Top 7 Best Plotter Printer – Buying Guide

In most cases, office work has been hindered due to not having an exclusive printer. Simultaneously, if we do not acquire the best plotter printer, working on large papers and documents becomes hard. However, plotters provide more options than ordinary printers. In this way, huge organizations do not face any complex issues regarding printings so easily. 

Now the fact is, how to choose the right Plotter. Especially the newbies will hesitate since they are not affiliated with the best plotters and their terms. For this reason, I have enlisted some amazing products below, along with their features.

So, let us not delay and get straight to the products.

Top Picks: 5 Best Plotter Printer

Important Factors of Best Plotter Printer

HP DesignJet T630 Wireless Plotter Printer1. Provides faster and precise prints
2. Handles media efficiently 
3. Helps to remain productive 
4. Saves 95% of ink
HP DesignJet T650 Plotter Printer1. Offers smooth printing, scanning, and sharing files
2. Has an exceptional print speed
3. Recommended by many professionals
HP DesignJet T650 Large Format Plotter Printer1. Conveys exclusive outcomes
2. Approved by many construction professionals, engineers, architects, etc.
3. Connectivity is flawless
HP DesignJet T230 Compact Wireless Plotter Printer1. Comes with an intuitive display
2. Works like a magic for professionals 
3. Ensures trouble-free printing
HP DesignJet T630 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer1. Provides accurate line-quality 
2. Allows a smooth media handling 
3. Best for virtual printing and large format printing
iDrawHome A3 Working Area XY Plotter Printer1. Ensures more accuracy of prints
2. Comes with exclusive software
3. Each and every accessories tend to be of good quality 
VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 34Inch Bundle1. Speed, efficiency, and speed are up to the mark
2. Works with a digital control
3. Sturdier than ever

Top 7 Best Plotter Printer- Buying Guide

1. HP Designjet T630 Wireless Plotter Printer

If you see, HP DesignJet T630 is none other than the best plotter printer. Anyways, this product would be a great substitute for line-quality, technical-line drawings, maps, posters, and so on. 

Yet, its media size is also adequate, i.e., 36 inches in large format. And in a wide format of sheets, the measurement is 13 inches by 19 inches. Also, there is an accessory of automatic sheet feeder, which plays a great role in giving faster prints.

Key Features:

Handling of media

Coming to the media handling, you will get here media bin, roll switch, roll feed, switch feed, horizontal cutter, etc. Thus, doing different printing processes will be faster than ever. Moreover, you can get many prints and copies by saving lots of time. 


With HP Designjet T630, Projects can easily handle A0/E, A1/D, and A3/B. Although this printer looks quite simple, every task is really impressive. Other than that, you will always remain productive. In addition, the T630 printer saves 95% of ink by prevailing less of them.


There is much suitable software that adapts well with HP DesignJet T630. Such as HP Support Assistant, HP Easy Start, HP Smart app, HP Click, and HP Print preview. 


  • Great substitute for drawings, maps, posters, etc. 
  • Provides faster and precise prints
  • Handles media efficiently 
  • Helps to remain productive 
  • Saves 95% of the ink


  • Quality needs to be compromised often

2. HP DesignJet T650 Plotter Printer

For the most part, HP Designjet T650 Plotter Printer beats all plotter printers with its grid features. Anyways, you can use poster creation tools and submittal tools to assist the HP Click software. Moreover, the HP Smart app of T650 offers smooth scanning, printing, and sharing files from computers, Laptop, tablets, smartphones, etc. 

Talking about connectivity, HP DesignJet T650 stands first. The reason is, it works with WiFi 802.11, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, and Gigabit Ethernet of 1000Base-T. Hence, you will barely face any problem regarding connection while printing and scanning from this Plotter.

Key Features:


Though HP T650 Plotter is a cost-effective product, it never lacks quality. Yet, this Plotter tends to be simple and tremendous simultaneously. Likewise, you will not get any trade-offs here, which allows you to do lots of printings easily. On the other hand, HP’s plotters play a crucial role in saving 95% ink.


If you see, HP DesignJet Plotter is suitable for maps, posters, crisp texts, and many more. For this reason, many engineers, architects, construction professionals are relying on this product. 

Print speed

One of the most effective things about Designjet T650 Plotter is its print speed. In the same way, it has a print speed of 26 seconds for each page. At the same time, this printer takes 1 hour for print size of 82 A1/D.


  • Goes well with poster creation tools 
  • Offers smooth printing, scanning, and sharing files
  • Has an exceptional print speed
  • Approved by many professionals 


  • Seldom misses on during shipment 

3. HP Designjet T650 Large Format Plotter Printer

For the best large format plotter, you must go for HP DesignJet T650. However, many of us are associated with technical line drawings, maps, posters, crisp text, etc. For such alternatives, HP Designjet offers exclusive outcomes. For now, many engineers, architects, and construction professionals like this product very much. 

In terms of media handling, HP Designjet T650 can do different tasks. Such as media bin, automatic sheet, roll feed, automatic horizontal cutter, and many more. Now let us see some more features of HP’s printer.

Key Features:

Size of media

As mentioned before, HP’s printer does a large format print. So it is obvious that its media size is also large, i.e., 24 inches. Besides, sheets 13 inches by 19 inches can easily adapt with this printer. And because of the automatic sheet feeder accessory, you will not face any trouble while printing. 


No doubt, the connectivity of HP DesignJet plotter is mediocre anywhere. The reason is, T650 holds a Gigabit Ethernet with USB 2.0 of Hi-Speed. Furthermore, 802.11 WiFi can also give a reliable network connection to this printer. 

Cost effective 

Although HP DesignJet is a cost-effective product, it never lacks behind inefficiency. Also, you will not see any trade-offs here, making your usage process easier.


  • Best for posters, maps, line drawings, etc.
  • Conveys exclusive outcomes
  • Approved by many construction professionals, engineers, architects, etc.
  • Connectivity is flawless


  • Works slowly sometimes

4. HP Designjet T230 Compact Wireless Plotter Printer

HP Designjet T230 is none other than the best plotters for architects. All in all, you will get here an intuitive display within an LCD of the large backlight. To give a good crisp text, maps, posters, etc., HP DesignJet T230 ensures profound quality throughout. Nonetheless, this printer works like magic for engineers, architects, and many professionals.

Correspondingly, the media handling of T230 Wireless Plotter owns a roll feed, sheet feed, and a horizontal cutter. Thus, going through your printing processes will not be difficult at all.

Key Features:

Media size

The media size of HP DesignJet T230 offers wide media rolls of 24 inches, where the wide format is 13 inches by 19 inches in sheets. 

1 click printing 

HP Click is a great submission tool to simplify all our printing jobs. Besides, scanning multiple files can be done quickly with just one click. Well, this printer helps in doing virtual printing from anywhere, anytime. 


From now, you will not have to think about connectivity anymore. The reason is, HP DesignJet has connectivity of Gigabit Ethernet of Hi-Speed, a 2.0 USB, and 802.11 WiFi.


All in all, HP DesignJet T230 includes authentic software like HP Smart app, HP Click, HP Easy Start, HP Print Preview, HP Support Assists, and so on. Hence, no one will face any trouble regarding the smoothness in printing.


  • Comes with an intuitive display
  • Has a large backlight LCD
  • Works like magic for professionals 
  • Ensures trouble-free printing 


  • Works slowly in extreme pressure

5. HP Designjet T630 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer

HP Designjet T630 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer is a great product you can have for accurate line quality, technical line drawings, maps, posters, and so on. Furthermore, many professionals, engineers, and architects are using this printer because of its super-efficient standards. 

Also, HP T630 owns a suitable media size of up to 24 inches with wide media rolls in large format. Similarly, the wide format has a size of 13 inches by 19 inches in sheets which includes an accessory of an automatic sheet feeder. And if you are thinking of a plotter for small office use, nothing can be as great as the HP DesignJet plotter printer.

Key Features:

Media handling 

Nonetheless, DesignJet T630 allows a smooth media handling. For instance, you will get an automatic horizontal cutter, media bin, automatic sheet, roll feed, and sheet feed here.

One-click printing 

Without wasting any time, you can now finish your printing tasks within one click by using HP DesignJet T630. The reason is, this printer contains a submission tool to make all our printing work faster. Again, managing large format printing and virtual printing will be hard because of the HP DesignJet plotter.


Like any high-quality printer, DesignJet T630 comprises Gigabit Ethernet, i.e., 1000Base-T. The WiFi 802.11 and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 will make this printer run swiftly.


  • Media size is enough suitable 
  • Provides accurate line-quality 
  • Allows a smooth media handling 
  • Best for virtual printing and large format printing


  • Bad for large office use

6. iDrawHome A3 Working Area XY Plotter Printer

Nevertheless, draw home A3 Working Area XY is the best architectural Plotter you can ever have. All in all, iDrawHome Plotter Printer ensures more accuracy since it owns a 16T 5 mm bore with a timing belt pulley. Now and then, you will find here exclusive software of MAC and WIN version that are yet to get in its package. 

On a note, iDrawHome Plotter mimics handwritten notes and performs a nice job copying large numbers of papers. Not only that, Working Area’s motherboard comes with an integration of all-in-one functions. Including these traits, there are more features you can see in iDrawHome A3 Working Area XY Plotter Printer.

Key Features:


Simultaneously, every hardware accessory of the iDrawHome printer conforms to good quality. Also, its software support is highly remarkable instead of some unique features. 

A research tool

Unquestionably, the iDrawHome Working Area Printer works as a research tool. Especially for those who work on different researches, e.g., teachers, students, DIY enthusiasts, creators, etc., can take help of this printer. 

Lead-free process 

By a lead-free process, iDrawHome Plotter owns an improved power signal. However, a laser connector is added to this printer to prevail faster prints. 


  • Ensures more accuracy of prints
  • Comes with exclusive software
  • Every accessory tend to be of good quality 
  • Has an integration of all-in-one functions 


  • Job is not perfectly done often

7. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 34Inch Bundle

VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Bundle is one of the latest plotters you can ever have. Its efficiency, speed, and force are always up to the mark. Now and then, consumers will get a facility of 870 mm of paper feed and 780 mm of paper width. Yet, a cutting precision of the VEVOR Vinyl Printer leaves no objection at all. This printer will work faster than ever as there is a 4M cache memory. Hence, printing and scanning tons of papers will seem like a cakewalk for you.

You will also find here adjustable force and speed to convey perfect copies and documents. Again, the VEVOR plotter owns a digital control panel that helps adjust speed and cutting force.

Key Features:

LCD Display

Because of having a backlight LCD, Vinyl Cutter Printer helps display working processes directly. 


There is an anti-deviation design with 3 adjustable rollers of the double-spring pinch. Also, you will get here a knurling stick made with aluminum. Besides, the pressing wheels are highly precise, whereas the scale line does not allow any anti-deviation of paper feed. 


As there is a heavy-duty floor stand, consumers will hardly find any difficulties regarding the sturdiness of this printer. Again, a paper basket plays a great role in preventing any materials from going to the ground.


  • Speed, efficiency, and speed are up to the mark
  • Does tons of printing and scanning quickly 
  • Works with a digital control
  • Sturdier than ever


  • The Cutter head belt is poor

Best Plotter Printer Buying Guide

best plotter printer

Nonetheless, the best plotter printer is never hard to find if we know the main traits. Similarly, you will acquire the right printer by selecting all your preferences. For now, I will tell you how to choose the best Plotter for yourself so that you do not have to compromise. In place of beating around a bush anymore, let us go through the points of the guide below. 


To measure the quality of a product, we need to justify it with numbers. Hence, the quantitative formula is also getting related. However, the products with higher specifications are always flawless. But if the specification is well and the balance is not right, you may face difficulties while experiencing it. 


Instead of searching the heap of features, search for useful info. Hence, getting the right printer will become easier for you.


Unless the durability of a plotter is acceptable, there is no point in having one. The more durable a plotter, the more it turns out to be a robust object. So, if you choose a durable plotter, using it for years and years will seem like a cakewalk for you. 

Value of Money 

Your entire acquisition goes bland if you do not get what you pay for. Usually, we do not expect high-quality outcomes from a cheap product. But that does not mean expensive products always turn out the best. Nevertheless, you should put all your plotters on a list and measure which one serves according to its price.

Customer Reviews 

With the help of customer reviews, you can know about the real world consumers’ experiences. Well, a product’s customer reviews tell us the real information about it. 


Indeed, all products do not acquire that consistency. However, various modifications are done, and new features are being created. But if we use a good plotter printer, there would be no scope of facing any difficulties. So while choosing a plotter printer, make sure it has all new features which are not so tough to get.

Seller Rank

A plotter that is trendy and growing in sales should be our first pick. As a result, you can know if the product is good or not. Again, gaining knowledge about the manufacturer’s service is also possible by judging the seller rank of your Plotter. 

How to Use a Plotter Printer?

When you come in many times to the screen, there will be little red lights on the printers. Again, there are two little levers, where the small blue one will lift the printer, and you can pull it finally. 

Now with the bullet, grab the edge of the Plotter and pull it. If you leave the bullet on the table, it will roll off. And if you lean it against the wall, your bullet will fall over. Well, there’s a plastic coating with little things in the end in some plotters. If you take it for one hour, you can save the plastic. But lately, keep your paper dry as you want to take it off. And once the heat is off both ends, put that in your printer. Then leave a gap between the paper and that blank. Afterward, make sure both sides are in your Plotter. 

Now, take your paper, put it on the Plotter, and try to keep your edges flat, and start rolling it until you see it come out. Hence, the papers are going to line up. Now and then, make your file smaller to print faster. 

Now there are two or three different types of bond paper on here. After that, go down 300 feet to finish loading. And by unloading the rope correctly, you can print a barcode on there, which will answer all the questions.

Just lift the lever when you’re done taking your paper out. Well, you need to put your paper on a plotter and see how smoothly your documents start to print in a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better Plotter or Printer?

As plotters are more expensive than printers, they also serve more effectively. Besides, a plotter can draw continuous lines, which a printer cannot. But one problem is, plotters work at a slow speed, whereas printers work fast.

Which is a Better Plotter or Laser Printer?

Undoubtedly, plotter printers beat laser printers in all ways. Indeed, plotter printers produce printed documents at a faster speed. However, laser printer technology and plotter printers create printed documents by taking very little time. But if you see, many firms are using plotter printers more rather than laser printers because of the extended features.

Which Plotter Can Print Accurate Drawings?

Numerous plotters can print accurate drawings. But we need to make sure our plotters are sophisticated enough. Well, some plotters of high quality are-

  • HP Designjet T530 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer
  • Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer
  • HP Designjet T130 24-in Large Format Printer

How Do I Choose a Plotter?

While choosing a plotter, we need to decide what type of work we will do. We need to think of size, material, and several colors following this matter. Again, you should also know the right information about your Plotter which you will purchase. Henceforth, no complications will arise during the usage of your new Plotter.

Which Type of Plotter is Better?

A drum plotter or a roller plotter is suitable for scanning and printing. Likewise, it is very common and easy to get anywhere. On the flipping side, a flatbed plotter is a good one, too, especially for its nature. And if your budget is low, inkjet plotters can be a reliable option for you. 

Which Plotter is the Best?

Here are some best plotters you can have-

  • HP Designjet T130 24-in Large Format Printer
  • Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer
  • HP Designjet T530 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer
  • Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer
  • HP Designjet T630 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer


All being well, a plotter printer is a great tool for working on huge sheets and papers. As a consequence, selecting the Plotter is also important. Yet, the options are adequate; let me make it simpler for you. 

For now, HP DesignJet T630 and HP Designjet T230 are leading in the market with their exceptional features. Well, these two plotters are great options for those who are tight on budget. Contrastingly, VEVOR Line Free Vinyl Cutter Machine and draw home A3 Working Area XY Plotter Printer are great plotters but a little high in price.

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