Best Pull Behind Mower (Reviews Updated 2022)

With the constant need for more and more lawns to be cut, it’s a good idea to have a pull-behind mower. Whether cutting your own or someone else’s grass, this is an excellent option that will save you time and energy. Pull behind mowers are great because they are easy to maneuver around trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, etc., making them ideal for those who want their yard to look neat.

 Pull behind mowers also offer various options, such as adjusting height settings depending on whether you want taller or shorter grass in certain lawn areas. This blog post offers insights into why these mowers benefit people with larger yards.

Here are the best Pull behind Mower available on the market.

Editor’s Pick- Pull Behind Mower

Best Pull Behind Mower Reviews In 2023

1. Titan Attachments 6 FT Flail Mower

The Titan Attachments 72-inch cutting width Flail Mower is compatible with tractors featuring a minimum of 30 HP and a maximum of 65 HP that utilizes a Category 1, 3 Point Hitch. This flail mower features 1/2-inch x 3/8-inch galvanized pickets. This heavy-duty gearbox reduces gear wear and tear, an enclosed oil bath for weight reduction, high-strength all-steel construction, and advanced self-lubricating bearings to reduce maintenance costs.

Titan Attachments Is Designed

The 6-Foot Flail Mower from Titan Attachments is designed for tractors needing to maintain five acres or more ten times per year. This 72-inch cutting width mower is compatible with tractors featuring a minimum of 30 HP and a maximum of 65 HP that utilizes a Category 1, 3 Point Hitch.

It is powered by a PTO shaft with a heavy-duty gearbox that turns the knife shaft, cutting the mowed material down to a minimum, allowing it to decompose quickly. Featuring the ability to mulch up to 3-inch diameter material, forged hammer flails, and a heavy roller in the back that assists in smoothing rough terrain. This rear-mounted mower is perfect for maintaining your fields, orchards, vineyards, and other farm properties.

Choice For Tractors

Titan Attachments 6 FT Flail Mower is the perfect choice for tractors that need to mow five acres or more ten times per year. It mulches up to 3-inch diameter material and can be used on golf course greens, landscaped areas, and other areas where you want a nice clean look.

2. Swisher Classic 44″ 10.5 HP Finish Cut Trail Mower

This Swisher Classic 44″ 10.5 HP finish cut trail mower is a durable, heavy-duty piece of equipment that can tackle any terrain or cut grass — no matter the weather conditions. With a 10.5 HP Briggs & Stratton recoil start engine, you can mow with confidence, knowing you have the power to handle any job. With single-point cutting height adjustment, this mower makes it easy to get the perfect-looking lawn while keeping maintenance time to a minimum.

If you have a large area of grass to mow, you need a Swisher Trail mower! The Swisher 10.5 HP (344cc) Trailmower is designed to dramatically reduce your mowing time. The Trailmower can easily attach to your lawn tractor or ATV and act as a wing mower, doubling your cutting width. It boasts a 44 in. cutting deck with rear discharge, two G6 Gator commercial mulching blades, and convenient single-point cutting height adjustment.

Great For Mowing Ditches

The easy left-to-right adjustable offset hitch is great for mowing ditches or under low-hanging trees. This mower features rugged, heavy steel construction, wider tires for better flotation and stability, and exclusive bumper rollers that protect against damage to your trees and shrubs. The Trailmower is the ultimate time saver! 50 state compliant. Made in the USA of the US & global parts.

Disengage Controls

The new Swisher Classic 44″ 10.5 HP Finish Cut Trail Mower features a 2-blade mulching system with operating blade engage/disengage controls, making it easier to manage your turf. The swisher classic 10.5 hp cut trail mower with hydraulic deck lift enables you to cut the grass evenly and at a comfortable pace.

3. Swisher RC14544BS 14.5HP 44-Inch Electric Start 

The powerful 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 12-Volt motor gives you the strength to cut through the tallest grass and brush in your yard. The rear discharge design allows you to eliminate unwanted debris without having to collect it using a bagger. The heavy-duty stump jumper with 2 break-away swinging blades enables you to work around stumps and roots in your yard while cutting your grass.

Pneumatic Sealant-filled Tires

The Swisher RC14544BS 14.5 HP 44-Inch Electric Start Trailcutter is perfect for any large mowing job. The Swisher Trailcutter easily attaches to your ATV or lawn tractor and is the ultimate time saver for large jobs. This model will cut brush up to 3” in diameter. It features Two 16” pneumatic sealant-filled tires, two heavy-duty swinging blades, and a convenient single-point cutting height adjustment with a 4” range. The remote operator control console lets you safely engage and disengage from a distance. Heavy-duty work requires Swisher’s heavy-duty Trailcutter!

Side Baffle For Strength

This electric start mower from Swisher is a powerful and reliable ride-on, featuring an electric start for the battery, a heavy gauge steel deck with a side baffle for strength, and a 3: in mowing deck. Its weight is ideal for residential use, with its rear self-propelled castor wheels equipped with ball-bearing suspensions. The seat of this Swisher mower has been designed to give you maximum comfort while operating it.

4. Swisher RC14544CPKA 14.5HP 12V Kawasaki 44

The Swisher RC14544CPKA 14.5 HP electric start engine is designed to provide superior performance on any lawn. Its single-point height adjustment from 3-inches to 7-inches is ideal for handling any size lawn. Durable 12-volt power provides great reliability for your lawn care investment.

Infinitely Adjusted

The Swisher RG14544CPKA 14.5HP 12V Kawasaki 44 Inch Gas Powered 2-Cycle Lawn Mower is made of sturdy steel construction with a powerful Kawasaki engine, engineered to be a heavy-duty stump jumper. This lawn mower has to articulate a hitch with a 2” ball coupler that can be infinitely adjusted with same position indicators so that you can easily return the hitch to your preferred location without any guesswork. The standard floor crank height adjustment allows for a clean cut every time.

V-twin Commercial Grade Engine

If you have a large overgrown pasture, you need the Swisher 44 in. Trailcutter. This mower easily attaches to your ATV or UTV and is the ultimate time saver for large jobs. This mower will cut brush up to 3 in. in diameter. It features a powerful 14.5 HP (603cc) Kawasaki V-Twin Commercial Grade Engine, two 16 in. pneumatic sealant-filled tires, two heavy-duty swinging blades, and a convenient single-point cutting height adjustment with a cutting range from 3 – 7 in.

Remote Operator Control Console

The new articulating hitch with a 2 in. ball coupler offers more durable construction, infinite adjustment, and tool-free offset adjustment. The hitch base spring pin can be locked open, and the hitch can freely rotate and lay over the mowing deck, reducing storage space. The remote operator control console lets you safely engage and disengage from a distance. The relocated battery and solenoid keep them protected from elements and potential damage. Enjoy tool-free access to the battery, solenoid, and wiring. Heavy-duty work requires Swisher’s heavy-duty Trailcutter! U1L battery not included. Made in the USA of the US & global parts.

5. King Kutter Tow-Behind Garden Tractor/ATV Compact Disc

King Kutter Tow-Behind Garden Tractor/ATV Compact Disc – This tow-behind garden discriminator tiller is easy to install, with a unique pull-tongue design that allows down pressure to be applied without weights. Ten 14in. Notched disc blades turn easily right or left and grip the ground to break up soil clumps, aerate and pulverize the ground without damaging your landscape.

Provides Year-round Trimming And Mowing

The King Kutter Tow-Behind Compact Disc mower/trimmer provides year-round trimming and mowing from a compact machine. This model features 1in. High carbon steel axles, sealed steel bearings, heavy-duty square tube frame, and maintenance-free design for long-term reliability. A quick action drawbar makes it simple to attach the tow behind the mower to a tractor or all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Transport To Cutting Position

King Kutter’s ATV Compact Disc has many features found only on the larger models. Strong square tube frame, 1in. High carbon steel axles, 14in. Notched disc blades and more. The wheeled design is engineered for a smooth transition from off-road transport to cutting position with just the turn of the crank. Perfect for deep woods, wildlife food plots, small gardens, row cultivation, and yard prep work. Easily pulled by ATVs or garden tractors with a 1 7/8in. ball

How To Choose The Best Pull Behind Mower Before Purchasing

Pull behind mowers are composed of many parts. Its proper functioning relies on muscle. These machines are often attached to trailers and are referred to as tow-behind mowers. Households with lawn enthusiasts are often spotted with ATVs. Adding the attachment will allow you to start mowing immediately. It’s important to pay attention to every detail when you make a purchase. This buyer’s guide will help you when it is time to remodel.


The life expectancy of pull-behind mowers is short. Over time, the tool may become worn out. A solid foundation is needed. A reliable product is the goal of every manufacturer. Completion is the mark of a good metal build. Time won’t diminish the usefulness and durability of these. 

Capacity to Attach

There are numerous tasks to be performed by towed mowers. Through the use of an array of devices, it is possible to significantly improve machines. Tractors and ATVs are also installed with the system. To connect the mower, you will need rods with universal ports. Any moving object can be communicated with. 


These lawn mowers feature a powerful engine. Maintaining them is critical to lasting success. Most of them use gas to provide full power. Manually starting a machine is possible. Users must invest a lot of time and effort into them. You can count on them to complete your lawn work on time. 


It is essential to place the mower on a flat, level surface for the pulling mechanism to function. Pull-behind mower manufacturers and models may vary in their instructions. Priming the carburetor first requires pressing the primer bulb. You must pull the cord out firmly when the recoil spring is tight.

Handle and Starter

As well as being the most visually appealing, the starter rope and handle are the easiest to access parts of the pulling mechanism. An end knot is tied to the starter rope to attach it to this rope.

The starter rope feeds through a hole in the blower housing and on the rewind assembly. It passes through the pulley’s hole inside the housing. This is done by tying a knot around it. Starting ropes are tightly coiled around the pulley under the tension of the rewind spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amuse Buying A Maker Now, What Is The Point?

During a recession, lawn mowers could become increasingly popular to cut costs on landscaping services. In her opinion, Sears has seen some walk-behind mower sales increase this year, especially the ones equipped with rear-wheel drive and higher prices. Barbara Rada selects the lawn mowers and snow throwers for the company.

What Is The Size Of My Lawn?

Unlike tractor-style mowers, walk-behind mowers are designed to cover smaller lawns, usually less than a half-acre.

A gas-powered mower that drives both the front and rear wheels is best for large and roll yards. With this feature, the machine can move without any help from the operator.

A Mower Costs How Much?

Prices for lawn mowers vary depending on their type and model. Among them are:

These gas-powered mowers can be purchased for $100 to $300.

Mowers with self-propulsion typically cost more than $500 but can cost less than $250 or nearly $800. Both front and rear wheel models are available. High-end models feature gears that adjust the speed.

Is There A Range Of Features?

Some mowers have mulching decks that are powered by an engine. The grass clippings are therefore collected under the deck. These clippings are laid out repeatedly and applied to the lawn as fertilizer.

How Safe Are They?

Mowers since the 1980s have been operated by grasping the handles. If the blade is released or the mechanism is released, the motor will shut down. The blades of mowers are protected from grass blowing into them by flaps under their decks.


The best pull-behind mowers are dependable and easy to use. They can be used for various jobs, from landscaping to golf course maintenance. These products fit the bill nicely if you’re looking for an affordable option to get the job done right.

There are tons of different models available on the market today, so it may seem overwhelming at first glance but don’t worry! We have compiled all the information you need about our favorite picks in this blog post so read on if you are interested in learning more. What do you think is important when choosing a new lawnmower? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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