Best Printer for Printing Books – Buying Guide

Nowadays, printers play a great role in prevailing authentic prints for a book. All in all, the best printer for printing books is the show’s topper for writers and artists. However, better compliance and flexibility are possible only if we choose the right printer. 

But the fact is, all of us cannot judge the right product, especially those buying a printer for the first time. To get more productivity and convenience, we shall not leave any chance in selecting our best printer. Thereupon, the matter of compromising will not come.

Well, this article will tell you how to pick the best printer for your home and office work.

Our Favorite Best Printer for Printing Books

Comparison Table

Products Features
Epson Expression Premium EcoTank 1. Gives an experience of high-quality prints
2. Inks will last for up to 2 years
3. Saves lots of inks being 
4. An affordable product
HP ENVY Photo 6255 Wireless All-in-One Printer1. Can print stunning photos easily
2. Adapts well will all print settings
3. Has a reliable wireless connectivity 
4. Provides high-quality results
Epson Expression Photo XP-86001. Occupies top-leading prints
2. Quality is great and professional 
3. Reveals task with social media support
HP ENVY 5055 Wireless Printer1. Has an improved WiFi connectivity 
2. Conveys borderless copies 
3. Has a stable connection and steady performance 
HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Color Printer1. Can do two-sided color prints 
2. Contains exceptional productivity 
3. Saves 50% of budget providing authentic prints 
4. It Goes fine with almost all types of papers
HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer1. Performs nicely without any network connection 
2. Great for office and home use
3. Can handle multiple tasks effortlessly 
Canon TS8320 Wireless Color Printer1. Gives improved shadows and image details
2. Makes image more realistic 
3. Keeps alert if inks run out
4. Best for tablet and smartphone printings

Top 8 Best Printer for Printing Books- Buying Guide

1. Epson Expression Premium EcoTank Wireless

If you want the best printer for desktop publishing, Epson Expression Premium EcoTank would be a relevant choice. Indeed, anyone can get a quality print experience from here. Likewise, Genuine Epson inks is another alternative with Epson’s Wireless Printer. So make sure you are not using non-Epson inks. Or else, there may occur certain damages in the Epson Expression printer. 

In terms of quality, Genuine Epson ink can make your printings attractive. Also, the performance of Epson EcoTank is always up to the mark. However, Epson Premium gives no obstacle in its usage too.

Important Features

Cartridge free prints

Epson Expression’s printer gives cartridge-free printing. Moreover, this product contains a lot of ink that will last for about two years. Hence, you can easily get up to 14000 black and 9000 color papers through Epson Wireless Printer.


Undoubtedly, the Epson Premium printer comes at a very low cost. It saves 80 percent of inks. Also, its replacement bottles are so affordable that anyone will buy Epson Expression Premium. 

5 color inks

Due to having 5 color inks, getting varieties of prints is possible from Epson. In contrast, photos up to 11″ x 17″ appear in high-quality prints with 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi resolution.


  • Conveys an experience of high-quality prints
  • Inks will last for up to 2 years
  • Saves lots of inks being less expensive 
  • Provides varieties in printing with 5 colors


  • The maintenance box is expensive and not so good

2. HP ENVY Photo 6255 Wireless All-in-One Printer

HP ENVY Photo 6255 is none other than the best printer to print books at home. However, the ENVY Photo Printer tends to be the most versatile printer of HP. Thus, scanning, copying, and printing will be done fast. Besides, you will get here time-saving shortcuts with 2 sided printing of automatic functions. As a result, task-moving performances will become easier. Since there is a 2.2 mono touchscreen, office and home tasks will never gain barriers. 

Nevertheless, we can print stunning photos without any complexity when the HP ENVY Printer is in our hands. The HP instant ink also ensures that we get first-rated prints of less than 6 cents. Remember that you have a subscription before using this HP Wireless Printer.

Important Features


No doubt, the power of HP ENVY is flawless in every term. Yet, this printer allows printing from different subjects like- social media, camera roll gallery, cloud, and many more. So it is obvious that we can use our tablet and phone to print by having the HP Smart app.

Wireless connectivity 

As the HP ENVY printer is entirely wireless, its connectivity will also be reliable in the same way. Additionally, HP’s printer conforms to a fast setup where dual-band WiFi helps it work precisely. 

Media sensing

In place of automatic media sensing, HP ENVY 6255 ensures high-quality results. Again, this product includes some dedicated paper trays. And these substitutes can adjust with any paper type and match print settings. 


  • Can print stunning photos easily
  • Adjusts will all print settings
  • Has a reliable wireless connectivity 
  • Ensures high-quality results


  • Set up becomes difficult after some time

3. Epson Expression Photo XP-8600

Those who own Epson Genuine cartridges must give a check to Epson Expression Photo XP-8600. This printer leaves no stone unturned in providing top-leading prints. Hence, office and professional documents can simply rely on Epson XP-8600 Printer. You must keep in mind is not to use non-genuine inks for Epson Photo printers to avoid damages.

As mentioned before, Epson Expression is great for professional use. Thus, it is also relevant that its quality is also professional. Nonetheless, Epson’s connectivity and convenience give no complaints and perform efficiently. 

Important Features

Borderless photos

In a measurement of 8″ × 10″, Epson XP-8600 conveys borderless photos where the photo HD inks come with 6 colors. Unquestionably, their skin tones are amazing, and gradations are pretty smooth.

Social media support

Getting versatile printing will become your regular scenario since Epson Expression acquires social media support throughout. Likewise, you will get specialty paper and rear paper feed, which helps print on DVDs and CDs.


XP-8600 Photo Printer comprises four memory card slots, a built-in USB, and a touchscreen of 4. 3″. Therefore, PC-free printing will be possible in place of convenience. 


  • Does top-leading prints
  • Quality is great and professional 
  • Reveals task with social media support
  • Gives no complaints in convenience and connectivity


  • Not compatible with all brands

4. HP ENVY 5055 Wireless Printer

HP ENVY 4520, HP ENVY 5055 ensure faster prints due to their fast speed. In addition, here, you will get improved WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth-sanctioned functions. However, HP ENVY 5055 prevails smart features and gives no setup barriers. Henceforth, having a borderless copy, perfect scan, and prints will become your daily routine using HP ENVY. 

Overall, you will get sharp text from this versatile printer. Similarly, the documents and papers will come crisp, maintaining a nice quality. 

Important Features


While enrolling in HP instant ink, customers will get the facility to use free for the first two months. Hence, there will be hardly any problems during your printer setup when you have HP ENVY 5055. 

Powerful printing 

HP ENVY Printer comes with a Smart app; our documents and papers will not miss its powerful printing. Furthermore, no one will have any difficulties regarding the setup of this printer. Besides, HP 5055 allows us to scan documents by taking help from our camera and simply printing from the cloud and social media. And if you want, you can also print documents from your social media, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Stays connected 

To give a steady performance, ENVY 5055 grants a stable connection. Also, you will see here a network of Smart, Bluetooth, and Dual-Band WiFi. 


  • Does printing at a faster speed
  • Has an improved WiFi connectivity 
  • Conveys borderless copies 
  • Connection is always stable, and performance is steady


  • Instant Ink membership is not clear

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Color Printer

For impressive and borderless prints, HP OfficeJet 8210 is a good printer to have. Again, HP 8210 is one of the best printers for printing books. Now and then, it provides two-sided color prints by taking help from the built-in WiFi. As a result, your mobile printing will be easier only because of the HP OfficeJet Printer. 

Especially those who are setting a small business can rely on the HP Pro printer. The reason is, this printer contains exceptional productivity. Contrastingly, everyone will get redefine expectations after using this printer several times.

Important Features

Authentic prints

Getting authentic prints will not be a challenging task anymore as HP OfficeJet Pro is involved with the HP Smart app. In the same way, it scans documents precisely and can print from smartphones easily. 

Professional color

Though OfficeJet 8210 comes at an affordable price, its professional quality never leaves. Moreover, it will save 50% of your budget.


Don’t worry if you have any unique type of paper as HP Color Printer. Like, an 8.5 × 13 legal paper, A4 letter, B5 executive, A5 statement, Photo Media, and Envelope. So, if your office owns varieties of alternatives, HP Pro can still cover that barrier.


  • Best for impressive and borderless prints
  • Offers two-sided color prints 
  • Contains exceptional productivity 
  • Saves 50% of budget providing authentic prints 
  • Supports almost all types of papers


  • Has too many terms and conditions

6. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer

Instead of buying a laser printer, office users can get official printings from HP OfficeJet Pro 6978. Alongside, it will be easier for you to manage your budget and get superior service from here. Just connect your smartphone with this printer and see how amazingly the results appear. And the best thing about HP Pro is, it does not require any network to process any printings. 

Particularly, the WiFi-enabled devices can also go smoothly with this OfficeJet 6978 printer. Not leaving its tendency of rapid printing, HP Pro sets a pace for all types of scans, copies, and prints. 

Important Features


The HP printer’s functions offer two-sided duplex scanning and printing, wireless printing, automatic document feeder, color touchscreen, etc. Therefore, consumers will not have any shortage in terms of convenience in usage.

Printing options

Printing from a PC, tablet, or smartphone will not bother you at all if HP 6978 is in your hand. Hence, the mobile setup and printing options will be smoother. And by which way you would like to print, that is also up to you, i.e., wireless networking and Ethernet. 


Along with office use, HP OfficeJet is suitable for personal use also. Furthermore, I can easily handle small group works with HP Pro printer. Nothing can be a better source than OfficeJet’s printer to manage tasks and complete multiple scans. 


  • Supplies official printings 
  • Does not require any network connection 
  • Great for office and home use
  • Can handle multiple tasks effortlessly 
  • A better source for copying and scanning


  • Faster prints are hardly possible after a long time of use

7. Canon TS8320 Wireless Color Printer

Canon TS8320 Color Printer is a perfect wireless printer for all uses. In this printer, you will get a large LED touchscreen of 4.3″, which is intuitive enough. Thus, scanning, copying, and printing will seem like a pie if your Canon Wireless Printer is with you. Also, operating the PIXMA TS8320 will not be hard at all. 

And because of having the dual-band WiFi connecting any preferable device, Canon can change your printings. 

Important Features

Stunning prints

Nonetheless, TS8320 contains six types of ink systems where the Blue ink tank is the obvious one to have. Due to owning this Blue ink tank, the detail of images increases gradually. Similarly, you will get improved shadows for which your prints will look more realistic. 

Expandable output 

Especially for tablet and smartphone printing, nothing can be as good as Canon Wireless Printer. Well, this product is always to catch all printings. Just press on Print, and you are set for your process.


By saying Alexa, the Canon Color printer can detect if it is running out of ink or running low. In the same way, there will not be any gradations even.


  • Can easily scan, copy, and print documents 
  • Improves shadows and details of images
  • Helps to make images more realistic 
  • Keeps alert if inks run out
  • Preferable for tablet and smartphone printings


  • Has to maintain rules every time while printing

8. Canon PIXMA PRO-200 Professional Printer

Not knowing, Canon PIXMA PRO Professional Printer has always been one of the best choices for authentic photos and designs. More specifically, this printer can help graphic artists maintain their regular work. 

As a versatile product, PIXMA Professional printer gives enough convenience on its usage. Anyways, outstanding productivity and high-speed printing will remain like essence with Canon Professional Printer. Now let us have 

Important Features


Due to having compatibility with multiple media sizes, the Canon PIXMA printer does not let any barriers come while usage. Also, this printer can print borderless in a measurement of 13″ × 19″. Or you can attain a custom size of 13″ × 39″. 

LCD Display

Because of having a 3 inch LCD in Canon PIXMA Pro 200, all users can check their ink level and thus keep a record of this printer. Henceforth, for getting excellent results, you will not have to face any difficulties here.


Unless a printer connection gives ease, there is no point acquiring that. But when it comes to Canon Professional Printer, the connection is always first class. The reason is this printer prints with an Ethernet connection or WI-FI1.


  • Best choice for authentic photos and designs
  • Maintains high-speed printing 
  • Ensures an outstanding productivity 
  • Eases printing process with a stable connection 


  • It cannot work for mac printing

Best Printer for Printing Books Buying Guide

best printer for printing books

To choose the best printer for printing books, we need to keep many things in our minds. Such as what type of printer can suit our requirements, how long the printer will last, how many prints we will make, and so on. However, we can figure out the best traits only by getting associated with the buying guide. So let us see what they are. 

Laser or Inkjet Printers

Generally, office settings attain great printings with laser printers. Similarly, monochrome laser printers have always been coming in at affordable prices. Also, laser printers maintain flexibility. Indeed, color laser printers are a good option but tend to be a little expensive. 

Contrastingly, inkjet printers are effective as well. They are applied wet as inkjet printers do not take time to dry. In the same way, color inkjet printers consist of all authentic features as they can print everything simply. All in all, inkjet printers surpass their laser counterparts and maintain print speed. 

Multifunction Printers

Particularly, multifunction printers hold different unique functions. For now, they can fax, scan, and print any documents perfectly. Nevertheless, multifunctional printers acquire both laser and inkjet. However, multifunctional printers come at a lower price and save a lot of space in our room.

If you want a printer for home use, I would specifically recommend going with multifunctional printers. Because of their MFPs, anyone can easily scan documents. Furthermore, some multifunctional printers do supply faxing facilities too.

Photo Printers 

Photo printers usually do single functions. As a result, printing pie charts, assignments, and preserving family photos will be a cakewalk for us. However, photo printers are not the best in flexibility though their quality always stands first. Yet, the supplies for photo printers are more expensive than the supplies of multifunctional printers. 

Color, Speed, and Resolution 

In terms of PPM (page per minute), the average black and white printer can provide 10 to 15 prints in a minute. Besides, their colors are less. And coming to the DPI (dots per inch), we can know how many ink dots a printer can provide. Alongside, we can know about the resolutions of printers and how detailed their images are going to be. 

Coming to the duty cycle, we can know how many prints are possible from a single printer in a month. So, what will be your expected pages per month? You shall decide that with the duty cycle of your printer.

How to Print Books at Home?

best printer for printing books

Sometimes the best printer for writers can help us make a book by ourselves. Other than that, publishing various books would be nowhere hard. But the thing is, what steps can help us to make usable for print our books. Instead of beating around a bush, let us see what steps we shall follow for making our authentic prints quickly. 

Ingredients for Printing a Book

First, you will need to gather the parts for printing, like- cardboard, paper, glue for all purposes, acid-free glue, spray adhesive glue, and a fabric. Next, get ready with the tools of printing. Like- printer, clamp, rotary knife, Stanley knife, sharp scissors, and a sewing machine. 

Print Your Book Signatures 

By using signatures for printers, our books will look much more even and be easier to open pages. Now let us see some peak steps to be followed while printing book signatures. 

  • In prior, choose your book as the first picture.
  • For the second picture, go to properties after print. 
  • Then your third picture should be a two-sided print by hitting “Select Fishing.”
  • Lastly, select print and see how commendable the results will be.

Sew the Signatures

Now it is time to sew our prints together to make them together. 

  • Firstly, fold all the signatures by making sure that they are even.
  • Then give a nice crease to all the folds and sew them together. 
  • If you see any excess threads, just cut them off.
  • After seeing the prints, give some pressure to the folds, so there remains no barrier in your creases.

Cut a Cardboard 

Do not forget to glue your signatures before preparing cardboard. So be ready with dense cardboard and ensure a good bend of it. Afterward, use a metal ruler to create a crease.

As you have already decided on a fabric for your book, cut it first and spray some adhesive on the cardboard. As a result, the fabric will be attached. Ultimately, remember to brush the glues so that your book’s folds and fabric covers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Type of Printer is Used to Print Books?

Well, for printing books, nothing can be better than inkjet printers. They provide sharper images where the dark inks seem incredible. Especially the crisp printing that inkjet prints provide is beneficial. Consequently, sending them to publishers and agents would be worth it. On the other hand, inkjet printers’ crisp printing is preferable for laser printers where lesser print quality is inevitable. 

How Do I Print a Book From My Home Printer?

First, you must disclose the print dialog by pressing Ctrl+P as a shortcut. Then select the Properties button from the Orientation drop-down list and click OK. After that, go back to the Print dialog and choose pages. Next, select your page layout tab and click print. You have printed all your pages, flipped them, and placed them back to the printer. Then open the print dialog by pressing Ctrl+P and selecting the page layout tab. After you are done, click on Print. Following these steps, anyone can print a book from home printers.

Which Printer is Most Suitable for High Quality Printing?

Here are some best printers for book printing which are highly suitable.

  • HP Envy Pro 6420 printer
  • Epson WF-7210DTW printer
  • Brother HLL2395DW
  • HP Envy 5055 printer
  • Kyocera Ecosys P5026cdw printer
  • Xerox Phaser 6510DN
  • Lexmark MB3442adw
  • Epson WF-7210DTW printer
  • Epson EcoTank ET-3760
  • Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW

Which Printer Can Print 1000 Pages?

For instance, printing 1000 pages a day means printing 30000 pages a month. Remarkably, this type of huge print requires enterprise printers. Nonetheless, HP LaserJet 4250 can be a good option for you even though it is an older printer but firmly refurbished. Again, HP LaserJet Enterprise M607n is another salient printer you can have. Undoubtedly, HP LaserJet 4250 and HP LaserJet Enterprise M607n come with awesome toner cartridges that are faster and last longer.

Which Printer is Most Economical for Ink Costs?

Some printers that come with the most economical ink costs are- 

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e All-in-One Wireless Printer
  • Canon Pixma TS5051
  • Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer
  • Epson EcoTank ET-4760
  • HP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Printer
  • Epson Expression Home XP-340 Wireless Color Photo Printer

What is The Difference Between a Laser Printer and an Inkjet Printer?

Although laser printers and inkjet printers give a commendable performance, they do carry some differences in features. If you see, a laser printer uses a laser to print papers and documents. At the same time, an inkjet printer takes help from ink to print papers and documents. Because of having unlike printing processes, both the printers carry different functions, print speeds, etc.  


Hopefully, you got a prescribed idea about the above-given printers. With this in mind, you can get the best printer for printing books from those products. Every printer has been described with its features, pros, and cons here.

Since we can see available options for printers, let me make it easier for you.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Color Printer and PIXMA PRO Professional Printer are the top quality printers you can get. Keeping all your preferences in mind, choose the right printer for yourself. Let us know about your experience below.

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