Top 10 Best Receipt Printer – Buying Guide

Do you know a receipt printer is a must-have operating your own business? Yes, it is a suitable device for printing receipts for your customers after a product purchase. But remember, for prompt printing of receipts, you must own the best receipt printer. 

This machine is always connected to your cash register at your business premises. However, you will learn about the three different types of receipt printers: impact, thermal, and inject. Your needs will determine your choice.

Nevertheless, enjoying success in business doesn’t come that easy, so you must invest in modern equipment. Make this integral choice of buying a receipt printer for the growth of your business. Well, if you want to purchase your favorite, go through this composed best receipt printer buying guide.

Our Top Pick:

Let’s Explore Our Top 10 Best Receipt Printers

1. Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN Thermal Receipt Printer

This best thermal receipt printer comes with incredible capabilities. If you are in sales, this can be a suitable machine to opt for. It comes with the TSP143III series for Ethernet connectivity. And because of this, you can wirelessly connect this printer to your smartphone without worrying about the distance. You see, printing at your comfort place is achievable. 

It is also a USB type where you can connect with other devices, making it the best receipt printer for android. Because of its high speed, expect 43 receipts within a minute. Paper loading in this printer is fast and easy as it is equipped with Print and Drop-In features. For flat receipts, you can press “De-Curl.” 

This star receipt printer comes with an “Error Reporting Feature” that detects an error if the network is not working accordingly. The futurePRNT Windows software helps you add your preferred graphics when printing receipts. The Star Cloud Services feature you can love when managing your other devices, communicating with your clients, receiving customers, and doing promotions.

Key Features

  • Its printing speed of 43 receipts in a second is admirable
  • Easy setting of the Ethernet that comes with Real-Time Status and a feature for Reporting Errors
  • It’s a power-saving thermal receipt printer because of the tiny footprint
  • The futurePRNT software is there to help you design your receipts with graphics to entice your customers for a comeback.
  • With this receipt printer, you can use Drop-In and Print for the fast loading of papers.
  • For flat prints, there are De-Curl features that you can easily use


  • High printing speed
  • Amazing Ethernet connectivity
  • Flat prints
  • Power saving machine
  • Allows easy customization of receipts


  • A bit expensive

2. Epson TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer

It is one of the thermal receipt printers you can consider for sales applications. Though it is not that fast, it can print quality receipts and other forms of graphics. This TM-T20II Ethernet product is equipped with the latest technology of wireless technology. This proves that you can print your receipts despite the distance. 

The USB port is for fast and easy connectivity with other devices. Also, it is a Bluetooth receipt printer in case you want to transfer some data. Its ability to support mobile printing because of the Epos-Print service is something to celebrate about this Epson receipt printer. It is such a reliable device with an auto-cutter and other reliability features.

Key Features

  • The thermal printing technology of this receipt printer is perfect
  • Its consumption of power of 1.8 Ampere is reasonable and so more savings
  • This device also allows mobile printing because of the Epson Epos Print Tech
  • It is such a flexible receipt printer known for quality and clear prints
  • Check the presence of the auto-cutter that can cut up to 1.5 million and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Allows wireless connectivity for visual printing


  • Excellent receipt prints
  • It’s a power-saving machine
  • Easy to install and use
  • Supports wireless technology
  • Allows mobile printing


  • It’s a bit slower than other thermal receipt printers

3. Star Micronics TSP143IIU GRY US ECO Receipt Printer

This is an all-in-one printer that can perform all sorts of printing tasks. Again, it is a machine you can set up quickly without struggle because everything is in one box. Using this printer, you can customize your receipts using the given software. Have appealing receipts for your customers. 

Furthermore, you can easily add your logo and redesign it according to your products. Besides, this star receipt printer allows automatic installations due to the availability of the ‘Plug & Play feature.

Moreover, you will see the USB cable to connect with other devices. So, it is possible to print outside your office. Further, this can be the best receipt printer for android.

Key Features

  • The USB cable is the best when connecting your printer with your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • It is easy to install as everything comes in one box- the software, power cable, mounting kits, paper roll, and an internal power supply.
  • You can use internal software if you want to customize your receipts while adding some graphics
  • Its operating system is best for automatic installation of other software
  • It is also equipped with an auto-cutter
  • The receipt printing speed is suitable for retails, supermarkets and also small shops


  • High printing rate
  • Allows automatic installation
  • Easy to set everything up
  • Uses USB connectivity technology
  • It has an auto-document feeder
  • Its speedy printing rate allows you to print volumes of receipts
  • It is equipped with an auto-cutter


  • It doesn’t come with Ethernet capabilities, LAN, and even Bluetooth

4. Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer

Epson ReadyPrint T20 is a thermal receipt printer. Its speed is 200mm/sec, so you should not worry about the kind of work you have. The receipts are of high quality. It is one of the portable printers for both office and home use. It supports USB technology when it comes to connectivity. 

Due to this, you can use this port to connect the printer with other computers if you want it to be used by other employees. With its thermal printing technology, you can save a lot because you don’t have to buy ink or toner.

Key Features

  • It has a USB port for connectivity purposes
  • You will note the fantastic speed of 200mm/sec that can impress any entrepreneur
  • It is highly compatible with any PC and laptops
  • It uses thermal technology as it uses heat during receipt printing
  • The cutting of the receipts is done automatically


  • Uses thermal technology
  • It is easy to use and install
  • Compatible with PCs and laptops
  • Its printing speed is pleasing
  • High-quality receipt prints
  • Automatic cutting of receipts


  • It doesn’t come with Bluetooth

5. MUNBYN Receipt Printer P068

This is the best thermal receipt printer. It comes with a lightning speed of 300mm/sec. Also, it is a perfect printer that can support all sorts of Windows systems. Though it doesn’t come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, you can use the Ethernet cable to connect with other computers. 

The guidelines on joining this printer and using it are in the User Manual. Check the DIP Switch right below the machine to control the sound volume. You can use this receipt printer to set your logo while adding your preferred graphics. The light and sound indicators help a lot when the business is in a noisy location- you can promptly get any missing order.

Key Features

  • Yes, it prints at a speed of 300mm/sec, and that is why busy retail shops are on it
  • Besides, this best thermal receipt printer ensures no receipts falls on the ground as its auto cut is 99.9% perfect
  • Its versatile characteristics make it love for many people in business
  • The connectivity with your computer is ever excellent because of LAN, USB port, and serial devices
  • You can hang this receipt printer on the wall as it comes with two holes around the bottom
  • Also, this device is easy to use and install
  • The quality of the prints is high, and it’s compatible with a variety of operating systems


  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent speed
  • Got sound and alarm features
  • Great design for wall hanging


  • No iOS
  • Can’t operate with Uber and Square

6. Epson C31CE94061 Epson, Thermal Receipt Printer

If you are looking for a thermal receipt printer, you can consider this Epson C31CE94061. It is easy to install a printer that can print a page within a minute. This printer is equipped with built-in Ethernet and USB, Bluetooth, and USB ports for wireless connectivity when it comes to connectivity. 

It can also support Microsoft Windows APD OPOS OPOS and Mac OS X Linux. Get this best receipt printer for iPad and android for fast and normal receipt printing tasks. Again, it can operate with laptops and PC. The power consumption is efficient.

Key Features

  • Epson C31CE94061 is one of the best receipt printers with high connectivity
  • The Ethernet and USB cables are good when you want to connect your printer to your computer or any other device
  • You can use Bluetooth to transfer any detail you want from your smartphone to your printer
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1/Android (Epos-Print SDK) /iOS
  • Also, it can perfectly work with Microsoft Windows (APD OPOS)


  • Uses thermal technology
  • Easy to use and even install
  • High connectivity technology
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Fast and quiet printing


  • It doesn’t operate so well with windows 10

7. TEROW T5890K USB Thermal Receipt Printer

TEROW T5890 is one of the speedy (90mm/sec) best brands of receipt printers in the market. It is one of the best printers to download graphics for your receipts. Also, it is compatible with Windows 7/8/9x/10/2000/2003. The command printing (ESC/POS) of this machine works perfectly. 

Indeed, it is such a gem as you can receive print data while printing because of the in-build data buffer. Moreover, it uses thermal technology, so you won’t have the burden of buying ink or toner. Again, it is easy to operate, and the installation process is simple. This portable receipt printer is convenient for home, retail, office, shops, and factory uses.

Key Features

  • This printer comes with a perfect design easy to carry around retails, supermarkets, shopping malls, and many other places for bill printing
  • A good receipt printing speed of 90mm/sec and quiet when in operation
  • Besides, it is easy to install, maintain with a perfect structure
  • It can perfectly work with windows 7/8/8/2000/2003 and Linux
  • An affordable machine that uses thermal technology to print clear and quality receipts
  • It is designed to use a USB port when connecting to other devices


  • Portable
  • USB capabilities
  • Uses thermal technology
  • High printing speed
  • Easy to install and use
  • Great compatibility


  • Not compatible with Mac, Bluetooth, Mobile, and square system

8. MUNBYN POS Printer, 80mm USB Receipt Printer

If you are trying to blossom in business, this is the ideal receipt printer. Why? It can print clear prints at a speed of 230mm/sec. Its USB connectivity is perfect, so your receipts will not have errors. It is an efficient printer with an auto-cutter for easy and fast printing. 

MUNBYN POS printer uses thermal technology, so you will not stress ink or toner. The user manual is there to guide you on installing and using this machine. It operates well with ESC/POS-based software. It comes in different models.

Key Features

  • It is the best receipt printer around retail shops, supermarkets, banks, lottery sports, and other businesses
  • It is possible to change language according to your preference
  • Also, it comes with a user manual to help with setting up the machine and its usage
  • Add your logo with easy as it comes with software to design your receipts
  • USB interface for connecting with other devices apart from your main computer
  • Its 230mm/sec speed makes it ideal for busy retail shops, supermarkets, and other established businesses


  • It’s a speedy receipt printer
  • Got auto-cutter function
  • Availability of the USB cable
  • It comes with a user manual
  • Easy to use
  • Clear and quality prints


  • Not compatible with any iOS device

9. WeeiUs 80 MM 3’1/8 POS Thermal Receipt Printer

Talk of efficiency when it comes to using this receipt printer. It has an auto-cutter and a high printing speed of 300mm/s. This thermal printer saves you a lot because you’ll not need ink or toner. The user’s manual will help you put everything into place and learn how to use it effectively. 

Though it is not compatible with any software, it can perfectly work with ESC/POS-based software. You can check the LAN, USB, and Serial when it comes to connectivity capabilities.

Key Features

  • Everyone owning this receipt loves its speed of 300mm/s
  • The user’s installation manual makes things easy when it comes to setting it up
  • The auto-cutter is a function for efficient and fast receipt printing
  • Moreover, this machine comes with multi-interfaces which are; Serial, USB and LAN-this is for connecting your printer with other computers
  • The receipts printed are of high quality and clear enough to impress your customers


  • User friendly
  • Quality and clear prints
  • Multi-interfaces for great connectivity
  • Lighting printing speed
  • Got USB cable


  • It is expensive

10. Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer, LOSRECAL Mini

Sure, LOSRECAL makes receipt printing enjoyable because of its speed. This thermal printer is small in size, so its portability and place to keep it should not worry you. You can print from anywhere because this device comes with a USB port, Bluetooth capabilities making everything easy. 

Its 70-90mm/sec speed makes it the right choice for restaurants, traffic citation, food delivery, warehouse management, and printing bus receipts. The USB charging port enables changing of the printer from anywhere so long as you have a power bank. 

Take a look at the auto awake and auto-sleep that can save you power energy. Due to the thermal technology, you will not be required to buy ink or toner. Different types of QR codes can be supported by this machine, making it the best receipt printer for square. Nevertheless, it is the best when it comes to supporting multiple barcodes. Moreover, it Led and Charged indicators to always warm about the status of your battery.

Key Features

  • USB/Bluetooth capabilities
  • A printing speed of 70-90mm/s
  • Uses ESC/POS printing command
  • USB charging port
  • Led and charging indicators
  • Charging function (USB)
  • The powerful battery that can last for long
  • No ribbon or ink is required
  • Can perfectly work with Android, Linux, and Window
  • It comes with a user manual


  • High printing speed
  • Small in size hence portable
  • Presence of USB cables
  • Excellent connectivity
  • High resolution of 203dpi


  • Not compatible with iOS, Mac, iPhone

Guide to Choosing the Best Receipt Printer

best receipt printer

Purchasing a receipt printer for the first time can be stressful. You may not understand the best brands of receipt printers that can work perfectly around your business. And because we understand your urge to print receipts as a record of your sales, here is a guide to help you. Are you ready?

Type of Printer

Don’t get wary of the types of receipt printers in the market. As said, you can consider the impact, inkjet, or a direct thermal printer. The impact printers work similarly to the old printer of the 1980s. They use a series of tiny pins that you can be press to transfer ink from the ribbon to the receipts.

Now, inkjet printers use modern technology to print receipts. The nozzles easily spray onto the receipts. Sure, you can love the color logos and other elements to add to your receipts. It is best for color printing, banking, and any different kind of business.

Thermal printers are the best for receipt printing. Do you know they come with lightning printing speed? Yes, and also easy to use. You can never regret using this machine that uses heat, so you do not need ink or toner. It is the best choice for retail shops with large receipt printing tasks.


True, no one opts for slow machines! Do you? Speed is a vital consideration when buying a receipt printer. It doesn’t matter if it’s thermal, inkjet or impact, but it is crucial to print. This is the only way you can increase your work efficiency.

Customers tend to get bored quickly when queuing to get receipts. Besides, printers with speeds ranging between 200-300 mm/s can be a reasonable consideration.

Printer Connectivity

Can this receipt printer connect with other devices part from your computer? Confirm this before purchase. Wireless connectivity should be your key consideration if you want virtually print receipts. 

Confirm the presence of Bluetooth capability, USB port, and other cable connections. This is a vital feature you need for wireless printing. You can get the best wireless receipt printer if you want to print from anywhere.

Portability of the Printer

As a business owner, you can consider a portable receipt printer. These printers use rechargeable batteries, so you can have them in your bag while on the move. You can print through Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. Still, you can use a PDA-style machine to get data that needs to be printed.


For a successful business, ensure you have the right receipt printer. This is for prompt receipt printing, an excellent impression to your customers. Making a good choice is never that easy considering the various types of receipt printers in the market.

Look at the above receipt printer buying guide list to note your preferred one. Don’t forget to view our summarized buyers guide for consideration when buying a printer. Sort them by performance, connectivity capabilities, speed, and portability. With this in mind, you can have a reliable best receipt printer for the growth of your business. Enjoy your receipt printing!

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