6 Best Prism Kites Review and Buying Guide

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The best prism kite is a type of non-rigid air-filled structure that uses mostly reflecting and refracting surfaces to redirect light. They are often used as a paraglider (wing) but can also be used as an aircraft wing or for wind power. Today there are several types of kites which all have different features and designs.

This article will discuss some of the most popular types of prism kites with their pros and cons and which ones are suitable for different purposes, as well as how to fly them safely.

Editor’s Pick- Prism Kites

Best Prism Kites Reviews

1. Prism Kite Technology Zenith 5 Single Line Delta Kite

Prism Kite Technology 5ZENG Zenith 5 Single Line Delta Kite, Aurora
  • Bungee cords inside frame make assembly a snap
  • Elastic bungees inside Comes ready to fly, with everything you need including tangle-resistant braided polyester line and an easy-to-use hoop winder the frame make assembly easy and let you fold it small for travel
  • 60" wingspan folds to just 21" for easy travel
  • A classic high-flying delta with a modern look

The Prism Zenith 5 is a versatile, single-line delta kite. With 60″ wings and modern wing styling, it’s high performance for the price. The Prism Zenith 5 features an elegant, 5-point bridle on an ultra-thin delta frame. Its durable ripstop fabric, supportive sail, and high-tech bridle make it agile in light winds. The bungee cords inside the frame make assembly a snap. The Prism Zenith 5 is easily portable with its 21″ folded frame size and comes ready to fly with everything you need including a tangle-resistant braided polyester line and an easy-to-use hoop winder.

Extra stability to fly in strong winds

The Zenith 5ft Single Line Delta Kite is a great intermediate kite for flying in strong winds and features a unique 1-piece frame with Prism Kite Technology that makes the kite much stronger and more responsive across the wind range. The light, yet rigid frame gives the kite extra stability to fly in strong winds. This delta is easy to assemble and very straightforward to fly, making it the ideal kite for experienced fliers with medium to strong winds.

Perfect for all ages and experience levels

Prism’s Kite Technology Zenith 5 Single Line Delta Kite is the best way to have fun with those long summer evenings. Flexible, durable, and easy to fly, this kite is perfect for all ages and experience levels.

Tangle-resistant flying line

Zenith 5 is a great way to burn off some steam. With its easy setup and dual line design, it flies high in light winds and requires no assembly or pegs! The Zenith 5’s tangle-resistant flying line is designed to stay out of your way, so you can concentrate on the fun.

2. Prism Kite Technology Nexus 2.0 Dual-line Framed Stunt Kite

Prism Flip Single-line Kite
  • For the young at heart with a love for the quirky, unusual, and fun!
  • No assembly required and no parts to lose - just unfold, give it a spin, and watch it lift into the sky!
  • Includes everything you need to fly: 200โ€™ x 20# tangle-resistant braided polyester flying line, winder, and instructions
  • Measures 17โ€ x 22โ€ x 17โ€ fully expanded, folds flat to 22โ€ x 17โ€ x 1โ€
  • The Flip makes lift by spinning in a blur of kaleidoscopic color for a completely unique flying experience

The Nexus 2.0 is our best all-around stunt-kite for 2007, with a similarly balanced performance to the Ozone “Banshee” Dual-Line, but at a fraction of the cost and slightly smaller in size. The Nexus has a new single layer sail and double-lined tail for increased durability and performance that will allow you to learn tricks much faster than with conventional stunt-kites.

Its light weight carbon fiber frame and spars are strong and durable enough for any basher, yet soft enough to soak up even the worst crash with only minor cosmetic damage requiring no field repairs. The Nexus is also available in elliptical (non-square) shape in sizes ranging from 5 feet (120cm) to 7 feet (210cm) as well as planform sizes up to a 9 feet (270cm) wheel span, so beginners can start off slow and learn on an understable version before stepping up to larger versions.

A good choice if you want one kite that can do everything that most people will want to do except extreme wind relaunchable tricks.

Convenient Travel Size

Prism Kite Technology Nexus 2.0 Dual-line Winder Stunt Kite is a convenient travel size kite that can be packed up quickly so you’ll always have a kite when the urge to fly strikes. It comes with a durable lightweight frame made of flexible fiberglass tubing and easy to use foam handles. Prism Kites are known for their high quality, ease of assembly and durability, which makes them perfect for both seasoned outdoor enthusiasts and beginners alike. With no additional setup required and an incredibly short learning curve, this high flying stunt kite will be ready for takeoff in no time.

Hybrid carbon fiber airframe

Prism Kite Technology Nexus 2.0 Dual-line Framed Stunt Kite has a hybrid carbon fiber airframe, aerospace carbon fiber and fiberglass frame, aero rods and rotor tips, ultra lightweight flying line, easy grab line release system on the tail, complete hardware kit with ‘biners for kite lines, line retainers for the kite lines and dual spoolable winder line for easier handling.


Prism’s cutting edge Kite Technology is a dacron string designed to give you the ultimate in kite performance. With the use of Ecoya Fiber, Prism strings will stay stronger, last longer and handle abuse like no other string. Prisms exclusive low drag Dyneema lines are half the weight yet 6 times stronger than steel. The Nexus 2.0 features a hybrid shock-corded strut that has a clip on bar to attach your safety release system and dual line framed kite will bring tears to your eyes with its amazing performance capabilities. Say goodbye to unwanted loops, twists and tangles while adding years to your line as this revolutionary kite string will stay tangle-free throughout its lifetime!

3. Prism Bora Single-line Parafoil Kite

Prism Bora 7 Single-line Parafoil Kite, Blaze
  • Measures 49โ€ x 32โ€ (total length of 20โ€™ including tail), packs down to just 10โ€ x 6.5โ€ x 4โ€
  • Easy to fly and ready in an instant, the travel-ready Bora puts the magic of flight in your pocket for a bike ride to the park, a backpacking trip through the wilderness, or wherever you like to explore
  • Mark your spot in the outdoors with a bright splash of color and a long flowing tail
  • Includes everything you need to fly: 300โ€™ x 80# tangle-resistant braided polyester flying line, hoop winder, instructions, and storage bag
  • No frame parts to assemble or lose - just clip on the line and let the wind do the rest!

The Prism Bora Single-Line Parafoil Kite stands out against the sky like a bold splash of color and a long tail of flowing fabric. No frame parts to assemble or lose, just clip on the line and let the wind do the rest! Without a frame on top, your view is unobstructed as you watch this kite soar overhead. The wind-resisting shape turns even a light breeze into lift for effortless soaring and stable fluttering. The Bora’s 49″ x 32″ profile easily catches the wind, providing 5 to 10 minutes of flying fun in most conditions. Whether you’re looking for a gift or just want to explore a new sport together, the Prism Bora Kite makes an ideal way to be active outdoors in all kinds of weather.

Easy to Fly

Prepare yourself for flight in an instant with the Prism Bora. Easy to fly and built for travel, this parafoil kite is easy for beginners and ready to fly whenever you are. Its convenient carrying case makes it easy to toss in a bag and go.

No frame parts to assemble or lose

Prism’s Bora Parafoil Kites have a reputation for outstanding flight performance. Whether you’re an expert or kite novice, the Bora is our most exciting kite yet. The line attachment points are molded into the bottom part of the canopy, so there are no frame parts to assemble or lose on this single-line design. The color-contrasting bridle enhances flier orientation and makes it easy to see where the kites’ bridle lines lead. Prism’s exclusive “Prism” pull-trick system enables dramatic tricks and stunts with ease 5’6 and 8′ bora parafoil kites welcome.

4. Mint’s Colorful Life Delta Kite for Kids & Adults

Mint's Colorful Life Delta Kite for Kids & Adults, Extremely Easy to Fly Kite with 2 Ribbons and 300ft Kite String, Best Kite for Beginner
  • Deadly Easy to Fly. This is a classic triangle kite with bright colors, beginner can handle it well without any problem.
  • Do you think it might be a mini kite? No,it's large enough! 60"x 30" and come with 2x118" ribbons. But the package is only 17" for the length.
  • It could be used for your beach vacation and happy family time, keep your pc and mobile away, take this funny outdoor activity right now!
  • All ready to go to fly. 2 Ribbons sawn with the kite, 300ft kite string with handle, simple instructions, you need nothing more to fly.
  • Cost effective product. Updated solid and side poles, and super bonus you will get, you'll get more than your pay for, yes, only at the beginning we sell it.

Mint’s Colorful Life series kite has a truly unique design. It uses the stability of the delta shape, plus the additional spar between the points to provide gentle turning and spinning, while giving great views at each side. This highly colorful version is easy to see and almost magnetic to look at. For a person looking for an extreme delta stunt kite this might not be your best choice but if you want a delta kite that has some flair and distinct styling, this could well be it! 

Easy to Assemble

For new flyers, this Delta Kite is a great choice as it requires minimal wind and is easy to assemble. The kite’s unique design gives it more stability than a traditional triangular shaped one. Comes with two fun color options. Note: This kite is best flown on at least a 5mph wind from 12 – 18 mph.

Enjoy the lucky day!

Enjoy the lucky day! This is a colorfull and lucky kite, with handle, good suitable for adults or kids also. We can see it in colorful here so you will jealous of it. The structure is well and not easy to damage. The material is plastic and a lot of colors are available, and the size is customized according to your requirement.


Delta kites are engineered for easy flight. Durable materials, patented fittings and easy instructions make it less frustrating for kids to keep their kites up in the sky. Delta Kites come in bright colors that are easy to see, have a sleek design and will soar on the windiest days. Surprise someone with a new way to see their world!

5. Prism Jazz Dual-Line Stunt Kite

Jazz Dual-line Sport Kite, Ice, Ready to Fly with Flying Lines, Wrist Straps, Winder, Instructions and Storage Bag
  • Speedy and responsive, with a durable frame and great stability for student pilots
  • Folds down small to travel with you anywhere
  • Includes everything you need to fly: 85โ€™ x 55# polyester flying lines with wrist straps, winder, instructions, and storage bag
  • A speedy intro to 2-line kiting that wonโ€™t overpower smaller pilots
  • Stands 28โ€ tall with a 62โ€ wingspan, packs down to 26โ€ x 4โ€ x 2โ€

The Prism Jazz Stunt Kite is our best-selling 2-line kite for one big reason: itโ€™s the perfect combination of speed and stability, making it super easy to get the hang of stunts. It wonโ€™t overpower smaller pilots with its fast flying speed, and end up being frustratingly unresponsive like some other beginner stunt kites. Instead, youโ€™ll blast though the sky doing loops and rolls in no time! The Prism Jazz also features a sturdy construction with a ripstop polyester sail, fiberglass spars, and aluminium fittings. Plus, it comes complete with a convenient carrying bag that makes it perfect for travel.

Fast and responsive

The Prism Jazz brings a new design innovation to the stunt kite industry, with Tripleblade technology. The tripleblade creates a perfect wave, making it fast and responsive for tricks such as cartwheels, backflips, or even 1 hand mimes. Colors are white, black or sleek silver w/ a red trim line!

High Performance

Turn any outdoor event into a memorable one with the Prism Jazz stunt kite. This dual-line stunt kite features Prism’s high-performance AirX fabric and stabilizers to maintain stability in wind speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Four tail fins help provide better control over the kite, while a streamlined grip handle and light head construction make it easy to maneuver. Whether you’re flying at the beach or in a nearby park, this kite is sure to add some style to your summer experience.

 Control for Designability

This stunt kite lets kids get some real flying in with dual-line control for designability, and four easy-to-change stunt kite tails. It’s an awesome gift that will have your young pilot flying high. Set up is a breeze with five colorful delta-shaped prism panels, a steel spreader bar, reinforced rigging line and convenient windsocks. Prism Jazz kites are an ideal way to get into the sport of kite flying.

6. Prism Hypnotist Dual-Line Stunt Kite

Prism Hypnotist Dual-line Stunt Kite, Fire
  • Learn dual line basics and progress all the way to advanced yo-yo tricks with a rugged design that does it all
  • New to sport kites but ready to jump right in? The Hypnotist will take a beating while you learn, and do pro-level tricks with ease as you progress
  • The geometry and balance of a competition kite, with a rugged frame that can handle student pilot abuse.
  • The Hypnotist stands 40โ€ tall with a 94โ€ wingspan, and packs down to 38โ€ x 5.5โ€ x 3โ€
  • Includes everything you need to fly: 85โ€™ x 150# low-stretch Dyneema flying lines with wrist straps, winder, instructions, and storage bag

Prism kites have been the world standard for competition kite flying for decades, known for their quality and durability. Now we’ve packed some of Prism’s famous quality and performance into an easy-to-fly dual line sport kite package. Whether you’re new to sport kites, want to learn the basics or master pro-level tricks alike, the Hypnotist is your complete kit for beginning dual line flying with its rugged design that does it all.

Durable, low-stretch Dyneema flying line

This dual line stunt kite has an impressive three-foot wing span, but it can be flown by anyone. The larger size is perfect for indoor use–simply keep the wind on the low side and you’re set! The Prism Hypnotist stunt kite boasts a durable, low-stretch Dyneema flying line so its super-smooth flying performance can float through the air with ease.

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors create a dazzling display in the sky, as it launches and retracts quickly, easily and safely. Prism is a premium quality dual-line stunt kite from Circus World, made of ripstop polyester providing you with a high performance kite that comes at an affordable price. The Prism hypnotist dual-line stunt kite is the ultimate versatile kite for Air and Wind Sports enthusiasts, regardless of the weather conditions.

Competition-level wing geometry

The Prism Hypnotist Dual-Line Stunt Kite has a competition-level wing geometry and is ideal for any beginner learning how to do kite tricks. It comes fully assembled with high quality rip-stop nylon sail, 2mm braided line, 100% Dyneemaยฎ, 2 aluminum spars, and tubular fiberglass frame.

An Overview of Prism Kites

Best Prism Kites

Prism Kites began as Prism Designs in 1992, created by two friends who had a passion for kiting. Since infancy, Mark and Scobie have been fascinated by the wind, and when a friend introduced them to an early dual-line kite in college, they were hooked.

They quickly discovered that the kites had difficulties remaining aloft unless there was a lot of wind after they got into the sport. They also thought it was inconvenient that you needed assistance relaunching the kites.

The two buddies began reinventing the kite by combining their skills as designers, sailors, and aviators. They knew a lot about aerospace materials like Kevlar, Spectra fiber, and carbon fiber composites, and they wanted to use that knowledge to make kites that flew better and were easier to manage.

They developed kites that could fly in the absence of wind and relaunch themselves. With a simple flip of the strings, these kites could even do aerobatic maneuvers. Within a few years of their inception, Prism kites had become recognized all over the world for their superb build quality and ability to do remarkable acrobatics.

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Kite

Before you decide to buy a kite from Prism, you should think about a few things that will help you make the best decision. The following are the most important factors to consider while purchasing a kite:

The first thing to think about is the kite’s style. As previously said, based on your age and skill level, you can choose from a variety of kites. Delta and diamond kites are more difficult to control and may be better suited to adults, whereas parafoil kites are simple to fly.


line kites fly more steadily, but their movement potential is limited, so they can’t be used for creative maneuvers. Kite tricks can be performed with dual-line and quad-line kites. Consider your own particular requirements and preferences, and then weigh them against these criteria.


You should also take into account the wind speed in your location while selecting a kite size. Larger kites are typically heavier, requiring more wind to launch and fly. Because they are lighter, smaller kites can launch more readily and fly more gracefully in light winds.

Ease of Launch

Will you be the only one flying your kite or will you be accompanied by family? If you’re buying a kite for a solo activity, it should be able to launch without assistance. Prism kites are ideal for this because some of them are designed to launch on their own. If you’re going to fly it with your family, simplicity of launch isn’t going to be a big consideration in your decision.


What exactly are you planning to do with it? Will you be utilizing it for recreational kiting or for competitive kiting? If the occasion arises, you might want to try your hand at kite fighting. Before you buy a kite, think about which one would be best for your objectives.

Prism offers a variety of kites

The delta, diamond, and parafoil are the three main varieties of kites produced by Prism. While it primarily manufactures single and dual-line kites, it also produces quad-line kites on occasion. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between these various kite designs and line systems so you can decide which one is right for you.


Inspired by hang-gliders, delta kites have a triangle shape with a couple of horizontal spreaders to keep them in place. If you have a little expertise, you can easily direct these kites left and right, making it quite easy to execute stunts.


Diamond kites are similar in shape to the original diamond kites that you probably flew as a youngster, with some design similarities to the delta kite. They are controlled in the same way as a delta kite is controlled.

The parafoil kite, which was inspired by paragliders, has two layers and requires wind pressure to stay in flight. Even for children, smaller patterns are simple to control. They aren’t as stable as framed kites, though.


Quad kites, as the name implies, have four lines and can perform a variety of maneuvers. You can simply regulate how nose-high these kites fly in addition to guiding them left and right. For beginners and children, however, they may be a little difficult to handle.


Because single-line kites only have one line, doing tricks is a little more difficult. They can, however, fly steadily even when unsupervised. They’re ideal if you’re not interested in kiting as a sport and just want to fly for fun or teach your kids how to fly a kite.


The most popular stunt kites from Prism are dual-line kites. They’re simple to fly even for inexperienced pilots, but professional pilots will find them hard. Kite tricks are a breeze with them.


To sum up, the Best Prism Kites are the products you should consider this page, if you want to find a Prism Kites. These products are based on my personal preferences. I am sure that with these Prism Kites, you will get your money’s worth and do not regret buying them. I also hope you have fun with these kites when the wind is blowing and enjoy some time with your children.

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