Best Portable Projector Screen – Buying Guide

Purchasing the best portable projector screen is one of the most incredible ways you can enjoy a movie on a giant screen. They complement projectors for quality projection. Besides, it doesn’t matter if you are buying one for business presentations or home use, but fulfilling your needs must ring in your mind.

However, it can be a hassle to find the most suitable screen for your projector as the market is flooded with all sorts of choices. We know you may not have much time to do intensive research. To hold your hand, we have done thorough research coming up with several options and a buying guide to help you choose your intent. Our selection is based on cost, portability, viewing angle, and size.

Projector Screen with Stand, Upgraded 3 Layers PVC 120 inch 4K HD is our top pick because of its high quality, ease to assemble, and ability to offer a 160-degrees viewing angle.

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Best Portable Projector screens Comparison Table

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Types of Projector Screens

Projector screens can broadly be classified into two- the portable projector screens and the fixed/ mounted projector screens. The portable projector screens are perfect if you are always on the move for presentations or you are ever enjoying movies in your backyard. These screens come in different designs like; tripod projector screen, double stand screen, and floor pull-up screen.  

In comparison, the fixed/mounted projector screens are installed in one place and can’t be moved from one place to another. They can serve you for longer as you’ll not have to dismantle or set it up anytime you want to use it. Well, you can mount one on the ceiling or wall. Still, you can get the best retractable projector screen of this type (electric and manual ones). Besides, they are categorized as electric, manual, fixed frame, tab-tensioned projector screens.

Top 10 Best Portable Projector Screens- Buying Guide

1. Mdbebbron 120 Inches Projector Screen

Mdbebbron 120 inch is a portable projector screen that you need to consider for outstanding projection. Also, it is one of the best screens you can pick for content presentations. Still, you can have it for your home movie theatre.

Apart from its portability, its high quality, and an easy-to-set screen- supporting a 160-degrees viewing angle. Moreover, it is a wrinkle-free product, and also you use your hands to clean when it’s dirty. It is such a convenient projector screen!

Key Features

  • Highly Portable: The Mdbebbron is a convenient projector screen. This is because of its lightweight, small size, and easy folding ability. So, you can carry it to any place.
  • Quality Product: Have a look at this screen that comes with quality material from polyester fabric, and it’s also anti-crease. It is a thicker screen with no wrinkles when folded projecting sharp and bright pictures.
  • Easy Setup: So long as you have the ropes, bracket, hooks, nails, double side tape, you can easily fasten your screen on a wall.
  • Usage: A perfect choice for education, office or room presentations, public display, home movies, outdoor movies, and more.


  • It’s a mobile projector screen
  • Light in weight
  • Such a quality product
  • It is easy to set it up


  • It is not retractable

2. SKERELL Projector Screen

Skerell is a brand setting limits when it comes to portable projector screens. However, moving with this screen is never a hassle as it is light with a compact design. The carry bag can be helpful if you are ever on the go for presentations.

This screen with solid ground reinforcement can be sturdy in a windy location. It stays stable at all times as it comes with a set of accessories for its setting. Enjoy your backyard movie at a 160 degree viewing angle any time anywhere!

Key Features

  • Application: This screen is ideal for home and outdoor use. You can consider it for camping, home theater, backyard movie, commercial activities, entertainment, etc.
  • Lightweight: Consider this high quality projector screen- a product you can carry around for the outdoor presentation. The carry bag will do you do well when moving.
  • High Quality: Checking on this screen with a stand, you’ll see how standard it is. This screen is made from superior spandex and polyester material, giving excellent angle viewing. Thus, offering sharp and clear imaging because of its high resolution. You will also enjoy front and rear projection.
  • Easy To Set: You’ll put everything together in minutes without any complications. Again, you don’t need screws or strings but the given accessories to firm the screen.


  • It comes with a strong aluminum alloy frame for stability
  • Small in size for portability
  • Easy to set it up
  • No creases


  • You can’t adjust the height

3. Projector Screen With Stand, Upgraded 3 Layers PVC 120 Inch 4K HD

JWSIT is one of the celebrated projector screen brands. This screen can save a lot if you want to create a home movie theater or you need to do business presentations. They stand out when it comes to quality and light absorbance.

Remember, it is highly portable, with a 4k ultra-clear display. Also, assembling and dissembling this screen is fast and easy.

Key Features

  • Perfect Projection: The display is excellent with this projector screen because of the 160-degree viewing. Again, it supports 4K ultra HP for clear and sharp movie projection. Enriched with bright colors, you can have a memorable experience.
  • Easy To Assemble And Disassemble– JWSIT is one of the projector screens you can take minutes to make. The portable frame comes with metal snaps to firm the screen to one frame. Still, you can take minutes to assemble the detachable legs. Also, pulling it down is effortless.
  • Portability: The projector is made from light materials making it convenient to carry around. Also, the carry bag can be helpful as you can perfectly fold it to fit inside.
  • Quality Product: JWSIT is a top-notch projector screen made of high-quality aluminum materials. The frames are durable, so you are sure of their sturdiness.


  • It comes with durable frames
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent screen display


  • It is not cheap for everyone

4. Pyle Portable Projector Screen-PRJTP46

Enjoy 3D projection in the comfort of your backyard by using this standard projector screen. Pyle PRJTP46 is a 40-inch screen that is retractable. Besides, this white display is stain and flame-resistant, and it is designed to stand on any flat surface. 

Such an ideal product for home, outdoor, and office use! The Pyle projector is light enough to ease portability. Make a choice that will fulfill your projection needs.

Key Features

  • Mobile Projection: Pyle PRJTP46 is the best retractable projector screen perfect for on-the-go presentations. Again, its lightweight makes it ideal for travel.
  • Stability: Get this heavy-duty and strong projector screen. It comes with a rugged design to stand on any flat surface.
  • Quality Viewing: The projection screen is white made from matte fabric. This creates an optimal viewing surface. Also, the masking border (black) increases the picture alignment and focus.
  • Setup: The projector screen was accustomed to standing firm on any flat surface, table, or floor. This screen has many placement options, making it the best for outdoor movies and office presentations.


  • It’s a quality projector screen
  • It comes with a rugged design
  • The viewing is first class
  • Setting it up is easy


  • Some wrinkles
  • Can retract if not stretched to full height

5. Abdtech Portable Outdoor Movie Screen, 120 Inches 3D Projector Screen

Gluing your eyes on your small TV can be boring at times. Purchasing the best portable projector screen can be a wise idea if you love watching movies. Indeed, a screen compliments your projector for an authentic theater experience.

Abdtech is a portable projector screen you can carry anywhere for presentations giving a 160-degree viewing angle. The quality is at per as it is thick with no wrinkles. Above all, it is easy to clean and use.

Key Features

  • Unique Design: Abdtech portable projector screen comes with a screen edge design. Posts insertion is made fast due to the hollow design of the three side black border.  
  • Quality: The quality of this screen is unquestionable as it is made of quality spandex and polyester material. Again, this screen is thicker than most models. Also, you’ll feel the soft touch and smooth feeling that adds more pleasure when touching this screen.
  • Easy To Carry: This projector screen is light so that you can take it in your hand. Besides, it comes with a carry bag which you can place on your shoulders and go to any location.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: You can install this screen in minutes. You don’t need strings or screws but some accessories to firm the ends. Still, you can consider staffing if you want to do assembling in 5 minutes.


  • Portable
  • It’s a quality projector screen
  • Quick to assemble
  • Perfect projection


  • It doesn’t show from both sides

6. Projector Screen With Stand 100 Inch

Activate your indoor and outdoor watching experience by purchasing this big projector screen with a stand. You can enjoy TV series, indoor movies, and office or even conduct business presentations. 

Moreover, it’s a premium screen with no wrinkles reflecting at 160 degrees- a great angle to display according to your wish. The resolution is good, making it the right portable screen for your projector if you are ever on the move. Remember to always have the carry bag for the comfort of carrying your screen.

Key Features

  • Carry Bag: This projector screen comes with a carry bag- the best way to keep safe while on the move. You can hang the bag on your shoulder to go and enjoy the movies with your friends.
  • Capabilities: The projector screen with a stand gives you a clear view of gaming, movies, and TV series and offers powerful presentations during business meetings and seminars. The reflection gain is at 1.1 with a 160 viewing angle making it the best for home, church, classroom, sports events, movies, gaming, and more.
  • Lightweight Projector Screen: Get this light screen that you can carry to any place for projection purposes. Also, it brings out perfect viewing and presentations on different occasions.
  • Easy To Set: Setting up, this projector screen is never a hassle as it comes with wide legs on the solid tripod stand for stable assembling. You use tight straps to firm the screen for better viewing.


  • Light in weight for portability
  • It brings out a clear viewing
  • It’s wrinkle-free
  • The stability is on point


  • It is for front projection only

7. VIVO 100″ Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

You can consider this quality screen for your projector projecting at 120 degrees to solve your projection needs. VIVO is a tripod projector screen you can view for home and professional use. It is an easy-to-use portable screen that can turn your home into an admirable movie theater.

Still, you can use it to project content during meetings, parties, seminars, and more. Again, apart from being portable, it comes with a stable base for stability if you are in a windy environment.

Key Features

  • Quality Screen: VIVO is a quality 100-inch screen that provides unmatched picture production. The reason, it doesn’t experience hot spotting. Also, it is black on the back to prevent light penetration while enhancing excellent projection.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with most of the LCD, DLP, or LED projectors
  • Stable Base: We all wish to have a projector screen that can’t be blown by the wind that easily. Then, this screen comes with aluminum tripod legs making it sturdier. You should be wary as they do fold during storage.
  • Hassle-Free Setup: Assembling this projector screen is fast and easy. You only need to press a button to adjust the height while twisting the handle to lock at your desired height.


  • Adjustable height
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to set it up
  • It’s a quality projector screen


  • It can’t be mounted on the wall

8. Projector Screen With Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 100 Inch (16: 9)

Life can never be exciting without movies, and that is why it is good to think of a portable screen for your projector. 100 inch 16: 9 format is a mobile projector screen that can serve your purpose. Besides, it’s a screen that gives you outstanding presentations if you are not buying it for home use. 

Made from quality materials means, it can serve you for several years. The brightness is good, maintaining classy imaging.

Key Features

  • Portability: Most outdoor projector screens are portable. Well, you can transport this projector anywhere you wish. Again, it comes with a carry bag to prevent scratches while on the go. Also, it can fold to a compact design, making it perfect for backyard movies, camping, family trip, and more.
  • Capabilities: The projector screen can be used to create a backyard movie theater. Also, you can consider this screen for business presentations. Above all, you’ll enjoy high-resolution images by using this big projector screen.
  • Quality Product: Buy without a doubt as it’s a quality screen. Besides, it is made from rust-resistant heavy-duty metal and glass fiber, guaranteeing durability and longevity.
  • Easy To Set: Here is a wrinkle-free projectors screen that you only need a few minutes to set it up. Using a robe, you can hang the four corners to the mainframe as you stretch the screen. Assemble the legs, and switch your projector.


  • It takes minutes to set it up
  • It’s portable
  • The screen materials are of high quality
  • Wrinkle-free


  • You can’t hang it

9. Elite Screen Yard Master 2, 120-Inch Projector Screen

Are you looking for an outstanding portable projector screen for your outdoor/ indoor movies or business presentations? Elite Yard Master 2 should be your considerations. The screen got a black back that prevents light penetration for clear and sharp imaging.

In addition, it is portable as you can fold and unfold the frame in case you are moving to offer presentations. Again, it can allow a 1080p projection. Made from premium materials, you can be sure of its durability.

Key Features

  • Quality Screen: The projector screen is made from premium materials with CineWhite UHD-B and 1.3 gain producing 3D and 4K ultra projection.
  • Fast To Assemble:  Assembling can take minutes because of the light aluminum frame. After unfolding the frame, you can attach the legs with the screen materials then start your projection.
  • Excellent Projection: The aspect ratio is 16:9 with a diagonal view of 120 inches viewing images at any angle (180 degrees). It gives accurate colors at a dynamic range with the right color temperature. Also, it features a snap button that allows flat projection.
  • Includes: Carrying bag, aluminum frame (single piece), rigging cord, support rings, ground stakes, and projector screen material.


  • Great projections
  • Best for mobility
  • 180 degrees viewing angle
  • Black backing


  • Can’t survive on strong winds

10. Projector Screen And Stand, 100 INCH 4K HD 16:9 Portable Screen

Get ready for 3D and 4K ultra HD projection if you purchase this 100-inch projector screen. However, it’s a portable one producing 160 degrees viewing angle. The uniformity in diffusion is unmatched so that you can view the image from any angle.

Moreover, the projector screen is thick, smooth, and bright, assuring one fantastic projection. You never experience wrinkles as it is made from original polyester fabrics.

Key Features

  • Portability: 100-inch projector withstand is a convenient screen to carry around because of its lightweight. You can have it in your travel bag and hang it on your shoulders.
  • Super Quality Screen: The natural polyester fabric makes this screen serve well. Indeed, the projection is ever transparent, offering double-sided projection with no wrinkles. Further, the aluminum frame and elastic splices increase stability.
  • Easy To Set Up: You do not have to use complicated tools to set this projector screen. Carefully follow the instructions to finish your set in five minutes or less.
  • Excellent Projection: The 100-inch surface and 16:9 screen format contribute to 160 degrees viewing angle. More, it allows rear & front and HD 4k projection. The cinema-like experience is overwhelming at home or outdoor.


  • Amazing projection
  • It’s a stable screen
  • Light in weight
  • No curling or wrinkles


  • It is not thicker compared to other screens

Best Portable Projector Screen Buying Guide

Best Portable Projector Screen

When shopping for the best portable projector screen, you’ll meet all sorts of brands. It can be hectic without helpful information because you may not know what’s best for you. We have done intensive research to develop the below considerations to help you buy one that can serve you perfectly.


Minding your financial status is crucial when buying a projector screen. There are numerous types of projector screens, and that is why it is pivotal to have a budget. Quality and high-performing screens tend to be expensive, so be ready to dig down your pocket. But if you need the best home projector screen, consider one that won’t drain you financially.

Size of The Screen

When shopping for a portable projector screen, it is vital to consider the size. This is what determines the presentation. Don’t think of the size but the format that the screen can support. The various video formats are HDTV, cinema, windscreen PC, squire, and video formats. There are specific measurements for each format to enable perfect projection.

Viewing Angle

Do you know how advantageous it can be to view your screen from any angle? Yes, it would help if you had a screen that could allow a viewing angle of 180 degrees. This is a perfect way of watching a whole image comfortably. Well, the smaller the projection angle, the poorer the image.

Easy To Assemble And Disassemble

Purchasing a projector screen with easier assembly is an advantage. That will only require you a few minutes to set it up. You may waste a lot of time if you a complicated piece. Again, make sure it takes you minutes to pull it down. Also, ensure its light enough for portability.

How To Choose a Projector Screen?

Choosing a projector screen can be quite a hassle. There are so many brands in the market giving out various options. Though we have listed the top 10 best, it is advisable to consider the screen’s size, the view angle, and quality. Again, consider your budget and make sure it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

How To Roll Up Projector Screen?

If you are using a manual projection screen that requires you to roll it up, here is a guideline to do so. The first thing is to confirm the location of the projector screen (mainly at the bottom), but if your screen is using a stand, the handle may be on the top side.

Then, pull down the handle slowly until it no longer moves. Remember to pull upwards if your screen is on a stand. Now, you can let the screen roll up automatically, but it will roll downwards if your screen is on a stand.


  1. Is a Projector Screen Better Than a White Wall?

Simply, yes- a projector screen is smooth and can reflect light hence excellent projection compared to a white wall.

  1. How Big Is a Projector Screen?

Projector screens are different when it comes to size, and that is why you can find 100-120 inches diagonal.

  1. What Color Is Best For a Projector Screen?

Many people usually go for white which works well in many situations.

  1. How Much Is a Projector Screen?

This will depend on the brand- prices vary

  1. How To Get Wrinkles Out of a Projector Screen?

You can turn your projector screen and iron the backside or blow-dry. Again, you can face your screen directly to sunlight. Still, you can apply tension to the wrinkles, and they’ll disappear.

  1. How To Hide a Projector Screen?

You can use screen housing or consider hiding it in a coffered ceiling


Owning a projector requires you to buy a projector screen. Thus, opting for the best portable projector screen can be an achievement if you love watching movies and outdoor presentations. We have highlighted the best options and a buying guide to help you make an informed decision. We’re hopeful this review will help you identify what works best for you.

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