Best Pens for Lawyers

Pens have always been a crucial tool for our survival and success. It helps us share our thoughts, emotions, and knowledge in a document form that can preserve for ages. Thus it’s no wonder that a good pen can help you achieve success in both student and professional life. Not all professions require the same skills. As far as lawyers are concerned, the importance of taking notes accurately and at a fast pace is immense. The best pens for Lawyers will bring the fun of writing into your routine investigation and research. But you need to keep in mind that not all pens are ideal for you.

As a lawyer, you need a pen built for rough use and yet is elegant enough to reflect your personality. The IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen is one such pen that combines premium build and writing comfort.

These are the pens that carry the aspiration of doing justice and resisting evil. Their tough build will inspire you to remain strong when everything else collapses, leaving you the lone warrior. Let’s look at a few of the ideal pens for lawyers sourced from over 80 pens on Amazon.

Our Favorite Best Pens for Lawyers

Top 7 Best Pens for Lawyers Reviews- 2022

Shopping for the perfect pen can be time-consuming. And when it comes to online shopping, things can turn even worse. Purchasing a crappy pen will cost you time, money, and effort. These are crucial resources you can cant lose as a lawyer. Below are the top seven pens that have performed exceptionally well for professionals like you. 

1. Scriveiner Silver Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Starting the list is a masterpiece from Scrivener that will impress anyone with its charming looks. The design, performance, and brilliantly engineered body of the pen show why it’s considered one of the best pens for lawyers. 


Luxurious Build

The luxury pen comes with an exquisite 24k gold finish. Along with the high-end brass and silver chrome finish, that certainly makes a statement whenever taken out of the pocket. Thus you will have a pen speaking of your class and personality anywhere you go.

Quality Refill

With top-quality Schmidt refills, you won’t have to worry about your pen running out of ink. The German-engineered refills let your write effortlessly all day long, taking important notes for the cast in hand. The refills also ensure a pen you can take care of and pass on to generations. 

Smooth Writing

Thanks to the precisely engineered body of the pen, you will enjoy the perfect balance and weight. This makes the pen extremely comfortable holding and writing across even on the roughest papers. 

Extended Warranty

What more premium can it be than a 100% money-back guarantee. This goes to show the confidence with which the pen manufacture. Thus you will be making beautiful calligraphy knowing that you have a pen in hand that can do no wrong. 


  • Elegant design
  • Superior refills
  • Premium packaging 
  • Ideal for personal usage and gift


  • Isn’t the lightest

2. IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set

If aesthetics is what you are looking for then, this beauty form IDEAPOOL will fit nicely into your pocket. The Rosewood ballpoint pen looks nothing less than a classic pen from the golden age of writing. Let’s look at what the pen has to offer in detail. 


Vintage Wooden Finish

The ballpoint pen comes with a genuine Rosewood finish that will bring you to the classic old days. It represents the days back when writing was considered an aristocracy. Thus you will always motivate to be righteous once you hold on to this piece of beauty. 


Despite being a classic pen, it doesn’t cut you off from the versatility you need to work with. The ballpoint mechanism allows you to write on paper, whether at the judge’s court or in jail taking notes from captives. Its black ink color ensures you consistent clarity in writing on most traditional papers. 


You will notice right out of the box the distinct marks on the Rosewood pen body. This means no two of the pen you will be purchasing are the same. The elegant wood finish complements the stainless steel finish that puts a finishing touch on the design. 

Easy Refills

The pen ensures you class and comfort in all possible ways. This is proven by the existence of two extra refills along with the pen. Now you won’t be looking for refills online as soon as you begin to fall in love with the pen. 


  • Classic wooden finish
  • Two additional refills
  • Unique markings on the wood
  • Versatile writing


  • Wood can be prone to water damage

3. Dayspring Pens

Daysping Pens has been a top choice for writers who are more interested in a personalized experience. Its customization options make it the ideal pick for luxury users and gifting purposes.


Custom Engraving

The pen offers custom engravings of up to 25 characters which last throughout its lifetime. You can engrave your name or anyone’s name or even a quote for the person you are looking to offer it to. This helps create a deep bond between you and the pen you will be using every day. 

Premium Finish

This gem of a pen comes with 18kt gold plating, which is a statement in itself. With true luxury on offer, you are sure to grab eyeballs whenever you sit down to sign the deal you worked hard to achieve. Its ergonomic rubber grip helps you hold the magnificent pen to perfection and sharpen your writing skills. 

Pen And Pencil Combo

A plus along with this pen is an additional gold plate pencil you will receive. The 0.7 mm lead pencil increases your productivity and lets you do rough work before writing on legal papers. Besides, you will be saving some cash on a quality pencil too. 


Its retractable feature puts it above many of its competitors. With a single click on the back, you will well protect yourself from any accidental spill of ink on the paper or your expensive shirt.


  • Custom engraving options
  • Luxury gold plating
  • Comfortable and ergonomic rubber grip
  • Comes with a gold plated pencil
  • Retractable feature for ease of use


  • No refills included

4. Personalized Cross Pen

Next up on the list is another fancy and customizable pen from Dayspring that has quickly increased in popularity. This chrome-plated ballpoint pen will serve you well if gold plating isn’t what you are looking for.


Personalized Barrel

Are you looking for top-quality engravings for your pen? The baller comes with precision laser engraving options for you to put quotes, names, or messages up to 25 characters. Thus you can finally have a pen you can call your very own. 

Elegant Construction

Nothing beats the plain and plating of chrome when it comes to elegance. The pen boasts polished chrome plating that speaks elegance. You will get full confidence over accidental drops, thanks to the full metal construction. Besides, there is always a chance a fight may break out in the courtyard, and you need to defend yourself like John Wick. 

Rightly Balanced

The pen weighs 31 grams and spans over 134mm. Its profile has been balanced to perfection to offer you a joyful writing experience. You can spend hours taking notes in the coffee shop under dim lights and still feel no fatigue cause you have a pen tailored to your needs. 

Premium Packaging

A premium pen needs premium packaging, which you will be receiving. The baller of a pen comes inside a high-end gift case from Cross. Thus anyone having the pen as a gift will get a five-star service right from the unpacking period. 


  • Lost lasting engraving for personalization
  • Solid metal construction
  • Balanced body for better control
  • Cross Branded packaging for luxury
  • Fuss-free twist-action mechanism


  • No guarantee

5. PILOT G2 Premium Refillable & Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pens

With over 100 years of experience in making a pan of all sorts, PILOT G2 is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. Their top seller, the rolling ball, is a workhorse you can’t ignore whether you are a student, professional, or a hobby writer.


Designed For Your Needs

Not all brands will care about your writing preference when it comes to points. You might want thin and precision strokes or nice and bold ones. PILOT G2 isn’t like any other brand and cares about your needs. They offer you fine, bold, ultra-fine, and extra-fine points to cater to your demands. 

Enhanced Comfort

Being a workhorse, this baller of the pen needs to be super comfy to maneuver, and it sure is. The wide grip on its barrel helps you adjust your grip and write for hours without feeling a hint of tiredness. Its retractable mechanism is easy to shut and open for coffee breaks between writing. 

A Genuine Performer

If you want a pen that’s straight down to business, this is the one. If put up for the task, this bomber could help you win a marathon. The gel pen from PILOT G2 just keeps on writing and will never slow down in your mission to conquer the world through writing. 

Tried And Tested

With experience comes perfection, and there are very few brands that can match the experience of PILOT G2. With over tens of decades of making pens for all sorts of users, they have certainly perfected the art of making legendary writing arsenals. This fighter up your sleeve, you will never give up. 


  • Affordable pricing
  • Enhanced longevity
  • Wide grip for easy adjustment
  • Four-point sizes for precision writing


  • Its Plastic body isn’t the most durable

6. Diamond Pens Pack of 16 Cute Ballpoint Pens

Are you looking for some bling in life? Writing isn’t always a serious task but also can be means of fun and fashion statement. There is plenty of chance to add a pen as an ornament piece in your luxurious outfit when it comes to female writers. Let’s look at what these classic diamond pens from EUICAE have to offer. 


Fancy Looks

The classic diamond pens look nothing less than your fancy wedding ornaments. Its diamond at the top shines and reflects amazing lights at any function or party thus can be spotted from a distance. You can blend the pen with your purse or have it inside your diary for a pleasing look and feel. 

Variety In Color

There are plenty of options to choose from in terms of color. The pens come in a pack of 16, all having different color combinations. These include Lilac, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and so on. The dots on the barrel bring life into the design and helps elevate the beauty of the pen.


Unlike other fancy ornamental pens, you won’t be left stranded once the ink runs out. These party pens come with original refills from the brand in either black or blue, which you can effortlessly order. Thus you can make use of these diamond pens for years to come. 


It’s not all show as the pens are great for writing too. The ballpoint is medium size and is ideal for writing short notes, quotes, or names. It offers a simple rotate function to open or shut the pen tip. Thus you can enjoy a pleasant writing experience in case you need to report a crime scene in the middle of a function. 


  • Gorgeous looks
  • Durable paint on the body
  • Simple twist mechanism
  • Fashionable colors


  • Isn’t meant for writing long hours

7. BASTION Bolt Action Pen

Last up on the list is a pen from BASTION that you use as a self-defense weapon. The pen looks like an advanced weapon from a science fiction movie at first glance. As a lawyer, you never know when the next danger is peeking. You need to be sharp with your eyes, mind, and actions.


Built Like A Tank

The pen boasts a stainless steel construction which has been CNC machined to attain tool level strength. It features a bolt-action mechanism that will hardly failover its lifetime. This badass from BASTION can compare to a lethal weapon in the pen industry due to its brutal strength. 

Performs Like A Usual PEN

Under all, that armory is a pen that acts just like your usual pen. It uses a special cartridge from QUICKflow, ensuring you have refills at your doorstep whenever you want. Thus the pen sends a message you are not all about violence but also ready to sit and write negotiation terms once you have gained command. 

Aids In Self Defence

Being built so strong, the pen can break glass or offer small blows to anyone trying to cause harm to you. Besides, the pen can also be used to break glasses, windows, and cars in an emergency. 

Can Be Passed Onto Generations

Once the pen has served its purpose, you can proudly pass it on to your kids and grandkids. Along with the pen, you will be passing on the legacy you have tried to live your life by. And as far as durability is concerned, the pen will probably last a lifetime if taken care of. 


  • CNC machined to ultimate strength
  • Can be used to break glass in emergency
  • Stylish looks
  • Available in both stainless steel and carbon fiber exterior


  • Can cause harm in the wrong hands

Best Pens for Lawyers Buying Guide

best pens for lawyers

Now that you have gone through all the reviews, below are a few factors that will help pick the most appropriate amongst these best pens for lawyers.

Barrel Size

The first and most essential quality of a pen is its barrel size. Pen barrels come in different sizes ranging from 15mm to 33mm in diameter and above that too. It’s up to you to figure out whether a thin or thick barrel is suitable for your hands. It’s recommended to go for thinner barrels if you have small hands and prefer a precision grip. On the other hand, a thick barrel will suit you most if you have a bigger hand and prefer a loose grip.


Similar to shape, a lot depends on the weight of the pen. Now that you are a lawyer, you will write notes most of the time. Thus you need a pen that won’t stress you out or cause fatigue to your hand muscles. A lightweight pen will offer you speed, but a bit of weight will benefit better control. It’s all about balancing both the attributes and maximizing the comfort while writing long hours. 


The grip is essential to hold the pen in the right spot. Most pens come with a rubber grip to help you hold the pen. It’s perfect for sweaty palms. Rubber grips look a bit cheap, and hence it ignored in most luxury pens. Instead, you will find grooved surfaces on luxury pens or a more ergonomic shape that naturally places your fingers to the ideal holding spot. 

Build Materials

A pen has to hold its shape regardless of the expert’s pressure to hold it. You may be angry about losing a case and sign the papers trying to exert your anger through your grip. Your pen must be able to take in both your abuse and external hits if needed. 

You will find plenty of materials used in building a pen, including brass, stainless steel, wood, plastic, and so on. Plastic is the cheapest and weakest of the lot but is ideal for lightweight design. You can go for brass, steel, and similar materials for the premium build. 


You don’t know what kind of papers you may come across. Regardless of the quality of the paper your writing as a lawyer needs to be crystal clear and intact. A ballpoint pen will serve you the most as it offers consistent writing across all paper surfaces. You can opt for other fancy options, but their use must limit depending on paper quality. 

Ink Color

What color to choose for your pen? You will find black, blue and red mostly available. The color you will be choosing depends on the paper. Black and red go almost with any conventional paper. Blue ink looks good on white paper but bad on off-white. Thus red being a negative color, it’s better to stick with black int. Black ink is the most professional color you can opt for. 


Last but not least comes the look of the pen. Looks vary depending on the external material used on the pen. Brass, wood, and steel all offer a premium look for your pen. You can have gold plating if you want something out of the ordinary. The look of your pen will help you gain dominance over your clients and take to game in your favor. That being said, too much shine can backfire as it may interrupt the client’s attention. 

How Pens Are Made?

To make the most out of a tool, you need to know what goes into manufacturing it. So let’s have a quick look at how most of the versatile pens, Ballpoint pens, are made. 

Materials Used

The first step to manufacturing pens is to source the raw materials used on the pen. These include plastic, chemicals for the ink, and metal for the body. The writing spere of a ballpoint pen which meets the paper is made from brass, tungsten, or steel. Besides, many luxury pens use premium wood for the construction of the body. 

Preparation Of Ink

Ink is considered the life of any pen. Your pen is of no use if the ink runs out. Thus the ink is preparing very carefully in the laboratory environment. Experiments are carried on mixing various chemicals to achieve the perfect color. Tests are done on the ink, making it survive different weather conditions by holding its desired nature. 

Manufacturing Of The Pen Body

The manufacturing of the pen body is different in the case of metal and plastic. Both are described briefly below:


The manufacturing of metallic pen bodies takes place in three stages. The metallic sphere is formed mostly through third-party providers in bulk quantities as they differ little with brands. Dies are used to form the pen body by pouring molten metal onto them. The result is the metal body of the pen, which is then polished further for shine and smoothness. For premium design, gold plating, engraving, or wooden finish is applied after all is completed. 


The manufacturing of plastic pen bodies also makes use of a die-cast mold. Here instead of metals, plastic resins are put into the mold, which shapes out as the pen’s body. The rough plastic body is also polished and made ready for assembly. 


This is the last step of manufacturing pens. Here all the parts produced earlier are put into one piece. The writing sphere is placed on the tip of the ink cartridge, and then the cartridge is filled with ink. It’s then when the cartridge is put inside the pen’s body. For retractable pens, additional springs are placed to allow the cartridges to retract and deploy effortlessly. The manufacturing process is ended after attaching the cap and top of the pen. 

Thus the pens are manufactured, packed, and shipped across the globe to finally reach your hands. 

How To Refill Pens With Ink?

Chances are you fall in love with the pen you use and don’t want to throw it away once it runs out of ink. Here is all you need to know about refilling your ballpoint pen with ink. 

Required Materials

Before getting started, you need to make sure you have everything needed by your side. Below is a list of materials required to have your pen ink refilled:

  • Your pen
  • Desired ink 
  • Gloves for ink spills
  • Surgical spirit
  • Pliers 

Refilling Steps

  • At first, you need to disassemble your pen. Take out the ink tube
  • Take out the metal point from the ink tube using pliers
  • Then you have to clean up the ink tube along with the point using surgical spirit
  • Take the refill ink inside the syringe. 
  • Push the ink inside the ink tube
  • Assemble the pen back again


Below are short answers to a few of the questions that might come to your mind while shopping for a pen. 

What is the most professional pen?

Answer: Scriveiner Silver Chrome Ballpoint Pens are ideal for professionals.

Which is the best pen to write smoothly?

Answer: PILOT G2 pens are well admired for their smooth writing performance.

Why are Montblanc pens so expensive?

Answer: Montblanc pens create art and are perfect for the premium writing experience. Thus they are so expensive.

Is the Pilot pen a ball pen?

Answer: Yes Pilot pen is a ball pen.

What pen ink lasts the longest?

Answer: Ballpoint pen ink lasts the longest over other inks.


Since the beginning of creation, there has always been a deep understanding between man and machine. Since pens are the modern workhorse, you too need a pen that will understand your desires and help you reach your goals. 

Phew! This brings us to the end of today’s review on the best pens for lawyers. I hope you have gained enough insights to own a pen ideal for you. Any of the top picks will offer you exceptional performance for the price. The rest is up to you as you will be bringing justice to the world with the pen in your grip. 

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