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Pool chlorine tablets are one of the most effective ways to keep your pool water clean. Pool chlorine tablets or chemicals come in three types. They are: granulated chlorine, lithium and trichlor tablets. This article discusses the swimming pool chlorine tablets by Intex that contain 100% trichlor (chlorine gas). The article also highlights benefits of using them in your swimming pool and how to manage the amount of chlorine in your pool water.

If you are looking for chlorine tablets for your pool which will actually help out and not make the water super green, you should definitely take into consideration Hi-Flo Chlorine Tablets.

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Leading 7 Best Pool Chlorine Tablets Reaviews

1. CLOROX Pool&Spa XtraBlue 3-Inch Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets,

The Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue 3-Inch Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets offer the right balance of chlorine for pool and spa water. These tablets are easy to use, dissolve quickly, and provide long-lasting performance. They kill bacteria, help prevent corrosion, scale and stains. The long-lasting sunlight protection helps you relax in the comfort of your own backyard spa or swimming pool.

Kills bacteria, prevents corrosion and scale buildup, stains, and algae. Contains no phosphates. 10-Year Guarantee.

2. In The Swim 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

In The Swim 3″ Chlorine Tablets are slow-dissolving and stabilized, meaning they won’t dissolve too quickly while you swim. These tablets are 3″ in diameter, which makes them perfect for floaters or any automatic chlorine feeder. In each bag you will find 8 oz. of individually wrapped tablets (50 lbs.).

A 3 inch, sanitizer chlorine tablet is perfect for automated chlorine feeders. 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione (Trichlor) is an effective, slow-dissolving tablet that releases a steady stream of pure chlorine over time to keep your water clean and sparkling. Each 8 ounce bag contains 90% available chlorine, no salt needed.

3. Rx Clear 3-Inch Individually Wrapped Chlorine Tablets

Use 2 tablets per 10,000 gallons of pool water as needed by adding the pool chlorine tablets to your existing inline/offline chlorinator and using the flow of your pump to dissolve and distribute the pool chemicals or to a floating chlorine dispenser. Each individually wrapped chlorinating tablet weighs 7 ounces and ours are slow dissolving, 90% available chlorine, 99% Trichlor. This gives you more time to get the tabs into your pool before they dissolve. Compare our price with other brands which are very similar but sell for much more!

Each individually wrapped chlorinating tablet weighs 7 ounces.This Rx Clear chlorine tab is slow dissolving and UV Protected, which provides more available chlorine in each tab at a much lower cost. Compared to other brands, the Rx Clear brand provides more available chlorine in each tab at a much lower cost. Trust Rx Clear to balance your pool and spa chemistry and keep your water safe and clear.

4. Robelle 1410M Chlorine Tabs Pool Sanitizer,

Robelle 5-In-1 Pool Tablets contain a proprietary blend of ingredients that will reduce the amount of pool chemicals needed to keep your swimming pool clean. Each 3″ 8 oz. tab is individually wrapped for easier handling, stabilized to prevent burn-off, and are slow dissolving to maintain a proper free chlorine level. Built-in clarifier produces crystal-clear water. Stain-inhibitor prevents and removes stains caused by metals and minerals. Includes algae preventer that will leave an algaecide residual to help get rid of algae and prevent it from coming back. Built-in descaler will prevent the build up of scale which can cause corrosion.

This 3-in-1 pool sanitizer provides a concentrated chlorine tablet for your pool. The 5-in-1 Swimming Pool Multi-Purpose Chlorinating Tablets from Robelle include a stain preventative (preventing and removing stains caused by metals and minerals), algae preventer (leaves a algaecide residual to help get rid of algae), descaler, and the ability to clean and sanitize the water in your pool. The tablets are individually wrapped, stabilized, slow dissolving and safe for vinyl, fiberglass and coated pools.

5. In The Swim Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular Pool Shock

Keep your pool sparkling clean and algae-free with In The Swim’s Sodium Di-Chlor Granular Pool Shock. This premium-quality granular chlorine powder is ideal for use in swimming pools, spas, fountains, or water features. It will quickly destroy bacteria, break down contaminants and kill algae. This calcium free formula will keep hard water pools sparkling clean and crystal clear with its 56% available stabilized chlorine content.

In The Swim’s granular chlorine is ideal for use in swimming pools, spas and water features. This powerful sanitizing powder destroys bacteria, breaks down contaminants and kills algae to keep your pool sparkling clean and crystal clear. It’s also calcium-free so you don’t have to worry about scaling or cloudy water.

6. Clorox Pool&Spa 23000CLX XtraBlue 3″ Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets,

Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue 3 inch, long-lasting chlorinating tablets protect against algae and bacteria for water that stays clean, clear & free of visible algae. These chlorine tablets help prevent corrosion and scale, remove organic contaminants for clear water, make water silky smooth and protected against sunlight to last longer.

Give your pool and spa the protection it needs with Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue 3 inch, long-lasting chlorinating tablets. These tablets control algae, prevent corrosion and scale, remove organic contaminants for clear water, making water silky smooth. Protected against sunlight to last longer than other chlorine professionally delivered via liquid chlorine.

7. HTH Pool Care 1″ Chlorine Tabs, Swimming Pool Chlorinating Sanitizer, Kills Algae and Bacteria,

Protect your swimming pool and enjoy clean, clear water with these easy-to-use chlorine-based tabs. They kill algae and bacteria, and keep water crystal clear while protecting against heat, pool chemicals and other damaging elements that can make your pool cloudy or “green.” HTH Chlorine Tabs also prevent dangerous algae growth in your swimming pool.

Bump up your chlorine levels and keep your pool clear and clean with HTH 1″ crumbled chlorine tabs. Each tab is designed to dissolve slowly in your water, providing you with long lasting protection and keeping algae and bacteria at bay. These tabs are perfect for use in above ground pools and inground pools alike, and are compatible with all pool types.

Importance of Pool Chlorine Tablets

Pool Chlorine Tablets are an important part of keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming. They are made from sodium hypochlorite, which is a chemical that can be used to disinfect water. The tablets have a longer shelf life than liquid chlorine, so they are easier to store and transport.

When you add the chlorine tablet to your pool, it releases active chlorine into the water. When this happens, it reacts with the organics in your water (such as leaves) and breaks those compounds down into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces sink down towards the bottom of the pool where they can’t be seen anymore by swimmers or get scooped up by skimmers. This cleaning process is called oxidation, and it’s what makes pools safe for swimming!

In addition to being effective at cleaning pools, chlorine tablets are also very cost-effective compared with other types of pool chemicals like liquid chlorine or bromine tablets because they don’t need to be replaced as often as some others do (although you still should replace them once every two weeks).


Which Pool Tablet is Best?

Pool tablets are a great way to keep your pool clean and healthy, but they can be confusing to figure out. There are so many different kinds, and different people swear by different brands.

We’ve got the scoop on which pool tablet is best: [brand name]. We’ve tested it out and found that it’s the most effective at cleaning your pool while still being gentle on your skin and hair. It also doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that could damage your pool liner or cause other problems down the line.

What are the Best 3 Chlorine Tablets for Pool?

The best chlorine tablets for pools are the Clorox Pool and Spa Tablets. The tablet dissolves quickly in water and leaves no residue behind. It is designed to kill algae, bacteria, and viruses that live in the pool water. It also helps keep your water clear and sparkling by preventing cloudy water and green algae from forming in your pool.

The second best chlorine tablets for pools are the Aqua Chem Chlorine Free Tablets. They are made from natural minerals and do not use any chemicals or phosphates to keep your pool clean and safe. They will not only kill bacteria and algae but also remove unwanted odors from your pool.

The third best chlorine tablets for pools are the Clorox Pool Shock Tablets. The tablets come in a box of 50 and each tablet is individually wrapped so they stay fresh until you need them. They dissolve quickly in water so they can work immediately when needed most to kill bacteria and algae so you don’t have to worry about cloudy water or green slime growing on the walls of your swimming pool

Is there a Difference in Brands of Chlorine Tablets?

There is a difference in brands of chlorine tablets, but it’s not one you’ll notice.

The main difference between brands is price. Some tablets are more expensive than others, but this doesn’t mean they work better or worse. It just means that they cost more.

There are also different types of chlorine tablets. You can buy them with or without salt, and they come in different colors and sizes. Again, these differences don’t affect how well they work or how effectively they clean your pool water.

Which is Better 1-inch or 3 inch Chlorine Tablets?

If you’re looking for chlorine tablets that will last longer, then 3 inch tablets are the way to go. But if you need something that’s easier to transport or store, then 1 inch tablets are going to be a better option.

The idea behind 1 inch chlorine tablets is that they’re small enough to fit into most dispensers, but they still give off enough chlorine to keep your pool water clean and clear. They don’t release as much chlorine per tablet, so they might not last as long as 3 inch tablets—but they definitely get the job done!

The 3 inch chlorine tablets release significantly more chlorine per tablet than 1 inch chlorine tablets do, which means that they last longer. If you have a large pool and want to make sure it stays clean for a long time without having to use too many chemicals, then these are probably the way for you!


Pick a chlorine tablet that’s right for you. Don’t pick the cheapest one, or the most convenient, or the most popular. Find one that works best for you and your pool, and stick with it. After all, there’s no sense in experimenting with different options if you don’t have to.

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