Best Post Hole Digger In 2023

A post hole digger is an essential tool for any home-based woodworker or even a DIY weekend warrior. They can be used for all sorts of tasks, from digging holes for fence posts and tree stumps to properly positioning landscape sleepers in your garden. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to figure out which model is the best fit for you, your woodworking project and your budget. That’s why we put together this guide our goal is to save you time and money by offering the most accurate and informative reviews around.

Comparison Table

Top 8 Best Post Hole Digger Reviews

1. XtremepowerUS 85060 Post Hole Digger

 This post-hole digger is lightweight and easy to operate. It comes with six-inch auger bits, which are ideal for digging through the toughest soil conditions. With a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, this machine is designed for maximum power and performance.

Hole Digger Machine

This sturdy, powerful machine is ideal for digging holes and installing fence posts, decking and many other lawn applications. The 42cc Digger Machine puts out 285 lbs of thrust and has a top speed of 1800 RPM’s.

Powerful 1500W Heavy Duty Motor

A high-performance motor that delivers 90 ft-lb of torque at 2,700 RPM impact-rated speed can be produced by a power motor with 1500 Watts of power that has 10.9 amps of current.

Comfortable Handles

Design that is ergonomic. Our single-person post hole digger has two grips that are vibration-proof and anti-skid, which provide the maximum amount of leverage and stability while working.

Strong and Durable

High-strength manganese steel is used in the construction of the auger drill bit, which allows it to withstand impact, extrusion, material wear, and other challenging working conditions. Its ability to withstand rust and corrosion, along with the long-lasting black paint that protects it, ensures that it will have a long life in service.

Safety Lock

The Powerhead comes with a safety lock feature that stops any accidental activation, providing an additional layer of protection against misuse.

2. Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger

 The Southland SEA438 earth auger features a 43cc engine with a bit speed up to 316 RPM for quick and efficient drilling. An 8-inch (SEAB8) drill bit is included with this auger. The auger head (SEA43) can be purchased separately.

This auger is outfitted with a translucent fuel tank that lets you easily keep an eye on fuel levels while the ergonomic butterfly handles allow for comfortable in-use balance. The Southland earth auger helps with simplifying your outdoor workload by cutting down on the extra effort needed when drilling your own holes for fence posts and plants.

Highly effective in digging through even the toughest soil, it’s perfect for creating holes for planting trees, shrubs and flowers that are ready to take root. The unit comes equipped with two open-end wrenches and a spark plug tool for easy maintenance

Auger Head

This is an auger head only and does not include a handle or handles. Separate handles can be purchased separately (SEA43).

Starting Process

 It is easy to start and comes with an on/off switch that makes it possible for you to stop the airflow within seconds if you need to turn it off. This blower comes with a 12-inch tube, which is perfect for blowing away dust from hard-to-reach areas. This product is simple yet reliable, thanks to its well-designed construction which ensures continuous performance no matter what the job entails.


This throttle is designed to be installed on the handle between the throttle wire and the steering wheel shaft. When the kill switch is activated and held in place, turning the motor(s) off.

Auger Bits

You can dig holes anywhere you need to. It comes with an 8-inch auger bit (SEAB8) and has a tooth edge design. Dig up sod, plastic pipes and much more with this tool!

3. AMES 2701600 Post Hole Digger

 The Ames 2701600 Post Hole Digger with Hardwood Measurement Handle is for digging post holes for decks and fencing. This tool is ideal for digging precise holes for projects like fence posts and in-ground supports. The digger has a hardened alloy steel cutting edge, wood handle and cast iron head that are attached together by two sturdy bolts.

Measuring stick

This measuring stick provides accurate control over inside diameters and hole depth on the handle. It has a metal surface that makes it sturdy, yet it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Cushion Grip

The ultimate cushion grip! This patented, cushioned grip prevents blisters from forming on your hands and is made with a unique double-sided soft memory foam that conforms to your hand for added comfort. The material is durable and makes this the perfect training accessory for any athlete. The ergonomic shape fits nicely in the palm of your hand for an enjoyable workout.

Strength And Durability

The 26” square head is made up of aluminum couplers with an overall weight of 14 lbs. The handle is constructed from strong hardwood and is ideal for use in the shop or garage.

Dig Fence

This fence features a spade tip with a long square tip, which makes it ideal for digging narrow slots or trenches that require precise depth control. It also has a large diameter handle for added gripping power and easy digging.

4. Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

 The Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger features sharpened blades that cut into dense soil easily, creating an extra deep hole for your fence posts. The welded steel construction is far more durable than wood and won’t flex like fiberglass, making it the best posthole digger for ensuring your posts are securely planted.

Ideal For Digging Deep Postholes

this Fiskars 8″ Digging Shovel can handle tough jobs with ease. Its hard-kicking head comes attached to a sturdy ash handle, making it easy to use the shovel. The strong head and sharp bevel make digging holes a snap, no matter how tough the ground is. It also features a comfortable grip on its handle that prevents blisters and calluses caused by the overuse of the shovel.

Traditional Models

This Digging Tool has a unique offset handle that allows you to dig postholes up to 12 inches deeper than traditional models and protects your knuckles while you dig. A longer blade length gives the tool more leverage, letting you quickly break up hard soil and clay. The specially designed blade cuts into the soil so its scoop can easily pick up the dirt and move it out of the way as you dig. The digging tool will fit comfortably in your hand so that digging can be done with ease.


G-Series Welder’s Axe has a forged, heat-treated head and handles for superior strength and durability that far outlasts wood-handled tools. Welded 14-gauge steel blades and 16-gauge steel shafts provide durability that far outpaces wood-handled tools and won’t flex like fiberglass axes. This ax is an excellent choice for breaking up sod, chopping firewood and more.

Blade Spread

This Blade Spreader is a 6-1/2 inch diameter plastic spreader with a comfortable grip. It’s great for spreading glues, paints and resins while working on your projects.

5. DC HOUSE 52cc 2.4HP Auger Post Hole Digger

 The DC HOUSE 52cc 2.4HP Auger Post Hole Digger Gas Powered with Two Earth Auger Drill Bit 6″ & 10″ offers outstanding power, durability and efficiency from a 1-man earth auger. Industrial air filtration keeps the dirt out of your engine, this tool easily dig up to 4 holes to 6 inches wide in just minutes. Lightweight yet built with heavy-duty construction using steel welded handlebars. The transmission features ball bearings and alloy gears built to withstand the challenges of digging in the dirt too. Supplied with bits of 6″ & 10″, meet your different hole dig requirements. With this tool, you will be enabling the drilling of multiple holes in quick succession.

52cc Gasoline Engine

The auger is ideally suited for quickly drilling holes into the ground in order to plant things like fence posts, poles, trees, and bushes, among other things. The auger, which features a gasoline engine with a capacity of 52 cc and a power output of 2.5 horsepower, can be easily operated by one or two people for a wide variety of jobs.

Multiple Size Drill Bits

Provided with bits ranging from 6 to 10 inches in diameter to accommodate a variety of hole digging needs.

By using this tool, you will be able to drill multiple holes in rapid succession from a single starting point.

Main Parameter

The engine is a single-cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled model, and the oil-to-gasoline mixing ratio for the two-cycle engine is 1:25. Bit Lock ensures safety; 1.8 kilowatts at 8000 revolutions per minute of power; carburetor with pump; easy starting system (cord starter). Change your bits quickly and easily with the centrifugal clutch.

Perfect Dirt Digging

It is the ideal machine for you to own because it is not only portable but also simple to fire up. It will give you complete authority over the land you own.


Manual, Fuel Mixing Bottle, and Two Auger Bits Measuring 6″ and 10″ A word to the wise: If your item is being shipped from an Amazon warehouse, the entire order will be placed in a single package. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service if you have any questions.

6. True Temper 2704200 48 in. Fiberglass Handle Post Hole Digger

 Every fence project starts with digging the holes for posts and other in-ground supports. Our True Temper post hole digger is used for digging post holes for decks & fencing. It can also be used to dig footings, tree planting holes and more. This tool is ideal for digging precise holes for projects like fence posts & in-ground supports.

Designed For The Contractor

 Atlas pattern steel blades feature a sharp point and round size for creating the perfect hole in any material. The blade fits most standard portable jigsaws and reciprocating saws and comes in a pack of 48 blades. Each blade is made from high-carbon steel that resists chipping and bending for long life.

Strong And Durability

The blade has a strong steel construction with an orange powder coat finish. Its plastic grip offers comfort while cutting, and the sharp edge has been precision ground by experts to ensure accuracy when laying out measurements.

Comfort And More Control

The 36″ 48″ cushion grip is available in 2 different sizes, 3/8″ diameter or 5/16″ diameter with a hand screw cap. With a variety of beautifully finished wood options to choose from, the True Temper 2704200 48 Cushion end grip is ideal for an exclusive look that will make your product stand out.

Great For Installing

It features a 2-piece design and a powerful, hardened steel chisel point that provides durability and strength greater than average competitive models. This post driver is great for installing fence posts, flag poles and other in-ground structures. Built for durability with a zinc-plated finish to prevent rusting, this 3 lb., 48-inch long Great Post Driver provides operators with more leverage for an easier squeeze during operation.

7. Landworks Earth Auger Power Head Steel Post Hole Digging

 The Landworks All-Electric 48V Auger Power Head features an onboard LED light for night use and a Quick Safety Release for fast electronic stops during operation. This powerhead is designed with wide-spaced ergonomic silicone grip handles for improved balance, and an overload protector and is ideal for planting bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings or fertilizing shrubs & trees, water aeration, weed root removal & gopher control. Made in U.S.A.


Powered by an all-electric brushless motor that generates an output of 320RPMs Reverse Torque Control (RTC) Button, to quickly eject the auger in a manner that is both quick and effective; The universal Cap Screw Bolt thread design is used in the production of each and every auger.


Augers powered by batteries, as opposed to those powered by gasoline, do not produce smog and are quieter; Total weight of the kit is only 22 pounds; This Earth Auger setup is capable of digging approximately 30 holes (with a 2Ah battery operating at 88.8 Watt-Hours), or it can dig 60 holes (with a 4Ah battery at 177.6 Watt-Hours)

Efficient Design

In order to achieve greater transmission efficiency, the design of our Powerhead incorporates a three-planetary gear mechanism. The use of a brushless motor makes the digging process more streamlined and productive.

Safety First

We strongly suggested that eye protection be worn whenever you operate an auger unit; This auger has a built-in overload protector to keep it from getting too hot to handle; the construction of the handle features wide spacing for improved balance while in use.

Best Application

Utilize earth augers for post-hole digging and preparation, planting bedding, bulbs, seedlings, or fertilizing shrubs; water aeration; weed control; root removal; and all of these tasks combined.

8. TAZZ 35365 Earth Auger/Post Hole Digger

 The Tazz Earth Auger Combo is exactly the tool you need to attack your fencing, tree planting, deck-building or post-hole digging project. Powered by a 43cc 2 cycle engine, Tazz has the power you need to dig deep and keep on digging.

Built-tough components like an alloy gear with ball bearing transmission and welded steel handlebars ensure that Tazz can withstand the abuse that comes with plunging through the earth. Back-saving features like a breakaway clutch and shock absorbing spring help users navigate through obstacles like rocks and roots as safely as possible.

Powerful And Efficient

This device, which is powered by a Viper 43cc engine, possesses the ability to attack various types of dirt and soil. Simply pull back on the recoil, engage the throttle, and start digging to get the unit going. The gas tank of our environmentally friendly, EPA- and CARB-compliant, and fuel-efficient engine is see-through, so the user can easily tell when more fuel needs to be added.

Tough And Durable

Castings made of aluminum alloy, alloy gears, and ball bearings are the components that go into the construction of a transmission that is durable enough to withstand repeated drilling into the ground. Handlebars made of welded steel offer the robust durability required on any construction site.

Shock Absorbing

When the user comes up against rocks, roots, and other obstacles during the digging process, a breakaway clutch reduces the amount of torque that is transferred to the user. The heavy-duty spring has a built-in shock absorber, which makes it possible to run the machine more smoothly and securely.

All-Around Savings

When you use a Tazz Earth Auger, you can expect to save a significant amount of time in addition to money and energy. Manual post-hole diggers require a lot of physical labor and time investment. You can buy a Tazz for a portion of the price of renting one, and then have it readily available for use in the projects you work on in the future.

Just The Facts

The maximum post size that an auger with an 8-inch diameter can accommodate is a 4×4. The depth of the drill is 36 inches. Mixed Fuel 50: 1 Gas/Oil Ratio.

Support And Service

Our three-year guarantee and support team based in the United States ensures your satisfaction. Replacement components such as blades and fishtail points are easily accessible and available for heavy users of our products.

Buyer’s Guide

Best Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger, which is also sometimes called an auger, is the best tool for performing smaller earthmoving tasks. It is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who enjoys doing their own home maintenance or gardening.

The solid metal head of the digger is comprised of either two blades or a drilling bit that digs into the earth and loosens the soil so that you can remove the dirt and make the holes that you need for erecting fence posts or planting trees. The digger can be operated either manually or automatically, depending on the user’s preference.

Have a look at these informative videos if you are new to the process of digging post holes and want to learn how to use either a manually operated or an automatic digger.

It is one of the best things about a post hole digger that this powerful and precise tool will make light work of a job that would normally be extremely tiring, and it will help you to get all of your digging tasks finished quickly so that you can finish your projects. This is one of the best things about a post hole digger.

How To Choose The Best Post Hole Digger

To be able to find the best post hole digger for your outdoor chores, you need to consider the different digging projects that you need to complete as well as the different types of soil that you will be digging into.

Have you got some light digging, some medium digging, or some heavy digging to finish? Projects ranging from easy to moderately difficult include activities such as occasionally digging a hole for a mailbox, repairing a small fence, and planting small bushes. It’s possible that you have larger-scale projects in the works, such as replacing the fence that encircles your property, constructing a new deck, or planting a significant number of trees.

What kind of soil or terrain will you be working with will determine your success. Do you have sandy, loamy soil that crumbles easily, or do you have clay, rocky, or stony soil, or do you have terrain that is covered with a large number of tree roots that lie below the surface?

Manually-Operated Post Hole Diggers

In most cases, a manually operated post hole digger is best suited for light to medium-duty jobs; however, there are manual post hole diggers available that perform admirably even in more difficult soil. The manual post hole digger has the capability of digging holes up to 4 feet deep, and it functions most effectively in soil that is loose and soft.

It has a straightforward design that consists of two handles, one of which is used to dig the tool into the ground. Next, the handles are pulled apart to loosen the soil, and finally, the handles are brought back together to collect the soil.

After the soil has been broken up and the soil from the hole has been removed, you will be able to place your tree or fence post into the newly made hole. It is not necessary to worry about the volume of noise produced by this type of digger because it does not require any fuel or electricity to operate.

A post hole digger that is operated manually is sufficient for the job, regardless of whether the soil is sandy, loamy, or contains even trace amounts of clay. If the soil around your yard or property is predominantly clay-based or contains rocks, then you may want to consider purchasing a more heavy-duty manual post hole digger such as the Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger. For more information, visit our post hole digger buying guide.

Fiberglass Ergonomically Designed Handles

The best manual post hole digger is one that has handles made of fiberglass that are constructed using a triple wall design. This ensures that the handles will last for a long time and are comfortable to hold. If you do a lot of digging, you should think about purchasing a digger that has an innovative handle design that provides protection for your knuckles while you are digging.

The size of the handle is critical because it will determine how easy it will be to gain leverage on the digger and maneuver the tool into the soil when using it. The handle on the majority of manually operated diggers can range in length from 47 to 60 inches; therefore, if you are a tall person, a handle that is 60 inches long will make the digger easier for you to operate.

There are a few more things that are very essential for you to keep in mind. In order to use a manual type of digger, you will need to exert some muscle and physical effort, especially if the digger becomes stuck in clay-based soil. If you have back, arm, or shoulder problems, you should consider using an automatic type of digger.

Automatic Post Hole Diggers

You will be able to get all of your digging chores done more quickly and with less effort, if you use an automatic post hole digger. This type of digger was developed specifically for heavy-duty digging in challenging soil or terrain conditions, such as hard, rocky soil and soil that contains tree roots.

You are going to need an automatic post hole digger if you are going to be doing a lot of digging projects that require a lot of post holes, particularly holes that need to be deeper or larger in width, for the purpose of erecting a new fence all the way around your property.

A specialized blade orbit that curls around a single central shaft and rotates as it digs into the ground is what gives augers their name. Automatic diggers are also referred to as augers.

There are gas-powered and electric automatic post-hole diggers or augers available on the market today.

Gas-Powered Post Hole Diggers

Due to the fact that one person is typically sufficient to operate this kind of digger, it is also referred to as a “one-man auger.” A gas-powered post hole digger or auger may also be called by this name. High-grade steel is used in the construction of these extremely powerful machines, which makes them extremely durable and rust-free, making them the ideal choice for working in harsh outdoor conditions.

Electric Post Hole Diggers

If you want to dig holes without making a mess or breathing in fumes but you still want powerful performance, an electric post hole digger is a very good option for you to consider. An electric digger, such as the Hilux 10525 Electric Earth Auger, has unlimited power, making it ideal for digging into rocky soil and even ice. However, you have to stay close to a power source or use a special heavy-duty power cord in order to use it.


The majority of automatic hole diggers are powered by either an engine with 2 or 2.5 horsepower or a motor with 1200 watts and 110 volts, which can generate up to 250 revolutions per minute (RPM) and a great deal of rotating torque. When a digger has this much power and centrifugal force at its disposal, it can move a large amount of earth in a short period of time and create a large number of holes in a short period of time.

Drill Bit

A quality manual or automatic post hole digger should have blades or a bit that are made out of high-grade durable carbon steel. This gives the tool the additional strength necessary for digging into the tough ground and creating the holes you require. When compared to manual diggers, automatic diggers may come equipped with interchangeable auger blades measuring 4, 6, 8, or 12 inches, providing a greater degree of digging versatility than manual diggers.

Diameter of The Drill Bit

The diameter of the drill bit, as well as its spread, is very important to consider if you are thinking about using a gas-powered auger because it will determine the final size of the hole. The diameter of the bit will range anywhere from two inches to ten inches, but the exact size will be determined in part by the diameter of the poles or posts that you plan to drive into the ground.

Depth Capacity

Most one-person post hole diggers/augers can create holes with a depth capacity up to 4-feet and sometimes 5-feet deep which means they are especially useful for installing 4×4 posts for fences.


Even though they are designed for strenuous labor, most models of automatic diggers are quite lightweight. This makes them easy to maneuver, and it also allows you to carry one around your property or garden if you so choose.

Automatic post hole diggers are intended to be operated by a single person; however, in extremely difficult terrain, you may require the assistance of a second person to properly control the machine. Digging machines powered by gas produce fumes and can be loud, so it’s a good idea to wear face protection whenever you use one.


As automatic augers have a lot of power and can cause vibrations, they need to have strong and sturdy handles that provide a good firm grip in order to prevent users from losing their grip. Consider purchasing the Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger if you are going to be working for extended periods of time. This auger features anti-vibration foam grip handles that are designed to reduce fatigue caused by prolonged use.


Finally, you need a tool that can dig deep and fast. For this task, an auger is a way to go. Most augers are powered by your own muscular force, but a few of the latest models run on gasoline or diesel engines and have their own battery-powered electric motors for extra oomph when you’re just too tired to keep cranking by hand. If you plan to use your new post hole digger on a regular basis.

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