Best Printer for Legal Size Paper – Buying Guide

Our day-to-day office work involves many legal documents. Legal documents are not only necessary for our official work; they are also needed for personal matters. As a result, you will notice that you are printing more often than you think, and in fact, a lot more of these. 

When printing legal-size documents, the printer plays an important role. It is important to select the one best suited for the task. Due to many different types and brands of printers, getting one is difficult. 

Therefore, we have come with this article. Here we will talk about the best printer for legal size paper. These printers are excellent in printing quality, and they don’t have a high cost per page. Furthermore, some of them act as copiers and scanners all in one device. Additionally, some are extremely compact. Each is selected for its distinct features. Let’s begin.

Our Favorite Best Printer for Legal Size Paper

Comparison Table

Canon PIXMA TS Series Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer1. Printing Technology: Inkjet
2. Printing Speed: 7.7 ppm (monochrome); 4.0 (color) 
3. Easy to use 
4. Friendly UI 
5. All in one printer 
HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer1. Printing Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
2. Printing Speed: 7 ppm
3. Automatic duplex printing 
4. Self-healing Wi-Fi Connectivity feature 
5. Costs 50% less 
Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer1. Printing Technology: Color Laser Printer
2. Printing Speed: 24 ppm
3. Very high printing speed 
4. Rich in resolution/quality 
5. Wide connectivity 
Pantum Laser Printer1. Printing Technology: Electrophotographic Monochrome Laser
2. Printing Speed: 23 ppm
3. Only prints in monochrome 
4. High printing speed 
5. Compact in size
HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Color Printer 1. Printing Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
2. Printing Speed: 18 ppm
3. High printing speed for an inkjet printer 
4. Affordable price 
5. Can print in professional quality 
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer1. Printing Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
2. Printing Speed: 18 ppm
3. 37% smaller in size 
4. Makes organization a breeze 
5. Enhanced security features 

1. Canon PIXMA TS Series Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer

The Canon holds the number one spot on our best printers for legal size paper. Canon has been excellent with its cameras. However, they aren’t far behind either when it comes to printing. They have splendid printers. The Canon PIXMA TS Series Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer is one of them. 

This easy-to-use printer from Canon can be your best option for legal printing. Besides, if you are also into printing pictures, this is just hard to beat. This printer can work with any device and connect over USB or Wi-Fi. Another fun fact, you can use your voice to give commands to this printer. 

Main Features: 

Much Easier to Use: Unlike many printers that use four cartridges, this printer only requires two. By doing this, you can print with fewer cartridges, thereby simplifying the printing process. In this way, you can easily set up the printer. 

User-friendly Interface: The user interface is very friendly. It comes with a big LCD screen which is touch-sensitive. The screen size is 5 inches. On the LCD screen, you’ll find a simple and easy menu you can use to access all the features and settings. You can print, scan or copy with just a touch of a button. You can find it all in the front panel. 

Prints Right Away: The printing speed of this printer is not that fast. However, the most impressive aspect of this printer is how fast it begins printing from the off position. It needs only 6 seconds after turning on. Printing will be much more efficient, too—a good way to keep your printing costs low. 

Attractive Design: Your printer is just a piece of equipment you will have on your table. This is not a showpiece. However, this is still a part of your whole setup, and a good-looking one is always a plus. Canon has made sure the looks are on point with this printer. Not only is it stylish and innovative, but it is also space-efficient.

Excellent for Crafts: Getting a little extra is not a problem, even if you’re looking for a printer to print your legal document. This printer is excellent for printing anything for crafts. If you are going to be creating any kind of artifact, you will appreciate the rich, vibrant color it provides. With the best inkjet printer paper, this will work wonders.


  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Display: 1.5 Inch LCD; Mono
  • Functions: Printing, Copying, Scanning, Cloud Storing 
  • Compatible Ink-Type: Canon FINE Cartridges; 2
  • Printing Speed: 7.7 ppm (mono); 4.0 ppm (color) 
  • Duplex Printing: Manual
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB


  • It will work with your voice 
  • Excellent printing resolution 
  • There are two input trays for papers 
  • Comparatively affordable price point 
  • Simple and friendly user interface 


  • Can’t print duplex automatically

2. HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Coming in at number 2 is a multitasker. The HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer can do many things. Printing, scanning, copying; this printer can do all of these perfectly. Additionally, it is capable of printing borderless and has automatic double-sided printing. With a feed of 35 pages, printing is rather fun with this printer. 

What makes HP printers so great is the level of convenience they give with their apps. The HP Smart App is an excellent printer management app. With this app, you can set up your printer. Along with that, you can control all your printing tasks with this directly from your phone. 

Main Features: 

Seal Healing Wi-Fi Connectivity: HP has a unique Wi-Fi connectivity system. They call this Seal Healing Wi-Fi Connectivity. This feature allows the printer to look for connection failures and fix them automatically. For this, you don’t need to do anything manually; this printer will do it all on its own. Therefore, you will always be enhanced with a reliable connection. 

50% Less Cost: HP has a subscription-based smart ink system. This will allow you to get ink directly delivered to your home while costing much less, as low as half the cost. This is indeed a very convenient feature as you don’t need to keep the stress of buying inks in your head. Besides, the printer also comes with 6 months of instant ink. Half of a year sorted! 

Automatic Document Feeder: This printer comes with an automatic document feeder. This means you don’t need to feed your feeder tray. This printer will do that by itself. You should be focusing on your printing, not on feeding the tray. 

Convenient UI: This printer also comes with a contextual user interface. While quite convenient, the UI will also allow you many shortcuts. You can command the printer to do several tasks quickly with different buttons. 

Productive App Integration: With the HP Smart App, you can make your printing journey more productive. With its high-quality scans and printing capabilities, this app and printer combine to offer the highest level of efficiency. 


  • Printing Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
  • Functions: Printing, Copying, Scanning, Mobile Faxing 
  • Compatible Ink-Type: Dye-based & Pigment-based
  • Printing Speed: 7 ppm
  • Duplex Printing: Automatic 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB


  • Affordable price 
  • Economical printing 
  • Excellent printing resolution 
  • Comes with a lot of useful features
  • All-in-one printer 


  • Very low printing speed

3. Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer

At number 3, we have the biggest capacity of all the printers here. 250 pages of capacity, yes, you have read it right. The Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer is a monolith for big bundle printing. With a printing speed of 24 ppm, this won’t be lacking behind any modern printers. 

With this printer, print your legal papers without even being weird. Control everything wirelessly. If you are concerned with the security, throw your concerns into the bin, as this comes with an enhanced security system. Hackers will break a sweat and still cannot get your data. This is the best printer for legal size paper regarding security. 

Main Features: 

24 Pages-per-Minute: This printer is one of the faster printers out there. This can print as much as 24 pages in just a minute. Equipped with a dual-core processor and a more than capable 256 MB ram, this has sufficient capabilities. Furthermore, if you want to print both sides, you can do that too. 

Very High Resolution: If you print black and white documents, such as legal papers, the color quality is 4800. Moreover, the DP is 600 X 600. This goes the same for the color printing resolution too. The quality is excellent regardless of whether you are printing in black and white or in color.

Wide Connectivity: This printer can connect in several ways. You got ethernet to connect; no worries, it has the port. USB? Present. Even if you want to go wireless, you can support Wi-Fi. This printer is made to give you the full spectrum of convenience regarding connectivity. 

Enhanced Security: Security is indeed a concern everyone has for legal documents. Well, this printer resolves the issue. This comes with a comprehensive security feature to keep your information safe and secured. 


  • Printing Technology: Color Laser Printer
  • Display: LCD; 2-line 
  • Printing Speed: 24 ppm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet 
  • Weight: 16.1 kg


  • Affordable price point 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Very high capacity 
  • Much faster printing speed 
  • Wide range of connectivity options 


  • The running cost is comparatively high

4. Pantum Laser Printer

If you are looking for the best in class monochrome printer option for your legal documents, look further. Pantum’s Laser Printer has everything you need to get covered. It works wirelessly, is simple to use, and is very compact; what else do you want in a printer. This is why this ranks 4th on our list. 

Besides, this comes with a pre-installed cartridge that can print up to 700 pages. Furthermore, it has an internal metal frame compared to the plastic ones you can find in the market. We recommend both home and office; this printer is excellent for anything you need. 

Main Features: 

Monochrome Printing: This is not a color printer; be alert. You won’t get the same print quality if you plan to print pictures. However, legal documents are not pictures, right? They are mostly black and white, and therefore, you don’t need color to print them. 

This is where this printer shines. This provides outstanding black and white or monochrome printing. In addition, this printer prints more because of its monochrome color. If printing legal documents is what you need, this is the best printer for documents

Compact Size: Anything that is compact is easy to carry. It was long gone when printers used to be very big and bulky. This is a modern printer, and thus, the size of this is much smaller than conventional ones. This means you can take this to your home or office easily. 

Ease of Usage: A printer can be quite complicated if not managed properly. However, this printer is an exception. This is made to be simple. Able to work with Windows and Mac, this printer just makes life easier. Furthermore, with the 23 ppm, this is one of the faster printers out there. Additionally, printing in monochrome eliminates any confusion regarding printing in black and white or color.


  • Printing Technology: Electrophotographic Monochrome Laser
  • Printing Color: Monochrome 
  • Speed: 23 ppm
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Compatible Ink Type: P(A/B/C)-210 Series
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB


  • Printing cost is low 
  • Much faster printing speed 
  • Rich monochrome printing; excellent for fonts 
  • Duplexing is automatic 
  • Simple to connect and use 


  • No color printing; not ideal for graphic printing

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Color Printer

Our number 5 pick on our list is the wireless printer from HP. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Color Printer shines at everything. From exceptional printing to being economical, this printer is excellent. Besides, you will be getting 4 months of free ink with this. 

Pair this printer with one of HP’s great apps, and you will be in serious business. With the ability to go wireless, you can print from any corner of your house. Plus, with the HP JetAdvantage Management Solution, you can set how much you want to print. Show your printer who’s the boss! 

Main Features: 

Affordable Printing: Sense the enhancement of affordable printing. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 costs 50% less compared to laser printers. However, the quality doesn’t come 50% less somewhat enhanced. Be content as you will be getting the best-in-class professional quality. 

Wide Range of Compatibility: This printer is ready to take on your legal document no matter what size. Printing in various sizes, from A4 to B5, is a breeze with this excellent device. It’s even possible to print photos. 

Professional-Grade Printer: Printing, the primary function of a printer, is possible in absolute great quality with this device. Let your printing be borderless or with 2 sides; this can easily handle any task. Besides, the quality is sublime as this uses HP 952 cartridge ink. 

HP JetAdvantage Management Solution: Another great fact about this printer is that it comes with HP JetAdvantage Management Solution. With this, multiple printing jobs can be managed simultaneously. On top of that, if you have a business, you can add policies with this tool. Adding new devices is seamless here. 


  • Printing Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
  • Printing Color: Color
  • Speed: 18 ppm
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Compatible Ink Type: Pigment-based (both color and black) 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet


  • The printing quality is good 
  • Compatible with Instant Ink 
  • Can connect via multiple connections 
  • The purchase price is comparatively lower 
  • Ensures economical printing 


  • Refill inks can be costly

6. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Coming at the last one on our list is a handy office option. The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer is an excellent office printer. To meet the demands of your legal size papers, this compact printer is impeccable.

When you look at this printer, you will notice it is quite small. However, despite being small, it doesn’t compromise on the level of speed. This is much faster and will give you great features. This can print 22 pages in one minute. It also prints both sides automatically, which makes life much easier.

 Additionally, this printer has an encrypted security system. Also, with the dedicated HP Smart app it comes with, you can easily edit any printable document on the go. Although this is not as versatile as the other ones, this is still an excellent option in this list. 

Main Features: 

Compact (37% Smaller): This is a compact printer; hence, this is much smaller than conventional. This is 37% smaller than any printer you have used before. A printer which has a feeder of 35 pages, its size is surely impressive. On top of that, it’s 22-page printing per minute is no joke. 

Quick Organization: Physical objects are rarely used in the modern era. Most of the documents are now uploaded to the web. Hence, Google Suite and other online platforms are used so often. This printer has excellent features to take full advantage of that. 

It comes with a Smart Tasks feature to get your data from QuickBooks or Google Drive quickly. Logging in and choosing the option is all you need to do. Besides using your computer/laptop, you can also use your mobile phone with this software. Print any of your legal papers at your convenience. 

Enhanced Security: Legal papers are a matter of high security. These documents can not be handled without proper protection. Hence, you should choose a printer with a good encryption system if you are planning to print these. For example, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015. Using this printer, you will be protected with passwords and Wi-Fi security so that your data cannot be stolen. This is indeed one of the best printer papers for documents. 


  • Printing Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
  • Functions: Printing, Copying, Scanning, Faxing 
  • Printing Color: Color
  • Printing Speed: 18 ppm
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Compatible Ink Type: Pigment-based (both color and black) 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet


  • Good printing speed 
  • The printing quality is pretty decent 
  • Able to print borderless 
  • Attractive design 
  • Compact and compatible 


  • Single input source for papers

best printer for legal size paper

A few important aspects of a printer should be considered before purchasing one. When printing legal documents, these factors become even more relevant. The following are some things to consider before you buy your printer. 

Printing Technology

The biggest debate; the laser printer or the inkjet printer? Both of them are excellent printing technologies, and both of them come with their pros and cons. Inkjet can be an ideal choice if you are printing something graphical. This costs much less too, in comparison to the other one. However, inkjet printers are slow. So if you are looking for printing a big volume, they are not the printers you prefer. 

Laser printing is extremely fast. They can print at a speed of 22-24 pages per minute. They have a very low cost per page too. But getting them can be very costly as the purchase price is high. Besides, they are not that good with color printing at high resolution. 

Printing Capacity 

Printing capacity can be referred to for two things. One is how fast it prints, and the other is how much it can print. Any printer with a higher ppm can be ideal for any office. For home, a slower printer can be sufficient. Bear in mind, any printer with a higher ppm will surely cost more. 

Printing Cost

Printing costs are the costs associated with printing a single page. You will have to pay more for an inkjet printer than a laser printer. It’s important to think about this if you intend to use the printer all day long. You’ll pay a higher number if you print more frequently. It’s important not to overlook this. 


In the past, printers were large machines. Nowadays, printers are much smaller. Nevertheless, there are still some that are quite large. When buying one for your house, the size is a big consideration. A larger one with more features may be a good choice for offices. For home, a compact printer is more suitable.  

Paper Compatibility 

Not all printers can support all sizes. Besides, various printers have requirements for certain types of paper. Therefore, if you decide to get a printer, ensure it supports the paper size and type you want. A more versatile printer is always best. 


Nowadays, printers don’t just print. They can also scan, copy, and even can send a fax. While printers are getting compact, if you find an option that can do a lot of stuff, it’s ideal for getting that. Besides getting one for your office, an all-in-one printer is a perfect pick. 

best printer for legal size paper

Legal-size papers are a bit different from normal conventional papers. Therefore, you need to be a bit more careful with these. Below, we will describe how you should be printing a legal-size paper with your printer. 

Step 1: Empty the Paper Tray 

Start by emptying the paper tray of your printer. When you are printing your paper, you should make sure no normal paper is there in the tray. Otherwise, your document will be printed on normal paper. Your feeder needs to be empty as you will make some adjustments in the further steps. 

Step 2: Adjust the Paper Guide

Printers come with a paper guide in the tray which is adjustable. Adjust the guide by releasing the slide so that the tray can fit the paper. When the adjustment is made, place the paper guides in the slot. Make sure they are firmly placed. Otherwise, they may come loose and can change your adjustment. Wrong adjustments will cause faulty printing. 

Step 3: Make Sure the Paper Jam by Stacking Them Well 

Papers can get jammed if they are not stacked well. Make sure they are fan stacked. To do this, bring the paper tray out and pull out the back. Then stack them. Stacking should be done with care. If the papers have bumps, they can get rolled or jammed. Hence, make sure that none of the papers have creases.

Step 4: Feed the Feeder with Papers 

Now, place papers inside the feeder. Ensure that the side that will be printed is facing down. Make sure the papers are flat and well placed. Incorrectly positioned papers will result in poor-quality printing. 

Step 5: Place the Paper Tray in the Printer 

Once the paper has been placed in the tray, you just need to insert the tray into the printer. Make sure the number of papers does not exceed the maximum. All that remains is to unfold the support flip when the placement is complete. Don’t forget to do this. Unless you do, papers will fall from the tray.

Once you have completed all the above steps, you can print some legal documents on your printer. Don’t forget to make sure that your printer is connected to your device.


If you are looking for the absolute best printer to print your legal documents, go for the Canon PIXMA TS Series Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer. This all-in-one printing solution can give you the printing experience. Besides, this is highly secured. Make sure you’re also using the best paper for the printer to get the optimal output. 

Yes. There are a lot of printers that can print legal size papers. Canon has an excellent legal-size printing printer named PIXMA TS Series Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer, one of the best. There are some excellent options from HP, too, such as HP OfficeJet Pro 9015, OfficeJet Pro 8210, and HP ENVY Pro 6455. 

To put legal-size papers in a printer, you need to follow simple steps. First, you need to clear your feeder tray not to have any normal paper left there. Then, feed the feeder with legal size papers. Make sure they are well stacked, and they are properly flattened. Otherwise, the papers will get jammed. When feeding is done properly, insert the paper tray back into place. After that, unfold the safety flip. 

What is the Best Printer to Use for Large Sized Detailed Documents?

If you are printing something very large, printers from HP and Canon are your ideal choice. HP Envy 5055 and Canon Selphy CP1300 are two of the best printers for this. They can print large A3 documents. If you are looking for something compact, go for HP DesignJet T230. This is the smallest printer that can print large formal documents. 

Which Printer is Best for a Wide Paper Like 24 Inches Printing?

To print wide, you need a different type of printer. Epson’s EcoTank Pro ET-16650 is an excellent choice if you want something wide, as much as 24 inches. This printer has excellent printing quality and a low running cost. Also, this can automatically print on both sides. However, getting one can be a bit expensive. However, they come with a lot of ink already in the box. Therefore, getting one at a higher price is a good investment. 

How Much Does a Large Format Printer Cost?

Large format printers are different from normal printers. Hence, they cost much higher than the usual ones. A large format printer can cost from $500 to $1500 based on functions and capacities. Getting one at a higher cost can be a good investment. Because, in most cases, they don’t have low running costs. The case is different if you are getting something at a lower cost. In that case, the running cost will be much higher. 


A printer plays a crucial role in printing legal-size documents. Selecting the right one for that purpose is essential. However, getting one is complicated with an ocean full of printers with different brands and types. It becomes even more complex when finding the best printer for legal size paper. 

In this article, you will get an insight into the best printers to use for legal-size printing papers. They provide excellent printing and have a low running cost. In addition, some offer extra features like copying and scanning.

After reading the article on the best printer for legal size paper, we hope you have gathered enough information to get one for yourself. Get one for your home or office, and start printing your legal documents right away.

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