Best Razor Blade Scraper-2022

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The best razor blade scraper is one of the most common landscaping items you can find here. We offer a wide variety of quality razors and scraper blades for outstanding prices. Have you ever tried to scrape your ice-cold windshield with the tiny scraper attached to your car’s key chain? Chances are you found it very frustrating and that after a couple of scratches on the ice, you gave up and just scraped off the remaining pieces with your hand.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had to scrape the bottom of a jar to get every last bit out. The frustration I would experience cutting my fingers trying to use my kitchen spoon to scrap a 3 inch ice cream container made me find another way. That was when a simple idea popped into my head… I thought if the blade was sharp enough for my nails, it should be strong enough to scrape. The one-inch wide edge of this scraper does a great job of getting it done. Since then, I’ve carried this little guy around in different bags from work, home, and even on vacation. Whether you are looking for a handyman tool or want something for home use, you can’t go wrong with this razor blade scraper.

Leading 10 Best Razor Blade Scraper Reviews

1. Bates- Razor Blade Scraper,

Bates- Razor Blade Scraper, 2 Pack, Razor Scraper Set with 30 Extra Blades, Razor Scraper, Window Scraper, Scraper Tool, Glass Scraper, Scraper Blades, Blade Scraper, Razor Blade Retractable.
  • Durable, lightweight ergonomic design and small enough to carry in pocket or toolkit
  • Easy to use, just loosen the knob on the scraper and disassemble the upper cover to replace the blade.
  • Multipurpose Bates razor scraper is perfect for scraping labels, decals, stickers, caulk, paint from glass, stovetop, subfloor vinyl, tint film glue residue, etc.
  • Bates package includes two high-quality razor blade scrapers
  • The rubber handle provides the anti-slip function and better control which makes scraping faster and easier.

Scraping labels and decals off glass, removing paint from glass or window, decal glue residue, or stripping old caulk can be tedious. You either need a sharp object, like a razor blade scraper or a scraper blade to get the job done. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat; that is to say there are different types of razor blade scrapers for you to choose from. This review will discuss five popular models of razor blade scrapers so you can find the best one for your unique needs.

This product is very useful for anyone who home improvement or car maintenance. It works inside your house as well, you can use it to remove dead paint from the walls and a lot more. In terms of quality, I have to say that I was impressed by its functionality as it doesn’t tear, shrink or go all over the place. And it works miracles on all sorts of surfaces so really no complaints here.

2. Lisle 52000 Razor Blade Scraper

Lisle 52000 Razor Blade Scraper
  • Comes with five carbon steel blades for removing stickers from windshields and bumpers
  • Spring-release allows easy interchange of blades
  • Also comes with a plastic blade for use on safety plastic laminated windshields to prevent scratching

There are many tools on the market for removing vinyl lettering and stickers, but you’ll have a hard time finding something that gets in tight places better than the Lisle 52000 Razor Blade Scraper. This scrapper is unique because unlike other scrapers it comes with 5 different blades to help you remove different types of stickers from various surfaces. The 5-blade scraper is constructed with rust-resistant carbon steel blades, so it will last for years and save you money in the long run by buying new blades every few months.

Inevitably, people will stop noticing your business once you’ve been running for a while, and it becomes something that everyone sees. That’s like putting paint on various parts of your house, then coming back a few years later to find everything covered with white paint. Once you’ve established ad brand,d it can be harder to reach out and engage with the public.

3. Razor Blade Scraper Tool,

Razor Blade Scraper Tool, 2Pcs Razor Scrapers with Extra 20Pcs Metal & 20Pcs Plastic Blades, Sticker Remover Cleaning Scraper for Removing Paint, Decals, Adhesive, Tar, Labels, Glue, Caulk, Gasket
  • Multifunctional Widget: Our scraper combines plastic and sharp razor into one. The plastic blade is suitable for delicate surfaces, such as plastic, wood, and paint. The sharp metal blade is perfect for stubborn grease stains, burnt spills on the glass stovetop, oven, and grill
  • Safe and Portable Design: Both ends of the blade scraper are equipped with protective covers, allowing you to store and carry more safely. Bring our plastic razor to your kitchen, RV, tool room, bathroom, car, boat, and you will find new uses for it every day
  • Designed for Enjoyable Cleaning: Our paint scraper tools are adopted ergonomic grip design, small and light enough to carry in a pocket. The soft rubber material handle of the glass scraper provides a long time and comfortable grip, providing you with an easier cleaning experience
  • Easy to Use: The simpler and safer design of our razor blade scraper allows for quick and easy blade replacement. The scraper tool does not need other tools to change the old blades. You only need to loosen the knob, take out the blade and replace it
  • Strong and Well-designed: The blades at both ends are fixed by tightening knobs to provide a solid structure for the razor scraper. It solves the trouble that the retractable scraper will be retracted or pushed out when using, reducing the risk of cuts

There are many tools on the market for removing vinyl lettering and stickers, but you’ll have a hard time finding something that gets in tight places better than the Lisle 52000 Razor Blade Scraper. This scrapper is unique because unlike other scrapers it comes with 5 different blades to help you remove different types of stickers from various surfaces. The 5-blade scraper is constructed with rust resistant carbon steel blades so it will last for years and save you money in the long run over buying new blades every few months.

Inevitably, people will stop noticing your business once you’ve been running for a while, and it becomes something that everyone sees. That’s like putting paint on various parts of your house, then coming back a few years later to find everything covered with white paint. Once you’ve established ad brand,d it can be harder to reach out and engage with the public.

4. Titan Tools – 2-Pc Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper Set (17002)

Titan Tools - 2-Pc Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper Set (17002)
  • Constantly Modernizing Our Powerful Devices To Meet The Demands Of The Modern User
  • International Renown For Our Diverse Range Of Award-Winning Products
  • Fully Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products
  • All Products Have Been Designed With The Professional In Mind

Titan Tools is a leading manufacturer of high-quality products. Our fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and all products have been designed with the professional in mind. Constantly modernizing our powerful devices to meet the demands of the modern user, whilst also ensuring value-priced, high quality tools that our customers can depend on.

Titan Tools we have a commitment to reducing the cost of our tools to the customer. We are an Australian family-owned company and our business is built on values including innovation, reliability, integrity and easy access to our product ranges. We have patents pending for our products, demonstrating that our investment in research and development is worthwhile. All levels of the industry are using our patented range of work lights from manufacturing to maintenance projects with great success.

Duralite tools are the result of many years of development and fine tuning with the consumer in mind. This can be seen in their sleek refined appearance, impressive power ratings and affordability. Every tool that leaves Titan is covered under our comprehensive 14 month warranty program, demonstrating our confidence in product quality, performance and value for money.”

5. 2 Pack Razor Blade Scraper,

2 Pack Razor Blade Scraper, Professional Multi-Purpose Mini Putty Knife Set with Protective Blade Cover and 6pcs Extra Metal & Plastic Blades for dirt cleaning from windows, walls, cars, tiles, floors
  • RAZOR SCRAPER TOOL PACKAGE INCLUDE: Paint Scraper Tool Set include long scraper and double edge razor scraper remover tool. 3 PCS plastic razor blades and 3 PCS stainless steel extra replacement blades.
  • SHARP BUT SAFE: Each scrapper remover has a secure tightener knob as a razor blade holder for reinforced construction and stable operation, with a double secure plastic safety cap to protect you from accidentally cutting yourself.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This razor scraper tool is perfect for removing vinyl, decals, stickers, glue, labels, paint, Tint from windows, walls, cars, tiles, floors, countertop, oven and glass. Long handled spatula putty knife is perfect for places that are hard to reach
  • PLASTIC & METAL SCRAPER BLADE 2 IN 1: One is a long-handle scraper, which is perfect for working on hard to reach places. Another is mini scraper with both metal end and plastic end, allowing you removing stickers from car window and scraping labels from container and more.
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE: If you are not satisfied with our plastic scraper tool, we’re very happy to either provide a no-questions-asked Refund.

This 2 Pack Razor Blade Scraper, Professional Multi-Purpose Mini Putty Knife Set with Protective Blade Cover and 6pcs Extra Metal & Plastic Blades for dirt cleaning from windows, walls, cars, tiles, floors is manufactured by SpaceSaving. The small razor blade scraper tool is made of high quality plastic with 3 pcs replacement blades, perfect for removing paint, adhesive, stickers and other residue.

Say goodbye to those unsightly razor blades that come in a plastic wrapper and get your new razor scraper tool package now! This multi-purpose tool can quickly scrap off decals, stickers, and paint residue. Not to mention, the razor blade scraper is known for its ability to remove and clean even the most stubborn tints or tape. Plus, it can be used to scrape off model glue from dollhouses and other plastic models. And best of all – with this 2 PACK SCRAPER TOOL SET you’ll get three plastic razor blades and three stainless steel extra replacement blades – a $16 value!

6. Razor Blade Scraper,

Razor Blade Scraper, 4" Scraper Tool with 10 Extra Replacement Metal Blades, Razor Scraper Remover for Cleaning Paint, Caulk, Adhesive, Label, Decal, Sticker from Window, Glass, Tile, Floor, Stove Top
  • Effective RAZOR BLADE SCRAPER TOOL: This 4-inch-wide flat razor scraper can clean a larger area than other mini scrapers. The ergonomic handle makes cleaning more labor-saving and efficient
  • BLADES CHANGE OUT EASILY: Our scraper has locking and release mechanism which make scraper blades change out easily! Therefore, you can keep it store with the blade oriented inwards or put in the razor blade box when not in use to ensure safety
  • SCRAPER TOOL SET CONTENTS: 1PCS 4" Glass Scraper, 10PCS Double Edged Replacement Razor Blades, 1PCS Scraper Storage Box
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING SCRAPER: It is sticker remover help you to scrape off stickers, decals, glued characters, labels, paint, paper, carpet glue off your windows, walls, tiles, floors. It is also glass scraper to clean your glass palette, oven, cooktop, ceramic top, and glass stove etc.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This sticker scraper is made of reinforced premium PP engineering plastic and high-carbon double sided steel blades, sturdy and durable

The Razor Blade Scraper is a 4-inch wide flat razor scraper with alluring blue color. Its unique, organic shape is at once practical and pleasing to the eye. A paperweight by day, but by night, it functions as a sturdy glass scraper to help you clean your dishes or remove stickers from your windows. Instead of using your nails or an entire roll of tape (isn’t that wasteful?), try using this glass scraper. It helps you clean a larger area than other small cleaning scrapers.

Whether you’re trying to clean up from a party or just need some glass cleanup after doing the dishes, the Razor Blade Scraper can help! This scraper tool with 10 replacement blades is ideal for removing dirt and grime from five types of surfaces — ceramic tile, textured flooring, granite countertops, pavers, and concrete floors. Be careful when using the blades on window glass though; because it has sharp edges and corners. In order to use it on glasses, please wipe off the dirt on frames first with a cloth and then use the blade portion to scrape off the glass dirt.

7. DILAKS 2-Pack Razor Scraper,

DILAKS 2-Pack Razor Scraper, All Metal Heavy Duty Razor Blade Scraper with Extra 20-Piece Blades
  • Convenient for daily use
  • Great for remove stickers, adhesives, labels and glue from cars, metal and plastic surfaces
  • 2-Piece razor scrapers and extra 20-piece blades
  • Durable metal design, suitable for heavy duty use

These tools are a great value. They definitely help me out when I’m trying to clear up something as simple as sticking window tint or car decals. It is also good for adhesives used on hard surfaces and glass. And it’s convenient to have these since I can use them to scrape off stubborn stuff that needs one more kick. This is a great buy, especially for the price!

The DILAKS 2-Pack Razor Scraper provides an efficient and reliable solution for removing labels, stickers, decals, glue and stencils from a variety of surfaces. The razor blade scraper is ideal for removing these items from glass and painted walls. The razor blades included can be used for cleaning paint rollers, stencil brushes and various tools in home or kitchens.

This razor blade scraper is a great way to remove unwanted stickers, decals, car tint, caulking and more from glass cooktops, windows and other hard to reach surfaces. The razor blade scraper’s design ensures a easy pick up and an easy grip for simplifying all these tasks.

8. Stanley 28-100 1-3/16″

Stanley 28-100 1-3/16" High Visibility Mini Razor blade scraper (4 Pack)
  • Genuine, OEM Stanley Replacement Part
  • Stanley replacement , part number 28-100

If you’re an automotive professional, then you’ve probably used a standard razor blade to remove labels and decals from plastic vehicle parts. You also may have used a razor blade scraper with a handle for painting prep work. To my surprise, I found these types of scrapers hard to find when I went looking for one a while back. When I couldn’t find one in the store, I ended up ordering this one online, and it has exceeded my expectations.

The Stanley 28-100 replacement scraper is a solid tool, and can be used in a variety of different ways. I found it worked well in hard to reach places, as the name implies. It also was easy to use and quite durable for its cost and size.

The Stanley 28-100 High Visibility Mini Razor Blade Scraper is a great tool to tight spots that larger scrapers and blades can’t get into. It uses a standard razor blade which can be swapped out for new ones when cutting power runs out. This replacement part for the Stanley 28-100 scraper features an orange handle for easy identification and storage.

9. 3PCS Razor Blades Scraper

3PCS Razor Blades Scraper with 100PCS Plastic Razor Blades Refillable Double Edge Sticker Scraper Tool Window Tint Remover for Removing Labels/Stickers/Decals from Glass
  • Multiple applications for home, work or car detailing and cell phone repair.
  • Mini razor blazes is widely used in removing debris, glue, stickers, caulk, labels, decals from counter tops, stoves, appliances, metal, glass, etc.
  • It's a plastic razor blade but sharp enough to remove stubborn residue. The plastic design keeps you away from getting hurt by sharp blades. Good material can serve you for long time, making scraping projects faster and easier.
  • Ergonomic curved handle design for greater comfort and control, lets you complete the work with a reduced amount of effort. Easy to get under the stickers edge and enough gripping power to take off stickers without scratching.
  • The package comes with 3 plastic scrapers and 100 pieces plastic razor blades for replacement. Giving you more durability and flexibility to complete tasks.

It’s a plastic razor blade so it won’t cut you, but sharp enough to get rid of stubborn residue. Being made from plastic means that this crazy sharp razor blade  can be used in the bathroom and completed to avoid slips. You can use this tool to remove dirt, rust, grim,e and all the gunk that collects from cooking or cleaning over time.

If you’re like me, you hate to see a perfectly good piece of vinyl left on the car. I’ve spent countless hours scraping and rubbing stubborn adhesive off of my vehicles. Sometimes it takes forever and even then the glue is still visible. Fortunately there’s an easier way — plastic razor blades. Unlike the nastiness of traditional blades, this plastic razor blade will gently remove vinyl or sticky residue leaving no scratches at all. You should pick up some because once you go to plastic, you’ll never go back!

10. WORKPRO W018003 Razor Blade Scraper,

WORKPRO W018003 Razor Blade Scraper, Fully Retractable, 4-Positions, Safe Convenient Storage, Ergonomic Handle, Single Blade , Red
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: 4-position settings for distance control of projecting blades allows the user to best match the tool to the task at hand
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Razor Blade Scrapers like these are often used on hard surfaces like glass, metal, countertops, tile and more, for removing paint, sealant products, stickers, window tint film, adhesives, bird droppings and more
  • SAFE STORING: Fully retractable blade to provide user with a safe and convenient storage; includes a hole for hanging on a hook, string, cable or chain
  • LESS STRAIN and PAIN: User-friendly housing features a strain- and pain-free ergonomic handle to allow for comfortable use during short- and long-time use
  • RESILIENT CONSTRUCTION: Tool housing constructed of durable plastic components and comes in the signature WORKPRO brand red and blue colors

There are a lot of razor blade scrapers on the market that are often used for paint and adhesive removal. Because of this, you may think that having a razor blade scraper is unnecessary since you can use a knife or other type of blade. However, by using a proper tool that is designed specifically for scraping, you can keep the job much easier and eliminate some of the risks associated with using those tools. Blade scrapers are typically safer to use than knives because they usually have a safe plastic covering which prevents people from accidentally cutting themselves.

Using a sharp blade on glass, metal or tile is also quite easy since it allows the user to scrape quickly and efficiently. These features make scrapers perfect tools for removing almost anything that has been applied to these surfaces in an unwanted manner, such as paint sealant products, stickers, window tint film, adhesives, and many more things. It’s really astounding how many different jobs you can do safely with a razor blade scraper. WORKPRO W018003 Razor Blade Scraper.

Use of Best Razor Blade Scraper

The best razor blade scraper is a tool that can be used to scrape off any excess material that has been left behind on the surface of a material. It is made from metal and has a sharp edge designed to cut through hard material. The best razor blade scraper can be used for many different types of applications, including scraping off paint and rust from metal surfaces, or removing excess glue from wood.

The best razor blade scraper is used to remove old paint or adhesive from a surface. The best razor blade scraper can also be used to remove rust, dirt and grime from surfaces.

In order to use the best razor blade scraper, you will need to purchase one at your local hardware store. When purchasing a razor blade scraper, make sure that it has a handle that is long enough for you to hold comfortably. You can also buy replacement blades when needed so that they do not get dull too quickly.

A Razor blade scraper removes the paint from a wall or any other surface. The razor blade scrapers remove old paint and dirt from walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. A razor blade scraper can be made with the help of a metal ruler, a pen knife, and two pieces of cardboard.

The best razor blade scraper is a must-have in your toolset. The scraper is used to remove hardened glue, paint, and other residue from the surface of wood and metal. The scraper is made with a ceramic blade that provides the most effective results when removing residue from surfaces. With the use of this tool, you will not have to worry about damaging your surface if you do not have experience using it before hand.

Benefits of razor blade scraper

The Benefits Razor Blade Scraper is a tool that helps you clean your razor blades. It’s straightforward: place the scraper on top of your razor blade and press it down, then slide it along the length of the blade. The sharp edge will remove gunk, dirt, and other debris from your razor blade so it can work as well as possible.

The Razor Blade Scraper also makes it easy to clean off any residue left behind by shaving cream or lotion. You can use it to get rid of that sticky feeling on your face without having to wash it off with soap and water!

Plus, this scraper will help you save money! If you’re using disposable razors instead of reusable ones because they’re cheaper, they don’t last as long because they get dulled after one shave—or even halfway through one shave—then switching over to a reusable razor could save you money in the long run. But if you keep reusing a dull razor every day or every other day, then you’ll end up spending more than if you’d just bought a new disposable one every few weeks (and let’s be honest: how many people actually do that?

Razor blade scrapers are a great way to remove excess debris and dirt from your razor blades before you go to use them. This helps ensure that your blades will be clean and sharp, so they’ll cut more effectively and won’t dull as quickly.

A razor blade scraper can help you save money by extending the life of your razor blades, which means you won’t have to replace them as often. This will also save you time since you won’t have to spend so much time buying new blades.


What is Razor Scraper?

Razor scrapers are used to get the last bits of shaving cream, soap, or shampoo out of your razor. They can also scoop out the remains of a cake mix or other food product.

Razor scrapers are made from plastic or metal and come in various shapes and sizes. Some are flat, others have curved edges, and some have holes that allow you to get a good grip on the scraper.

When choosing a razor scraper, consider what you need it for: if you’re planning on using it for foods like cake mixes and other dry goods, choose one with holes in it so that you can use your fingers as well as the scraper itself; if you’re going to use it mainly for shaving products or soaps/shampoos, choose one with smooth edges instead of holes so that it won’t absorb any moisture from the product when you’re scraping it away from your razor or container.

A razor scraper is a tool that allows you to scrape off excess hair from your legs, back, arms, and other body parts. They can be made of metal or plastic, and they have a curved edge used to remove dead skin cells and hair.

What is a Blade Scraper Used for?

A blade scraper removes excess material from a concrete slab or floor. It can also smooth out uneven surfaces, removing small cracks and bumps in the concrete.

The blade scraper has a metal blade mounted on a long handle. The blade has several serrations across its surface, which allow it to dig into the concrete and remove excess material without damaging the surface of the slab or floor.

The blade scraper is an effective tool for removing excess material because it can be used in tight spaces where other tools are unable to reach. It is also very useful for smoothing out uneven surfaces because it will not damage the concrete when it does so.

A blade scraper removes old paint, glue, and other gunk from surfaces. The scraper usually has a handle and a metal blade shaped like a half-moon. You scrape the edge back and forth over the character you want to clean until all the gunk comes off.

Using a blade scraper on dry surfaces is essential so that you don’t scratch them or cause any other damage.

Can You Bend a Razor Blade?

This is a question that has been on the minds of many people, especially those who have seen the commercials for razors that claim to be “unbreakable.” But can a blade really be unbreakable? Let’s break it down.

Razor blades are made up of two parts: the spine, which is the part that holds the sword in place, and the cutting edge, which is the part where you shave with. A razor blade’s backbone is usually made of metal alloy or stainless steel, which means it’s pretty hard. The cutting edge is generally made out of some metal alloy or stainless steel so that it doesn’t rust when it gets wet—when you put water on your face to shave!

So how do you bend a razor blade? Well, you need to apply enough force over enough time so that the metal alloy or stainless steel will eventually bend under pressure. It’s kind of like when you’re playing with Play-Doh—if you just squeeze it lightly in one place until it breaks off then no problem—but if you try to bend.

What is the Best Way to Sharpen a Straight Razor?

The best way to sharpen a straight razor is by using a whetstone. A whetstone is a piece of stone with an even surface that you can use to sharpen your straight razor. The stone will have two sides: one side will be coarse and one side will be fine. The coarse side is used to grind down the razor’s edger, while the fine side is used to smooth out any rough spots that might remain after you grind on the coarse side.

To use a whetstone, wash it with soap and water before using it for the first time, so that there are no chemicals left on its surface from its manufacturing process or packaging. Next, wet the stone with water and put some oil on it—this helps keep it from clogging up with debris as you’re sharpening your razor. If you don’t have any oil handy at this point, just use a little dish soap instead—just make sure not to use anything with bleach!

Now take your razor and place it flat against one side of the whetstone so that both sides of the blade are touching at once—this means that both sides will be getting equal amounts of pressure on them during sharpening! Then begin moving back and forth.


We definitely recommend the Beaver Blade Piccolo as the go-to knife for anyone looking for a razor blade scraper. This product is small, portable, and does a great job of scraping ice from windshields. It also usually comes with a package of replaceable blades that you can use in other survival situations, soo it’s worth having in your glove compartment.

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