Top 10 Best Photo Scanner With Feeder – Buying Guide

Are you tired of relentlessly spending your time scanning documents manually? It’s about time you change your old scanner and switch to 2022’s intelligent scanners. Finding the best photo scanner with a feeder isn’t an easy task. You might get confused while searching for the scanner according to your needs.

Some cult-classic brands like Canon and Fujitsu are ruling the market. However, your budget and requirements might not go according to it. Some might need a regular scanner for photo scans, and some might need a higher-rate scanner to work from home. Whatever it is, we got you covered. Scroll down below to read our buying guide of the best photo scanner with feeder.

  • 4.3-inch touch screen
  • USB connections makes it easy to set up
  • Operating Temperature- 5 to 35 °C
  • Clean and elegant design

Top Picks: 5 Best Photo Scanner With Feeder

Description Table

Epson WorkForce ES-400Scans ppm 60
Can scan up to 99% of any document fast and smooth scanning
Plustek Photo ScannerProvides 600 DPI resolution print
Reliable paper feed technology
Can print within 2 seconds of scanning
Xerox DocuMate 152i Duplex ScannerProvides 2500 scan a day
50 sheets ADF
Easy to use
Xerox DocuMate 6440 Duplex Document ScannerProvides 300 DPI resolution print
120 ADF
Scans up to 9.5″ x 118″ document
Canon ImageFORMULA R40 Office Document ScannerFast document scan single touch shortcut
200 dpi resolution
Canon TR8620 All-In-One Printer4.3 LCD touchscreen for in one machine
Five individual ink system
Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex ScannerNine preset options searchable pdf options
200 dpi resolution
Canon imageFORMULA R50 Office Document ScannerPrints up to 8.5 x 11″ document good for bulk scanning
60 sheet ADF
ClearClick Photo & Document ScannerDelivers 1200 dpi resolution
3 AA batteries
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document ScannerFast scanning & printing
4.3-inch touch screen easy sharing


10 Best Photo Scanner With Feeder- Buying Guide

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner

Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi, USB
Sheet Size8.5 x 14
Sheet Capacity50
Item Dimensions11.5 x 6 x 6.3 inches

Scanning will be easier and faster if you switch to the new Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500.   Fujitsu is one of the classics for a good photo feeder scanner. Whether you are a Mac user or Windows PC, this smart photo scanner goes both ways. The wireless fast scanner can scan even from your drive or your desktop folder.


Wireless Scanning: ix1500 is most certainly the best photo scanner with a feeder of 2022 and has ended the manual scanning days. You can tap into its touch screen and scan wirelessly with just a tap of your hand. It can support up to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks.

ScanSnap software: Scan up to forty pages per minute with the ScanSnap software with Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500. It can auto-detect the document type and the destination. The software organizes different documents in different tags and searches to find files quickly.

Next-generation feeder: This clever fellow can hold up to fifty sheets of standard papers. Don’t worry about wasting your time, and this has auto color detection, blank page removal, size detection, and autorotation.

Extras: You’ll receive a welcome guide, a safety guide, an AC adapter, USB Cable, AC cable & receipt guide along with the ix1500.

What We Like

  • One-touch scanning
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Multi-user profile capability
  • Optical character recognition  feature
  • Quality scanning and printing

What We Don’t Like

  • Not ideal for industrial offices.

2. Epson WorkForce ES-400 Photo Scanner With Feeder

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Wattage17 watts
Scan Speedup to 35 ppm/70 ipm
ADF Capacity50 Pages
Item Dimensions11.6 x 6.6 x 6.3 inches

Finding a powerful yet convenient auto-feed photograph scanner can be challenging if you are not using Epson WorkForce ES-400. Scan your sacks of documents from business cards to receipts or any extra-long pages whenever you want, wherever you want. The bonus fact is it also comes with a  TWAIN driver for your work ease.


Reliable: Epson Workforce is a must-have if you want intelligent and fast scanning. Its ultrasonic double-feed detection helps you to prevent missing any pages. There’s a dynamic skew correction feature that allows delivering the best results. You can also create editable PDFs, Word, Excel files.

Easy: Scan up to thirty-five pages per minute and seventy impressions per minute whenever you want. You’ll receive a maximum 1200 dpi resolution for such a reasonable price. It captures both slides just in one pass—it saves both your time and effort.

Compatible: Don’t worry if you have a TWAIN driver; Epson WorkForce has a TWAIN driver for intelligent connection. Its connectivity is USB 3.0 and goes up to interface unit ten. This scanner supports up to windows to Mac Os. in a single touch.

Intelligent: You’ll hardly find a scanner that knows when to crop and set perfect color resolution. Fortunately, Epson WorkForce offers this facility with its ScanSmart software. You can even print from your email and preview and print.

What We Like

  • Easy share facility
  • Powerful software
  • It comes with a recycling option
  • Supports TWAIN
  • Smartly prints up to 240” paper

What We Don’t Like

  • It needs a separate network for job-based network scanning.

3. Plustek Photo Scanner With Feeder

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Wattage18 watts
Sheet SizeLetter, A4
Item Dimensions11.4 x 6.3 x 6.2 inches

Not everyone might need a heavy scanner, and paying attention to that, Plustek Photo Scanner brought beautiful features at a reasonable price. We might not label it as the best photo scanner with a feeder, but it sure does its job seriously.


Easy and free: If you want a simple photo scanner auto-feed, this might be the one for you. Plustek can scan up to a four-by-six-inch photo only in a matter of time, or we can say two seconds. Also, it can scan up to eight and a half inches wide.

Convert fast: Convert your photos in a matter of time with this innovative device. There’s no need to presorting. Select the size and crop the blank paper, and done.

Photoprotection: Most photo scanners come with the drawback of damaging photos. But not with the Plustek scanner, its intelligent paper feed design and drive wheel to take out the machine from the back of your beloved photo.

Edge technology: This can be a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays whenever you want. The cutting-edge technology with the intuitive user experience makes this scanner more lucrative. All you need to do is to put a single touch.

What We Like

  • Can touch up photos with “ephotos” software
  • It takes less space and time
  • Lots of editing option
  • Convenient for personal use
  • Easily shareable through social media

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t have a blank auto page remove option.

4. Xerox DocuMate 152i Duplex Scanner With Feeder

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Color Depth24
Sheet Capacity50
Item Dimensions12 x 17.6 x 12.9 inches

Scanning can be tedious work if you have the wrong one. Xerox DocuMate 152i Duplex Scanner is one of the fastest scanners on the market. High-quality scanning and printing can be easy when you have the Xerox DocuMate 152i Duplex Scanner. Also, it’s compatible with both mac and windows os.


Scan fast: Xerox duplex scanner can scan up to twenty-five photos per minute. Also, it can deliver fifty pm that too in 300 dpi. However, you can scan on one- side or even double side, you wish. It can check even in color mode, grayscale mode, or back or white.

Change platforms: Don’t worry if you have a TWAIN driver; this device supports it. Mac users can get ICA support along with powerful scans. It is a simple but powerful scanner at the same time.

Quick steps: Eliminate unnecessary traditional scanning and tap into this scanner for fast printing. Your scanned document will go to social media folders quickly with a simple touch of the Xerox button.

Image enhancement: Sometimes, scanned documents are damaged in printing. So the vision Xerox DocuMate 152i Duplex Scanner has an intelligent technology that enables it to edit documents automatically. Also, the understanding corrects any faults in the papers. It also results in OCR accuracy.

What We Like

  • Double-sided scanner
  • Value for money
  • Blank page detection
  • Better for personal use
  • Reasonable price and comes with a year of guarantee.

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t scan multiple business cards at the same time.

5. Xerox DocuMate 6440 Duplex Document Scanner

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Duty Cycle9,000 pages/day
ADF Capacity80-page
Item Dimensions12.5 x 9.4 x 26.8 inches

Sometimes you might not want a heavy best photo scanner with a feeder. Instead, you might want a simple scanner at an affordable price. For simple document scanning, Xerox DocuMate 6440 Duplex Document Scanner is the best on the market.


Swipe and scan: Scan any photo IDS or insurance card with a bit of sipe. This scanner offers scanning up to sixty pages and even one hundred twenty images. Just you need the Visioneer OneTouch, and you’re good to scan.

Color mode: Print out the best quality photos in a matter of time. It takes significantly less time to scan a  black/white/ color document. The resolution of the documents will be at a max of 300 DPI. You won’t need to do any sort of presorting.

Acuity Software: Xerox 6440 Duplex has an effective acuity image process technology. It enables the scanner to improve the visual of scans. It uses algorithms to correct any mistakes in the documents and even enhance quality.

Share now: This great scanner also provides fast scanning and sharing on google drive, one drive, and dropbox simultaneously. The unique AI comes along with it to provide this benefit. It can scan over nine inches of the document in a matter of time.

What We Like

  • Affordable and provides fast scanning
  • Improves quality of scanned documents
  • Easy to use
  • 120 sheets ADF
  • Share fast

What We Don’t Like

  • Can not scan photos

6. Canon ImageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Wattage22 watts
Sheet Capacity60
Scan Speed40 PPM
Item Dimensions10 x 12 x 10 inches

Now and then, it can get a bit messy with the regular scanning work. You can switch to the Canon ImageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner and rely on it as an automatic feed photo scanner. Forget the mess and always stay organized during scanning and printing.


Efficient: Canon ImageFORMULA R40 can scan two sides of a document when you put it to check. Both sides have a color option, and you can change it up to one side scanning. In one minute, it can scan up to forty pages. Also, the feeder can have sheets up to sixty,

Simple: The imageFormula R40 scanner is a decent page-feed scanner if you want it for home or small office. It is always fast and provides 200 dpi scanning quality. It also scans both sides of a paper with the auto-rotate option.

Organize: You can change your documents into digital documents with a single push. Scan, share, and organize. It might not be as fast as Epson WorkForce ES-400, but it does an excellent job of scanning at a reasonable price.

Compatibility: Canon ImageFORMULA R40 is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It includes a TWAIN driver for your convenience. The straightforward touch software helps to scan PDF files and cards faster than ever.

What We Like

  • One-touch software makes scanning easy
  • Suitable for small office
  • Faster document scan
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • It is broadly consistent.

What We Don’t Like

  • Scanning slows with time.

7. Canon TR8620 All-In-One Printer with Feeder

Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Resolution4800 x 1200 dpi
Print Speed15 PPM
Display4.3 LCD touchscreen
Item Dimensions13.8 x 17.3 x 7.5 inches

All in one printer sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Canon TR8620 All-In-One Printer is a great scanner and printer on the market. Scan and print whenever you want with a single touch. You can also print from your SD card for your ease.


Trouble-free setup: You can easily set this printer up for your computer and smartphone to get on track with your work. Just follow the instruction that comes along with the Canon TR8620 All-In-One Printer.

Convenience: Tap on the 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen to get the best scan and print for your work. The TR820 has a user-friendly interface that allows you to print multi-page documents faster than you can imagine. It also comes with a twenty-sheet auto document feeder.

Four in one: You can fit this sleek device anywhere at your office or home. It is also ideal for your business. The extra LAN connection is a bonus for photo scanners at a reasonable rate. Also, copying and scanning documents couldn’t be more accessible.

Wireless: Connect your device with a wireless connection and get the print as you want. The Canon PRINT app also helps to edit or print very quickly. It also has a smart edit option.

What We Like

  • Canon PRINT app software makes fast scanning
  • Suitable for your home
  • Wireless connection
  • Affordable yet premium
  • User-friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • It cannot print onto a cd/DVD

8. Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner with Feeder

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Sheet Size9.50 x 236.04
Color Depth24-bit
Scan Speed70 ppm/ 140ipm
Item Dimensions12.5 x 7.5 x 6.6 inches

Do you want the best photo scanner with a feeder for the office? The Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner is perfect for your work. It can also scan up to ten thousand documents a day. Most importantly, it has a steady document feeder.


Editable: Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex can scan up to one hundred and forty documents in a minute. Even it sounds impossible, but it is possible with this photo scanner. There are nine presets for one-touch scanning. You’ll get every document quality at two hundred dpi. YOU CAN GET YOUR DESIRED SCAN ANYTIME from PDF files to any OCR text.

Fast: Press the button and choose from the nine presets available on the Patriot H60. It ensures your document has the correct resolution, cropping, and color. You can change the file format when you want. Also, it requires access to any folder, device, or application virtually.

User-friendly: Are you running late for traditional scanning? The switch to H0 for high-speed USB 3.0 scanning. Also, the ADF is extra-wide for the smooth surface of any kind of ID card. Even mixed documents and flat documents. Also, the included acuity software helps you to save your scan on your preferred folder option.

What We Like

  • Scan from any application
  • Multiple editing options
  • High-Quality service
  • Searchable PDF files
  • It saves time and user-friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • Can not scan photos

9. Canon imageFORMULA R50 Office Document Scanner

Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi, USB
Sheet Size8.5 x 11
Sheet Capacity60
Scan SpeedUp to 40 ppm
Item Dimensions9.8 x 11.5 x 9.5 inches

With loads of features, you might feel lost while doing basic scanning. Canon imageFORMULA R50 Office Document Scanner is an excellent option for only scanning regular documents. It can turn into an essential just within a short time.


Flexible: The smart built-in superspeed USB and software ensures the fastest scanning even at a low wifi rate. You can use local networks without any problem to scan your essential documents. Also, it has multiple uset\r sharing options.

Easy and straightforward: Canon CaptureOn touch scanning app already gives faster scans even if you are windows or Mac. At one minute, it can scan up to forty pages. Also, the auto-feed photo scanner can scan sixty per minute. It can scan different media types and scan both sides of a document fast. It also has color and grayscale mode.

Touchscreen: Just a tap and the onboard image scanning ensure you get the best scan out of this device. It also can straighten skewed images and adjust output resolution. Connect R0 directly with your computer’s USB cable, and you are good to go.

Compatible: You don’t need to do any manual work. Instead, it does the job of removing blank pages and strengthening readability quality. The next-generation scanner has developed software that enables high-resolution scanning and printing at one time.

What We Like

  • Enhances scanned text
  • Embossed plastic cards
  • Shortcuts for quick scanning
  • Good for bulk scanning
  • Takes less space

What We Don’t Like

  • Not for sublimation

10. ClearClick Photo & Document Scanner

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Battery3 AA
Item Dimensions13.66 x 11.3 x 2.09 inches

Swipe and scan your photos to keep them forever with the best automatic document feeder scanner in town. We’re talking about the ClearClick Photo & Document Scanner. You’ll also get a carrying case for your convenience.


Fast scan: Scan your pictures in the blink of an eye. This device can save directly onto a Micro SD and also goes with average battery powers. It also has an automatic feeder that only accepts one picture at a time. ClearClick also has a fashionable design that can enhance your home.

User-friendly: It is effortless to use and user-friendly. But unlike other scanners, it needs a memory card that is not larger than 32 GB. Also, it requires three AA batteries that you’ve to buy extra. If you like high-quality pictures, then this is the one. It saves photos or documents up to 1200 dpi.

Durable: Mac and Windows users have to use two different options to scan the documents. You’ll also get to choose the option from the 1.4 inches screen.  It is a speedy option to turn your images into digital format.

Easy-to-use: Even an 8×10 inches document scans very smoothly while using ClearClick. It doesn’t give various features but provides the best scanning up to time.

What We Like

  • Provides high-resolution scanning
  • Lightweight
  • Preview screen
  • Step by step instructions
  • It comes along with a memory card

What We Don’t Like

  • No wireless connection

Buying Guide for Choosing The Right Photo Scanner with Seeder for You

best photo scanner with feeder

Before you jump into getting a photo scanner, let’s do some fact-checking. So, you can do the best for yourself.

Types of Scanners

There are different types of scanners, starting from Flatbed scanners to Photo scanners. Other scanners work in totally different ways. These flexible scanners work like duplicate machines. Photo scanners can have tall determination image processors that can help to filter photos.


There are some rules if you’re ready to go paperless. A lot of you can pick a suitable scanner for your business. Document scanners range from hundred dollars to even more. So knowing what you want is essential before purchasing.


If you want more pages per minute, you’ll need professional scanners. Scanners that work for home and office both might be good for you. You can go for ADF sixty for large volumes of paper, and for the medium, you can go for twenty. But in case you have the bulk of work, you might need a fast scanner.

Size and Sides

Usually, scanners can handle one or both sides. Most modern scanners offer both sides. It is also known as simplex and duplex. You need to figure out if you want to print or fax, or copy factors in your scanners. The best is to get a dedicated scanner. Space is a big issue too. Also, determine what paper size prints you want in your scanner.

Resolution and Network

A crucial part of buying a scanner is also choosing the proper solution. Usually, people prefer 600 dpi, but you’ll need higher if you have work with pictures. Multiple users or needing access to various computer networks also determines choosing a scanner.

With an optical acknowledgment program, the scanner can spare a machine-created report as a Word or content record simply afterward later, sparing a part of the time.

What Should I Look for in a Photo Scanner?

First and foremost, you need to figure out what type of document or photos you will scan. Is it going to be four by four-inch pictures, or will it be much more significant? But in the case of scanning transparencies, then you’ll just need a small one.

Secondly, a resolution is an important fact. Determine what resolution you’ll need. For higher, you might need an expensive scanner or a dedicated one. The professional digital scan requires a scan resolution of more than three thousand.  In case posting photos on the internet, you’ll need a much lesser resolution.

Thirdly, calculate your speed needs and budget. Sometimes high-speed scanners cost a bit more than regular ones. Also, look out for features that you need. You might want a photo scanner that also scans any document. Have an actual size so you can make your buying easy.

Finally, do your maths because you won’t test scanners in person because of the covid-19. Most stores don’t display scanners. Check out any kind of warranty and seller policy. Make sure the scanner goes with accommodation or office space. The final stage will be to order your scanner online or purchase it in a store.

What is the Use of a Document Feeder?

Theoretically, a document feeder is a printer feature that most multifunction scanners give an easy copy option. The device helps you scan any kind of documents and print the form. Most modified report feeders can beware of sixty sheets at a time, depending on the printer’s appearance.

It’s critical to note that programmed archive feeders can, as it were, filter one side of the page. Suppose you’re looking to filter both sides of the page naturally. In that case, you’ll have to discover a printer that incorporates a duplex-programmed report feeder.

The endless share of fax machines has an ADF, permitting the unattended sending of multi-page faxes. ADF is so omnipresent in fax machines that a few fax machine proprietors utilize the device as a scanner, faxing multi-page archives to themselves. This is often a super helpful highlight. Your work will be much easier and faster when working with a scanner with a document feeder.

Feeders are more popular nowadays as most people work from home. The bulk of scanning has gone higher. Most feeders can hold up to twenty pages. But an expensive feeder holds up to one hundred and twenty pages per minute.


Is it better to scan photos as PDF or JPEG?

In the case of scanning, it is better to avoid saving pictures as PDF. You’ll have no control over how the images will compress as and more importantly, editing them will be hard.  So, it is better to save picture scans in JPEG format.

What is an automatic document feeder in the printer?

An automatic photograph scanner in a printer that does printing happens in a step-by-step process. It also says a capability to scanners and fax machines. Also, it allows a stack of paper to process automatically. The more space, the more you can work fast.

How does a document feeder work?

A document feeder works in photocopy machines, fax machines, printers, and scanners. A bulk of the papers r put into the device, and the automatic process you document and allow it to print. It can scan and copy you without having to press it manually.

What is the purpose of the scanner?

A scanner is an input gadget that looks at records such as photos and content pages. This makes an electronic adaptation of the archive that can be seen and altered on a computer. It changes over into an advanced arrangement.

What is the difference between scan and photo?

Scanning always works with a linear sensor, while photos work at a 360-degree angle. A scan can only take a center point while images work beyond that. A picture is a single outline shot, and a scan is multiple.

Final Verdict

You’ll find the best photo scanner with a feeder according to your needs as you determine what features you want. The ten scanners with feeders we picked are capable of their ways. We’ll recommend the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner if you have a higher budget. But only for photo scanning ClearClick Photo & Document Scanner is a great option.

You can choose anyone from the top we picked for you for gifts. Make sure you check out the sales and grab them on time. Canon TR8620 All-In-One Printer can be your favorite if you are looking for multiple facilities. Now, hold that scanner and save the time & money that you’ve been losing.

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