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Taking a trip down memory lane you remember that first bike, the kid you went to school with who moved away after second grade and that job you had in high school (good or bad). You wonder where they all are now and if they’re doing well. Do your kids even remember those things with fond memories? Probably not.

As you probably know, we’re huge fans of our smartphones and their ability to improve various aspects of life. We’ve all seen the countless “must-have” phone accessories fill the market, whether it be cases, covers or chargers. But we really want a one-stop shop that would solve two main problems: how to mount your phone easily while also looking stylish?

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Leading 6 Best Phone Mount for Harley Reviews

1. Ciro Smart Phone/GPS Perch Mount Holder “

The all new Ciro Smart Phone/GPS Perch Mount Holder is designed to be quick, it features an ambidextrous design that fits devices from 2 1/8″ to 3 1/2″ wide and provides a secure rubber-molded grip. This mount fits left or right control perch mount with vertical bolt spacing at 1-1/16″ to 1-11/16″ from center to center to use included M6x1 or 1/4-2″ bolts. Fits: Harley: All ’82-up H-D model clutch or brake perch mounts (except ’14-up 500 and 750 Street Models). Honda: All Goldwing GL1800, F6B, Goldwing GL1500, All VTX1300/1800 models, ’14-up Valkyrie, Shadow 750 Aero, Ace & Spirit, Shadow 1100. Yamaha: All Road Star & Warrior models, all V Star models, all Venture models, all Bolt models and more.

Smart phone / GPS Perch Mount Holder without Charger. Designed to be quick and simple, just flip the lever to lock your smart phone into the secure rubber molded fingers. The Ciro Smart phone Holder is designed to fit devices from 2 1/8″” – 3 1/2″ wide.

2. Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Phone Mount

A motorcycle phone mount that looks great and fits all kinds of bikes, this phone holder is extremely sturdy and secure. The main body made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, equipped with vibration dampener, the socket arm is designed with secure knob to adjust its tightness. This bike phone holder adopts one-push automatically lock design, very convenient to put in or take out your smartphone with just one hand in one second.

A perfect motorcycle phone mount with vibration damper, high-speed and ultra secure lock. This high quality motorcycle cell phone holder is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The double socket arm equipped with a secure knob can go around the handlebar with ease and hug your smartphone tightly to prevent from falling off. The motorcycle phone mount is designed with one-push automatically lock and quick release design that make it safe, convenient and easy to use.

3. Joyroom Motorcycle Phone Mount,

Get the newest motorcycle phone mount with a upgraded auto lock button. 4 arms will auto lock your phone with a click, and unlock by pressing both side. Real one hand operation. Thanks to the solid structured inner mechanism, the lock button won’t get stuck (tested to stand with 3000+ times press). It’s your ride. It’s your passion. Take full control of it with this smart device holder for motorcycles that keeps your phone secure and in full view. 4 powerful arms auto lock when you ride at bumpy road. No worry about your phone will vibrate loose when you hit 100mps.

We have been improved our product by reinforcing its structure and enhancing the locking mechanism. You can hold your phone very tight in any angle of your bike. And the rugged ball joint version can withstand vibration better than the previous rubber sponge phone holder mounts on market

4. Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount,

The upgraded handlebar clip adopts a new design, just press and hold the button on the handlebar clip to quickly adjust the clip to fit the handlebar. No tools are needed. This bike phone mount with the up and down linkage smartphone clamp, easy to install your phone with one hand and also quick release. >>>If you meet any problems when install or feel like the handlebar clip isn’t “tight enough”, please contact us, we will help you solve it.

Motorcycle Phone Mount with Handlebar Clip for your bicycle and scooter. This bike phone mount has the up and down linkage smartphone clamp, easy to install your phone with one hand and also quick release. It’s a detachable phone holder for bike with a upgraded security lock at the back to help you lock the cellphone more easily, makes sure that safety of your mobile phone in high-speed cycling or on a bumpy road.

5. WINDFRD Vibration Dampening Motorcycle Phone Mount,

With the WINDFRD vibration dampening motorcycle phone mount, your phone can be securely kept in place to avoid harmful effects of vibration. The innovative honeycomb contact surface increases grip by 60% so that your device is absolutely secure on the handlebar and doesn’t move an inch over the roughest roads. Two sizes of U-bolts are suitable for most motorcycle handlebars, whereas the holder can accommodate cellphones ranging from 4.7” – 7.1”, up to 0.63″ (16mm) thick. This makes it a perfect universal mobile phone mount for your bike!

Enjoy your ride with the Winford Vibration Dampening Motorcycle Phone Mount. This innovative device reduces vibration by 80% and is compatible with most phones. It features a “suspension” that absorbs the vibration transmitted from the handlebar to the phone, protecting vulnerable parts such as the camera (NOT to maintain the stability of the phone shot). You can also choose from two sizes of U-bolts suitable for most motorcycle handlebars, or even use it on your Harley Davidson!

6. Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone

The Rock Solid Motorcycle Mount from TACKFORM is designed to work with Clip Ons, Moto, Zero Drag, Low Drag, High Drag and many other handlebars. The spring loaded jaws grip your device tightly leaving no worry over slippage. The joint to the mounting bracket features a ball and socket design that allows you to watch movies in portrait mode or switch to landscape viewing with a simple turn of the ball. Don’t worry about taking your device off either because our auto release system makes it easy with one hand operation.

The TACKFORM Motorcycle Phone Mount is a sleek, ultra-secure and sturdy mount that includes everything you need to hit the trail. It’s easy to use, just slide your device into the cradle and you are ready to ride. The ball and socket joint allows for the perfect viewing angle on just about any bar. Compatible with devices up to 3.4 inches wide and .5 inch thick including iPhones as well as Galaxy devices.

Importance of Phone Mount for Harley

There is a lot of pride involved with owning and riding a Harley Davidson, and our phones are very personal items that we cherish everyday. At some point or another, we’ve all placed our phone on the ground or on some other surface, only to have it fall over or be knocked off by another bike once we’ve started our ride. When this happens, we’re forced to put down our drink and/or bite our lip to prevent spilling it as we scramble to pick it up. However, Harley accessories come in a wide variety, and a cell phone mount for your motorcycle can be the perfect way to keep your phone within reach while adding some extra style to your bike.

We are Harley riders, and we needed a solution for our phones that worked in conjunction with riding the Harley. We both prefer to ride with one hand on the handlebar, and that leaves no room for holding our phones. After doing some research, we found a number of solutions that helped us to hold our phones, but we were disappointed at what they left out. Ultimately, this inspired us to design a better mount that was large enough to hold our phones securely in place while enabling simple and accessible connection and disconnection.


What are the Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts?

The best motorcycle phone mounts are those that work with your phone and motorcycle. You want to find one that is compatible with your specific model of phone, so that you can use it on any ride.

You also want a mount that is easy to use and does not require any additional tools to install or remove it from your bike. You don’t want to have to spend time fumbling around with tools when you could be riding!

And finally, you need a mount that will hold your phone securely in place so that it doesn’t fall out or cause any other problems while you’re riding.

Where Do You Mount Your Phone on a Harley?

The Harley Davidson has a lot of space for you to mount your phone. There are many different ways you can mount your phone on your Harley, but the best one depends on where you will be riding.

If you’re going to be riding in an urban area, where there’s more traffic and stop lights, then it’s best to mount your phone near the handlebars. This is because when you’re stopped at a red light or waiting at a stop sign, it will be easier for you to see incoming calls and texts from your phone without having to take your hands off the bars.

If you’re planning on taking your bike into the country or out on trails, then it’s better to mount it near the seat so that you have easy access if there is an emergency situation.

Another thing that may factor into where you mount your phone is whether or not you will be using it as a GPS device while driving on trails; if so, then mounting it near the seat would be ideal because this way it will stay stable during turns or bumps in the road (which can sometimes knock GPS devices off of their mounts).

Where Do You Put Your Phone on a Motorcycle?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my phone is attached to my hip. It’s not like I can just leave it in my purse or backpack—it’s always right there on my person.

But then I started riding a motorcycle and realized that putting it in a pocket would be pretty unsafe. Wouldn’t it get damaged? Wouldn’t it fall out? So I started looking for an alternative method for keeping my phone safe while riding. Here are some of the best places to put your phone on a motorcycle:

On the handlebars: This is probably the most popular place to put your phone; it’s convenient and secure. Just make sure you have a good case so that you don’t drop it!

In a bag under the seat: If you don’t want to keep your phone on the handlebars, try putting it in a bag under your seat. It’ll be safe from weather exposure and from other things falling onto or into it (like bugs).

In your pocket: You could also just keep your phone in your pocket when you’re riding—it’ll be easy to reach if you need to check something quickly!

Do Magnet Phone Mounts Work?

The short answer is yes, magnet phone mounts work. The longer answer is that they do work, but you have to be careful about how you use them.

The most important thing to remember when using a magnet phone mount is that magnets are incredibly strong. If you get too close to your device with a magnet, it could damage the screen or cause other damage.

But if you’re careful and follow some of our tips below, you should be able to use your magnet phone mount without any problems!


While the vibration mounts from our list may not be ideal for motorcycles, they’re perfect for everyday use. There are more choices today than there were even four years ago, but if you keep things simple and stick to brands that offer top-quality products, you should make your smartphone a bit safer.

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