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If you search for the best racquetball racquet on the Internet, you’ll find a lot of information. Lots and lots. You can find “reviews,” “best-of” lists, and even video clips that compare the top models. But it’s too much to digest; years of reviews, full product lists, hundreds of blogs, and long Facebook posts. When I was shopping for a new racquetball racquet, I was overwhelmed with the amount of online information. There was no single place that had everything I needed. And so, I created this guide.

I’m going to tell you about the best racquetball racquet. That’s the reason you’re here, right? I hope so. I’m a racquetball player, not a tennis player. Not that tennis players don’t play racquetball. Still, if you’re reading this because you’re looking for the best tennis racquet, then you should probably read our article on the best tennis racquets according to expert reviews and ratings instead!

Top Pick:

Leading 5Best Racquetball Racquet Reviews

1. Python Intro 5000 Racquetball Racquet Series (Beginner Frame, Amazing Value,

This racquet is perfect for any beginner trying out the sport. It has a large head and wider string spacing for players to get used to the large sweet spot and heavier frame. It provides excellent control with its headlight balance. This racquet is ideal for beginners looking to get started in the sport. At its the lowest price, this racquet provides great value with an excellent frame and stringing job.

You are looking for a racquet that is easy to swing and forgiving on your joints? Want a racquet perfect for your first match? Look no further. This beginner’s frame boasts an advanced Sweet Zone technology that helps generate more power while forgiving your body when you make a shot.

2. Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet

This Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet is ideal for beginners and advanced players. Made with a racquetball grip size of 3 5/8 inches, this is the perfect size for various comfort levels. This lightweight racquet features a composite body that provides excellent balance, stability, and power. It is built for durability and performance with an oval-shaped sweet spot for long hits.

This is the racquet for anyone who wants to play hard and compete at all levels. The STRIKER features new power-stack construction, which gives you more hitting power every shot. This racquet also has the new SIZE-i technology to help boost your swinging speed and provides even more spin on your serves, photos, and returns.

3. Gearbox GB 250 Racquetball Racquet Series

Gearbox GB250 Racquetball Racquets are designed for recreational players and adults playing both doubles and singles. This racquet features an ultra-thin 20% lighter bumper system that gives players added feel and a more flexible string bed, allowing players to generate extra spin and power. Gearbox racquets also feature a Head Heavy balance, which is ideal for beginners because they will not get overpowered by the equipment. Available with three grip surfaces; Gearbox Smooth Wrap, Gearbox Exclusive Textured Wrap, or Gearbox (Hybrid) Wrap Grip. HEAD MX Fire 190 Beginners Racquetball Racket – Pre-Strung Head Light Balance Racquet.

This racquet is geared for players in the middle of the pack. An even balance provides enough weight to drive through your shots but keeps them from ballooning out. This combination makes it easy to get a solid pop on the ball and helps keep you in control when you need to be patient. The Gearbox GB250 170Q is an excellent choice for players looking for a little extra power without losing any spin.

4. Gearbox GB3K 165T Pink Racquetball Racquet – 3 5/8” Grip

Gearbox GB3K 165T Pink Racquetball Racquet – 3 5/8” Grip is an excellent racquet for players looking to establish consistency on both the forehand and backhand. The GB3K 165T comes with Gearbox’s popular open string pattern and is ideal for players that have developed their skills to the intermediate level and are looking for more power in their racquet.

Are you tired of your game interrupted by the ball dropping to the ground? This Gearbox 165T Racquet is made with a 3 5/8 in grip size, making it easy to keep the ball in your hand during play. The carbon fiber frame and shaft make it easy to maneuver while you’re on the move.

5. HEAD Black Widow/Scorpion/Cobra (160/170/180 Racquetball Racquet Series,

The Black Widow is low-powered and designed to give players a better feel while still delivering impressive power. Using Ektelon’s new Precision Compression Molding process, the Black Widow has a uniform compression over the length of the frame and enables it to be 25% stiffer than traditional frames. This racquet has a smaller head size combined with an open string pattern that creates a unique spin with impressive pace and control.

Black Widow, Scorpion, and Cobra are designed for players who want maximum power and control. The Black Widow is a three-piece construction racquet with an Active String Pattern Layout (ASP), which helps the ball find its way back to your opponent. Scorpion and Cobra are at the top of our Lineup of racquets.

Importance of Racquetball Racquet

Racquetball is a sport that has been around since the 1960s. It is played in over 50 countries and has over 17 million players. It is often referred to as paddle ball or paddleball, but it should not be confused with table tennis. The sport consists of two people hitting a small rubber ball back and forth against a wall with racquets until one player wins by hitting the ball into the opponent’s court. The walls are usually foam padding and about 10 feet high. Racquetball can be played indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather conditions.

The racquetball racquet is made from carbon graphite composites that give it strength without adding weight. It has a hollow handle that allows players to grip it tightly without fear of slipping out of their grasp during intense matches. The head of the racquet is oval-shaped with a hole through which you can see your opponent’s face when playing against them in close quarters.


What is the Best Racquetball Racket?

When looking for the best racquetball racket, remember a few things.

First, you’ll want to consider the weight of your racket. Lighter rackets are easier to swing, but heavier ones can increase your power and give you more control over your shots.

Next, think about grip size. You’ll find both large and small grips on racquetball rackets, so choose one that fits well in your hand.

The last thing to consider is string tension: some rackets have tighter strings than others, which means they’ll be able to withstand more force without breaking.

How Do I Choose a Racquetball Racquet?

Choosing a racquetball racquet can be a bit of a challenge because it’s such an individual sport. The best bet is to try out different ones and see which one feels the best for you.

There are three main types of racquets: paddle, grandeur, and concave. Paddle racquets are the most common type and are usually recommended for beginners. They’re light and easy to swing, which makes them great for learning proper form. Grandeur racquets have more weight in the handle than paddle racquets, making them easier to control. If you’re looking for something more challenging than a paddle but not quite as tricky as a concave racquet, this is probably what you want. Concave racquets have very little weight in the handle and require more effort to swing correctly—they’re often used by professional players who want maximum power from their swings.

What Kind of Racket Do You Use for Racquetball?

The racket you use for racquetball depends on your style, skill level, and type of racquetball you want to play.

If you’re starting the game, it’s probably best to use a bare racket that is easy to handle and doesn’t require much maintenance. These tend to be less expensive as well.

If you’re looking for something with more power or have a lot of experience with racquetball, it might be worth investing in a higher-end racket that will help you make better shots and improve your game overall.

Can You Use a Tennis Racquet for Racquetball?

You can use a tennis racquet for racquetball, but it’s not ideal.

The reason is that tennis racquets are designed to be used with a different kind of ball and are heavier than the balls used in racquetball. The weight difference means that you’ll have to adjust your swing and how you hold your racquet to get the best performance out of it.

Another problem is that tennis racquets aren’t designed with a leather grip like most racquetball rackets are. This means that if you try using one for racquetball, it could slip out of your hand mid-swing and cause injury or damage to the ball—or both!


Finding the Best Racquetball Racquet for you can be difficult. You want something that will make a positive difference in your game.

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