Best Pico Projector – Buying Guide

Are you looking for a portable projector to conduct presentations or to display a movie around your backyard? Sure, owning the best pico projector can serve you perfectly. Pico projectors are small wonder devices you can use to project content from your smartphone to easily share photos or watch movies with pals or family.

Indeed with the modern pico pocket projectors, you’ll not stress about portability. You can have one in your backpack or jacket pocket. And because we know how stressful it can be when shopping for a reliable one, we’ve done intensive research on the best options confirming some vital features. First, we looked at the resolution, color contrast, price, and the modern technology used.

Keep reading as we have highlighted the top ten pico projectors detailing key features, pros, and cons. Further, the buying guide got considerations to help you choose your intent.

Our Favorite Pico Projector

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Product Specification

Product Description 
AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Micro Video ProjectorWattage: 6 watts
Display Resolution: 1280 x 720
Item Weight: 0.4 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 4.25 x 2.36 x 0.7 inches
Mini Projector, PVO Portable ProjectorDisplay Resolution: 800 x 480
Item Weight: 0.7 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 5.51 x 3.78 x 2.13 inches
Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector- HD 1080pWattage: 9.25 watts
Brightness: 60 Ansi lumen
Item Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.79 inches
KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico ProjectorWattage: 5
Brightness: 60 Ansi lumen
Item Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.87 inches
Resolution: 4k
PTVDISPLAY Pocket Portable Mini Projector, 1080 PicoOutput: 3.5mm Audio Output.
Product Size: 14.7* 8 * 1.8cm / 5.6 * 3.15 * 0.7in
Product Weight: 248g
Resolution: 1080p
Philips PicoPix Max One, Pico ProjectorWattage: 50 watts
Resolution: 960 x540
Dimensions: 4.88 x 4.72 x 1.67 inches
Mini Projector, Portable Projector Movie Projector-YG300Wattage: 20 watts
Brightness: 1000 Lumen
Item Dimensions: 5.12 x 1.97 x 3.54 inches
AnyBeam Pico Mini Portable Pocket ProjectorItem Weight: 0.3 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 4.06 x 2.36 x 0.75 inches
Image Brightness: 150 lumen
AAXA P6X 1000 Lumen Battery ProjectorWattage: 4 watts
Display resolution: 1280 x 800
Item Weight: 0.82 Kilograms
Amoowa Smart Mini ProjectorBrightness: 200 Lumen
Brightness: 200 ANSI Lumens
Projection Screen Size: 37.8~110 inch
Resolution: 854 * 480

Top 10 Best Pico Projectors- Buying Guide

1. AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Micro Video Projector

The AAXA KP-101-01 is an ultra-compact long-lasting pocket projector you can use to display your content from your smartphone or tablet. It also comes with a multi-media player and an HDMI port, ensuring you enjoy powerful projection around your house. 

The resolution is high for clear and sharp images and videos. Again, it can accept text from a digital forum, micro SD card, or USB. It is a device you can enjoy moving anywhere with it because of its flexibility, scalability, and performance.

Key Features


You can use this mini projector to share photos and videos with pals. This is because of the onboard media player. Still, you can have presentations from any place. Also, you can enjoy gaming.

Long-Lasting Battery

AAXA LED PICO comes with a lithium-ion battery that you can use for good 80+ minutes. You use the micro USB port to recharge the battery from anywhere. This is a guarantee of continuous operation.

Connectivity Options

The MINI-HDMI allows easy connection with devices like laptops, Macs, game consoles, PCs, and more. Remember, you must buy the adapter separately. When it comes to playback, you use the USB port. Moreover, you can connect your external speaker through the 3.5mm Aux. Also, the composite is for hooking up older devices.

High Resolution

Consider this PICO for sharp and clear images when watching a movie. The 1280 x 720 resolution ensures crisp images that can even go up to 60 inches.


This is a fantastic projector you can use to mirror your tablet or smartphone. You need to purchase an adapter cable to connect your PICO to your device. It is advisable to buy a compatible adapter.


  • 720P resolution
  • Long-lasting battery
  • It can work perfectly under low light
  • Lots of connectivity options
  • Easy to charge


  • It doesn’t concentrate blacks

2. Mini Projector, PVO Portable Projector

Have you been looking for a cartoon or movie projector? PVO projector is the right deal. It is one LED projector you can gift your kids or friends. Moreover, it is a small device that can project up to 60-100 inches. 

The good thing is, you can carry it to any place you want to do presentations. The resolution is excellent, ensuring explicit videos and images projecting in low light. Though it doesn’t come with a built-in battery, the power adapter can take you through.

Key Features

HDMI Enabled

It is easy to play videos, share photos and play games. You don’t need to connect wirelessly to do all this.


The performance is outstanding as it can support 1080 full HD. This YG300Pro upgrade got a resolution of 800 x 480dpi, assuring you more precise and sharp images when watching a movie.

Small Size

Get this portable mini projector you can comfortably carry in your bag or pocket. Still, your children can carry it around to enjoy movies when traveling or camping around the home.

Best Gift For Kids

Your kids can use PVO to watch cartoons and other kids’ movies. Besides, it can project from 60-100 inches.

Multiple Ports

The multiple interfaces, including USB, TF, HDMI, micro SD, audio, and AV, help you quickly connect with various devices. Again, you can play games, watch TV series, and share photos without the use of WIFI or Bluetooth.

Power Supply

It is equipped with a power adapter to charge anywhere. You can even use your mobile charger to power it.


  • Great resolutions
  • It is a portable device
  • Comes with multiple interfaces
  • It’s affordable
  • Works perfectly


  • The manual doesn’t come with clear instructions

3. Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector- HD 1080p

Meet this great KODAK pico dlp projector best for stunning videos. It is an imaging device right in your hands. Additionally, it comes with a digital design with great revolutions for quality imaging. Moreover, you can have it in your bag to the fantasy world. 

Again, it is compatible with all sorts of devices as it is equipped with USB, Micro SD, and input HDMI. And because of this, you can connect this projector with your Mac, PC, HDMI video player, and cable box. Enjoy great possibilities with your pocket PICO.

Key Features

Highly Compatible

Kodak DLP projector is high compatible as it comes with a whole media player with built-in speakers, integrated HDMI, MicroSD, and USB. With the HDMI, you can connect this device with your tablet or smartphone.

Powerful Display

This mini projector can display 16.7 million colors. Enjoy detailed movies, games, and photo slideshows.

Small In Size

The palm-size of this projector enhances portability. You can have it worldwide to fit in your handbag or back pocket.


This device comes with DLP optical engine enhancing brightness and color accuracy. The performance is good when in a dark room or dim light.

Easy To Operate

You can use the pico projector screen with direct buttons and menu screens. You only need to connect it to your gaming console, cable box, PC, or Mac.


  • Comes with a menu screen
  • It is a palm-sized projector
  • Great performance
  • Highly compatible
  • Comes with multiple ports


  • It is not Bluetooth enabled

4. KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico Projector

Thanks to technology because you can do imaging from your fingertips. If you want to share larger images with your friends, you can consider this quality mini pico projector. Enjoy audiovisual excellence with this great projector. 

The bright LED lamp and the 16.7 million colors ensure clear and sharp images when watching a movie. It doesn’t matter if you purchase it for home or business use; the built-in speakers make it best for portability—further, the multiple interfaces for connectivity purposes.

Key Features

Display Capabilities

Kodak Luma 150 is a mini projector that can quickly help you project videos. The videos are bright so that you can use them for home entertainment. Also, you can use it for presentations so long as there is a wall around it.


Check out this device for stunning projection! The resolution is 854 x 480dpi with a brightness of 60 ANSI. The contrast ratio for precise imaging is 1000:1. Don’t you see how enjoyable it is to have this projector!

Great Design

The design is suitable for portability purposes. Its rechargeable battery can go for some hours. Again, the built-in speakers ensure quality sound.

Best For Home And Office Use

This is a beautiful product you can have within your home or business. Apart from entertainment, you can enlarge images during meetings, seminars, or staff meetings.


It is a device that comes with Micro USB and HDMI cables to connect with your laptop, tablet, storage device, camera, PC, and other devices. Still, you can connect it wirelessly through Airplay & Miracast.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Comes with 854 x 480 resolution
  • Highly portable
  • Best for entertainment
  • The quality is good


  • The speaker volume is a bit low

5. PTVDISPLAY Pocket Portable Mini Projector, 1080 Pico

Have fun by using this celebrated pico projector. It’s a palm-sized device producing a high-quality display. Again, it uses DLP technology for explicit videos and sharp images. It is an ideal device for gaming, home entertainment, and business presentations. 

It can project up to 120 inches bringing the definition of large images on videos. Moreover, it is designed for you to carry it to any place. Again, it connects with WIFI to watch movies online or play games.

Key Features

Bright Display

Unlike ordinary LED projectors, this DLP projector comes with advanced colors. Its LED lamp can last for 30000 hours and has a brightness of 100 ANSI lumens. 1000:1 is the contrast ratio with a resolution of 1080p. Enjoy full HD movies at your comfort place.

WIFI Connectivity

Buy this small wireless projector to watch movies or play games online. It is also Bluetooth-enabled to operate with a mouse and keyboard.

Compact Design

The PTVDISPLAY is a pocket projector measuring 14.7 x 8.0 x 1.8 inches and a weight of 248g with a display of 120 inches. It is best for home entertainment as you can even carry it to offer presentations during meetings or seminars.

Rechargeable Battery

The 5000mAh rechargeable battery can survive without external power for 2-3 hours.


If you have a problem with this product within the first year, you can return it for replacement or refund. This is because it comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Highly portable
  • The resolution is excellent
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Brightest display


  • The battery is not that reliable

6. Philips PicoPix Max One, Pico Projector

You can consider the Philips PicoPix projector if you need a projection device. It’s a small product with so much power in imaging. Well, you can watch full HD movies from any place. Its resolution of 1080p guarantees sharpness with lifelike images when watching a movie. 

The 5h battery also allows you to watch your movie to the end from your bedroom, living room, or backyard. Further, it comes with auto-keystone and digital zoom to project from anywhere. The USB type C port connects your tablets or laptops.

Key Features

Long-Lasting Battery

It is an advantage to own this fantastic pico projector as you can use its battery for good 5hours without recharging.

High Resolution

The resolution is 1080p high enough for the sharpest videos and images. The 4 LED light sources enhance 120 inches display which can last for 20,000 hours.


Through HDMI, you can connect this pico to a smartphone, gaming consoles, notebooks, and other HDMI input devices.


Because of the USB-C types, you can connect your iPhone, MacBook Pro, and many other type-C machines to watch your videos.


This pico projector got electric focus, digital zoom, and four corners correction for the sharpest images when it comes to image correction.


  • 5h battery
  • High resolution
  • Highly portable
  • Its quality is good


  • Not Bluetooth enabled

7. Mini Projector, Portable Projector Movie Projector-YG300

Are you looking for a portable projector? YG300 is such a device. You can get it for your children for cartoon entertainment and even movies. It is a projector you can connect with your mobile phone to present. 

Again, you can use this device to turn your home into a theater and watch your favorite movies. Because of its palm size, you can carry it to your outdoor areas and even travel for camping. Nevertheless, it is an easy-to-use device. The multiple interfaces will help you connect this mini projector with other devices.

Key Features

Power Supply

Grab YG300 if you love outdoor activities as it comes with a mobile power supply. It is a convenient way of enjoying movies throughout despite your location.

Multiple Ports

YG300 got multiple interfaces. It comes with USB, Micro SD, HDMI, TF, AV, and audio ports. Thus, you can connect it with laptops, cameras, desktops, TV boxes, and computers to play games, watch movies, or photo slideshows.


It is never a hassle to move with this standard pico projector. Indeed, it’s a small device you can carry in your back bag or pocket.

It’s An Excellent Gift For Kids

This is because it comes with an HD cable and USB flash drive, a great deal for watching movies and photos on a 150 inches screen. Your kids will not spend much time on phones and tablets.  

High Resolution

You’ll love the 1080p that enables full HD viewing. It also contributes to the excellent brightness and beautiful images for comfort when watching a movie in a dark room.


  • Comes with multiple ports
  • It is highly portable
  • Excellent resolution
  • Highly compatible
  • It’s a quality projector


  • Not the best in bright areas

8. AnyBeam Pico Mini Portable Pocket Projector

AnyBeam Pico Mini Projector is a unique product you can use for personal imaging or business presentations. It is an affordable device, lightweight ready to offer a fantastic experience. Again, it uses the latest technology to offer the best when projecting. 

However, it is unnecessary to adjust curved surfaces as this projector can still project perfectly. Highly compatible, consider this device that can connect with all devices.

Key Features


AnyBeam is just a 0.3lbs device that can quickly move around, creating a fantastic home theatre. Also, it’s a product you can have in your pocket for meetings, party or sports season.

Colorful Imaging

This device is equipped with all features you need for perfect images on movies and videos. It also comes with built-in speakers.

Energy Saver

AnyBeam projector comes with a fanless design that allows you to watch your movies uninterrupted. Again, it is powered through USB, lasting for over 10 hours.

Focus Free

This advanced scanning technology gives a stunning projection. You can even project curved surfaces excellently.

Outstanding Compatibility

AnyBeam is a pico projector compatible with iPad, iPhone, HDMI, and Android phones. You’ll need a Wi-Fi display dongle when connecting this projector with your phone.


  • Less energy consumption
  • It is highly compatible
  • Small in size for portability
  • Colorful imaging
  • Uses advanced scanning technology


  • You must have an external HDMI adapter to connect this device to your phone.
  • Pricy

9. AAXA P6X 1000 Lumen Battery Projector

Achieve 160″ image by purchasing AAXA P6X Lumen Battery Projector. It’s a light device making it the best pico projector for presentations. Well, it is a project you can carry to any place. It doesn’t matter if you are buying it for home use or business; we are sure it’ll serve your purpose. 

The battery is long-lasting with an onboard media player. The speaker is robust, providing a quality sound. Also, it comes with other unique features.

Key Features


It is a small device that weighs 1.8 lbs. You can have it anywhere you wish to. It is fully equipped for a cine-like experience.

All-In-One Projector

P6X is a fully packed projector with an onboard media player and powerful speakers for playback. Other inputs are composite AV and HDMI.

Power Supply

P6X comes with a 15000mah battery also acts as a power bank that you can even use to charge your phone and other devices.

Super Speakers

You’ll enjoy the loud quality sound from the 4W high low-frequency speaker. It doesn’t matter if it is in battery mode.


The results are excellent. This is because of the 1280 x 800 dpi, which assures stunning presentations.


  • Amazing resolution
  • Powerful battery
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect connectivity


  • It is expensive

10. Amoowa Smart Mini Projector

Smaller than iPhone13, Amoowa is one of the pico portable projectors you can consider for your imaging projects. It’s a standard device that can connect wirelessly with iPad and androids. 

Again, it is an easy-to-use device with an innovative touch. This projector also supports Bluetooth, so you can transfer anything you want. The resolution is excellent, with a 37.8 to 110 inches projection distance.

Key Features

Touchpad Control

The touchpad is seamless, so you can easily control your projector.


You can use HDMI or USB to connect with other devices like laptops, mouse, hard disks, TV. In addition, it is the best for iPhone, Micro USB cable, and android wireless projection.

Projection Brightness

The brightness is at 200 ANSI Lumens. It comes with three models for brightness where you can choose what suits your eyes. You will enjoy clear and stunning images for a remarkable experience.

Mini Design

Get this phone-size projector that can fit in your pocket or bag. You can take it to any place you want.


The resolution is 854 x 480 dpi. For sure, the projection will be bright with clear and sharp images when watching a movie.


  • Wireless and Bluetooth enabled
  • It’s a mini projector for portability
  • Great resolution
  • Bright projection
  • Comes with a sensitive touchpad


  • Pricy

Pico Projector Buying Guide- Top Considerations

Best Pico Projector

Choosing the best pico projector can be overwhelming. The reason is that the market is flooded with mini projectors. Get a closer look at the below consideration if you are shopping for a mini projector.


When buying a pico projector, it is advantageous to confirm the resolution. The 4k movies need a projector with a higher resolution. You may be thinking that mini projectors got limits when it comes to resolution compared to the standard one. 

Well, there are some pico projectors models with impressive resolution. Some can even display up to 1080p but be ready to spend more.

Brightness And The Contrast

It is good to eye for quality images when buying a pico projector. Then, contrast and brightness are of importance. Consider one that is brighter for natural lighting. Besides, DLP projectors are top on contrast though you can get LED projectors with excellent contrast. Brighter projectors are the best for clear images when watching a movie.

Technology Used

The two types of technologies on pico projectors are the DLP (digital light processing) and LED (light-emitting diode). The DLP projectors are affordable and produce clear and bright images. Also, they are bright as they use mirrors to reflect light. 

The advantage of DLP technology is that it concentrates blacks compared to LED technology. In comparison, LED projectors are pricy than the DLP ones. This is because of the video images’ high resolution and color display. They also last for longer.


It is beneficial to confirm if your preferred projector can connect with all devices. Have a device that can connect with your phone or computer faster for convenience purposes. Still, you can have one with more options for connectivity.

How To Connect a Pico Projector To An iPhone?

You can connect it through a wired connection. Have your pico projector at hand and take the preferred adapter and insert it into your iPhone. Then, onto the adapter, plug your HDMI cable. Grab the opposite end and plug it into your pico projector. 

Remember to check if the HDMI input on your small projector is on. Finally, you’ll see your iPhone screen on the projector display.

What Is a Pico Projector For Cookies?

Pico projectors are handheld devices that can fit in one’s pocket. You can carry it to any place you wish. They are ideal when it comes to decorating cookies. They are easy to set to have any design on your cookies.

FAQ: Pico Projector

  1. Are Pico Projectors Any Good?

Yes, they are for big-screen viewing.

  1. How Do I Connect My iPhone To a Pico Projector?

You only need an adapter to connect your iPhone to a mini projector via HDMI or VGA.

  1. What Is a Pico Projector Used For?

It is used for projection purposes while connecting it with a tablet or phone.

  1. What Should I Look For In a Pico Projector?

It is advisable to confirm connectivity, compatibility, price, the technology used, and resolution, and lastly, be sure of your current projecting needs.

  1. How Do You Project a Picture on a cake?

After connecting your projector through USB or HDMI, make sure the device is just above the cake. The lamp should shine on the area you want to decorate. You can trace the picture on the decoration tool and then project it onto your cake.


Pico projectors are incredible devices for projecting movies or sharing photos from your comfort place. Choosing the best pico projector can be overwhelming, and we hope the above list will help. Again, make sure you’ve gone through the buying guide to make a good choice that can fulfill your needs. Have a test of one to have a testimony.

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