylor percussion hammer can accurately and effectively induce muscle extension, superficial, skin, plantar, and abdominal reflexes


This Taylor Neuro hammer length of 7.5″ is made of high-quality stainless steel. This reflex hammer provides the best quality materials for long-lasting durability to test joint bones


These reflex hammers are suitable for use on different types of medical and nursing percussion. Neuro Hammer is made specifically for neurological physical examination and can also be used as chest percussion

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3. Telescoping Babinski Hammer

Telescoping Babinski Hammer from Elite Medical Instruments
Brand NameElite Medical Instruments EMI
Global Trade Identification Number00859443003327
Item Weight3.17 ounces
Model NumberEIH-716
Part NumberEIH-716
UNSPSC Code27110000

Elite Medical Instruments Babinski Telescoping Reflex hammer equipped with a pointed end piece for testing nervous system response and a rubber head for reflex creation. Featuring a telescoping handle and swivel head, The Telescoping reflex hammer is versatile for today’s medical professionals.

Extendable and Versatile Reflex Hammer

The Elite Medical Instruments Extendable Reflex Hammer extends to 15 inches and collapses to 7 inches with the telescopic handle. The hammer also features a swivel top to perform multiple tests.


  • Reflex Hammer Adjustable head can be oriented in two directions
  • Stainless steel body
  • Telescoping / Telescopic babinski reflex hammer
  • Length from 7 inches (when collapsed) to 15 inches (when extended)

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4. U.S. Army Reflex Hammer Taylor Medical Ergonomic

U.S. Army Reflex Hammer Taylor Medical Ergonomic with Neurological Filament 7-1/2' Length. OEM Original Product
Brand NameGeneric
Number of Items1
Part NumberBHGFD01
UNSPSC Code42000000

The Taylor Reflex Hammer is a type of reflex hammer used by the United States Army. It is ergonomically constructed and has a neurological filament that is 7.5 centimeters in length.
The hammer has a deep blue triangular rubber head. It’s also free of latex. The US Army Reflex Hammer has a curved metallic grip with indentations that aid in getting a good swing, especially when using your wrist instead than your entire arm.
This reflex testing hammer has a retractor on the handle that aids with sensory testing. The tool is made of plastic and seems like a thicker fishing line to me.
This well-designed and elegant reflex hammer get the job done! Its distinct form and style make it easy to recognize when you lend it to someone.


  • U.S. Army neuro reflex hammers
  • The Taylor hammer features a 7.5 inch chrome handle
  • Has a colored triangular rubber head
  • Overall length 7-1/2-inches
  • Latex-free

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5. EMI Buck Neurological Reflex Testing Medical Hammer

EMI Buck Neurological Reflex Testing Medical Hammer - Comes with Needle and Brush (Royal)
Item Weight2.47 ounces
Model NumberEIH-717-Black
Part NumberEIH-717-Black
Specification Met
UNSPSC Code41000000
Specification for this product family
Brand NameElite Medical Instruments EMI
Number of Items1
Part NumberEIH-717
UNSPSC Code42000000

The Elite Medical Instruments Buck Reflex Hammer is used for testing reflexes and measuring nerve sensitivity. The Buck Hammer features dual rubber heads for reflex testing. Comes with a chrome plated handle that features a removable brush in the base, to elicit cutaneous reflexes. The top includes a removable neurological pin.


  • Brand: Elite Medical Instruments (Based in California, USA)
  • Buck Reflex Hammer (Dimensions 7″ length, 2.5″ head width)
  • Included removable needle and brush
  • Model #: EIH-717

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Types Of Reflex Hammers

Following Taylor’s invention is four different types of medical reflex hammers. All the four types of reflex hammers including Taylor’s do the same job or function the same way but differ a little bit in terms of structure. 

The Queen Square Reflex Hammer

This type of reflex hammers is designed with a circle or around the metallic head that is covered with plastic including a plastic handle. This type of reflex hammers helps in diagnosing plantar. This type of reflex is the most popular in the USA.

Taylor’s Type of  Hammer

This is also called Tomahawk. This reflex hammer type is the oldest type of reflex hammer. It’s uniquely designed with a triangular-shaped rubber head and a short metal handle. This type is very dominant in the US.

The Babinski Type Of Reflex Hammer

This type shared similarities with the Queen Square hammer when it comes to appearance. But is designed with a metallic hand that can be easily detached. It’s is invited by a neurologist from French who goes by the name of Joseph Babinski. The Babinski type of reflex hammers is often referred to as telescoping reflex hammers.

The Berliner  Reflex Hammer Type

This type of reflex hammer is designed with a semi-circular -shape head with a metallic handle bent at an angle, giving the reflex hammer an ax.

The Trömner Reflex Hammer Type

This is very different from the various types that we have discussed above. It has a double-headed mallet. The two heads come with big and small heads which are both used for testing tendon stretch reflex percussion myotonia respectively. This reflex hammer is named after the inventor, a German neurologist called Ernst Trömner.

Choosing The Best Reflex Hammer

There are many factors to consider when choosing a reflex hammer as a student, a neurologist, or a medical practitioner. Not choosing the right reflex hammer can lead to the wrong assessment and diagnosis 

It’s therefore important to consider factors such as the total makeup of the hammer; the head of the hammer, the handle of the hammer, the type of hammer, the features of the hammer, and the quality of the hammer.

It’s also important to put into consideration the weight, balance, and striking precision of the head of the hammer.

Consider The Head

When it comes to the Head of the hammer, it is important to understand that the 5 different types of hammers described above have different shapes heads; their own unique heads for conducting specific neuro assessments. The best way to figure out which hammerhead to buy is to find out the exact assessment you will be using the hammer for before pulling your credit card to make a purchase.

Consider The Handle

As stated above, Handle design is another important factor to consider when purchasing a reflex hammer. The variations in hammers and handles of hammers play a big roll in the counter-balance of the hammer. A hammer with a poor handle can make your work very difficult and frustrating. Make sure you go in for hammers with a well-designed handle that will make your work easy for you. Also, understand that hammers with round heads such as Babinski hammer and Queen Square have handles that are thin and straight. This enables the head to swing 360 degrees for easy assessment. However, Taylor reflex hammer and Tromner reflex hammers come with a handle that is broad at the base. This allows accurate handling during patient assessment.

Consider The Accessories

Depending on your needs, you should also consider the hammer that comes with accessories such as a brush, pin, or needles.


Do I have to consult the direction of doctors before purchasing a reflex hammer?

Because the product affects the acupuncture points directly, it can be dangerous if you misidentify them. It is best to consult the oriental medicine doctor for the first time.

Do I have to clean the hammer frequently?

Clean the tools after each use to avoid spreading skin diseases.

Where I could store the hammer after using it?

Store the product in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.

How to buy high-quality products?

When choosing to buy products, you should choose reputable brands, with the brand or code engraved on the body to ensure the purchase of good quality products.


We think the straight handle will probably be your best choice. There are some potential disadvantages to this, but the quality of these hammers is impressive, and so is the number of professional reviews written about them. So if you don’t mind buying a hammer specifically modeled after medical devices, this should satisfy both your medical needs and your crafting needs as well.

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