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Have you ever had to clean your pool? Maybe you are like me and just don’t have the time or energy to clean it. Cleaning a swimming pool is work, and most homeowners would rather tan outside than clean chemicals out of their pool. Of course, not every time you go outside you can wait until tomorrow to begin your chores. One way to do this is with a robotic pool cleaner that can clean for you. In fact, there are even several different types of robotic cleaners on the market today, so a lot of people go with simpler models that provide good results but are also nice on your budget.

Here are the best pool vacuum head on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Best Pool Vacuum Head

Best Pool Vacuum Head Reviews In 2023

1.FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Unlike many consumer-grade solutions on the market today, the FibroPool Professional Flexible Vaccum Head has been created using only high-quality materials. The traditionally stiff, PVC body and wheels have been upgraded to a thermoplastic urethane to ensure ease of manoeuvrability along all pool surfaces regardless of material or contour. Cheap, plastic ball bearings and handles are now made of robust, non-corrosive metal. No corners have been cut to ensure this will be the last vacuum head you’ll ever buy.

2. Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head/Triangular

This specially designed vacuum attachment literally sinks into the deep end when faced with algae and pool grime. Its triangular plastic body is shaped for manoeuvrability so it can swivel and twist through corners, along walls, and into crevices that may escape other cleaning devices. The spring-loaded handle also fits standard extension poles for extra reach.

The vacuum head is moulded from ABS plastic to stand up against typical drops, bumps, and scrapes, and the translucent body is great for targeting dirt and making sure your vacuum is doing its job. Just attach a standard 1½ or 1¼ suction hose from your pool’s filter pump to the vacuum head, and you’re ready to go!

The vacuum head is amply weighted to maintain contact with the pool floor, and its angled brushes are specifically designed to break up dirt along the floor and funnel it into the suction port instead of pushing it around. Nylon brush bristles are gentle on pool liners and painted pool floors, so there are no scrapes or snags to mar pool surfaces.

3. Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head/Weighted Triangle Shape

Milliard’s Deluxe weighted vacuum head is designed to clean your pool without getting stuck or moving around on its own. The triangular shape is designed to work along walls and corners, to provide a comprehensive sweep of your pool floor. The extra weight keeps it from floating up if the water gets shallow, and helps it collapse back into its folded form for easy storage.

The Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head is a uniquely weighted triangle shape that provides effective cleaning for those difficult tight spaces. This brush head uses three angled bristle sets (at the three corners of the triangular head) to sweep right along the pool corners, providing effective cleaning for those difficult tight spaces.

4. HydroTools by Swimline Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum Head

The HydroTools Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum Head is an efficient pool cleaner, designed to handle the challenges of cleaning vinyl-lined and fibreglass pools. The triangular shape makes it perfect for cleaning corners, while its angled brushes clean up quickly. It fits standard 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” vacuum hoses and only takes seconds to assemble on your pool’s vacuum hose.

If you’d like a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty for a product found on, you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website for more information. Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

5. Pool Vacuum Head with Side Brush & Universal Rotatable Hose Adapter

Pool Vacuum Head with Side Brush & Universal Rotatable Hose Adapter allows you to clean your swimming pool with ease. The vacuum head has a swivel base that rotates 360 degrees, so it can easily fit in corners and hard-to-reach spaces. The side brush makes cleaning of the pool walls easier and helps prevent scratches on the vinyl liner. This lightweight pool tool is strong enough to handle dirt, leaves and other debris while avoiding tangles or kinking of the hose.

Need a convenient and effective way to keep your pool clean? This vacuum head has a weighted body that keeps contact with the pool bottom and a side brush for collecting dirt from the edges of your pool. It can be used with 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ hoses. It includes a universal rotatable hose adapter for easy use with your existing hose connection.

6. Urchindj Pool Vacuum Head, Weighted Triangle Shape

The swimming pool is the most attractive place in a house; after a long day of work or studying in the hot summer, parents and kids are more like to enjoy in the family pool. However, pool cleaning is always a pain for many families. We need to remove the leaves and debris from the pool. A properly maintained and cleaned pool can bring you and your family with wonderful visual experience and a happy pool time.

urchindj Pool Vacuum Head is a wise choice to make your life easier, minimize your time & efforts, and at the same time maximize your joy in your pool. urchindj Pool Vacuum Head is designed with a rotatable hose connector, which avoids hose knotting & twisting. The hose connector of the vacuum head fits into both 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ vacuum hose, and the handle fits a standard pool pole (pole is excluded, but available in our store). When connecting the pool vacuum head to a pole, the EZ Clip protects your hands from any hurt.

8 angled brushes are arranged in all directions at the bottom of the pool vacuum head to break up dirt along the floor and funnel it into the suction port instead of pushing it around. The smart corner brushes are designed to clean corners, narrow areas etc. Nylon brush bristles are gentle & safe to pool liners and painted pool floors, so there are no scrapes or hurts to pool surfaces.

7. AgiiMan Pool Vacuum Head for Above Ground Pools

The AgiiMan Pool Vacuum Head for Above Ground Pools is designed for above-ground pools. It’s weighted so it sinks right to the bottom and stays there, allowing you to use one hand to control the vacuum from the floor. The triangular shape makes it easy to manoeuvre along corners and walls for a complete clean.

The AgiiMan Pool Vacuum Head for Above Ground Pools makes it easy to clean your pool by sucking up leaves, bugs, and other debris that may have fallen into it. It is moulded from ABS plastic making it comfortably lightweight, extra durable, and resistant to typical pool chemicals. Rubber bumpers along the edges prevent scratching your pool surface.

8. Pool Vacuum Head Bottom Brush, Triangular Weighted

The AGIIMAN pool vacuum is capable of cleaning all in-ground and above-ground pools. It is the perfect tool for weekly, monthly and bi-weekly cleaning of your swimming pool. The product is made of blue transparent ABS plastic and is designed to be lightweight in order to avoid operator fatigue. With its gentle bristles that rotate 360 degrees, it will not scratch your pool walls easily.

 Pool Vacuum has been selling offline for decades and in 2022 we founded Polog and started online sales. We have professional product development departments, production lines and a professional swimming pool product consultant team to provide you with high-quality products and professional services.

The pole and hose diameter is shown as above, choose the correct one. Blue and transparent design, the combination of function and fashion. Please note that pool poles and pool hoses are not included!!

9. POOLAZA Pool Vacuum Head, 14” Weighted Swimming Pool Vacuum Head with Bottom

The swimming pool is a magical place in a house, when you jump into a pool in a hot summer day, you’ll feel completely refreshed. However, you still have pain, that is, pool cleaning work! Pool floors, corners, steps and waterline should be properly cleaned so as to present you and your family a clean and joyful pool. With a stronger and more durable Pool Vacuum Head, POOLAZA brings you the easiest way and the happiest mood to clean your swimming pool!

Weighted pieces provide closer contact to the pool bottom for efficient cleaning; After normal wear and shortening of the brushes, the ball wheels ensure continued smooth moving.

Safe to the pool liner, and excellent at cleaning corners & narrow spaces. EZ CLIP handles easy-to-fit standard pool poles. 8 bottom brushes are arranged in all directions providing excellent cleaning results.

10. Buyplus Pool Vacuum Head

The triangular brush head has three corner brushes, which can better clean the bottom corners of the pool, steps, etc., while also avoiding scratching the pool.

Suitable for standard 1-1/2″ and 1-1/4″ pool vacuum hoses. And fit pool telescopic pole size is standard 1-1/4″.You can use it with the telescopic pole you bought extra.

The EZ clip is designed to fix the pole and can be easily installed on the standard extension pool pole.It can also avoid pinching your hand during the installation process.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Pool Vacuum Head


A further area of compatibility involves the usage of hoses and telescopic poles. This is in addition to the compatibility of your chosen pool vacuum head with the swimming pool surfaces, size, and form. Unpacking your new tool and discovering that it doesn’t fit into your existing hoses and extension pole is not what you want to happen. You must therefore guarantee that your model will work with all commonly used poles and hoses, as the Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head – 13 in the model does.


In terms of materials, ABS materials are most frequently used in the creation of vacuum heads. But the type of pool should be considered before choosing the brush material. You require vacuum heads with soft-bristle brushes for spas and pools with vinyl linings. For harder surfaces, you might need something stronger (like steel or metal).


You’ll need to purchase the best pool vacuum head among other things since you need it to clean the pool quickly or because you don’t have time to do it manually. As a result, you require it for an automated swimming pool cleaning.

Especially in confined spaces and when cleaning the walls, the casters keep the pool vacuum balanced. Many versions offer the option of a brush or a set of wheels, though. You are free to decide what suits your style the best. Having wheels also makes the product more mobile, much like the Milliard Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head.


When it comes to vacuum heads for swimming pools, there are several shapes available. There are moon-shaped, triangular, and rectangular varieties. The moon-shaped and triangular variants, however, also have advantages despite rectangular versions having more width for simple one-time swoops. The triangular ones outperform the other two in terms of cleaning power. This is due to the fact that, even with a 10-inch breadth (like the Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head), the cleaning is done on all three sides of the head, which results in better cleanups.


The breadth of the suction head will depend on the shape of your desired model, as was already described. You need additional width for vacuum heads that are rectangular. As it is according to the U.S. Pool Supply model, this should be between 12 and 20 inches. However, vacuums with a triangle or moon shape typically cover more areas per drive. Therefore, a width of 10 to 15 inches will do.


When looking for a pool vacuum, one of the first things you’ll consider is price. The price of automatic vacuum cleaners can equal that of an above-ground pool. However, there are reasonable solutions available. Everything hinges on your needs. Do you require a clever, user-friendly device or a more effective design? If you know what you need, you should be able to stay under your spending limit.

Frequently Asked Question

How long should my pool hose be?

Measuring the ideal length for your hose is a matter of calculating the distance of the two furthest points in your swimming pool. So, for example; If your skimmer is located 30 feet from the furthest corner, and your pool has a depth of 5 feet, you will need a 35-foot-long vacuum hose.

Do you close any valves when vacuuming a pool?

This is the valve that you are vacuuming from, so you want to leave it fully open so there is no restriction in flow. If you totally close the other skimmer valve, then you will probably starve the pump for water, so you need to shut it down until you can hear the pump giving some resistance.

What is the standard pool vacuum hose size?

In addition, most pool vacuum hoses are available with interior diameters of 1.5, 2, 3, and 4-inch lengths. Generally, the smaller the interior diameter of the hose, the more suction power it will be able to generate. However, either of these sizes should function extraordinarily well in pools of almost any size.


There are a lot of different options out there for pool vacuums. We hope that we have provided you with what you need to know to come to an informed decision when searching for the one that best meets your needs.

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