15 Best Photo Storage Boxes to Store Bulk Photographs – Buying Guide

Do you have multiple collections of photos that you want to keep safe from dust and moisture during storing? You need to consider quality photo storage boxes to store the photos.  The best photo storage boxes are designed to offer more area to keep many photos at the same time.

The storage boxes feature unique compartments for not only organize photos but also store valuable items and documents. They have lids and fasteners to ensure the safety of the photos and items. The boxes come in different designs and finishes; some have clear finishing while others are darker.

When choosing the photograph boxes, consider essential factors such as size that fit all your storage needs and snap-on lock to secure the box’s photos. Also, consider a box with a handle to hold when carrying it around for safety.

If you want to store your photos and documents safe, here are the best picture storage boxes boxes in the market.

Top Picks : 5 Best Photo Storage Boxes

15 Best Archival Photo Storage Boxes- Buying Guide

1. Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box

Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box is made of acid-free board and comes with a metal holder on the box’s front. Its sturdy construction ensures it holds up the photos over time.  It can store and protect over 1100 4 x 7″ photographs.  It features a lid that keeps dust and water away from the photos.

The storage box comes with a metal identification plate and a set of index cards to ensure easy sorting and identifying by occasion, subject, and date. These boxes come in various colors. It is perfect for storing collectibles, keepsakes, trading cards, photos, media and negatives, craft supplies, comic books, and more.

2. Lineco Archival Folio Storage Box

The exterior of the Lineco archival photo storage boxes are constructed from an archival boxboard with an acid-free and buffered interior, which protects acid deterioration of the photos. The archival construction can either be a metallic covering and faux leather to guarantee longevity. The Folio photograph box is suitable for storing and protecting photos, documents, crafts, office supplies, and other valuables.

The clamshell-made box features a thumb-cut in front of the box’s top for easy inside access. The edges are made of metal to add strength and durability, making it fit for stacking boxes’ volume. For affordable and stylish storage boxes, these folios are perfect.

3. IRIS USA, Inc. KP-XLPHO 4″ x 6″ Photo and Craft Keeper

IRIS USA, Inc. KP-XLPHO 4″ x 6″ Photo and Craft Keeper makes photo sorting easy. Each craft keeper features an outer case that holds up to 16 4″ x 6″ keepers to ensure photos are organized and protected. It is spacious to store up to 100 photos and acid-free to preventing photos from acid deterioration and also ideal for stickers, embellishments, and stamps.

Thanks to the snap-tight closures that keep photos safe while the rounded corners prevent the documents from damage. The lid design facilitates the stacking of multiple cases. The keeper features an in-molded handle for easy portability and transportation of the photos or other craft items.

4. ArtBin Photo & Craft Organizer Set Large Box with [5] Plastic Storage Cases

ArtBin Photo & Craft Organizer Set Large Box with [5] Plastic Storage Cases is designed to organize and store craft supplies. The plastic photo storage box is crafted from a translucent material for easy and quick identification of the documents inside. It can hold up to 100 4×6″ photos.

The organizer features a tight snapping latch to ensure it stays closed and keep the content safe. It comes with a large clear storage box and 5 small clear boxes that slide easily inside. The box is made from acid-free polypropylene material.

It is great for storing photos, cards, alcoholic ink bottles, buttons and embellishments, bobbin thread, embroidery floss, and other contents.

5. 2PO Heavy-Duty Photo/Video Storage Box

2PO Heavy-Duty Photo/Video Storage Box is designed with plenty of room to hold up to 1100 4 by 6 inches old photos. Its sturdy construction guarantees it to last over time. It is ideal for storing and protecting postcards, recipes, greeting cards, negatives, baby memories, wedding keepsakes, trading cards, and other contents.

The storage box features a metal identification plate for easy labeling of the box’s content, while index cards help organize photos separately. It has lid latches for easy access to the photos anytime. The box is made from acid and PVC free materials for safety and longevity.

6. Darice 30032648 Decorative Photo Storage Box

Darice 30032648 Decorative Photo Storage Box measures 7.5 x 4 x 11 inches providing enough space to hold multiple photos. An interlocking patterned acid-free box with a tight lid ensures an attractive way to arrange and store the documents from photos and craft supplies to mementos and many more.

Place a label into the metal frame of the box to label its content for easy identification. Each package comes with 1 box and 10 index cards for effective sorting of volumes of photos in groups. The blue storage box features a quatrefoil design with a solid color that ensures the room it is displayed in is bright.

7. Under The Bed Organization Storage Box

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Under The Bed Organization Storage Box is made from canvas material. Its foldable design makes it easy to portability and storage when not in use. It is shaped to fit underneath the bed while providing plenty of space. It is designed to store and organize shoes to look great in the nursery, bedroom, kid rooms, and many more.

Its zig-zag patterning and mix of white and gray adds happiness and calmness to the bedroom. It provides plenty of space for the belongings. The storage box features a hinged lid and handles on the sides that protect the items and offer easy access when needed.

8. Bigso Soft Storage Fabric Box

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Soft Storage Fabric Box is made from polyester and paperboard, making it sturdy and durable. The stylish soft-sided organizer box is a designer for an office, living room, closet, and more. It is available in three sizes. The storage box is perfect for storing seasonal clothes, toys, extra pillows, throws, and many more.

The storage box has a lid to keep the items in place, while the sewn-in handles ensure easy transportation. Its foldable design provides easy storage. The box features a strong fiberboard base with a soft polyester fabric that provides a modern look to any room. It is easy and quick to clean.

9. Wayfair Basics Storage Box with Lid

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Wayfair Basics Storage Box with Lid is constructed from polypropylene; this box offers a clean-lined silhouette and solid neutral hue. It is perfect for both contemporary and classic spaces. That is excellent for storing accessories in the master suite and organizing the hall closet.

It comes in a set of two; they can easily be collapsed and stack on top of each other for easy storage. Plus, the two built-in handles for easy transportation from one room to another. The storage box has a lid to protect the box items from dust and ensure the content remains in place. It is easy to set up the box with no tool required.

10. Leather photo box/wood print box

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The Leather photo box/wood print box is designed to store and present photos with style and class. The leather cover is constructed from high-quality leather that only gives the box a stylish look but will last for years. Its size is perfect for carrying with you to gatherings with friends and family.

It gives a classic look, style, and feels that is not in modern photo albums. It features a traditional acid-free wood print with a translucent sheet between each page to attach photos to both sides of the pages. The l

eather with wood print photo box makes a perfect gift for a family member, friend, or yourself.

11. Personalized Wedding Gift Marriage Certificate and Photo Memory Storage Box

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Personalized Wedding Gift Marriage Certificate and Photo Memory Storage Box is made from fine quality wood that makes the storage box last longer. It is designed and engraved to order with your choice of words and names. this makes a beautiful personalized wedding gift for the couple either on their day or as anniversaries. this box is perfect for storing photos and romantic knickknacks to enjoy memories in years to come.

The box is a truly thoughtful and useful customizable gift. It features a lid where you can add a special message of your choice. Choose from the different styles and themes of the box to suit your needs. It features a lid to protect the content from dust and water and ensuring the items are in position.

12. Wooden Photo Storage Box

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Wooden Photo Storage Box is crafted from 100% polyester and high-quality wooden material that guarantees many years of use. Its stylish look gives the home a perfect decoration, which is decent, classic, and fashionable. It is ideal for storing wedding photos, memory sticks, wedding gift ideas, USB flash drives, and bridal shower gifts.

The storage box not only offers extra storage space but also folds when not in use. It comes with a lid that keeps items from water and dust, while the lock makes the storage box lockable and secure. It is perfect for gifting your family, friends, and yourself.

13. BadPiggies Creative Explosion Box

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BadPiggies Creative Explosion Box is an ordinary gift box, but it will explode and reveal all the love in it when opened. The box is completed with printing photos, pasting them, and fills the middle gift box. It is ideal for a commemorative photo, baby growth album, travel photo, Christmas gift, birthday gift, party gift, among others.

It features 6 faces, 5 layers, and 12 amazing shape foldable paper cards; its innermost layer is a small box for storing little valuables. The box has enough space for storing photos. There are cards which hold about 50 pieces of photos and postcards. It simple to use; you can write down words and attach some photos.

14. American Crafts DCWV Photo Storage Box with Book Plate

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American Crafts DCWV Photo Storage Box with Book Plate is constructed from top-line materials and supplies, making it secure for storing crafting and DIY items. It makes storing and organizing the supplies and creations as easy as 1-2-3. The box features various scrapbooking supplies and materials that complement each other.

The photo storage box comes in various designs and themes, allowing you to choose what expresses the real you. Mix and match the box with other crafting sets to give unique and personalized creations. The organizer is versatile and can store volumes of photos, momentos, and many more.

15. Sterilite Deep Clip Box Clear with Green Latches

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Sterilite Deep Clip Box Clear with Green Latches is designed to store and organize items in the office, workshop, classroom, and home. Its modular design allows creating a storage system with 5 different sizes to work together. It is perfect for storing toys, coloring books, and crayons, and crafting supplies, tape, and cords in a workshop.

It features a clear base for easy identification of the items while the tight-clasping latches hold the lid securely to the base and keep content contained. The large and deep clip boxes share the same lid to allow the shallow and deep size to be stored in the same footprint.

How do you Store Old Photos in a Box?

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Whenever you come across your old photos, a lot of memories stir up. Your old photos deserve to be treated with care in a storage box to preserve their conditions. A photo storage box needs to have a sealed, water-resistant exterior like a plastic case and dividers to separate the photos.

When storing the photos, choose boxes with a square shape to keep the photos flat and secured. Store them in a water-resistant box to ensure they never come in contact with water. Consider materials made with cotton or wood pulps to avoid contact with acids.

Securing the old photos is more than piling them in photo storage boxes. You need to keep in mind several things when storing photos safely.  Use stiff and flat boxes to ensure the photos remain flat. Find boxes that fit the photos to prevent them from damage as they store them. Ensure the dividers are non-acidic and stiffer to keep the documents flat and safe from overheat or water contact.

Wrapping Up

Photo storage boxes provide a great way to preserve the photos and ensure they don’t get mixed up. They are perfect for studio, home, or office use. The boxes are constructed from sturdy materials that guarantee photo longevity. They protect the photos against dust, water, and light.

The storage box keeps the photos safe and organized. Most people damage and lose valuable memories due to poor handling. The photos need to be placed in the storage boxes for easy retrieving. You need to consider different photo storage boxes depending on your needs and the number of photos.

These photo storage boxes have multiple storage compartments to fit your volume of photos. Some are made with transparent materials for visibility when accessing the documents stored in them. They come in different sizes, a feature to consider when choosing a box to keep your photos and valuables safe and for long.

The storage boxes are made with plastic material, best for the safety of the photos. It protects the photos in case the box falls accidentally. Apart from ensuring the photos’ safety, it gives a stylish look for storing your old photos.

If you cherish memories, keep them well. By purchasing quality photo storage boxes helps to store them safely and securely. Consider the photo storage boxes suggested in the review to choose what fits your needs and volume of photos.

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