Best PSP Battery In 2023 [Tested & Reviewed]

Your phone is your lifeline to the world. You use it to call, text, and stay in touch with people. And when you’re on the go, it’s what keeps you connected to your business and social life. But no matter how much of an expert multitasker you are or how often you charge your battery-there will come a time when it won’t last long enough for all your activities.

That’s where PSP Battery comes in; we have high-quality batteries designed specifically for phones like yours – so don’t let your phone die again. PSP Battery has been providing mobile professionals with affordable quality products since 2008. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable power solutions for their most important devices.

Here are the best Psp Battery available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-PSP Battery

Best PSP Battery Reviews In 2023

1. OSTENT 1200mAh 3.6V Li-ion Polymer Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

This battery is rechargeable, has no memory effect, and can be recharged up to 1500 times when fully or partially drained. It features high capacity with a 1200mAh capacity. The battery voltage of 3.6V is ideal for powering devices like digital cameras, lanterns, and other devices that work best with that voltage.

Materials And Production

This battery is a customized product, produced by our factory using the best raw materials and production techniques. The battery is one of the most important components of a portable electronic device. We want to supply you with a product that lasts longer than similar products on the market and performs better.

Sony Psp Is Compatible

This rechargeable battery for Sony PSP is compatible with all PSP 1000 (1000, 2000), 2000, 3000, Lite, and Slim models. It is a third-party product from OSTENT. Its capacity is 1200mAh, voltage 3.6V, and the cell type is Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. It measures 14.2 x 8.7 x 1 cm (LxWxH).

2. EBL 3.6V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack 1200mAh

This 3.6V EBL Lithium Ion Battery is the perfect solution for your power needs! This battery has a built-in overcharge, overcurrent, and short circuit protection to ensure safety and satisfaction. With a capacity of up to 1200mAh, this rechargeable battery can be recharged up to 1200 times when fully or partially drained. No memory effect means you can charge this battery whenever needed, without draining it first.

Over-discharge Protection

This EBL 3.6V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack 1200mAh has many safety functions such as over-charge protection (it will stop charging when the battery is full), over-discharge protection (it will stop discharging when the battery voltage drops to a certain level), over-current protection (if there is a too high current, it will not work for safety reasons), over-heat protection (it will stop excessive heat generation) and short circuit protection.

Previous Generation

20% lighter and 30% smaller than the previous generation, EBL’s new 3.6V 1200mAh rechargeable battery pack keeps your camera strong when you need it most. Featuring a capacity of 1200mAh, this 3.6V lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack has a voltage of 3.6V, ideal for cameras that require three or six volts for operation.

3. Tomee Battery for PSP (3000 and 2000 Models)

Upgrade your PSP Slim and travel with more power. This Tomee battery for PSP will help your device last longer and charge faster. The high-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion cell is the ideal replacement or additional battery for your PSP Slim 2000 or 3000 model. Includes: Tomee Battery Charger.

Original Battery Stopped Powering

The Tomee Battery for PSP (3000 and 2000 Models) is the replacement battery you need to get your favorite Playstation Portable back up and running. Has the original battery stopped powering your console? The Tomee Battery for PSP (3000 and 2000 Models) can take care of it! Keep your devices powered with this reliable replacement battery.

High-quality Replacement

This Lithium-ion rechargeable battery from Tomee is a high-quality replacement for the original battery on your PSP 3000 or 2000 model. Its 2400 mAH capacity means it will last as long as your original did, without any hassle. Additionally, with some simple charging techniques, you can use this battery for over 500 recharges.

4. PSP 3000 Battery,Artman 1-Pack 3.7V 1400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Replacement PSP 2001 Battery

Meet the Artman PSP-S110 Battery! This battery is a Sony original replacement battery that meets or exceeds the OEM PSP-S110 battery. The PSP-S110 meets all of Sony’s safety standards, so you can rest easy knowing that your new battery is up to snuff. Whether you’re looking to extend your gaming experience with an extra battery or simply want it as a backup to protect against power outages and unexpected shutdowns, this is an ideal replacement for your PSP-S110 battery. Order today!

Charge Batteries

A compact and stylish rechargeable battery replacement for PSP 3000/2000. A powerful USB charger is included in the package, which allows you to charge batteries anytime and anywhere.

High-temperature Protection

This battery is designed for the Sony PSP 3000 and will provide reliable power when needed. It features overcharge protection, short circuit protection, high-temperature protection, and surge protection with CE, FCC, and RoHS Certifications, tested by the manufacturer to match OEM products.

5. Lermity Rechargeable Battery and Charger for PSP 

The Lermity Rechargeable Battery and Charger for PSP gives you hours of entertainment. The charger is designed to fit the PSP, while the battery pack provides up to 3600mAh of power. And it includes a USB cable that allows you to recharge your new battery pack directly from a PC or laptop without needing a separate power adapter.

Trips And Business Trips

Ideal for long-lasting gameplay during your trips and business trips, the Lermity Rechargeable Battery and Charger Set is a perfect choice. It comes with 1xBattery Charger and 1xRechargeable Battery, which are made with good quality to ensure the stability of the power supply.

Favorite Games

The Lermity PSP Rechargeable Battery and Charger gives you the freedom to play your favorite games whenever, wherever. No need to worry about running out of power. The battery lasts up to 7 hours when fully charged.

6. OSTENT High Capacity Quality Real 1800mAh

This is a high-capacity quality lithium-ion battery pack. If you travel, this battery pack is a must-have. With a high capacity rating, it will last through the day, and if you are on vacation or in transit, it will outlast your smartphone.

High-quality, And Reliable

This battery is made of safe and durable, high-quality, and reliable. It can effectively extend the gaming time of your PSP with its small size, lightweight design, and ease of carrying.

Buy The Right Product

To ensure you have a good quality of life, take a lot of time to buy the right product. The OSTENT Original 1800mAh Portable Power Bank is designed for those looking for a high-quality power bank in the market. With 2600mAh capacity and built-in smart IC technology, it can automatically detect and charge your smartphone or tablet from 0% to 100%.

7. PSP-S110 Battery

This is a high-capacity quality lithium-ion battery pack. The PSP-S110 (PC-1001) battery is designed to provide extended battery life and high performance for your Sony or Panasonic digital camera or camcorder. Features: High capacity with better discharge performance; Improved capacity and reduced weight; Energy efficiency; Longer service life.

Original Battery Pack

This Battery Pack is a compatible replacement for the original battery pack. It is made with high-quality parts and guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers’ specifications at a reduced price. The battery is designed to be 100% compatible and interchangeable with the original. It will fit correctly and perform like the original, providing comparable performance with the long life cycle.

Rechargeable And Powerful Battery

This PSP-S110 Battery is designed for Sony PSP. It is rechargeable and powerful battery that offers long service life. Fully charge it before first use, and then charge it about every 60 days for normal use.

8. GASOPIC High Capacity Quality Real 

The PSP – 110 battery is designed for the original console PSP-110 and is not compatible with other models. The batteries are made of high-quality grade A+ cells that ensure a longer life cycle and better performance. The built-in special microchip prevents your phone from overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting.

New Gasopic Battery

For reliability, power, and performance you can rely on, this new gasopic battery has been built to replicate the Sony PSP Extended 3600mAh capacity battery. With high output and massive storage capacity, this new upgraded battery provides you endless playing time and longer standby time.

Brand-new Replacement Item

GASOPIC High Capacity Quality Real is a brand-new replacement item with 12 month warranty. Our products are ROHS, CE, and FCC certified and tested by experienced engineers and technicians, who strictly test each device to ensure excellent performance and high quality.

How To Choose The Best PSP Battery Before Buying

This PSP battery was included after much effort. In addition, I bought and tested five of the PSP batteries listed on the page for approximately 20 hours, 233 products.

Are you ready to begin? Several things should be kept in mind when choosing PSP batteries. Your attention is needed in this situation. Here are some additional factors to consider to help you choose the right PSP battery in case the list above does not convince you. Let’s get started, shall we?


When choosing a PS3 battery, the price is important to consider when you don’t have a budget to worry about. It’s hard to choose between the battery prices for PSPs listed in this list, but if you don’t care about budget, one of the top-rated PSP batteries would be your choice.

You can also choose second place. Apart from the price, there is no difference between them. The cheapest PSP battery should be considered for those with a limited budget.


I always recommend PSP batteries from well-known brands when recommending them to readers. A PSP battery from us will be of excellent quality and service. You might not be able to find a brand that offers local services close to you. Look into customer service centers in the area when choosing a brand.


The PSP battery cost was not easily available from local stores back then, and you had to visit several shops to get its exact price. However, if you are considering a PSP battery test, buying it from a reputable provider such as Amazon US is the best option. An Amazon products list is attached to the following link. It is okay to wait a few days if you don’t need it urgently.


Additionally, well-known battery brands often offer free repairs, even when the batteries are damaged due to a manufacturer defect or a malfunction without any obvious causes. Batteries for your PSP bought from unknown brands that are not guaranteed might need to be repaired and maintained for an extended period.


To recognize the PS3 battery, you should use or try it. However, this is not possible. Customers review many products, describing the product’s pros and cons. Since this post aims to help you find the best PSP battery test, it wouldn’t make sense for me to write detailed reviews for each product. Until I get comprehensive product reviews, I suggest that I read actual Amazon customer reviews.

Good Reputation

I have a few issues with the PS3 battery on the offline market, but it isn’t very common. There was a well-known brand I would purchase from, the seller said. The PSP battery I use has started to give me problems, and I have contacted the service center about it. This is not the original copy that the service made, but one made specifically for me.

If you want the best customer service, I recommend shopping online at reputable stores, including Amazon. The Amazon customer support team can assist you in reporting the fraud to the police and reimbursing the money you paid.


Make sure the battery you choose meets all of your requirements by creating a list. PSP batteries that don’t assist you how you need them are useless. Make sure your option has all the features you want by creating a list of your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Think About Tfseven?

This brand is among the best. Furthermore, it provides exceptional customer service in addition to producing the best PSP batteries and chargers.

Are Any Manufacturers Who Make Sony Psp Battery Chargers At An Affordable Price?

My search for a cheaper rechargeable option without all the features was empty. A Portable Rechargeable Battery Charger (US Plug) from FSA can be used to replace the Sony PSP 1000 2000 3000 AC Adapter.

Do You Hear About Any Deals?

The article includes a few options that are currently discounted. The listing of the product will provide more information about it.

When Purchasing, How Do I Choose Brands?

The top 5 brands, based on my research, are TFSeven, TFSeven, Kastar, and Kastar.

What Is Better: Shopping Online Or Shopping Offline?

A few advantages of shopping online include discounts, quick delivery, and convenience. If you need the product and can find it cheaper offline, you might buy it offline.


The PSP is one of the most popular handheld game consoles in history. And while it’s been retired for some time now, many people still enjoy playing their old games on a newer device like an iPhone or iPod Touch. If you want a battery and charger for your PSP, look no further than this article! We have compiled all the information you need about what type of PSP battery to purchase and how to charge it so that you can get back into gaming as soon as possible. So read on if this product interests you.

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