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Everyone should have a good screwdriver in their toolkit. The right one can save you valuable time, prevent you from stripping your screw head, or give you an edge over your competitors. But what is the ‘best ratchet screwdriver?’ You know that a normal screwdriver won’t be able to deal with larger projects and will slow things down considerably. A ratchet screwdriver effectively tackles these issues because its unique design allows you to adjust the handle on a dime and quickly change direction. This is all down to its clever mechanism, which allows for smooth, quick, and convenient action.

Here are the best ratchet screwdriver on the market.

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Best Ratchet Screwdriver Reviews In 2023

1. Precision Ratchet Screwdriver Set

The Precision Ratchet Screwdriver Set features two ratcheting screwdriver handles (big and small), two different extension shafts, all kinds of sockets, and precision tweezers. You can easily find the necessary bits without opening multiple drawers or containers. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand, while the ratchet action makes turning screws easier, faster, and more convenient.

Chrome-vanadium Steel

This precision ratchet screwdriver set gives you a comfortable way to drive fasteners with its chrome vanadium steel bits. This set includes 55 steel bits made of chrome-vanadium steel, offering durability and corrosion-resistant performance. It also has an all-inclusive kit filled with the most common bit types and sizes—perfect for “do it yourselfers” and professionals.

Must-have For Any Professional

This set of precision ratchet screwdrivers is a must-have for any professional or DIYer. This set comes with 16 different-sized drivers, so you’ll always be prepared. The ergonomic handles, made from resilient plastic and with a cushioned grip, ensure that comfort and control are guaranteed!

2. Amazon Basics 12-in-1 Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver

AmazonBasics 12-in-1 Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver is perfect for working on various devices, like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and more. This ratcheting screwdriver features a strong magnet that makes it easy to keep track of screws as you work.

Easily Maintaining Consistent Pressure

A powerful combination of versatility and ingenuity, the Amazon Basics 12-in-1 Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver is perfect for anyone who needs to get things done. Driver’s 3 settings include fixed, forward, and reverse; the driver’s free-spinning base allows for turning the handle while easily maintaining consistent pressure. Includes 2 versatile interchangeable bit grips to tackle multiple projects; includes 1 Philips head screwdriver with a smooth tip that can be used as an all-purpose fastener slotting tip.

Heat Treated For Hardness

Make changing screws a lot easier with the AmazonBasics 12-in-1 Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver. This handy screwdriver is made from chrome vanadium steel that’s been heat treated for hardness, making it ideal for use in both drywall and softwood. Its corrosion-resistant finish adds extra strength and resists wear and tear. A non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip, while an internal storage chamber holds your spare bits.

3. Stanley 0-68-010 Ratchet Screwdriver with 10 Bits, Black/Yellow

Stanley 96-028 Driver Technologies ratchet screwdriver with 10 bits is a quality tool at an affordable price. The magnetic head lets you hold fast to your screws, while the rapid change tip feature allows you to switch tips in seconds. The screwdriver has a lightweight, ergonomic design and comes with a snap-off case to keep all 10 bits organized and easily accessible when needed.

Significant User Comfort

Designed for long-term driving performance, the Stanley 0-68-010 Ratchet Screwdriver has a tri-lobe bi-material handle that provides maximum torsion couple and significant user comfort. The drive design reduces hand torque and minimizes fatigue during extended work sessions. The precision-engineered tip engages the screw precisely, minimizing cam out.

Power Tools, And Related Accessories

STANLEY is a leading global manufacturer of hand tools, power tools, and related accessories and a flagship brand of the wider Stanley Black & Decker Corporation. Since its foundation in 1843, STANLEY has been committed to providing professionals across the globe with smart, tough, pioneering products and up to the task.

Responsible For Unlocking New Levels

For over 170 years, STANLEY has been responsible for unlocking new levels of user performance through creating some of the most useful tools ever made, including the Bailey Plane, the Surform shaper, the PowerLock tape rule, and most recently, the FatMax line of products. Today, the company continues to be an industry leader in hand tool innovation thanks to a continued focus on the excellence inherent in every product, employee, and business.

4. SEDY 42-Pieces Mini Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set

The SEDY 42-Pieces Mini Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set is the most complete pocket tool kit. This waterproof box contains 40 pieces of high-quality screwdrivers, and bits can be used for indoor or outdoor needs without fail. Each bit is made of premium quality heat-treated S2 steel with a hardness of HRC 60°, guaranteeing maximum durability.

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

This mini ratchet screwdriver & bit set is perfect for use around the house, garage, and do-it-yourself projects. With a 72-teeth reversible ratchet tip and 72-piece bit set, you don’t need to worry about unsupported long screws. It features chrome vanadium steel material with a strong magnetic tip to help pick up small screws. It comes with SEDY’s 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee & 1 Year Manufacture Warranty.

Magnetic Metallic Tools

This mini ratchet screwdriver set is designed with 42-pieces of screwdriver bits, ideal for home and car use. The convenient built-in magnet can pick up any magnetic metallic tools to save time and energy. The screwdriver’s handle has a soft, cushioned, non-slip grip making it comfortable to hold in your hand while driving screws.

5. Lutz 15-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver

Lutz 15-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver. With ergonomic handles and high-strength, heat-treated bits, the Lutz Mult-Bit Screwdriver Collection is a perfect addition to any toolbox. The Lutz 15-in-One Ratchet Screwdriver is a handy, all-purpose driver that is perfect for any do-it-yourselfer, professional contractor or first-time homeowner. With a slight turn of the spring-loaded bit selector knob, the chamber opens for easy access and storage, making bit changes a snap.

Driving Or Removing Screws

The ratchet function allows the user to easily apply to turn force for driving or removing screws with less effort. Available in 15-in-One, 6-in-One, 4-in-One, and 2-in-One combinations. 1/8″ slotted x #0 Phillips replacement bit. 1/4″ slotted x 3/16″ slotted replacement bit. 1/4″ slotted x #2 Phillips replacement bit. 5/32″ slotted x #3 Phillips replacement bit. #1 x #2 Phillips replacement bit. T15 x T20 Torx replacement bit. S1 x S2 square replacement bit. Available in high-visibility yellow or blue.

Ratchet Function

The Lutz 15-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver is a handy, all-purpose driver perfect for any do-it-yourselfer, professional contractor, or first-time homeowner. With a slight turn of the spring-loaded bit selector knob, the chamber opens for easy access and storage, making bit changes a snap. The ratchet function allows the user to easily apply to turn force for driving or removing screws with less effort. Available in 15-in-One, 6-in-One, 4-in-One, and 2-in-One combinations.

6. Amartisan 22 IN 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set

Ratchet Screwdriver has an ergonomic handle offering twisting force for three different applications, which enables clockwise, counter-clockwise ratcheting and locked positions. This tool provides a torque-adjusting capacities to give additional force when driving screws. With a quick-release lever on each side of the handle, it can be quickly changed between two positions making it easy to operate in tight spaces.

Nearly Any Toolbox

This Amartisan 22 IN 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set includes a variety of bits for nearly any toolbox. It is a handy set for your home and auto use, especially for those who want to save space and money on screwdrivers for various tasks. The automatic selection of Torx, Pozidriv, and Phillips bits allows you to use the best tool for each application.

Match Their Hand Size

The amartisan 22 IN 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set allows you to quickly and easily remove screws in various materials, and the adjustable grip handle allows the user to match their hand size. This set includes 11 drill bits and 21 screwdriver bits, including a super-thin spade head bit, ultra-fine hexagon bit, and normal hexagon bit.

7. AZUNO 24 IN 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set

The 12 regular CRV bits and 8 chrome-plated precision bits provide you with a wide range of applications. The Universal Socket is suitable for loosening or tightening most bolts, nuts, hooks, and other special-shaped fasteners that do not have suitable tools. This ratchet wrench allows you to twist off stripped screws more effectively than an ordinary screwdriver. It has a key ring for easy portability, so you can take it wherever you go.

One Size Fits Most Super Universal Socket

The universal socket fits both SAE 3/16” to 9/16” and metric 7 mm to 15 mm nuts. It can also grasp any shape nut, such as wing nut, hook nut, flange nut, hex nut, square nut, crew eyes, tension screws, bolt heads, and even worn and damaged heads!

Well Made Steel Ensures No Slipping

Universal socket use 37 super strong steel rods that are individually spring-actuated, allowing the socket to instantly conform to any shape. A universal socket is made with durable chrome vanadium steel, durable and easy to carry.

One Tool Replace the Whole Set

Universal socket saves your time and effort from running back and forth searching for the right socket. That’s why it is regarded as a magic tool gadget for men! We are confident that you will find it the most versatile tool in your toolbox.

8. SHARDEN Ratchet Screwdriver

SHARDEN multibit screwdriver helps make your job a little easier. The 13-in-1 screwdriver multitool offers 12 popular bits conveniently stored in the handle and an integrated 1/4 nut driver. All in one screwdriver will cover almost every job you’ll ever come across at home or in the workplace. Suitable for installing, maintaining, and repairing home appliances, equipment, electronics, and more.

In-handle Bit Storage

End cap screws off for convenient internal bit storage; you can quickly and easily switch to the bit you need to get the job done.

Ergonomically Handle

Dual material ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip and higher torque output reduce hand fatigue during use.

Magnetic Bit Holder

The bit holder has a magnet to prevent the bit from dropping when replacing and supports smooth bit exchange.

Space Saving

This compact-designed screwdriver takes up very little space; having all the options in your pocket is handy.

How To Choose The Best Ratchet Screwdriver Before Purchasing

Beyond only the design of bit storage, there are additional factors to consider while looking for the best ratcheting screwdriver. Take into account the model’s length, grip, and any additional built-in features you might find. To ensure that you get the best ratcheting screwdriver for your requirements, keep the following considerations in mind when you buy.

Single Screwdriver vs. a Kit

You might have to decide between a kit and a single screwdriver while looking for the best ratcheting screwdriver. The fact that kits are typically extremely thorough is the biggest advantage of buying one. These kits include Phillips, slotted, square drive, and Torx bits. Additionally, you may locate socket attachments and nut drivers, which are quite useful for several applications.

Because you can’t fit all of these components in or on your handle, keep the case close by. An individual screwdriver is a much more efficient tool than a set of ratcheting screwdrivers. Since everything fits inside the handle or on it, you can carry everything with you. The problem is that you won’t receive nearly as many components as you would with a kit. Single ratcheting screwdrivers typically weigh more when carrying all those bits on board.

Mechanism of Ratcheting

Screwdrivers with ratchets are not a recent invention. The “Yankee,” made by North Bros and introduced to the market in 1895, was one of the earliest and most well-liked types. The ratcheting function hasn’t altered much since then.

The majority of ratcheting screwdrivers use a gear-and-pawl system. The pawl will engage with the gear in whichever direction you position the screwdriver, forcing the tip to revolve with the handle. The pawl skips over the gear’s teeth when you turn the screwdriver opposite, which causes the grip to rotate separately from the tip.

While engaging it and changing directions are fairly uniform, screwdriver-to-screwdriver variation exists. Older models contain switches in the shaft that let you switch between rotating counterclockwise, clockwise or both ways. Modernized versions feature collars that may be turned to change directions.


Ratcheting screwdrivers have the advantage that you can secure a tight grip on their handle and repeatedly apply a lot of torque without adjusting your grip. Try to pick a sturdy, long-lasting screwdriver because some don’t handle torque as well as others.

The torque rating of a screwdriver may not always be visible, but sturdy models can withstand roughly 50-newton meters (nm), or about 36 foot-pounds, of torque. A screwdriver will typically become ineffective if its torque limit is exceeded because it will break the pawl or remove teeth from the ratcheting gear.


Remember that they come in various lengths when searching for the best ratcheting screwdriver. Models are typically 7 to 8 inches long. Models that are under 3 or 4 inches are stubby. Longer variants with handles longer than 9 inches and lengthy shafts are also available.

Everyone has advantages. Stubby screwdrivers easily align with the fastener and fit in small spaces. Longer screwdrivers are easier to hold and give you more workpiece visibility because your hand and grip are not in the way. Mid-length screwdrivers can be used for both tasks.

They do, however, have drawbacks as well. It can be hard to have a firm grip on a short screwdriver. Small changes in your grip can significantly alter the angle of the tip, resulting in stripped screws and scraped knuckles. On the other hand, longer screwdrivers are challenging to align with a fastener one-handedly yet are simple to sustain contact with.


From screwdriver to screwdriver, there are many grip shapes and styles. Some tradespeople have developed a preference for certain manufacturers that use the same handle style across all of their products. Other designs employ tapered grips, which provide a variety of hand or grip positions.

The “correct” grip largely depends on personal taste and how the screwdriver fits in your hand. However, a thicker grip with lots of surface area works best for producing the most torque. You could want something thinner with a tapered design for optimum dexterity.


Various versions of ratcheting screwdrivers are available with extra features if you’d like a little bit more functionality. Some aspects tend to be more industry-specific. For electricians, you might come across screwdrivers that double as wire strippers, benders, and wire nut sockets.

Some variants have tiny LED lights built in to help illuminate dimly lit areas. Ratcheting screwdriver kits are frequently the most adaptable tools, even without the extra capabilities. They come with many tools and accessories for addressing numerous tasks like house improvements, car repairs, and standard upkeep.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a ratcheting screwdriver worth it?

The best all-around screwdriver for the toolbox or kitchen drawer should be a ratcheting, multi-bit screwdriver with easily accessible bit storage. Ratcheting: Ratcheting screwdrivers are faster and easier to use than regular screwdrivers.

What is the best Wera ratchet screwdriver?

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty ratcheting screwdriver capable of frequent use, consider the Wera Kraftform Kompakt RA Screwdriver. This ratcheting screwdriver has secure in-handle storage for your bits.

Who makes snap-on ratcheting screwdrivers?

An awesome quality Ratcheting Screwdriver by Williams Tool (a division of Snap-On. The ergonomic handle is durable and comfortable. Heavy duty 3-way ratcheting mechanism (On-Off-Locked) allows consistent and smooth operation.

What is an advantage of a ratchet?

Ratchets have many advantages, including the ability to be used in tight places, loosen bolts at very high torque, and re-tighten them to the same. The various combinations and adaptability also make the ratchet and socket very useful tools.

Are Wera screwdrivers worth it?

When we asked folks who makes the best screwdrivers, there were plenty of votes for Wera, and for good reason. They’re comfortable, they include meaningful features, and there’s a nice range of options to fit your trade. There’s still some room for improvement, but Wera screwdrivers are still well ahead of the curve.


When you need to tighten or loosen fasteners repeatedly or in a tight spot where space is at a premium, the tool you reach for should be a ratcheting screwdriver. These tools aren’t just faster than using a standard screwdriver; they are also easier on your wrist, providing smooth action that makes the work go by faster. The six models we evaluated are all great options, but the Wera Kraftform Kompakt stands out as the best model.

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