How to Choose the Best Projector Under 1000 In 2023

Are you searching for the best projector under 1000 in the market? If yes, we have the solution for you. Powerful projectors have become necessary for home theater, business meetings, friends jamming, and official presentations.

Gone are the days when you were to spend a lot of money on setting up high-quality projectors in your place. Nowadays, you can get a quality projector as low as under $1000. There are tons of quality projectors that you can get today.

However, you will be required to take some time to do research and testing to get them. To make work easier for you, we decided to research and test some of the top-quality projectors available. Our reviews covered all the aspects to ensure that we have accurate information about each projector. 

Our experts developed seven good-quality projectors whose cost was less than 1000 dollars. They include

Our Favorite Best Projector Under 1000

Best Projector Under 1000: Top 7 Picks

1. Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD28HDR is one of the best projector under 1000 available in the market. With the 4Kdisplay technology and high efficient performance, the projector cast brighter and sharp images on the screen. Its high resolution of 1080P makes it the perfect option for home and office use. The HDR10 technology with the projector enables to balance off the deeper black and brighter whites level to enhance the image view.


Incredible image quality- The projector features a high definition image of 1080p resolution and a contrast ratio of 50000:1, thanks to the dynamic black technology, ideal for depth images using the smoothing lamp output. The 4000 lumens of brightness help the projector to be used in any environment. The 6-segment color wheel helps to produce accurate colors.

HDR compatible- There is an HDR10 technology with a 4K input to have brighter whites plus a deeper black level to enhance the viewer experience. You can easily connect it with your game consoles and media players for movies or gaming. The 4K UHD HDMI dongle can easily be used with Apple TV and Google Chromecast to enjoy your games and movies.

Easy to control- This projector has an HDMI-CEC technology that makes it possible to control the projector and connected devices using the remote through the HDMI connection. There is also a strong lamp with a strong battery that works up to 15000 hours with an average of 4 hours of viewing.

3D Compatibility- The projector displays accurate 3D content from any 3D sources, like 3D broadcasting a 3D Blu-ray disc player. It supports 120Hz rapid-refresh rate that gives ultra-smooth flicker-free images that are pleasant.

optoma 1080p home theater projector


  • Crispy bright, and high-quality images
  • Easy to control and set up
  • The resolution image is higher
  • The best choice for gaming and movies enthusiasts
  • High refresh rates in gaming mode


  • It is a bit noisy

2. BenQ TH671ST 1080p Short Throw Gaming Projector

BenQ TH671ST is one of the best gaming projectors out there, thanks to the 5.9 pounds that makes it lightweight and easily portable. This compact design doesn’t occupy ample space and makes it easy to go anywhere. The 1080p resolution makes it a perfect option for projectors under 1000 in the market.


High image quality- The projector comes with 1080p Full HD photo quality that can be measured with 3000 ANSI lumen, high brightness, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. This makes it perfect for gaming. The ultra-fast 16.67ms and low input lag allow you to enjoy high-quality images without blur. A PS4 and Xbox One X that helps have a smooth gaming experience.

Flexible connectivity- The projector supports various media like PCs, mobile devices, Macs, and input options like USB, HDMI, etc. It comes with the Qcast mirror HDMI wireless adapter that allows you to stream images and videos from your phones from a distance of up to 1.5 meters without any cord connection.

3D compatible- The projector is compatible with 3D, and it has an inbuilt 5-watt mono speaker that is ideal for expanding your gaming. The projector adjusts visual brightness automatically depending on the light conditions of your viewing environment using the BenQ Lumi expert technology.

benq 1080p short throw gaming projector


  • It comes with an inbuilt speaker
  • Has a rapid response
  • High resolution
  • High-end lumen power
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Automatic viewing adjustment depending on the environment
  • Best warranty of 3 years


  • Its fan makes a lot of noise

3. XGIMI Halo True 1080p Portable Projector for Outdoor Movie Night

XGIMI Halo is a portable projector with high-quality images and video viewing. The compact and stylish projector can be carried and used anywhere. The 1080P Full HD resolution and dual inbuilt 5W speaker provide high-quality images for sight and perfect sound.


Intelligent autofocus- Halo is designed to focus on images when turned on automatically. The Native 1080p HD resolution is combined with bright 800 ANSI lumens, making the projector clear compared to the mainstream 720p projectors. You will constantly enjoy the clear and crisp images of the projector.

Excellent automatic keystone connection- The projector features a Nintendo switch and a Fire TV stick that effortlessly connects the projector with USB, DC port, HDMI, and audio. The automatic keystone correction autofocus ensures the image is straightforward and hassle-free. It has complete access to up to 5000 plus apps through Google Play, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube, Disney+, and prime video.

Inbuilt Android TV 9.0- The projector is powered by Android TV that allows you to watch shows and movies easily from any app. Their high capacities inbuilt battery provides you with a 2hrs playtime with a 150’’ screen. There are also dual Harman Kardon speakers which provide sound quality, and you can also wirelessly connect through Bluetooth headphones and sound bars.

xgimi halo true portable projector for outdoor movie night


  • Bright images
  • Perfect sound from dual Harman Kardon speakers
  • An excellent inbuilt battery that runs for long
  • Easily portable


  • Aggressive autofocus

4. ViewSonic Home Theater Projector with HDR

Are you looking for an entertainment experience in your comfort zone with the best projector? If yes, then ViewSonic is the ideal projector you need. The HDR support and 4K resolution make this projector the perfect option for movie watching at a low 4.2ms input lag, plus the 240Hz refresh rate is ideal for gaming.


Bright images- This projector has a pixel-shifting technology that provides 3840x2160p 4K resolution. The technology also supports modern technologies like HLG and HDR10, which create an excellent watching experience. The 3200 ANSI lumens of brightness and the high contrast ratio let you watch your shows and movies in bright and dark environments.

Simple design- Viewsonic PX701-4K has a simple design that weighs about 6 pounds making it easily portable. The prowess of this projector is based on its whopping 240Hz refresh rate with the 4.2ms low input lag. The supercolor technology and HGL/HDR support simplify the Livestream of events to your binge shows on Netflix.

Flexible setup- You can easily set up a PX701-4K projector as it is anti-warping stabilization, has 1.1 optical zooms and has automatic horizontal and vertical keystoning. The Super Eco mode in the lamp helps to reduce power consumption as it can work for 20,000 hours of brightness or have a 5 hours view a day for ten years.

Easy connectivity- The projector comes with remote control and power cable. Therefore, it is easy to connect with media players, PCs, mobile devices, gaming consoles, MCs, and others like Dual HDMI and powered USB-A.

viewsonic home theater projector


  • Perfect for sports, gaming, and movies
  • Provides you with a 4K resolution
  • It supports both HLG and HDR10 technologies
  • Compact bodies
  • 20000 long lamp life with the Super Eco mode
  • Ideal whopping 240Hz refresh rate with a 4.2ms response period


  • It has low connectivity options

5. Epson Home Cinema 2200 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector

Do you want a projector with a true 3LCD projection? If yes, Epson Home 2200 is the ideal option for you. The projector has features that deliver exceptional viewing with a vivid display and the best color brightness. The 3LCD technology makes the projector the perfect option for movies, streaming TVs, sporting events, etc.


Stunning image quality- The stunning image quality of this projector is unquestionable. It has an outstanding full HD image quality, so it is perfect for gaming, viewing movies, and sporting activities. The advanced 3LCD technology helps display 100% RGB color signals to each frame. This allows it to have outstanding color brightness without any problem.

 Easy to use- The projector comes with the latest Android TV interface that uses a remote control for voice search through an inbuilt Google Assistant. With the 27000 lumens of color brightness, you can stream channels like Hulu, YouTube, HBO, and Netflix. The 10 W speakers make it easy to set up for HD entertainment.

Versatile connectivity- The projector features an HDMI port that allows you to connect with your cable or satellite box, gaming console, streaming device, or blu-ray disc player. Their flexible stereo mini-jack outputs easily connect with self-powered speakers to enhance good sounds. The dynamic and excellent contrast of 35000:1 allows you to view it even in darkness.

epson home cinema 1080p projector


  • High-quality image and resolution
  • Easy to install and use
  • It can be used with external speakers
  • Has multiple connectivity
  • Perfect for office and home use


  • It is a noisy

6. NEBULA 1080p Video Projector

Nebula is another top-quality smart projector that provides a unique viewing experience that you can’t get in other projectors. It is there to give you all you want and allows you to experience the imagination wild and create unforgettable memories. Its compact size makes it easy to install it for Netflix, connect with iPhone, USB, and others.


Superior sound- The projector features cosmos packs of a trio of speakers powered by Dolby Digital Plus, providing a true 360 degrees of cinematic sound. You will hear every hard-hitting sound be it from a distance or near, in a clear and loud way.

Convenient connectivity- The cosmos allows you to easily connect to your playing content through HDMI and USB-A devices. The projector supports wireless connection through the mirror cast, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth from your device or phone.

Excellent picture- The projector has 1080p and 900-ANSI-lumen pictures that have HDR10, which allows you to watch your favorite sports events, shows, movies, and games. The images are incredible and have clarity with details or bright colors. The HLG upscales non-HDR content, allowing you to have an accurate view of the videos or images crisply and clearly.

nebula 1080p video projector


  • Amazing 3D watching experience
  • It is less noisy
  • Vivid and balanced images
  • Perfect portable size
  • Excellent quality with ideal sound


  • It can’t be used in a dark room

7. Vivitek D510 2600 Lumen SVGA HDMI 120Hz 3D

Vivitek D510 2600 Lumen is digital and ready to use for movies, gaming, and sporting. The projector uses various connectivity like HDMI v 1.3 and D510, 3D, and brightness of 2600 lumens is some of the top quality features of this projector. Additionally, the BrilliantColor and DLP technologies of Vivitek D510 help deliver vibrant and sharp images.


3D projection- The DLP-Link 3D and DLP technologies creates an immersive experience using the digital mirrors that reflect the light with stunning images. The technology is fast and can produce an image on the screen, one on the right and the other on the left. The available 3D glasses combine an image that creates amazing 3D images.

Lightweight design and user-friendly- The RS-232c port makes it easy for one to use from their computer and interact with a third party with ease. The projector weighs 4.2 pounds and has 10.28 x 3.07 x 7.48 making it easy to move it around.

Silent operation- The projector is designed to have 31/28 decibels operating noise; hence, it is quiet. This means that you can use the projector anywhere without any problem. There are also plug-ins, audio RCA L/R, S-video, and VGA-in. It also features a top-quality remote control battery AC Power cord.

vivitek portable dlp projector


  • Bright and clear pictures
  • It is relatively cheap


  • The cheap lamp that burns after a short period
  • It is a bit bulky

Buying Guide

white projector

When you buy your projector for under 1000, there are things you need to look at. These considerations are the one that determines how good the projector will be. They include,


The resolution of any projector is one of the most important things you need to check on your projector because it will determine the quality of the image or video you will watch. Most projectors have a resolution of 720p, which is a bit outdated. For better high-quality work, the best projector should be 1080p or more.

Lumens Value

This is the brightness of the projector. A good projector needs to have better illumination, although the amount of brightness depends on the users. If you need to use it for your business, it should have 3000+ plus lumens. For personal purposes like gaming, entertainment, or movies, you can use 2200 lumens.

Display Technology

Many of the projectors in the market are either LCD or PLP powered. DLP projectors deliver sharp and high-quality images without any motion blur. It uses a panel of tiny microscopic mirrors and a spinning color wheel that brings a stunning image. The LCD projectors have a better saturation and less noise, but it is not perfect like the DLP.

Contrast Ratio

The projector’s contrast ratio is equally vital because it determines the image quality. The contrast ratio is the difference between the brightness and darkness of the image. Projectors with a higher contrast ratio have better image quality and allow you to see more light and colors in the pictures. Choose the projector with a higher contrast ratio to avoid projectors with image blur.


The projector’s brightness is also vital because it also adds up to high image quality. The number of lumens available measures the brightness of the projector. If you want to use your projector in a dark environment, buying a projector with enough brightness is good.


Having a top-quality projector that doesn’t connect with your devices or media doesn’t make sense. The best projector should allow you to watch Disney+ or Netflix online and have many ports to connect with game consoles. It should have at least an HDMI or USB port for easy setup. It should also have inbuilt speakers that can connect with devices either by cable or through wireless means.

Lamp Life

The lamp life of a projector is paramount also. The performance and specifications are based on how the lamp works on the projector. So, look for a projector that has an excellent long-life lamp.    

How to Choose an Outdoor Projector?

girls watching cinema on projector

Choosing the best outdoor projectors isn’t as easy as it might look. It is not like using any projector you use in restricted areas. You need to have a projector that is portable and has experience in working outdoors. Below are the things you will look for when choosing an outdoor projector

Compact design and lightweight- outdoor, you don’t need to have a bulky item; instead, it should be lightweight to make it easy to move from one area to another.

Bright devices- The displaying demands of outdoor projector need to be higher than those of the standard projector. This is because it will be used in varying environments. The brightness should also be able to show images or videos of high quality.

Battery life- a projector without an internal battery shouldn’t be used for outdoor purposes. Good projectors need to use an efficient battery that should be able to allow LED lights that will last for longer.

Contrast and Resolution- Check the projector specification carefully. Projectors with 1080P resolution or more are perfect for any outdoor viewing. On the other hand, the contrast should be impressive, something that is greater than 100000:1

Easy connectivity- An excellent outdoor projector needs to be easy to connect. Most portable projectors are Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi enabled to make it easy to connect with your device or to the internet. Such projectors are the best for outdoor work.

Elemental protection- your projector is exposed to falling and water when you are outdoors. Projectors are designed with hardened shells and internal materials that resist any shocks and don’t damage them. Those are the projectors you need to buy and use in outdoor services.  

How to Keep Your Projector Cool?

Sometimes the projectors get overheated due to various reasons. Some of the major causes are a defective air filter, technical errors, and using it in a non-ventilate environment. There is a need to cool it to have a perfect watch of your shows or movies when this happens. Here are the various ways of cooling your projector.

Consider getting the cooling pad- before thinking of the next thing to do, it is good to use the cooling pads. The pads are designed to cool projectors that overheat and begin to make noise. It is a kind of fan that is quiet and is of various sizes.

Change your projector location- sometimes, the projector overheats because the environment in which it is placed makes it prone to overheating. It makes the projector overwork hence heating up. In this case, change the location to an open environment.

Change the air filter- A defective air filter makes the projector overheat, especially with refurbished or old projectors. To cool the projector, you must replace the defective air filter with a new one. The process is simple, which you can do yourself.

Seek technical assistance- In some cases, the heating of the projector is caused by a technical error that needs to be worked upon. In this case, contact the company’s technical support to help you on how to solve the problem.


i. How Many Lumens Is a Good Projector?

The number of lumens in a projector doesn’t matter, but they add up to the brightness of a projector. Those projectors with 500 lumens provide up to 60% of the recommended light in many restricted areas. However, you will need some additional light to have a perfect view. This means that the lumens should be more than 500 lumens for excellent brightness in darkness.

ii. What Kind of Projector Do I Need for Outdoor Movies?

For outdoor movie projection of movies, you need a portable projector, extra-bright, and a top-quality battery that will allow you to watch your movies for a long time. They also need advanced features like 4Kor 8K with Ultra HD resolution.

iii. How Many Lumens Do You Need for an Outdoor Projector?

To be honest, the numbers of lumens with the outdoor projectors need to be higher than those used in restricted areas. Your projector needs to have 2500 lumens or more for the perfect emissions. This can be perfect for daytime or at night.

iv. Do Led Projectors Last Longer?

The LED lamps use bulb technology, a light-emit diode, which can last longer than those using the standard halide. The LED lamps that use the technology can last up to 60,000 for 30 years, while the standard LED has 30,000 years.

v. What Is the Lifespan of a Projector?

The average lifespan of a projector with a standard lamp lasts 2000 hours. This, however, is different from the new projector, which tends to have a longer lifespan. This is due to the technologies they have used that make them better.

vi. Is a Laser Projector Better?

Yes, laser projectors are more durable than traditional bulbs in delivering on/off functionality. They also use the DLP, LCoS chip, or LCD, which are perfect in terms of image quality. The light source of the laser projector is also ideal due to the technology it uses. 


These top-quality projectors we have reviewed provide incredible image quality, and most of them are easy to use as they have user-friendly modern features. As we have seen, the best projectors are not necessarily costly. There are several cheap projectors with excellent features that deliver superior performance.

If you are stuck on which projector to buy, Viewsonic PX701-4K can be the perfect option. The projector offers a brighter image, excellent gaming performance, and a 4K resolution that is good for future-proofing. This means that the image quality can’t be compromised.

To sum up, there are various factors you need to look at if you want the best projector under 1000. The factors help in knowing which of the many projectors available are good. It is not a guarantee that expensive projectors are suitable; the goodness of the project is based on the image quality and other factors. We hope you have benefited from our review.

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