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Ratchet straps can be used to tie down and transport all sorts of items, making them an ideal piece of equipment. Their ease of use, convenience, and incredible strength make them an ideal tie-down solution. They are also an affordable transport solution thanks to their affordable prices.

The market for these tie-down straps abounded due to their many uses. Our handy buying guide can help determine what option suits you best. We’ll cover some of the best ratchet straps on the market and answer common questions about these durable and easy-to-use tools.

Here are the Best ratchet straps.

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Best Ratchet Straps Reviews In 2023

1.AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps 

The AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps provide super strong and durable tie-downs that provide dependable security for transporting various small to large objects. The ratchet design makes applying tension quick and easy. These cargo straps are ideal for securing loads on your roof rack, boat, trailer, or truck bed. They can also be used for securing cargo in vans, RVs, SUVs,s, and campers. A hand-tighten self-locking hook ensures a fast and easy hookup to your cargo.

Strong ‘s’ Hooks With Safety Clip

Heavy-duty ratcheting tie-down straps are here to save the day. Lugo’s heavy-duty Ratchet Tie Down Straps are designed for those larger jobs that require serious strength and reliability. Made from high-quality nylon webbing, the straps feature extra stitching for added durability and a metal ratchet with super-strong teeth that resists twisting, deforming, or breaking under pressure. The best part? With an official load capacity of 733 pounds per strap, you can count on these strengths as they say they are—even in extreme conditions like headwinds or when you’re maneuvering loads amid heavy motion.

Cargo-carrying Vehicles

Good tie downs are critical when securing cargo or cargo-carrying vehicles. You need something strong and reliable but also safe and secure. AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps are the smart, modern way to tie your stuff down smoothly and safely. These heavy-duty straps have premium S hooks that are rubber coated to prevent chipped paint, marks & dents—and the easy-grip ratcheting mechanism provides excellent control, comfort & grasp.

2. RHINO USA Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Ratchet Tie Down Straps from Rhino USA are tough and made in the USA. These easy-to-use ratchet tie-downs are ideal for securing cargo of all types, including hoses and cables, on RVs, boats, trailers, and more. Rhino USA ratchet tie-down straps are designed for contractor or commercial use applications and feature a heavy-duty metal hook for added strength.

Comfortably And Easily

Our innovative end-cap design and padded handles allow you to tighten or loosen your ratchets comfortably and easily. Premium double diamond stitching and Rhino’s EXCLUSIVE poly/silk blend webbing provide a break strength unlike any other!

Integrated Safety Clips

Have peace of mind knowing our full bend s-hooks with integrated safety clips will keep your load secure from point A to point B!

3. RHINO USA Ratchet Straps Tie Down Kit

Support a family-owned, USA-based business. The face of the ratchet has a large ‘V’ design making it fast and easy to use! The bolts on this ratchet are grade 8 steel made in the USA. The strap locks are reflective for added safety and visibility and tamper-proof for your added peace of mind. Each kit comes with 50 feet of web strap and 2 snap hooks.

High-quality Materials

Rhino USA tie-downs are built with the same high-quality materials as the rest of our products. The ratchet straps feature coated steel ratchets, Chromoly S-hooks, and indestructible polyblend webbing designed to withstand tough conditions while keeping your cargo secure. Our tie-downs are easy to store away, perfect for just about any size vehicle.

Easy To Use

The Rhino USA Ratchet Straps Tie Down Kit provides safe and secure tie-down solutions when traveling. This kit features four 4″ x 30′ Tie-Down Straps and four Fastener Clamps to safely secure your load. The tightening system is quick, effective, and easy to use, with a ratchet wheel that stays locked into place until you release it.

4. FORTEM Ratchet Straps, 1500lb Break Strength

The Rhinotek USA Ratchet Tie Down Kit is a convenient, lightweight car kit that contains everything you need to secure your stuff in an organized manner. The kit includes 4 metal ratchet buckles with rubber grips, 4 soft loop straps, 4 heavy-duty S-Hook Straps (1-inch width), and all the components are stored in an attractive carrying case for easy access.

Case With A Zipper

This Set of ratchet tie-down straps includes 4 metal ratchet buckles with rubber grips and 4 soft loop straps. The entire set is organized inside a compact carrying case with a zipper. This strap is designed for easy use and eco-friendly materials, so you can feel comfortable packing it in your storage room or truck.

Quick-release Buckle

Easy to use, the Fortem Ratchet Straps are strong straps with a quick-release buckle. This set of tie-down straps includes four ratcheting S hooks & soft loops that create anchor points to strap items to cars, SUVs, and trucks. The ergonomic rubber grip handles make it easier to hold while ratcheting to secure your loads safely during transport.

5. Rocket Straps Ratchet Tie Down Straps

The Rocket Straps Ratchet Tie Down Ratchet Straps Set is perfect for securing everything from heavy machinery to loads for transportation. These tie-down straps are built with heavy-duty material, and you can use them for your daily chores in the garage. A durable webbing strap features sturdy hooks and attachable buckles. It has ergonomic ratchet handles that provide a durable grip and improve efficiency during use. These ratcheting straps come in black and are packed in an attractive plastic carrying case for easy storage and portability.

Vehicle And Prevents Scratching

The Rocket Straps Ratchet Tie Down Straps are perfect for securing your car or boat to a trailer. They’re extra long and double coated, which gives them the strength to secure loads. The rubber coating keeps the strap from damaging your product or vehicle and prevents scratching.

Heavy-duty Polyester

These ratcheting tie-down straps are made from heavy-duty polyester webbing. The soft loops provide extra tension and protection when anchoring vehicles and equipment. Each strap has a strength of 27500 lbs. You can rest assured it will hold its own weight. Each package contains 2 straps for a total of 4 that can be used in multiple configurations.

6. Rocket Straps – Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps

The Rocket Straps’ heavy-duty ratchet straps have a durable, ergonomic handle that makes them easier to use. The strap has an integrated hook and loop system on both ends, making connecting and disconnecting fast and easy.

Highest Quality Products

Built on the core principle of making the highest quality products in the cargo lashing industry. As avid outdoorsmen and motorcyclists, we have been through countless straps that would under-perform when we most needed them. Taking those frustrations out on designing and manufacturing the most heavy-duty premium straps and products that are built to withstand the test of time.

Securely Transport Large

Rocket Straps’ heavy-duty ratchet straps help you safely and securely transport large, awkwardly shaped loads. The double-coated J hooks with rubber coating provide maximum flexibility and prevent scratching, while the double threading design allows for ultimate strength. Rocket Straps are available in multiple lengths for any job you might have.

7. SMARTSTRAPS 10-Foot Ratchet Straps

Safely secure your cargo with the SmartStraps 10ft Ratchet Straps. These straps are designed for heavy-duty loads with a break strength of 3,000lbs and a safe workload of 1,000lbs. These straps offer the leverage for secure tying, featuring D-Handles that are oversize and padded.

Camo-X / Carbon-X

Camo-X and Carbon-X ratchet straps are equipped with an oversized, flared-out handle printed in our unique carbon or camouflage designs. Available in Standard Duty, Heavy Duty & Commercial, each Camo-X & Carbon-X ratchet strap includes:


The Tactical Ratchet Tie Down is stronger and more user-friendly than standard ratcheting tie downs. Tactical ratchet tie-downs feature a diamond knurl handle for increased grip. Coming soon in Standard Duty, Heavy Duty & Commercial, each Tactical ratchet strap includes.

8. Autofonder Flat Hook Ratchet Straps

Autofonder is an auto cargo tie-down company that produces products that are designed to keep your precious cargo safe and secure. With years of industry experience and in-house manufacturing products, we provide the best quality at competitive prices.

Black flat hook

The flat hook is sturdy and reliable and can help you fasten your cargo quickly and easily. Each flat hook is equipped with a black protective coating and protection device, effectively preventing the strap from wearing at the contact point.

Heavy-duty aluminum handle

Aluminum has very good corrosion resistance. As a handle, it can effectively prevent additional oxidation. The gear grip increases friction and is not easy to slip. The ratchet is weather-resistant stainless steel stamped steel, giving it a safe working load of 3,333 pounds and a breaking strength of more than 10,000 pounds. You can use it with peace of mind!

9. Partsam Ratchet Straps Heavy Duty 

Artsam High-Performance Engineered Straps are made from Hi-Test webbing and meet WSTDA standards. If you’re tired of using cheap, nylon tie-down straps that become loose after a few uses and are looking for a Sturdy and Durable alternative, then you’re in the right place! Partsam heavy-duty RATCHET TIE-DOWN STRAPS are far superior and much safer than other methods of tying down cargo and heavy equipment, including a rope. These 15ft 1in. Tie-downs have a load capacity of 500 pounds and a break strength of 1,500lbs, so the reviews aren’t lying when they say these are some of the strongest TIE-DOWN STRAPS on the market.

Equipment During Transport

Use this RATCHET STRAPS to safely secure small or large cargo or equipment during transport, whether by car, SUV, Jeep, pickup truck, or utility trailer. Partsam straps are perfect for holding down kayaks, canoes, motorcycles, mountain bikes, jet skis, and more. There’re also weather-proof and sturdy, so you can rest assured that your equipment won’t be damaged in any way by rust or mildew.

Easy To Use

As our RATCHET TIE DOWNS are so easy to use, putting them in place is easy. Today use these RATCHET STRAPS to protect your goods, whether you’re moving to a new house, canoeing or camping, or simply having trees to transport. They also double as excellent luggage straps!

10. Stanley S9500 4-Pack 

The Stanley 4-Pack Ratchet Tie-Down Kit is perfect for light cargo hauling, including securing ladders, lawn equipment, your bicycle in your truck or trailer, or securing a tarp over the campsite wood pile. These 1” by 10’ weather-resistant webbed straps feature reinforced stitching for safely securing cargo with ease. This 4-pack includes an easy-to-use ratchet mechanism that allows you to tighten the strap and lock it into place.

Length Steel Ratcheting

The Stanley S9500 4-pack of 1 in. wide x 10 ft. length steel ratcheting tie downs are perfect for lighter cargo securing projects. Use these straps to secure loads on trailers and truck beds with ease. Ideal for tie-down jobs that don’t need a lot of cargo capacity, these ratcheting tie-down straps provide the strength needed for rugged use.

Black Coated Steel Tie Rack

The Stanley S9500 4-Pack of black coated steel tie rack is a must-have for any garage, shed, or workshop. These durable hooks will hold up to 10 pounds each and are built with black-coated components to prevent rust. Black vinyl coated s-hooks insure a no-marring hold.

How To Choose The Best Ratchet Straps Before Purchasing


The material used to make the strap should be strong and durable, not easily torn. This equipment is designed to secure loads, so its webbing and material should be high quality. Generally, nylon webbing doesn’t hold up to ratchet straps or polyester webbing. Abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant, they are durable. A polyester ratchet strap is typically more costly than others.

Straps constructed of polyester also resist UV rays and resist heat. Their weather-resistant properties prevent mildew and water from damaging their quality. Polyester straps, however, lack stretchability, able to stretch only 5-10% with heavy equipment. A 2500 lb. person will stretch nylon by 20-30%. Compared to polypropylene strap, polypropylene strap can stretch up to 50%.


If you are going to buy ratchet straps, you should know what their working load is. By knowing the weight limit, you will know whether the strapping system can support your load’s weight. In order to meet set standards, you need a rating of a third of the break length of the strapping system over the weight of the cargo load.

Transport Method

Another important aspect to consider is the mode of transportation. Due to this, you should purchase a strap that fits your needs. Ships transport cargo to different elements than trucks that are closed.

Choose the strap according to your mode of transportation. The strap length can also be determined from this guide.

Breaking Strength

Assemblies are measured in terms of their strength. In addition to straps and webbing, fittings are necessary as well. For instance, if a ratchet strap has a break strength of 7,000 pounds and the fittings and webbing have a break strength of 10,000, its overall break strength is also 7,000 pounds. Consequently, 11,000 pounds should be the break strength of the ratchet, webbing, and fittings.

Length of Strap

Ratchet straps and trucks have a standard length of 27-30 feet. Manufacturers offer different lengths, however.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the easiest ratchet straps to use?

With no doubt, FlipTite is the easiest tie-down strap to use. A simple yet strong design, designed to secure loads as diverse as canoes, lumber, appliances, and furniture.

Are retractable ratchet straps any good?

Especially for the price, they are pretty good. Ten feet long, these retractable hoses are self-retracting. Reflective strapping and heavy-duty hooks. Although the instructions aren’t the best, they are fairly straightforward.

What size ratchet straps for a truck?

Even though they are small, Raglet Straps of 1-inch diameter can hold a lot of cargo in pickup trucks and moving vans. Ratchet straps with a 1-inch width are most commonly available in 12-foot and 16-foot lengths.

Are Cambuckle straps safe?

The strength and working load limits of all our webbing and hardware are rigorously tested, ensuring each customer’s safety! The Ratchet Strap certainly outlasts Cam Buckle Straps, but they aren’t as durable as the Ratchet Strap.

What do ratchet straps do?

Racket straps are often called tie-down straps and provide additional security to cargo in transit. Users can tighten the straps on their roof rack, truck bed, or any other location with ratchets to make sure they are taut and heavy items are securely tethered. To manage cargo safely, you should learn how to use ratchet straps.


Best ratchet straps are a must-have when you’re working on your car. The problem is that selecting these products can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, leading to frustration. That’s why we’ve put together this huge list of our favorite ratchets, so you don’t have to worry about it! This includes information like weight capacity, length, cost, etc., so no matter what type of strap or vehicle you need one for–we’ll help find something perfect for your needs.

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