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If you need the best portable urinal, look no further than Portable Toilet Pros. We offer a wide range of portable urinals from the industry leading manufacturer Clean Planet that is not only portable but stylish as well. From their Fleet Flush line with its compact design and simple twist-to-clean feature to their new ultra low flush toilet, the LNT. These portable toilets are a top choice for tradesmen, construction workers, and truck drivers alike. Each of these high quality portable toilets has a five gallon holding tank that can be easily emptied into any standard septic system or waste tank.

If you are in need of a portable urinal, then all you have to do is read this article. In it, we have talked about the benefits of Portable Urinals over Stand-alone Urinals and the top 5 portable urinal reviews to pick your favorite product. We have tried to cover everything you need to know about Portable Urinals so that you can make an informed buying decision. We also ensure that if there is anything else that you want to know about Portable Urinals we will be able to help you out with an answer.

Our Editor’s Choice

Best Portable Urinal Reviews:

1. The Tinkle Belle Portable Urinal Device

The Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device | Portable Urinal Without Case-Stand to Pee While Staying Fully Clothed! Easy, Compact, Reliable for Hiking/Camping/Travel/Concerts/Festivals/Dirty Toilets

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There is nothing fun about squatting to pee in the great outdoors and baring your rear to strangers, bugs, and the cold! Have you ever sat down on the toilet in a public restroom only to realize that the seat is moist from the previous user? Eww! Never again! Now you can go on long road trips and not be afraid to drink your coffee, because you can GO anywhere! Plan your next adventure without worries, The Tinkle Belle has you covered!



No need to bare all of your assets! The Tinkle Belle is specifically designed with a hard shell portion so that you pee while standing up without removing any clothing!! It doesn’t overflow or collapse like silicone funnels. Just insert it into a fly or move to clothe down in front, point the spout down, and you are good to GO!


We know when you are out and about that you may not have extra tissues or wipes with you. No problem! The Tinkle Belle is designed with a soft wiping “squeegee” lip so that you can remove any remaining drops. No wet clothing with The Tinkle Belle!


The Tinkle Belle is LONG when unfolded and being used, but compact when you are out and about! We know that #sizematters. This longer spout allows you to pee further away from your body. No more peeing on your feet and clothes! You can now have a longest-distance pee contest! When you’re done being victorious, you can fold it to make it compact and be a discreet champion!


The Tinkle Belle is engineered and designed to be anatomically shaped to fit you! Pee in confidence without leaks or overflow. The anatomical shape allows for the correct seal against your body and our built-in thumb rests assure proper placement. Aim with precision!


The Tinkle Belle is lightweight and easy to carry on any activity. Take it anywhere- hiking, airplane travel, road trips, camping, festivals, concerts, dirty restrooms, and more! Carry one in your glove box, in your purse, or in your backpack! You will find the convenience of The Tinkle Belle necessary wherever you go!

2. PeeBuddy 10 Funnels Portable Female Urination Device

PeeBuddy 10 Funnels Portable Female Urination Device | Disposable Female Urinal Funnel | Travel, Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Activities | Discreet and Compact Stand and Pee Funnel for Women, Girls

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The PeeBuddy is a discreet, portable, and reusable female urination device that enables women to urinate while standing up. Specially designed for women who find themselves in the extraordinary situation of needing to relieve themselves anytime, anywhere. This solution was created by a woman for women. No more crouching or wiping. Urinate while standing up without taking off your clothing. Convenient and practical to carry everywhere – fits easily in your purse, pocket, glove compartment, backpack, sports bag, etc.



Discreet funnel-shaped urination device that enables women to go anywhere – concerts, road trips, camping, and more; no more crouching or wiping. Urinate while standing up without taking off your clothing. Contains 10 individual single-use funnels.


Pee buddy is anatomically shaped to fit you! No Leak – No Spill – No Backsplash – No Overflow – No Mess. The funnel is shaped for easy aiming – no wet clothes or shoes! Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear as well.


Fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. Convenient & Practical to carry everywhere. More than 2 million+ women have bought and used pee buddy globally.


100% Recyclable, Nature Friendly. High quality paperboard with waterproof coating.


New – Fresh – Clean funnel ready for use each time. Ideal for public toilets, road trips, camping, hiking, airport or flight toilet, hospital and medical needs, railway and metro, HIGHWAYS and outdoor, women with Joint pain, or pregnant women.

3. OUTFANDIA Emergency Urinal

OUTFANDIA Emergency Urinal,Portable Mini Outdoor Camping Travel Shrinkable Personal Mobile Toilet Potty Pee Bottle for Kids Adult (750 ML)

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Emergency urinal – as the most popular item, has been providing endless convenience to those who have urine but nowhere to find a toilet. Differ from most urinals in the market, our emergency urinal applies sturdy plastics as the body, more durable even with repeated use. Considering the special physiological structure of ladies, the lid cover adopts a natural camber design, which effectively prevents side leakage.


Humanized Camber Lid

Differ from a traditional urinal in the market, our lid cover adopts a camber design, they are more comfortable and easier to handle for girls

Retractable Accordion Design

Maximum capacity: 750ml

Diameter: 2.76 inches, Folded height: 3.3 inches (6.69 inches after pulling)

This shrinkable personal mobile toilet potty allows you to pull it anytime you need it. It will fold together to half of its expanded size.


a. Wide Aperture – No matter who you are, men or women, kids or adults. Our wide diameter cap can hold more urine to avoid overflow

b. Sturdy & Thick Lid Cover – No risk of spilling even if it tips over while you’re driving

Sturdy Plastic Body

The bottle adopts sturdy plastic for shatter-resistant. Thus, they have a longer lifespan even with repeated use. The flat bottom design is for you to set it down safely after use.

4. ADENG Unisex Urine Bottle for Men and Women

ADENG Unisex Urinal Bottle for Men and Women, Pee Bottle with Lid and Funnel, Travel Urinal Kit for Camping Outdoor, with a Carry Bag

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Unisex ADENG Bottle is the best solution when you need to go to the toilet, but you cannot go into the toilet outdoors. It is more sanitary and more convenient because it’s a bottle with a handle. With this device, you can aim at different angles. Because of its versatile design, Urine Bottle for Men and Women is suitable for men, women and children to use in many situations. You can consider buying one or two bottles for emergencies. The size of this product is freely adjustable thanks to the handle which can bend 180 degrees. So you can use it at home, out camping or travelling by car or boat when nature calls!



Made of high quality durable plastic. Handle gives you maximum control over the urinal, allows for use in multiple positions, 1000ML Capacity.


Comes with a tight-sealing cap and rubber gasket to prevent water from leaking from the cap and restrict odors, a funnel adapter, and an easy carry handle.


Suitable for men and women of all ages, bedridden, and children. Perfect for camping, car travel, etc.


Discreet and hygienic, easy to rinse clean after each use, simple and easy to use.


Urinal Botte with a unisex design for adults and kids is your best choice. If you have any problem with our product, please let us know. We want you to be a satisfied customer.


Hopefully, this guide has been useful in helping you find the best portable urinal for your particular needs. A number of urinals were reviewed here, and all of them could have taken the top spot (at least based on their respective prices and features). The best option for you may be a matter of personal preference and familiarity, so we encourage you to try out a few different models. All things considered, if space is at a minimum in your home or office restroom and you’re feeling stuck about what to do next, investing in a good portable urinal might just be the right call.

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