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​If you’re a puzzle-solving expert, you probably know that solving such puzzles can take a lot of time; it could even take days in certain cases. But don’t fret because we have the best solution for you. If you love jigsaw puzzles, you might want to take a temporary break in the middle of your puzzle to return to your puzzling session later. You can use these puzzle mats to ensure that your pieces don’t move around while on your precious mat.

Here are the best puzzle mat on the market.

What Is A Puzzle Mat?

Mats composed of interlocking parts are known as puzzle mats. Puzzle mats are often constructed of rubber, foam, and other soft materials and can be used for various purposes. Alternatively, the word “puzzle mat” can refer to a rollable mat used to store and work on a jigsaw puzzle while not in use. Using puzzle mats in homes where puzzles are a favorite pastime can be extremely beneficial.

How Does a Roll-Up Puzzle Mat Work?

Puzzles are a great way to keep your brain active. Puzzles are incredibly beneficial in improving the human brain’s analytical and logical abilities. The most popular indoor hobbies worldwide are puzzles because of their simple nature and low cost. Because puzzles are so adaptable, you can play them anywhere, with or without a partner. Serious puzzle players often explore the newest puzzles. They’re also curious about the different puzzle-related accessories. The roll-up puzzle mat is one example of a piece of puzzle-playing equipment designed to be more comfortable and convenient.

Editor’s Pick-Puzzle Mat

Best Puzzle Mat Reviews In 2023

1. Marbs Puzzle Mat Roll Up with Guiding Lines

Marbs Puzzle Mat is the new solution to puzzle sliding, scratching, and rolling uncontrollably. Easy to assemble by one person. Simply roll it up when you have finished playing with your puzzle. It is then ready for your next session! Simply peel off the protective film and stick together parts of the puzzle mat with the adhesive strips. The mat has guiding lines to help you align your puzzles perfectly every time.

Special Foam Poles

Are you tired of trying to keep your puzzles in one place while working on them? This Puzzle Roll Up is a simple solution. With two guiding lines, two special foam poles, and three straps, you can roll up your puzzle and get it safely out of the way when not in use. Made with a large non-slip felt mat so it can hold a full-size 24″x46″ puzzle and then with a sorting tray for all those pieces that fall off the table, this system is perfect for Jigsaw Puzzle Enthusiasts – or anyone who enjoys puzzles!

Easy And Difficult Puzzles

This Puzzle Roll Up features guiding lines so you can use them for easy and difficult puzzles. Made with a rigid foam core, your puzzle will stay in place 100%. No matter how many times you move it or how you store it, your progress will be saved using our innovative portable puzzle mats. Designed by Puzzle Pros with both kids and adults in mind, this puzzle board comes with guiding lines so that it will be easy to use for 500, 1000, and 1500 pieces.

2. Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat Puzzle Storage Puzzle Saver

Lavievert is a brand that designs and provides premium jigsaw puzzles and puzzle accessories with the core concept of environmental protection. Products include jigsaw puzzles, puzzles, boards, tables, stickers, etc. Our products are created with our designers’ craftsmanship and under strict quality inspection. Lavievert has always been providing our premium customers with superior products and services.

Produced By Felt Fabric

Lavievert puzzle mat is produced by felt fabric, capable of holding up to 1,500 jigsaw puzzles. It offers excellent protection to your puzzles and holds them still until the next time you continue with your game. As universally known, the harder a riddle is the more time and patience needed to crack it. Therefore, we hope to help you simplify the game and ensure you have more fun with this product!

Ensures Every Jigsaw Puzzle

Measuring 46 × 26in and holding up to 1,500 pieces, Lavievert’s non-slip felt mat ensures every jigsaw puzzle stays put without creases. The felt is in black and makes it easy for you to distinguish between the colorful puzzles, giving you just tons of fun!

3. Becko Puzzle Mat Roll Up Puzzle Mats

Becko US has always been dedicated to designing and providing jigsaw puzzles and accessories to make the game easier and funnier. Jigsaw puzzles are a relaxing and interactive game. Besides being fun, they also bring health benefits. It is our belief uniquely designed quality accessories ensure your comfort when enjoying puzzle fun. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran of jigsaw puzzles, you will surely enjoy your puzzle games with our products.

Transporting Puzzles

Becko puzzle mat is an indispensable piece of equipment for puzzle lovers. Adopting high-quality felt, the Becko puzzle mat offers a better way of doing puzzle games and storing and transporting puzzles. It comes with a black felt mat, an inflatable tube, two elastic bands, and a drawstring bag. Becko puzzle mat is easy to operate and well-protect your puzzle pieces, no worrying of falling apart and getting wrinkled.

Anti-leaking Slit

 Our tube is specially designed with an anti-leaking slit, allowing it to last longer than other tubes on the market when inflated. Please squeeze the valve with your fingers to open the slit and blow in air to inflate the tube.

4. GRATEFUL HOUSE Premium Felt ROLL UP Puzzle 

Grateful House is a Jigsaw Puzzle and accessories brand bringing innovative and high-quality puzzling products to the market. We design beautiful products to make your experience a little richer in the ways that matter most to you. Grateful House is a family-owned & operated business based in Cody, Wyoming. An award-winning brand that specializes in customer care and quality products.

Boutique Puzzle Sets

Grateful House works with exclusive artists from all over the globe to bring you the best puzzle artwork & experience that you can find! All our boutique puzzle sets include a canvas storage bag, poster, & gift card. The puzzles are extremely high quality and will give you hours of satisfaction. Voted Best New Puzzle Brand 2021 by Puzzle Pals Choice awards! Buy yours today to see why!

High-quality Products

Grateful House is a one-stop shop for all your puzzling needs. Offering high-quality products that are made by puzzles for puzzlers. The Grateful House range is packaged beautifully in quality boxes, making them the perfect gift. Simply check out the Grateful House Store to shop the full range of puzzles, tables, mats, trays, and more!

5. Large Puzzle Roll-Up Mat

Are you looking for a way to transport your unfinished or finished puzzle? The search is over because, with Nessie’s Playground Puzzle Roll-Up Mat With Inflatable Tube, you can easily store puzzles that contain up to 1500 pieces. It’s easy to use and effectively protects your puzzle project. We’ve included everything you need to keep your jigsaw puzzle in place! You can take your puzzle with you or put it away when you’re not working on it. We understand that working on larger puzzles may require time and patience, so we want to make the process easy. Family game night just got a little better!

Transportation Is Simple

Rolling up your puzzle for storage and or transportation is simple! Unlike other solutions, this works with an inflatable tube that is more durable and holds the puzzle in place better than a flimsy cardboard tube. It works with most standard pumps, so you don’t have to lose your breath blowing up the tube. A felt material prevents the pieces from moving during motion.

Completed Or Incomplete Puzzle

Never leave a completed or incomplete puzzle on the dining table again! This kit makes it easy to stow away or transport your puzzles. Specially designed to keep puzzle pieces neatly in place, you won’t have to worry about pieces becoming lost or damaged.

What To Consider The Best Puzzle Mat When Purchasing


Because it retains the puzzle pieces in place for later usage, the mat material is absolutely essential. It’s best to use wool or faux fur to keep the pieces in place. Felt is another fantastic option, but you must ensure it is safe for children and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Marking On The Mat

Beginner puzzle solvers rely on the scale lines on puzzle shapes to keep the pieces in perspective.

Size Of The Mat

Larger puzzle mats should have their dimensions checked if they contain more pieces than the typical 1,000. (generally given in terms of pieces).


It’s important that the puzzle is as compact as possible once it’s completed. To keep the puzzle together, it’s critical to use packing materials like a sturdy bag, elastic bands, and inflatable tubes. Because of a lack of storage space, we frequently misplace some puzzle pieces. A puzzle mat can solve all of these issues. Puzzle mats are ideal if you, your friends, or your family like solving them.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Jigsaw Puzzle Mats Any Good?

It is wonderful and sturdy, and the pieces move easily over the surface if you need to adjust as you build the puzzle, yet they remain fast in the position you place the. No sliding around. I will never go back to a felt mat. Spend the extra dollars and buy this great quality mat.

What Is Better A Puzzle Mat Or Board?

While a puzzle board is also a useful accessory for keeping a puzzle game in progress intact, a puzzle mat makes it even easier to store puzzles away in comparison to a puzzle board. They are definitely the best choice to store puzzles because of their flexible surface.

What Makes A Good Puzzle Mat?

The mat material is vital since it keeps the puzzle pieces in place for later use. Wool or faux fur is a suitable material for keeping the pieces in place. Another good choice is felt material, but you must ensure that it is child-friendly and non–toxic.

Do I Need A Puzzle Mat?

 A puzzle mat allows a jigsaw puzzle player to not only work on the puzzle but also store it for returning later to finish it. Puzzle mats are expensive, so you could always make a DIY puzzle mat yourself. You need to place your jigsaw puzzle in the center of the puzzle mat.

What Do You Put Under A Puzzle?

Place the wax paper underneath the puzzle and use a rolling pin to ensure that the puzzle is as flat as possible. Pour the glue on top of the puzzle, and then use a piece of cardboard or a business card to spread the glue evenly over the puzzle.


Puzzle mats can be a great way to enhance the design of your room. But the choice is not an easy one- you need to find a suitable mat, that is not just nice to look at, but also performs well. This task turned out to be more difficult than expected- first of all, we had to define what exactly makes a good puzzle mat and what are the elements important for a good assessment.

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