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Of late, since the covid-19 epic pandemic hit global systems, many of us have been less mobile than our devices. With lockdowns, home theatric experience on a big screen has made the best Pocket projector the latest craze in today’s market. You can have a big screen if you have a pocket projector with you. In addition, a projector can be a crucial tool if you want to project to your audience in an office, for training, for lectures, for presentations, for exams, for a meeting, etc. Yet again, pocket projectors are portable, affordable, and battery-powered to help entertain you and your friends while on the go.

When developing this article, we used artificial intelligence and big data to analyze the authenticity of the information collected. We also used algorithms to compile a list of the top pocket projectors currently available on the market. Most of the items mentioned are hand-picked. So we can guarantee that every product included here has been tried and tested by real people, analyzed and recommended by experts.

Our Favorite Best Pocket Projector

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Benefits of Pocket Projector

Highly Portable:

Mini projectors are designed incredibly compact and lightweight, so there easy to take on the move and create your own movie theatre experience anywhere.

Gives Big and Bright Display:

The pocket projectors allow you to present your information on a big and bright screen. You need not be worried about a low audience or the bad light as you can project the presentation with clarity.

Simple to Maintain:

You need not worry about their maintenance as their main parts are pretty easy to replace and repair.

Incorporates Built-in Batteries:

The good news is that pocket projectors have built-in batteries that power them for several hours, so you will not stay glued to an external power source. The batteries can save enough power to run between 1 to 4 hours before the subsequent recharging, depending on the size of the projector.

Supports Android Apps:

Technology has availed recent android-based pocket projectors that let users run copyrighted content on pre-installed apps (such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix). You can also download android apps from the AppStore to perform other android functions.

Best Pocket Projector: Buyer’s Guide

1. KODAK Luma 150 Mini Pocket Projector

KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico Projector - Built in Rechargeable Battery & Speaker, 1080P Support Portable Wireless LED DLP Movie & Video Travel Projector, Connects to iPhone and Android

Now you can give your home business or classroom presentation a whole new dimension with the award-winning KODAK Luma 150 pocket projector. This best pocket projector provides an impressive 150-inch screen in a compact, portable package, and its wireless capabilities mean you can use it anywhere. 

While the projector supports 4K resolutions, you can play 4k games watch colored bright, vivid HD video and large images up to 150 inches on the screen. Hence, it is ideal for entertainment, seminars, workshops, or staff meetings and a fun gift for family and friends.

Honestly, some users noted negative performance on built speakers not being audible enough to depend on them significantly if you are projecting in the space with ambient sounds. Something else, 2.5 hours battery life explains why you need to cast connected to the power source; otherwise, usability on the go would always be short-lived.


  • Projector  Design

Show off your creativity at your next meeting or party on ultra-slim portable designed Luma 150. Get inspired and energized by this best portable projector designed with a built-in speaker and illuminated onboard controls. The available dedicated HDMI and USB Micro ports allow easy plugging to access your favorite media instantly. It’s powered by a dedicated onboard rechargeable battery that gives you up to 2.5 hours of projection power at full brightness.

  • Wireless Screen Mirroring

With the KODAK Luma 150 projector, you can use Miracast or Airplay to readily connect and share your computer or smartphone screen at home or on the road. It’s the perfect way to take on business presentations, watch movies at home, or professionally present with a laptop. However, you cannot use this device to MiraCast copyrighted content like Netflix or Hulu.

  • Plug and Play

You don’t need to utilize the Luma 150 projector; its hustle-free design makes it an ultimate option for all users. There are multiple inputs such as HDMI or  USB, where you just connect your device and just press play. Everything runs automatically on cables and wireless for easy controls.

  • Projection Quality

Enjoy crystal clear color and detailed images from a high-resolution 4K projector. The projector is equipped with a 60 Ansi lumen LED Lamp delivering high brightness and contrast, and with 4K resolution, it provides the ultimate viewing experience. The projector offers you the ideal combination of performance and value for your money.


  • Ideal image quality
  • Ultra-slim portable design
  • High brightness levels
  • Huge screen display


  • Lacks vertical keystone corrections
  • Low battery life

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2. AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 Pocket Projector

AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector - Pocket Size Portable Mobile Mini Projector with mini-HDMI, built-in Media Player & Speakers, 3.5mm Aux Out, Micro SD/USB readers and 80 Min Lithium-Ion Battery

If you are after purchasing a portable projector with excellent quality and a portable design, try the AAXA LED pocket projector. AIAXA LED pocket projector is a mobile and efficient way to view your digital media, such as movies and photos, on a much larger scale. It is also great for presentations, small presentations, and events. With a native 720p HD resolution and LED light source, it works well in low-light situations (day or night).

Probably, the only shortcoming with the AAXA LED pocket projector is the meager audio volume for its one-watt speaker. That’s not a big problem, though, cause if you need higher volume, you can connect external audio output speakers. Despite the audio issues, it still qualifies as the best micro projector reliable for its price and size.


  • Projector Design

The LED pocket projector is optimized for portable and mobile applications. You would love the projector design, which includes a built-in rechargeable battery capable of illuminating the big screen for 80 minutes. Moreover, the dedicated onboard media player supports multiple file formats: AVI, MP4, JPG, and more.

  • Pixels and Resolution

Enhance your workspace with the AAXA LED projector. The pico mini projector projects a vibrant, crisp image up to 60 inches with an HD native resolution of 720p. The device can autofocus on individual pixels of your image, so it pops in bright sunlight or indoors.

  • Inputs and Connectivity Options

The AAXA LED pocket projector is a plug-and-play device with multiple connection inputs. Firstly, the USB and MicroSD card reader inputs let you listen to playback videos, audio music, and get text files. While, 3.5mm Aux port connects you to external speakers, whereas mini-HDMI inputs support projects contents from HDMI devices on the screen.

  • Mobile Device Mirroring

Pretty effortlessly, you can mirror your smartphone or tablet with no problem. Get a suitable adaptor cable for your device and connect to the AAXA LED portable projector for seamless device mirroring. For your IOS devices like iPhone iPad, you would need the apple proprietary adaptor cable. At the same time, Android smartphones or tablets connect via special adapter cables such as Slimport and MHL.


  • Great value of money
  • Durable built quality
  • Responsive customer support
  • Effortless to use


  • Low audio volume

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3. Nebula Anker Capsule Pocket Projector

Anker NEBULA Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector, 100 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, 360° Speaker, Movie Projector, 100 Inch Picture, 4Hr Video Playtime for Inside and Outside, Watch Anywhere

The Nebula Capsule Anker projector lets you view your favorite TV shows on a massive 100 inches screen with a sleek, compact design for your pocket. The projector utilizes advanced DLP IntelliBright algorithms to achieve 100 ANSI lumens, delivering vibrant HD quality images and videos. It is also an excellent multi-tasker tool recommended in dimmer environments at home or outdoors.

Something so unique is that the projector features 360 degrees speakers, which lets out sounds in all directions. You can, therefore, steam popular media content from Hulu Netflix without connecting external speakers. Regardless, to project copyrighted content such as Netflix or Hulu, you need authorization, and charges apply. Yet again, Chromecast is not supported by this device, though other mirroring options work optimally.


  • Design

The nebula Capsule projector is a small, portable, and lightweight mobile device, perfect for group presentations, lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. The powerful DLP technology allows you to project incredible clarity and contrast. Additionally, the device includes an inbuilt rechargeable battery that offers 4-hour video playtime. Besides all, this handheld projector comes with a 360° Speaker that pumps sound in all directions.

  • Connectivities

Want to know what connectivity options does Nebula Capsule projector offers? Starting with built-in USB and HDMI ports, you can straight up connect and stream favorite content on your mobile devices. Similarly, you can go wireless by projecting your devices through WiFi, Bluetooth, airplay, or MiraCast.

  • Supersized Display

Enjoy larger screens and more immersive experiences with an ultra-compact designed  Nebula Capsule projector. Just pop the carrying case, set up your projector, and enjoy movies, music, games, and books anywhere on a screen 100 inches big. You can imagine the big screen cinematic display without compromising the image quality.

  • In-App Control

Have you misplaced your projector remote? Forget it. You can solve the issue by simply downloading the latest nebula connect app on your smartphone. The app is available on google play and AppStore. The software lets you set up, correct, and adjust this projector for seamless output on your mobile device.


  • Huge projection display
  • Durable design
  • Reliable connectivity options
  • Affordable


  • Chromecast not supported

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4. YOTON Mini Pocket Projector Y3

Mini Projector - YOTON Portable Phone Projector 1080P Full HD Supported for iOS/Android/Laptop, Gift for Kids, Video Projector Y3 Compatible with TV Stick/HDMI/USB/PS4/Xbox [Remote Control Included]

Get the best out of your multimedia experience with the finest small projector for bedroom entertainment. YOTON Mini Projector Y3 delivers high-quality audio, low noise level, and ultra-low heat dissipation, contributing to a more stable and immersive viewing experience for children and adults. The dual speakers make extraordinary HI-FI sounds perfect for movies, music concerts, and other video showbiz.

The projector uses LCD3.0 technology with a high light transmission lens to display a clear picture and a better viewing effect in a darker environment. However, much Y3 may be good; it’s also not perfect. Firstly, with 480p resolution, the projector cannot be reliable in commercial use or in a dark environment. You will also find that Bluetooth is not supported but makes an ideal option for home uses.


  • Design

When it comes to futuristic design, YOTON Y3 uses an advanced LED light source that applies the principle of diffuse reflection imaging to focus onto the screen-safe lights to eyes. This factor makes the projector a perfect choice for kids children. Gladly projector’s simplistic control and easy navigation interface with a remote control or LCD3.0 screen, even an under-five-year-old kid can operate.

  • Connectivity

Y3 offers unlimited wired connectivity options for convenience and reliability reasons. You will need apple lightning to digital AV adaptor to connect IOS devices while an MHL cable or HDMI to USB/Mira cast links you instantly to android gadgets. Besides wired connections, you can mirror your device screen wirelessly using HDMI wireless dongle.

  • Simple Navigation and Control

Suitably the projector combines the power of projectors with the light sensitivity of LED for a brighter and more effective user interface. With remote control, you can perform keystone correction 15 degrees in clockwise or anticlockwise directions. Similarly, the focus and zoom function allows you to get clear, sharp, effortlessly, vibrant images or video projection.

  • Low Noise and Stable Cooling System

The mini projector Y3 offers a massive display in a compact and stylish form that protects children in multiple ways. Noise-free design conforms to hearing safety standards with a maximum 25dB noise level. Also, the system adapts stable cooling technology with no excess heat dissipation; hence children can handle it.


  • Good image clarity
  • Low noise protects ears
  • Energy-saving low heat dissipation
  • Small and portable
  • Affordable


  • No Bluetooth support

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5. AKASO Mini Pocket Projector

AKASO Mini Projector, Pocket-Sized DLP Portable Projector, 1080P Cookie Projector, Support HDMI WiFi Built-in Rechargeable Battery Stereo Speakers and Remote Control Movie Projector

With its small size, AKASO Pocket Projector is the most convenient and portable projector for video and photo sharing. With its RGB LED lights brightness level and wide viewing angle, the projector can project videos, photos, maps, and slides in all directions, whether up or down, and horizontal orientation.

Enjoy your favorite movie and TV Show with crystal clear pictures and HD sound. The AKASO Pocket Projector is easy to set up, remove and store. It features an inbuilt rechargeable battery with a capacity that allows you to stream for 2 hours before recharging seamlessly. Indeed, the battery service life of 30,000 hours makes the projector everyone’s choice.

You will need the authorization to mirror or wirelessly stream copyrighted sources such as Hulu and Netflix. Again, the projection resolution will not offer sufficient clarity on light rooms but makes a fantastic option for dark environments.


  • Projector Design

Perfect for presentations or everyday use, AKASO Pocket Projector is designed to project Full HD 1080p resolution onto the screen. Its simple portable device measures 5.51 by 2.71 by 0.62 inches in dimensions, and it weighs just 0.46 lb. going deep into the projector, it comprises an onboard rechargeable battery with 8000 mAh capacity.

  • Projection Technology

A stylish and elegant design for any kind of event. The most advanced DLP technology powers AKASO Pocket Projector. The technology greatly improves the contrast and uniformity of digital images, giving customers a better viewing experience.

  • Wired and Wireless Connection

Believe it or not, this tiny video projector supports WiFi functions, with which you can easily mirror your ios, android, tablet, or pc wirelessly. Still again, from the projector interface, there is an HDMI port. You may conveniently connect your wired device network free.

  • Multiple Device Compatibility

AKASO Pocket Projector features multiple inputs ports on its interface such as USB, HDMI, AV, and Micro SD port, which guarantees support for a wide range of devices. Now you can be sure this smallest portable projector is compatible enough to mirror your smartphone, PS3, PS4, X-Box ONE to enjoy big games.


  • Excellent image contrast
  • Accurate and uniformity projection
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Convenience technology
  • Versatile onboard inputs


  • Limited to dark rooms projections

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6. AAXA P7 Mini Projector

AAXA P7 Mini Projector with Battery, Native 1080P Resolution, 30,000 Hours LED Portable Projector, BT 4.0, Onboard Media Player, for Business and Home Theater

Project your film, slide show, and slideshow at home or on the go with the AAXA P7 Mini Projector. The device is one of the best compact projectors capable of casting high-definition images or videos on the screen. Further, it is a  remote-controlled DLP projector and allows users to access up to 1080p resolution while adjusting the brightness level. Therefore, you can set your screen to meet the demands of a wide range of uses, such as presentations, presentations, and gaming.

AAXA P7 Mini Projector is aimed at budget-minded producers and videographers as it can provide a great impact while staying small and light. A significant limitation is that you cannot charge while using the projector, and its power only lasts 90 minutes. You will have to keep breaking your viewing and recharge, but the experience is worth the price.


  • Design

The tiny projector can project up to 120″ in low light environmental conditions and incorporates remote to facilitate navigation like everything else; it’s Ultra HD Full HD (1080p) native resolution and optical DLP engine guarantee optimal image clarity. What amazes most is the powerful 38W Li-ion Battery with 90 minutes run time delivering 450 lumens plus auto-off feature. The overall projector design propels you to the ultimate viewing experience.

  • Audio Quality

you will never get bored with the P7 projector! The best small projector comprises 2 watts onboard premium quality speakers that produce immersive digital sounds. So you don’t need to worry about voice interferences and bad production sounds.

  • LED Light Source

Prepare for hands-on productions with AAXA’s P7 Mini Projector, an amazing LED Lightsource. This LED projector is ready to perform with up to 30,000 hours of LEDs! above all responds instantly to on /off commands with no warmup time

  • Multiple Input Options.

AAXA P7 Mini Projector is a versatile projector that connects multiple devices with its HDMI, VGA, and Composite AV inputs. You can gladly connect it to every imaginable device giving you the freedom to display content on almost any connection. Therefore, it’s an excellent upgrade for both businesses and home users.


  • Highly portable
  • Super 1080p HD resolution
  • Reliable built-in battery
  • Perfect image clarity
  • All in one audio-visual design


  • Compromises video quality

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7. Amoowa Smart mini Projector

Amoowa Mini Projector 1080p Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth DLP 200ANIS for Home and Outdoor Video Wireless Projector Compatible with HDMI/USB/iPhone/Android/Tablet

Upgrade your viewing experience with this stylish pocket DLP projector, which offers the best image quality of any portable projector on the market. The Amoowa Smart Projector is a visual reminder of the fantastic world we live in and what we can do that has never been done before. You’ll be impressed with its impressive features and quality.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this excellent projector offers a superior LED brightness projection up to 110 inches big screen. You will love to see things in uncompelled color accuracy, and it’s light enough to conveniently slipe into your handbag. While the projector is on, you can easily add a soundtrack. Once you are done, the projection area is automatically shut off. Apart from the complaint about the device being costly, the rest of the features are heavenly.


  • Power Source

Sure thing, the Amoowa Smart mini projector is one of the lightest ones you can ever have. Its built-in large 7000mAh capacity rechargeable battery, you don’t have to keep glued onto the power sockets. You only make a single charge and get sufficient power to run the projector non-stop for 3 hours.

  • 360-Degree Speaker

Did you worry about audio inputs? Absolutely, no room for doubt that you will be able to hear every detail of your movies with this projector. This best mini projector comes with powerful 360-degree omnidirectional speakers that send out equal digital sounds all around.

  • Keystone Correction And Focus

What makes everything unique is that the projector features keystone correction that automatically adjusts the image 40 degrees up or down on the vertical orientation. With a remote or smartphone, you can easily adjust the image’s sharpness and brightness to your wish.

  • Wireless Connection And Control

Amoowa Smart projector supports a fast 5G WiFi connection that works for ios and android systems. Hence, you can effortlessly mirror your devices directly via wireless airplay and other wifi-enabled gadgets. Additionally, it comes with stable Bluetooth remote control that allows simplistic navigation in all directions with a range of up to 26 feet.


  • Reliable WiFi and Bluetooth connections
  • Super sensitive touchpad
  • Ultralightweight and portable
  • Great native resolution
  • Ultimate image clarity


  • Quite expensive

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Best Pocket Projector Buying Guide

projector top table

Before buying the best pocket projector, carefully study all the device’s characteristics and read pocket projector guide of real users. It would seem that the projector is a tiny thing, and you should not bother with the purchase process. Nevertheless, the choice of the device dramatically affects your comfort, so take time to learn.

Display Technology

While purchasing, you need to consider the type of display system the projector employs. Projectors will vary significantly in the technologies they use to project images. For instance, DLP projectors use a color wheel that rotates to make colored images. DLP projectors produce pretty sharp images, but unfortunately, some rainbow artifacts may accompany the picture and degrade the color reproduction relative to the original.

On the other hand, LCD projectors are better for movies since they eliminate the rotating wheel. The fact about utilizing  LCD projectors is their richer color dynamics and works just good with ambient light sunlight.

Inputs and Outputs

You would prefer a projector that gives you the flexibility to connect in many ways. You can find many quality pockets having VGA and HDMI ports that allow you to hook them up to a Smart TV or computer monitor. WiFi connectivity is also a big plus so that your projector can seamlessly mirror content from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

Environment Conditions

It is certainly a great feature to check before you press cut to purchase the pocket projector and know whether it will display clarity images in your home environments. Depending on their display technology, aspect ratio, and resolution, some projectors offer varied projection experiences. If possible, purchase a projector that provides reliable video and image accuracy and uniformity in light or dark environments.

Power Source

You should consider whether you want a projector with an onboard battery or one that needs to be plugged onto the power source. Having your projector plugged in will be best if you have a permanent setup, as you may knock it out of calibration every time you recharge the battery. For a temporary structure, battery power reduces the wires you will need to have around your machine.

How Does a Pocket Projector Work?

Basically, pocket projectors can be categorized into two types based on their display technologies. That is either LCD or DLP options. The working mechanism of a pocket projector depends on the display technology it uses.

DLP Projectors:

DLP or “Digital Lights Processing” projectors use a chip or micromirror device to project images. A single mirror is about 1/5th the width of a single human hair. The mirrors are designed so that they move towards or backward from the light source to make either a dark image or a bright image with light.

The light from the source passes through the digital mirrors, then through a spinning color wheel of red, green, and blue colored filters, and then it finally reaches the chip where the image is produced. The problem with this solution is the noise caused by this wheel when turning. 3 chips are also used, making the product much more expensive.

LCD Projector:

On the other hand, the LCD projector utilizes transmitting technology that transmits light through the glass panels inserted and casts the image onto the screen. The light sources favorable for LCP projectors are metal halide lamps that give a variety of colors with perfect hue and color temperature.  LCD images are projected by shining light onto a panel containing millions of tiny liquid crystals.

How to Set Up The Pocket Projector

All projected are shipped with a power cored, but few will have included HDMI cable to connect it to other devices. Make a note of which cables are included with your projector so you can easily hook up gaming consoles or Blu-ray players. If you don’t have an HDMI cable, you can buy one that fits your projector’s HDMI ports.

Before plugging your projector in, you should find where you will mount it. Depending on the projector, there are few mounting options. Some laser and LED projectors can throw an image of up to 100-inches at a maximum distance of 10 feet. Short-throw projectors can cast 3 to 8 feet away, and ultra-short-throw projectors can project directly under the screen or up to 4 feet away.

If you want a projector device that you can mount on the ceiling or wall, choose the perfect position for your projector before you begin drilling holes in the wall. You can also select a projector stand to move the projector around the room as needed.

If your phone supports MHL, HDMI alt mode, or DP alt setting, you can link it to a pocket projector using a suitable cable. Just hook the phone one end of the and the other end to your projector, and the phone will undoubtedly result in HDMI to the projector, much like a laptop.


Are Pocket Projectors Any Good?

In our opinion, pocket projectors are fantastic devices.  Most projectors come with an internal battery that gives up to three hours of projection time. Pocket projectors make an excellent travel companion with their compact and lightweight design due to their portability. Mini projectors produce bright images even in low light, although they produce the best in dark rooms. A slight downside to using pocket projectors is that some users complain about poor audio quality and short battery life.

How Do I Connect Mini Projector to Phone?

Most modern smartphones have a built-in mirror feature that can be used as a projection screen. Set up your projector and place the phone close to it to use it. Then, activate the mirror mode on the phone by going to Settings > Display > Cast screen. You will now see whatever is on your screen on the projector screen.

Alternatively, you can easily connect a projector to a phone or a computer using an HDMI cable. You have to buy an HDMI cable first. Plug one end into the projector and connect the other end to your phone, and then you can use your phone’s screen as a projector screen.

What Is The Smallest Projector?

While we have analyzed very small pocket projectors in this text, AAXA P7 Mini Projector is one of the world’s most miniature projectors in its class. The device weighs only 1.4 pounds while measuring 1.85 by 1.73 by 1.06 inches dimensions-wise. You can easily fit it onto your pocket, handbag, or briefcase. It supports attractive onboard connectivity features for conveniently connecting wired and wireless devices.

How Small Can a Projector Be?

Today, you can buy projectors that are smaller than a cell phone and can be easily carried in the pocket. The most compact projectors are about the size of a matchbox. Researchers in Germany have developed the world’s smallest prototype pico projector. The model device consists of an array of very carefully formed microlenses, each with its small LCD  (LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAYS). The unit is just six millimeters thick. However, it generates pictures that are 10 times brighter than would commonly be possible with such a tiny gadget.

What Is a Good Size Projector Screen?

No size works best for all environments. However, if you’re looking for the best picture quality, you should go for the largest screen that you can fit in the room. Although larger screens (and higher resolutions) are better, the picture quality of a projector is not limited by its screen size as long as the viewing distance is not too far.

Are Mini Projectors Battery Powered?

Yes, mini projectors use a battery to power the HDMI port and the USB port outputs. The batteries are used to power up the projector even when there is no electric outlet or power socket. The range of a battery is between 2 to 4 hours. So, it is advisable to carry an additional battery while traveling or going to some long-duration events.


Sorry if you are perplexed; it is not an easy choice! It’s a very crucial choice you will ever make. Whether you want the best pocket projector that is easy to move between multiple meeting rooms or you need a travel-friendly projector for client presentations, there are many options available. We rounded up our top choices of pocket projectors, focusing on features that meet almost everyone’s needs.

Hopefully, you will find this list of the best mini portable projectors helpful. These devices are great for watching movies and TV shows on the go. Most pocket projectors we described here can project in light and dark confinements but work best in a dark environment. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to mention them in the comments section of this post. Thank you for reading!

Our overall best recommendation is Nebula Anker Capsule Projector, a project with ultimate features everyone would salivate. Firstly, it supports almost all projection methods. You can wirelessly connect via Bluetooth, WI-Fi, airplay screen mirroring, and MiraCast .while, you can locally share your device screen using HDMI USB ports on the interface. Above all, NEBULA Anker Capsule boasts a 4-hour non-stop video playtime before recharging hence a travel-oriented projector.

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