Best Pens for Servers

The world is getting more competitive as every single day passes by. Today time is worth money and speed is the fuel of the economy. Thus you need to adjust to the fast pacing world or else will be left behind. As a professional, it’s important to keep practicing the skill you got and make them even better. Writing among all is a skill you need to focus on firsthand. 

As a server, you need to have multiple skills up your sleeve. Noting down the orders instantly is one of them. The best pens for servers will make sure you note all the dishes your customer asks for without having them repeat. A single mistake in the task and you will be paying a heavy price which may include losing your job. 

What you need is the right pen to support you during those pressure moments. a single jam of the tip or spill of ink on the diner’s shirt can be disastrous. The ideal pen will never jam, never skip and never spill ink. One such pen is the Zebra Pen Z which has been a top seller in Amazon due to its unmatched performance. Let’s have a look at a few other pens that will ensure you the writing efficiency you are looking for.

Our Favorite Best Pens for Servers

Top 5 Best Pens for Servers

A smooth pen can speed up your service time and improve your service quality. You being busy with your work means there is less time to waste looking for pens all over the internet. So here are the top reviewed pens you can own as a server. 

1. Zebra Pen Z

Starting the list a budget-friendly option from Zebra Pen. With a long list of affordable yet high-performing pens, the brands have grabbed a lot of attention from students and professionals alike. The Zebra Pen Z offers everything a high-end pen offers but at half the cost thus making it one of the best pens for servers.


Low Viscosity Ink

The ballpoint pen features low viscosity black ink that glides through any sort of paper you write on. It’s designing to offer you blazing fast writing speeds enabling you to take orders from diners in the blink of an eye. Besides you can also have an effortless time writing the sales report in those closing minutes of the restaurant thanks to the smooth performance the pen offers. 

Latex-Free Rubberized Grip 

Being a server chances are you will be having slippery palms most of the day. Thanks to the latex-free rubber grip of the Zebra Pen Z your worries of dripping the pen into the soup will remain at bay. The grip extends over a large area allowing writers of various grip styles to adjust easily. 

Metal Pocket Clip

A metal pocket clip is a must for anyone who is on the run with a pen in his/her pocket. As you will be serving hot yummy dishes to your hungry customers all day, you will have little time to pay attention to your pen’s existence. The pen comes with a handy and durable metal clip that keeps the pen well placed in your pant or shirt pocket in your hectic days. 

Elegant And Functional

This beauty of a pen comes in an attractive black exterior that matches your professional outfit. It’s not one of those weird-looking pens that will shine all the lights on your diner’s face. The transparent barrel allows you to check for the ink reserve and thus helps you swap for a refill when needed. 


  • Low viscosity ink for swift writing
  • Comfy latex-free rubber grip
  • Handy metal pocket clip
  • Smart looks


  • Might take some time to get them going at full pace

2. Arteza Rollerball Pens

Arteza has been a brand associated with creative individuals and professionals. They are designing not only as a product but as means of delivering your message to the outside world. Their popular release the Rollerball pens have been a fan favorite since its release and are getting sold like cupcakes from the shelves. 


Cleaner Lines

The Rollerball pens from ARTEZA will keep you writing for hours thanks to the precise, rich, and even lines they offer with each stroke. Its fine tip lets you stuff more data into cramped spaces. Thus you won’t be turning your pages on the hungry diners whose orders never seem to end. 

Anti Fade Ink

Being a sever, you always need to be careful regarding the tools you will be using for work. A single drop of acidic ink on the food can result in terrible consequences.  These high-end rollerball pens ensure you safety you need as they use fade-resistant acid-free ink. 

By The Artist, For The Artist

A pen is a tool that has unmatched qualities in expressing human feelings. ARTEZA has always been a brand fueling the creativity of writers, musicians, and so on. Thus in case you have a side hustle or an attachment towards writing, assure that you have a pen that will inspire you towards excellence. 

Bulk Pack

The pens come in a pack of twenty that keeps you always ready for the day ahead. You don’t need to be running to the store in the middle of a shift as your pen runs out of ink. It’s a little pay upfront but will serve you well down the line. 


  • Designed by creative writers
  • Fade free ink dries quicker
  • Crisp and clear lines
  • Pack of 20 ensures backup


  • Plastic body isn’t the most durable

3. MengRan Bling Bling Ballpoint Pens

Looking for a pen that is funky and featureful? This beauty of pen from MengRan will leave you amazed about the capabilities of a pen. What is most fascinating about the pens is that they are compatible with any capacitive touch screen device. Let’s have a look at the features in detail. 


Works With Touch Screen

The pen features soft and responsive rubber tips at the back. You can make use of the soft tip to write or draw on any touch screen device like iPad, iPhone, or laptop. This can be a fun tool to work with drawing in between your shifts to refresh your mind. 


Unlike ordinary pens, the Bling Bling pens boast a metal construction. Thus they look and feel premium compared to plastic pens. Besides your pen will have more resistant to accidental drops and hits as metal is far stronger than plastic. 

Funky Colors

You get a total of 12 pens in the box all with different funky-looking colors. The variety of colors allows you to match the pen with any outfit you are looking to rock with. This includes Christmas, New Year, and where you might have to put on fancy outfits for your restaurant. 


It’s not all about the look and advanced techy support you will be getting along with this pen. This baller ensures you all the functions of an ordinary pen as well. After all, you will be purchasing a pen not a fancy tool to control your touch screen. The ballpoint pens come with black ink and write smoothly. They also feature a clip that attaches the pen firmly to your pocket when you are on the move. 


  • Fancy colors
  • Durable metal construction
  • Works on touch screens
  • Easy refills


  • Ink capacity isn’t the most

4. Paper Mate Retractable Ballpoint Pens

Paper Mate has been a brand delivering joy for writers since its inception. Their latest release the InkJoy comes in a variety of colors and ink shades to bring fun into your everyday writing.


Innovative Writing

The InkJoy comes with an innovative writing system engineered to offer you a pleasant writing experience. This includes the ultra-smooth ink that flows effortlessly upon contact with the paper. The medium 1.0 mm tip is ideal for precise and bold lines hence making highlighting an easy job. 

Convenient Build

Thanks to the well-thought build of the pen, you can enjoy hours of customizing your notebook without any issues regarding grip and comfort. The soft rubber grips enhance the look of the pen and at the same time ensure you max comfort for your gripping style

10 Bright Shades

It’s the ten bright shades that set the pen apart from the competition. The shades include Magenta, Red, Orange, Green, Purple, and so on. Thus you will have all the freedom to work with in terms of color and bring all your creativity into life. 

Affordable Pricing

All the freedom doesn’t come at much of a cost. You will have all the shades at a fraction of the price. Thus you will be saving a lot by the end of the month and still enjoy the performance, freedom of bright colors, and swift writing all day long.


  • Innovative writing system
  • Convenient grip and clip
  • Ten fancy bright shades
  • Clicky retractable design


  • Not the most premium

5. BIC Soft Feel Ball Pen

BIC has been a household name offering affordable and quality products to its customers for 60 years. Ballpoint pens have always been a top seller for the brand and continue to dominate the market. Let’s see what the BIC Soft Feel ball pen has to offer. 


Soft Barrel For Comfort 

Your boss may be rough and tough with you all day leaving you in need of a soft company for comfort. The BIC Soft Feel will be the for you as it features a super soft barrel to offer you the much-needed comfort in your tough days. Its rubberized barrel and no-slip grip will make you feel warm and safe while writing down your day’s activity in your diary. Thus the pen can be your ideal company when staying away from home for work. 

Responsive Rectractable Desing 

BIC has always put its focus on the perfection of its products. The super responsive retractable design of the pen goes to show why. Unlike ordinary pens, you won’t see the tip coming out nicely one day and getting jammed the next. BIC retractable design works faultlessly day after day keeping you on foot to note down any information instantly. 

Versatile Writing Performance

The 0.8mm medium point pen has been tried and tested to perform extremely well across a variety of papers. That is one of the major advantages you get purchasing a product from a brand that’s several decades old. It features a tungsten carbide ball engineered to offer flawless writing until the last drop of ink remains in the cartridge. 

Pen For All

This gem of a pen isn’t confining to any age or profession. It’s design to meet the writing needs of the masses. With a huge innovation team working on their pen, BIC has managed to find the secret of making pens for everyday writers of all ages. You can take the pen to your office and lend it to your daughter the next day for school and she will get the same consistent comfort while writing. 


  • Soft barrel for enhanced comfort
  • Rubber grip for superior handling
  • 0.8mm point ensure versatility
  • Variety in pen and ink color


  • Doesn’t have premium build materials

Best Pens for Servers Buying Guide

girl take order from customers

Confused about which pen to pick? Below is a short buying guide that will help you make the right purchase.

Shape of The Barrel

The shape is a crucial aspect of pens. You need a pen you can hold comfortably and write at a fast pace. A thin barrel is generally easier to grip and write instantly. Whereas a thick barrel takes some time to get use to. As a server each seconds counts for you thus a thin barrel pen will be ideal. 

Chances are you will be carrying the pen in your pocket. A thick pen will uncomfortable to store and may see from outside. This will look odd and lower your confidence in front of diners.

Heavyweight or Lightweight?

As you will be taking most of the orders with a pen, weight plays a vital role on one hand and a pad on the other. With the increased weight of the pen and paper, you are more likely to get tired fast. Thus you need a lightweight pen that can be maneuvered easily even while standing. 


The last thing you want as a server is to drop your pen on a dish you are serving. Thus everything on the pen relating to grip is important. Rubber grips offer the most traction thus are ideal for your industry. The pen cap also is vital here which will hold the pen in your pocket. Look for a strong grip on the pen body as well as the cap to avoid any accidents during your service time. 

Materials Used

Materials ensure the durability of the pen. Pens come in all ranges featuring various build materials. The materials include brass, steel, wood, or plastic in most cases. Metals and wood barrels are more durable compared to plastic but are heavy. Besides they are also expensive. On the other side, plastic barrels are lightweight, cheap, and prone to damage. Thus you need to make your pick considering all factors in mind. 

Is It Too Flashy?

You have to keep in mind that your goal as a server is to make the diners feel special. Thus having a pen flashier that the diner might make them uncomfortable. It’s safe to stick to a pen that’s low-key yet elegant. This will also save you from unwanted attention, as you need your diners to focus on you and not your pen. 

Point Type

You will find options among ballpoint pens, gel pens, and fountain pens. While gens pens and fountain pens deliver artistic writing, that’s not your goal here. You need a pen that can write fast, is easy to maintain, and never spill ink. A luxury fountain pen might make you feel good but a spill of ink on your shirt will have you run for the laundry. 

A ballpoint pen is the safest option for you as they are a consistent performer and needs little to no maintenance. They also need fewer refill as their ink last longer than gel pen and fountain pens. Besides, ballpoint pens can write on any paper surface and ensure a quick drying time for the ink. 


Cost is a major consideration if you are looking for a service pen. You need to keep in mind that the pen won’t be a part of your hobby but rather a tool for your profession. You might lose your pen midst of a rush hour or might have to lend it to your colleague with no hope of return. Thus it’s ideal to purchase an affordable pen that you will have no regrets about losing. 

How Does pen work?

The pen has been a part of the development of human civilization yet many are unaware of its working mechanism. Below is a short discussion for you on the parts used in a ballpoint pen and its working process. 

Included Parts

The parts used on conventional ballpoint pens are given below.

  • Pen body

The body of the pen holds everything together. It’s cylindrical for better grip. The body can be made from plastic, brass, wood, or steel. It holds the ink tube inside. The tip of the pen is attached to one end of the body and the cap on the other end. It’s the body of the pen that ensures the durability and longevity of the pen. 

  • Tip

The tip can be considered the legs of the pen. It is where all the magic happens. It holds a rotating ball at the front which delivers the ink on the paper. The ball is made of steel, brass, or tungsten.

  • Ink

Ink is the heart of the pen. Without ink, there is no point in owning a pen. The ink is stored inside a cartridge or tube which is then placed inside the barrel of the pen. 

Working Procedure

Well, it’s not rocket science behind the working of a pen. It’s pretty simple. You have noticed that the ink is stored in a cartridge that goes into the barrel of the pen. The ink due to having weight always exerts downward pressure. This pressure is utilized very efficiently in the mechanism of the pen. 

The end of the cartridge is attached to the tip carrying the rotating ball. It’s the ball that acts as the separator between the ink and the paper. Without the ball, the ink would be exposed to air and would spill on the paper due to downward pressure. 

A socket holds the ball in place and allows it to rotate freely. Whenever you make a stroke with your pen, the ball rotates in its position within the socket. The ink gets attached to the ball and is transferred onto the paper with its rotating movement. Thus you get a fine consistent line every time you make contact with the paper. 

What’s the World’s Most Expensive Pen?

Pens have always been considered by many a royal instrument. Considering its contribution to human civilization, it’s no wonder pens have been a top choice of royal gifts for Kings and queens throughout ages. Pens being a personal collection for many open up huge scope for customization. 

Many of these customized pens bear rare metals in their build and are sold for sky-high prices. Most of the premium and super luxuries pens a brought by Royal families, celebrity writers, or charity auctions. Though bought at high prices their value continues to rise as days pass by. 

Fulgor Nocturnus by Tibaldi

The Fulgor Nocturnus is known by many as the most expensive pen ever sold. It’s the breathtaking craftsmanship and the expensive elements put on display that makes the pen out of ordinary reach. Being sold for £5.9 million, it’s obvious the pen is out of reach for many of the richest individuals as well. 

This stunning pin was made by the celebrated pen maker Tibaldi and sold at an auction in Shanghai. The pen featured black diamonds which themselves are worth a lifetime. Magnificent looks along with faultless craftsmanship justify the price it was sold for. After all, a true creation of art is always priceless. 


Here are quick answers to a few of the most asked questions in various forums.

Which pen is best for fast writing?

Answer: The Zebra Pen Z can be considered a good pen for fast writing.

What pen ink lasts the longest?

Answer: Ballpoint pen ink tends to last the longest.

Do pens fade over time?

Answer: Yes, pens do fade over time. The type of ink determines the fading time. 

What is a really good pen?

Answer: BIC Soft Feel Ball Pen is a really good pen that will suit your day-to-day writing. 

Is rollerball or ballpoint better?

Answer: Ballpoints last more but rollerball is fun to write with and looks better. 


Pen plays a vital role in any industry whether you are a writer, designer, server, or engineer. Though modern tech has taken over most of the writing applications, the pen is still the most reliable and trustworthy company for expressing thoughts. 

When it comes to the servers, there is little time for error as unlike other industries, there is no time for revision. This review on the best pens for servers has featured some of the most capable pens you can purchase right now. So make no delay and make a pick else you are gonna be late for the next order. 

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