Best Printable Fabric Sheets

Printable fabric sheets work almost the same as regular printing paper; however, sheets project a more quality full image and word, and also they look more eye-catching. Whatever the need is, if you are looking for the best printable fabric sheets for your work, then this is the article that you have been searching for.

We have a list of the best fabric sheets for printing machines available on the market. The products we have here are durable, versatile, and provide an amazing printed quality; moreover, we have given our honest review about each of the products featured on the list.

Our Favorite Best Printable Fabric Sheets

Comparison Table

Product Description 
Jacquard Inkjet Cotton 8.5X11 10 Pack 1. Absorbs porous surfaces
2. The images are clear and do not fade
3. Durable
Avery Printable Fabric Sheets1. Works perfectly on heavy items
2. The images transferred are easy and last longer
3. Bonds easily with any fabric
10-pack Colorfast White Printer Fabric 1. Hand washable
2. Great material for hand sewing with fabric
3. Dries pretty quickly 
Jacquard Inkjet Cotton 8.5X11 30 Pack 1. 100% cotton and provides great quality images
2. Quick absorbent surface
3. Comes in larger quantity
June Tailor Colorfast White Printer Fabric (3 Pack) 1. Bigger surface to work on
2. Washable both with hands and in the machine
3. Absorbs color quickly and projects a great image 

Top 5 Best Printable Fabric Sheets Reviews- 2022

1.  Jacquard Inkjet Cotton 8.5X11 10 Pack

Jacquard Inkjet Cotton 8.5X11 10 Pack

The Jacquard fabric paper is 100% cotton sheets with paper-backed. It is the best printable fabric sheets that allows printing photos or drawings and anything else to come out so much smoother and have an amazing quality. 

These sheets are for inkjet printers, and it is attached to projects by sewing or bonding; moreover, you also get 10 – 8.5 x 11 inches cotton sheets included in the pack.

Key Features 

Quality – It is a 100% cotton fabric sheet. As a result, it is a decent deal that helps get a better print on the sheet.

Durability – The paper is very durable, and it can go through rough weather without disrupting the ink on the sheets. So, you can use it for a long time.

Usability is pretty straightforward to use; you simply have peeled off the backing and then attached the fabric sheet with bonding material or sewing. 


  • The surface is absorbent
  • Easy to use 
  • It is compatible with a home iron
  • Provides a wide range of colorful images


  • A bit pricey compared to its contemporary fabric sheets

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2. Avery Printable Fabric Sheets

Avery Printable Fabric Sheets, 8.5' x 11', Inkjet Printer, 5 Iron On Transfer Sheets (3384)

If you are personalizing heavy items, then Avery printable fabric sheet is the one for you. It is one of the best printable fabric sheets for heavy surface printing. You can easily transfer images or pictures, texts, or any design using your home iron. Moreover, it comes in various sizes, giving you the option to select according to your needs. 

Another thing we face when using a fabric sheet to print because the bond does not stick properly with the fabric. Well, you will not face that issue with the Avery printable fabric sheets, as these bond easily with cardboard, fabric, wood, and even porous surfaces. 

Key Features 

Personalization – You have the complete freedom to put any design you wish on the fabric sheets freely. These sheets are farewell-known for offering such great customization in terms of design.

Heat Sealing Backing features a heat-sealed backing that allows the product to stick with wood, cardboard, or even porous surfaces easily. Certainly, that’s an exclusive add-on on a fabric sheet!

Print Transferring – For most fabric sheets transferring the images or text is a big challenge. However, with Avery transferring prints is so much easier. 


  • Bonds easily on any porous surface
  • Transferring prints are easy
  • Comes with heat sealing backing
  • Perfect for heavy and light fabric


  • Stitching the Avery fabric on cardboard is hard

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3. 10-Pack Colorfast White Printer Fabric

10-pack Colorfast White Printer Fabric

The 10-pack colorfast white printer fabric has been promising and delivering high-quality sheets for almost five decades. These are 100% cotton, and premium quality wash care sheets. So, you can wash or have it in the laundry without worrying about the color getting damaged.

You will have to sew these sheets using needles or a sewing machine. Moreover, the ink is pigmented, less worrying about fading or damaging the print.

Key Features 

Quantity – You are getting a 10-pack of 8.5″ by 11″ sheets, providing more value with less money. So, you can consider it as the most cost-effective pick as well.

Washable – These fabric sheets are washable and guarantee no fading or damages to the print.

Dries Quickly – A quick-dry is a must-have quality for a printable sheet. As this one dries pictures, text, or any design printed on the surface within a few minutes, you should give it a go!


  • Perfect for hand sewing
  • Washable
  • Dries quickly


  • Too much ironing may result in an unwanted hue

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4. Jacquard Inkjet Cotton 8.5X11 30 Pack

Jacquard Inkjet Cotton 8.5X11 30 Pack

Here is another Jacquard cotton fabric sheet; however, it comes in a pack of 30. That means you are getting three times more than the regular 10-pack for 25 dollars.  It is 100% cotton sheets with paper-backed and allows printing photos or drawings, and anything else comes out with high quality.

These sheets are also for inkjet printers, and it is attached to projects by sewing or bonding.

Key Features 

Quality –You are getting a 100% cotton fabric sheet which helps to get a better print on the sheet. The premium-grade cotton makes it a perfect pick for professional use too.

Durability – These papers are durable and known for going through rough weather without disrupting the ink on the sheets. 

User-Friendly – It is pretty straightforward to use; you simply peeled off the backing and then attached the fabric sheet with bonding material or sewing. 


  • Comes in a pack of 30
  • Perfect for professional use
  • You can use your home iron on these sheets


  • A bit unreasonable price point
  • The fabric is thinner than expected

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5. June Tailor Colorfast White Printer Fabric

June Tailor Colorfast White Printer Fabric (3 Pack)

The June Tailor Colorfast fabrics are 100% cotton paper, and they come in a pack of 3 for a very cheap price. However, they do come in less quantity, but they are pretty big sheets measuring around 11×8-1/2 inches.

You have the flexibility to print drawings, photos, or any graphic designs on the surface. You name it, and you can print it on these sheets. Another thing is that these fabric sheets are hand washable and do not disrupt the colors whatsoever. 

Key Features

Size – You are getting three large 11×8-1/2 inches fabric sheets at a very reasonable price.

Washable – These printable colorfast fabric sheets are hand washable so that you can wash them without any worries about the color fading.

Printing Flexibility – You have the option to print anything that you prefer without worrying about the surface absorbing the colors.

Versatility  These sheets are perfect to be used with memory quilts, totes, pillows, scrapbooks, and whatnot. The versatile usage is what makes it a must-try.


  • The sheets are large enough
  • Hand washable
  • Easy to print anything you prefer


  • The fabric is not see-through

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Best Printable Fabric Sheets Buying Guide

best printable fabric sheets

Printable fabric sheets are very handy for making personalized fabric designs. However, before getting yourself a pack of these sheets, take into consideration a few things such as –


It is choosing which fabric sheet goes best with your chosen color. Some colors are great with light fabric, and others are best for dark fabrics. So, choose the fabric according to the color you want the design to be in; that is why your design will have a better projection.

Compatibility with Your Printer

Not all printers will support all types of fabric sheets. These printable sheets are designed to work with specific printer types to get the best results. That is why select fabric sheets that support the printing capabilities of your printer.

Size of the Paper

What length you need the sheets to be in is essential as it affects the overall outcome of the ending printed copy. Too large will either make the image look too small or stretch to fit the fabric, making the output distorted. Read the details of the sizes of the papers and choose one that you need. 


You want your personalized sheets to last the design and color, don’t you? Most fabric sheets are 100% cotton and hand washable, so getting these means your designs have a better chance of surviving than fading on the first wash. 

Final Verdict

We have put forth a list of the best printable fabric sheets that you can buy; however, among these amazing products, we have some suggestions about which is best for what. Our top recommendation is the Jacquard Inkjet Cotton 8.5X11 10 Pack or the 30 pack addition. It is durable, provides high-quality images, and does not fade when washed. 

Another recommendation is the Avery Printable Fabric Sheets, which has a quick bonding reputation and is perfect for heavy items. If you are looking for something for heavy stuff, then Avery is the one for you. 

Regardless of your selection, you are going to grab a decent deal, though!

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