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Drinking the best probiotic drink may be an excellent addition to your diet if you want to improve your gut health with probiotics, but prefer a drink over a capsule. A wide range of studies has been conducted on probiotics, such as how they boost digestive health. Probiotics may reduce diarrhea, strengthen immunity, and improve gut microbiota, according to scientific evidence.

There are many varieties of probiotic drinks available, such as drinkable yogurt, kefir, kombucha, dairy-free yogurt drinks, and even shots. We offer a wide range of options so you are sure to find the right product for you. Our nutritionist, who has gathered the best products on the market, gathered vegan beverages and drinks that taste great and are refreshing.

Check out these probiotic drinks:

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Top 10 Best Probiotic Drink In 2023

1. Five-Count Yakult Probiotic Drink

Take advantage of the benefits of this refreshing drink. Calcium, folic acid, and B vitamins are among the ingredients found in Nolita, which are all recognized as beneficial for health.

By taking Nolita 4 times a day, you get billions of live, active Lactobacillus casei Shirota. To achieve the perfect blend of flavors, we combine Nolita with other ingredients in our proprietary manufacturing process.

2. Organic Kombucha Tea With Probiotics

Mix and match your favorite flavors in each pack. Using probiotics, organic ingredients, and natural sweeteners, Health-Ade Kombucha is made with a delicious, healthy taste. Rishi Tea, an all-natural mixture of herbal extracts that promotes healthy skin, is gently infused into the liquid.

Together, these flavors combine to create a delicious mixture that is delicious either hot or cold, and ready within a week. Added sugar, artificial flavors, or GMOs are not included in this kosher, organic, non-GMO, vegan kombucha. It’s perfect for any occasion thanks to its unique set of benefits.

3. Lemon Cayenne Sparkling Probiotic Drink, 15.2 oz.

Creating a drink with probiotics and cayenne pepper is a healthy alternative to most other drinks. The bottles contain billions of live probiotics, which are among the healthiest bacteria the body can consume.

The nutrient-rich nature of these foods makes them excellent for promoting healthy digestion and immunity as well as improving your mood and warding off sickness. This carbonated probiotic drink tastes like a soda and is refreshing throughout the day.

Organic cane sugar and humanely treated, fermented water are the key ingredients of sparkling probiotic drinks. There are no additives or fillers.

4. HUMM Probiotic Kombucha Blood Orange No Sugar

Probiotic drinks are the best. Because we are obsessed with making sure you like drinking our products, we offer raw, organic and non-GMO Kombucha in cans that are easy to drink.

Since our kombucha is made using a proprietary fermentation process that eliminates sugar, the serving size is only 2 calories, but there are tons of great live probiotics — over 2 billion — in each.

The benefits of fermented foods can be enjoyed by users of all diets with our pure and clean ingredients. We make our kombucha in small batches using a belt-driven bottling system that’s always raw and unpasteurized. We also use strict quality control to ensure quality.

5. Probiotic Drink, Strawberry, 4-oz, 6-Pack By Chobani

Probiotics are essential for your child’s immune system and tummy health, which is why Little Chobani Probiotic Kids Yogurt contains six strains of probiotics. Chobani Probiotic Kids are flavored with honey and made from the purest non-GMO sunflower seeds from Turkey.

Their tasty flavors encourage them to eat more probiotic yogurt. With every delicious sip, you’ll feel good about the nutrition you’re getting.

6. Yogurt Drink With Probiotics, Activia Probiotic Dailies

When you reach for Activia Probiotic Vanilla Dailies, you’ll discover a deliciously indulgent treat for your tummy. These probiotic drinks feature two tasty servings in every bottle, along with a prebiotic made from natural Jerusalem artichokes.

During the day, they feed the millions of naturally occurring probiotics in your gut with prebiotics, enabling them to come to your rescue at night.

7. Liquid Probiotic Supplement From Dr. Berg’s

Friendly Probiotic by Dr. Berg contains numerous strains of beneficial bacteria that are well known to promote gastrointestinal health, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus salivarius, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Saccharomyces boulardii.

Other probiotics are grown separately, then blended together later, unlike our strains which are grown in a “mother culture.” By doing so, we create an ecosystem of strains that is similar to how microbes live naturally. They are able to do this by supporting your gut in a completely natural way to get rid of bloating, indigestion, and gas.

8. Enzymedica’s Prebiotic Fermented Superfood Drink

Oh My Yog is a great way to cultivate gut health! Probiotic superfood drink mixes in just 1 simple step, ensuring that your gut is always nourished and healthy. Probiotics are a group of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract that work together to promote intestinal healing and balance the body’s systems.

Our drink blend includes prebiotics full of naturally-occurring nutrients like acacia fiber, galactooligosaccharides (GOS) from organic fermented barley grass, and olive powder.

Additionally, we have added non-GMO fermented fruits and vegetables, as well as a superfruit blend for a delicious green apple flavor that is low in fat and high in antioxidants. Get the most out of life by using Oh My Yog every day!

9. Healthy Sparkling Seltzer Water Drink with Probiotics, Huzzah

Huzzah is a probiotic drink that provides power and carbonation in perfect balance. Whether you’re on the go, in the fridge, or in the freezer, our 4 and 17 oz cans will fit perfectly.

The only sugar in HUZZAH is that which naturally occurs in black tea. With zero calories and grams of sugar, HUZZAH has zero calories and no sugar.

10. Strawberry Yogurt Drink With Probiotic Daily Assorted Flavors

Drinkable yogurt makes it easier than ever to stay healthy. Probiotic drinks from Green Valley mix in seconds – no mixing or refrigeration required!

Using probiotics from the same strain of cultures found in other Green Valley Organics products, this tart yogurt drink is flavored with sugar-free yogurt, organic cane sugar, and natural flavors.

How To Choose Before Buying Probiotic Drink

Best Probiotic Drink

How Many CFUs

In terms of probiotic drinks, it’s a good idea to look for the type and amount of beneficial bacteria the beverage contains. The colony-forming units (CFU) of probiotics are counted. Counting the amount of sugar and other ingredients in a drink can be challenging, but most products provide a count on the label. A probiotic’s effectiveness can be affected by the amount of CFUs. It is best to look for probiotic drinks that have at least 5 billion CFUs per bottle, rather than probiotic capsules that have closer to 15 or 20 billion. 

What Form of Probiotics

Probiotic strains found in beverages include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, among others. In the ingredient list, you may often see letters “L.” or “B.”. These are abbreviations for different strains of the bacteria (Lactobacillus (L.) and Bifidobacterium (B.)). Consuming a variety of probiotics can strengthen your immune system against various types of infections.

Other Ingredients

A probiotic drink typically contains sugar, sweetener, and flavor. Select a probiotic drink made with USDA organic ingredients and free of artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. The fermentation process of beverages like kombucha may require sugar for the probiotics to develop; however, ensure that little or no extra sugar has been added. These beverages contain calories. Consuming probiotic drinks as part of your daily intake of calories and sugar should be considered if you watch your calorie and sugar intake.


Drinks containing probiotics are available in numerous forms, including shots, bubbly drinks, or yogurt drinks. The type of product you prefer will depend on your preferences for tastes and consistency. Kombuchas are light, refreshing, and bubbly drinks. Those who don’t like the slightly tart taste of kombucha might prefer a yogurt-based probiotic drink. A probiotic shot may be an effective and quick way to reap a variety of benefits if you’re looking for a short-term probiotic fix.

What Is a Probiotic?

When ingested, they provide numerous health benefits. It is natural for these bacteria to be present in the gut, but it can and should be replenished externally. The microbiota of the gut contributes to body and mental health by containing beneficial bacteria. By maintaining a healthy gut, you prevent the body from building up free radicals and toxins, which can cause a variety of acute and chronic illnesses.

Why Are Probiotics So Effective?

A natural colony of good bacteria lives in your gut. This collection of bacteria is collectively referred to as the gut microbiome or gut flora. It is responsible for digestion and metabolism, boosting the immune system, and absorbing nutrients. Basically, it regulates your health on a normal basis. The gut biome can become weakened by a wide range of factors, from alcohol and processed foods to stress, medication, and lack of sleep, which can impede nutrient absorption and cause inflammation in the gut lining.

A probiotic uses healthy bacteria similar to the flora in your gut. The manufacturers claim that when their product is delivered to your gut, it replenishes and rebalances your microbiome, which reduces the workload your gut has to perform, making you healthier.


Do Probiotic Drinks Have Any Health Benefits?

Taking probiotic supplements every day is a common question about probiotics. The general answer is yes, it’s safe to take them every day, and it’s recommended. There may be a few exceptions to this rule, but in general, they’re safe to take every day. It’s important to realize that probiotics are not medicines but natural supplements.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Contain Probiotics?

Whether apple cider vinegar is “raw” or “live”, it will still contain bacteria, but it cannot be considered a probiotic. A small number of bacteria and yeasts have earned this title because of their proven health benefits.

How Effective Is Activia As a Probiotic?

A probiotic is a live friendly bacteria that, when consumed in enough quantities, can provide health benefits well beyond those of basic nutrition. One of the best probiotics is Activia.

What Are The Benefits of Honey For Probiotics?

Several components of honey may interact synergistically to enhance probiotic defenses against pathogens, including prebiotic oligosaccharides and antibacterial components.

Is It Better To Take Probiotics In The Morning or At Night?

Probiotics could be more beneficial for the gut when taken before breakfast rather than before bed, according to some experts. Probiotics can reach your small and large intestines before breakfast because stomach acid production is at its lowest in the morning.


Drinking probiotics can boost your mood, improve your digestive system, and strengthen your immune system. Gut-friendly nutrients are in every flavor you choose.

With our buying guide and top picks for the best probiotic drinks, we hope we have helped you find the best one for you.

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