10 Best Printers Costco- Alternative

If you are looking for a Costco alternative printer, you may have observed that hardcopies do offer more convenience in a classroom than softcopy. That’s true considering that hardcopies have more visual impacts and unlike softcopies, their access isn’t limited to any smart device. For that reason, every educator should venture into the best printers for teachers. 

But what are the best printers for teachers? Supposing you are also looking for an answer to this question, consider these models.

Our Top Pick: Printers for Teachers

Top 10 Best Printers in the World

1. Brother L2350DW

As a teacher, you want to invest in the best printer that will print your demanding tasks e.g. student assignments just perfectly. Also, you want a printer that will get volumes of tasks done quickly since you are probably dealing with many students. If these apply to you, then you have to be careful before purchasing a printer. 

But since you are on a busy schedule with no time for research, allow us to tell you about the best color brother printers for teachers. This is one of the most popular printers available today and it has all the features you need as an educator. It’s also very affordable so you can afford this machine without breaking the bank!

It’s a machine that offers crisp clear texts and images so that your work looks great. The text quality is excellent because it prints at 1200 x2400 dpi which means that every letter or number printed is extremely sharp. You don’t even notice any graininess in the image.

The printing speed of the best color brother printers for teachers is fast enough to keep up with the demands of educators who deal with large amounts of paperwork every day. Printing speeds range from 10 pages per minute to 30 ppm depending on what type of paper you use and the settings.


  • Max Resolution -1200 x2400
  • Max Printing Speed – 32 ppm
  • 2 Line LCD Display
  • Standard Interface – USB2.0, Wi-Fi
  • Paper Capacity 


  • Compact design makes it perfect for any class setting
  • 2 years of toner save you on printing costs
  • Clear texts and images ensure you the student will capture the right content easily


  • Not good for a large learning organization 

2. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978

Being a teacher is one of the most demanding tasks. Other than dealing with students, you are also dealing with your colleague teachers and parents. And as you know, you must show them that you are a professional for something.

But how will you achieve this without the best printers for teachers at home? Well, it’s not easy! And that’s where HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 comes in. This device has all the features to make sure that you can print anything from any place at any time. It even allows you to scan documents easily so that they can be stored in its memory or sent through emails to students and parents. 

With the best HP printers for teachers, teachers no longer have to worry about their work getting lost because everything gets saved perfectly every time on its memory. It also guarantees teachers that their print will not only have the best quality ever but will also last as long as possible – regardless of where they are exposed. 

Lastly, the economical printers for teachers comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee which means if there is an issue with the product, you don’t need to pay a single penny. You should however stay warned that the warranty duration comes with strict T&Cs. 


  • Connectivity Technology – USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
  • Sheet size – (14×8.5)”
  • Warranty Duration – 90 days
  • Dimensions – (15.35 x 18.26 x 9)”
  • Weight – 21.1 Pd. 


  • Superior quality texts to enhance visibility
  • Long-lasting prints
  • 90 –day money-back assurance to boost buyer’s confidence 


  • Warranty agreements can be neglected if T&Cs were disregarded.

3. Canon PIXMA TR7520

If you are managing a huge classroom, you are printing needs are high. In regards to this, go for printing with exceptional features. This best at home printers for teacher is none other than Canon PIXMA TR7520, but why…? You may ask.

Well, the answers are many. For example, due to its superior printing speed which ensures your teaching tasks won’t pile up and force you to work under pressure. 

Another thing is due to the ease of use. Since teachers have a lot of things to manage, they want something that will work easily to save them time. This is exactly what the Canon PIXMA TR7520 offers.

On it, you will find a large 3.0″ LCD touch monitor that lets you access all the settings from one place. 

Moreover, the best printers for teachers at home has a huge tray paper capacity of up to 100 pages so that you don’t have to waste too much time feeding it. This coupled with the included ADF, offers both convenience and efficiency to any learning institution. 


  • 3.0” LCD Touch Screen
  • 20 ADF pages
  • Tray Paper Holding Capacity – 100 sheets
  • Inbuilt faxing and scanning machine
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet-enabled 


  • Offer the convenience of wireless connection
  • Multipurpose to solve various class tasks such as scanning, faxing, and copying
  • Large paper holding capacity to save from a lot of manual work


  • Make sure you have enough running costs to cater to ink

4. HP Envy Photo 7855

For the sake of your career, you try as much as possible not to lose your class files. They are very important as they give you a point of reference on future dates. To simply your referencing needs, you should buy the HP Envy Photo 7855 for it helps to create searchable documents through the inbuilt scanner. 

What’s more, is that the printer is a savior to those who fear running out of ink even when they have no cash at hand. That holds considering that it has a built-in feature that alerts you when inks are running low. It will even order for you so that ink is delivered before you can exhaust what you have. 

In addition to all these, the good printers for teachers allows you to add your desired ink so that you can get enhanced results as deems fit to you. You should however make sure that the link you are using is approved by the manufacturer, HP.

With the same best at home printers for teachers, you will conveniently print documents and files from your USB or SD card by inserting them on the slots featured. You simply insert them and let following the on-screen prompts. 


  • Warranty – 12 months 
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wired Networking
  • Duplex
  • Feature Original HP Cartridges 
  • Powerful HP printing Software included


  • Purchase without fear – the warranty duration is enough to test the product
  • Go wireless with BT, and Wi-Fi features
  • Print easily from one place – enjoy the convenience of being touch screen and loaded with powerful software for printing


  • Some people have observed the printer jamming

5. Canon PIXMA TR4520

If you have documents on a mobile device or want to fetch them from the internet, this printer will accomplish these seamlessly. It does this through the help of Wi-Fi features that helps to link with other internet-enabled devices. 

Also, the manufacturer of the best at home printers for teachers understands that teacher desks are not so spacious to accommodate large devices. They have thus designed this compact so that it can perfectly fit on your desk. You should however not confuse its smaller size with its performance – it can be small but it’s a workhorse. 

The best part is that it works on any type of paper you throw on it without compromising the quality of final prints. That means you have the freedom to be creative with different papers for different projects.

To make it even better, this machines prints at a speed of 8.8 ppm meaning you never worry about failing to meet deadlines.

And since the classroom and the general school environment are meant to be places of serious work where silence and seriousness must be observed, the manufacturer makes sure Canon PIXMA TR4520 has noise cancellation features. Therefore it will never disturb anyone when working on your tasks!


  • Auto Duplex
  • OS – Mac and Windows
  • Works with Alexa
  • Dash Replenishment
  • Power on/off plus ADF


  • High-Quality Prints
  • Save Power With Auto Power On/Off
  • Never run out of inks


  • If the ink detector malfunctions, you will not know when to order. 

6. HP OfficeJet Pro 1KR54A

According to the various amazon.com, HP OfficeJet Pro 1KR54A is one of the best-selling best printers for teachers at home among teachers who are looking to impress their students with spectacular photos and texts regularly.

The printer has been designed in such a way that it can be used by both beginners as well as experts. It comes with an easy setup process which makes it easier for users to get started right away without any hassle. The device also supports Wi-Fi connectivity so you don’t need to worry about connecting your computer or laptop via USB cable. Moreover, this model offers additional services such as scanning, copying, and faxing at fast speeds.

It features a large paper tray capacity of up to 250 sheets along with an automatic two-sided feeding option. You will not have to manually feed each sheet separately because the device automatically detects whether there is enough space left inside the tray. This feature saves time and energy while using the device.

This multifunctional printer from HP is compatible with Windows 7/8 operating systems. So if you want to use this product then make sure that you install these OSs first before purchasing the device.


  • Max printing speed – 22 ppm
  • 2.65” color monitor
  • 35 sheet, 2-sided ADF
  • 2 years of free ink
  • Output capacity – 60 sheets


  • Quiet operations so that you don’t have to cause disturbances
  • Elegant design add to your existing classroom décor
  • Features self-healing Wi-Fi so that you never lose connections


  • Sometimes using the printing app can be nagging

7. Canon MB2720

For educators who deal with stacks of paper often, Canon MB2720 is a great investment as it comes with a spacious tray for holding sheets. The 2-sided trays can hold up to 500 pages meaning you will not have to bother about loading the printer too often. 

The printer is a leader in its class in that it let you as a teacher create job reservations and queue another task as you wait for it to accomplish the current task. This feature alone creates the difference as it means you can work faster thus eliminating unwanted delays with your classroom tasks.

And unlike other models that give you headaches when they ‘jam’ while you are busy, your Canon MB2720 comes handy toolbox that allows you to troubleshoot issues when they occur. With the toolbox, you can manage all the connected devices, do folder settings, and resolve all the connection issues.

If you are still not convinced whether to go for their best at home printers for teachers or not, consider the fact that you will not have to invest in external storage such as USB and SD cards. Instead, you only need to scan your documents and store them in network folders. That’s even better since they can never be lost and you can access them from any interconnected device whenever you want. 


  • Total input sheet capacity – 500 sheets
  • Monthly Page duty cycle – 30,000 pages
  • Auto-duplex
  • Auto power off/on
  • 3.5” LCD Touch monitor


  • The machine allows you to queue a second task as you while it’s still processing another task
  • All users have access to 24/7/365 reliable support
  • Impressive speed – the 1st page is out in 6 seconds!


  • Access to customer care help can sometimes be a tedious process

8. Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Have you ever used best at home printers for teachers that put a limit on the number of sheets you can print or scan? If your answer is a YES, then you will be impressed by Epson EcoTank ET-2720. Unlike those other printers, this one gives you the freedom of printing as much as you like and at relatively cheaper costs than others in its class.

EcoTank ET-2720 has been designed to give users an easy way to enjoy their favorite photos, documents, and more without worrying about running out of ink or papers. It also comes with a built-in scanner for scanning images from paper originals such as photographs, business cards, receipts, etc., which makes it easier for people who are not tech-savvy to use.

Additionally, the best color printers for teachers features a large LCD touch screen that allows users to easily view all important information while they work.

Its compact size means that it won’t take up too much space in any classroom or office. Finally, you don’t have to worry about having enough storage because there is plenty of memory available so you can store tons of files. And if you like, you can send these files to network storage or share vial emails. 


  • Sharp inbuilt Scanner & Copier
  • Cartridge free printing
  • Input tray Capacity – 150 pages
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • 2.4” color display


  • One printer does it all – it will print and scan docs
  • No running out of ink anymore
  • Features storage slots so that you don’t lose your projects


  • It can cost a lot more

9. Canon Pixma iX6820

Printers are becoming a mandatory necessity in every class. Teachers, students, and parents want to retain a hard copy of coursework and projects taken during lessons or assignments. And since these hardcopies are intended to serve as a reference point at a future date, they need to be printed with a powerful printer that delivers quality output and this is where the Canon Pixma iX6820 steps in.

It has been proved to offer long-lasting prints that withstand the vagaries of weather conditions. It is also capable of printing faster on both glossy paper and plain paper. This makes it an ideal choice for schools and colleges that require high-volume printouts from their printers.

You will like it that the machine offers print that dries out faster meaning you won’t have to wait even for a minute before using them. 

The ink cartridges used by the printer are easy to replace which means there’s no hassle involved when replacing them. You don’t have to worry about any messy cleaning up either since all waste material gets collected into one place.

It comes equipped with enhanced connectivity so you can easily share files between multiple devices using its built-in wireless LAN function. 

Also, with a maximum resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi, you can expect crisp images when using the Canon Pixma iP67000. 


  • Resolution 9600×2400
  • Wireless connectivity – Enabled
  • 5 ink systems
  • Wired connection – Enabled
  • OS – Mac & Windows


  • Choose between wired and wireless connections
  • Go versatile with up to 5 ink options
  • Organize and enhance the look of your photos and docs with My Image Garden 


  • Printing from iPad is a problem according to some users

10. Brother J491DW

Although there are very many best printers for teachers at home, there’s none to compare with Brother J491DW, why? Because it’s among the most powerful and versatile multi-functional printers available. It can print in black or color, copy text documents, scan images from paper originals, fax, email, etc., all at a reliable speed.

Besides, this model is readily portable meaning you can move with it from class to class or office to office without any hassle. 

The best color brother printers for teachers also come with a 2-year warranty which means if anything goes wrong within two years of purchase, just contact us and we’ll replace it free of charge.

It also boasts cloud connectivity capabilities that allow users to access their files on the go via its mobile app. This makes printing much easier as well as more convenient than ever before.

This unit has been designed by experts who have taken into consideration every detail possible so that your experience using it will be enjoyable and trouble-free.

Don’t hesitate to go for best color printers for teachers if at all you can afford the cost because once you get one, you won’t want to live without it!


  • The best color brother printers for teachers have Faxing capability
  • Wireless connection
  • USB interface
  • Built-in memory card slot
  • Automatic document feeder


  • Reliable performance
  • Affordable price
  • Portable design


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty usage

Best Printers for Teacher Buying Guide

Best Printers for Teachers

The best way to determine the best printers for teachers is to understand where your printing needs fall in either of the following categories;

Home Printing

Suitable for low volume printing and can handle documents and colored images as well. Inkjet printers were traditionally the best for home printing.

Office Printing

Laser printers are preferred for office printing. Laser printers can print large volumes of images and for the longest period. 

School Printing

Low-volume laser printers are the best for school printing. They are affordable and reliable when it comes to producing required documents.

Creative printing requires the best-colored images, therefore, making inkjet printers suitable for the purpose.

Do you need a printer to perform printing only, or do you want it to be multifunctional?

For this type of question, two types of best printers for teachers are available, namely;

Single function printersare best HP printers for teachers designed to perform the sole purpose of printing and do not include any other purpose.

All-in-one printerscan the best HP printers for teachers perform multiple activities, including photocopying, scanning, and fax functionalities.

What will you be printing most of the time, Colored images and photos or just documents?

Laser printers- Laser printers are fast and suitable for fast printing. If you are aiming at producing documents, therefore, you should consider purchasing the best HP printers for teachers

Inkjet printersInkjet printer is suitable for printing good quality-colored photos and images.

How Big is Your Office Space?

Before choosing your best color printers for teachers, make sure that you have considered the available space. A small office space may limit you from purchasing a good portable printer, whereas having some extra space may allow you to buy a huge printer.

The Bottom Line

With this comprehensive guide, it’s our strong belief that every person can now buy the best printers for teachers without many difficulties. We would now advise you to carry this guide with you to the market to reference it when buying your best printer.  

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