Top 10 Best Pens for Doctors Review

I remember when a doctor treated me, and I thought that saying thank you or paying a visiting fee was not enough for what they deserved. Unfortunately, we cannot pay the doctors for what they do for us. But what about the gift of smooth and beautiful best pens for doctors.

Are you confused about selecting attractive, smooth, and beautiful pens for doctors? This article will guide you to choose the best pens for doctors. Different pens are of different features that can make you confused. So, you have to focus on specific features that the doctors like most, for instance, color, style, clip, ink, smoothness, etc. After comparing all these features of the different pens, you can choose the most beautiful pen as a gift.

Considering the highlights, I chose BEILUNER Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set to be the best pens for doctors. You need to peruse the remainder of the article to know why I chose this pen to be awesome. You’ll track down other top picks also.

Our Favorite Best Pens for Doctors

Comparison Table

NameInk typeTip Point type
BEILUNER Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint PenTop-notch ink0.5 mmExtra-fine
Sotania Personalized Ball PenPrime ink0.7mmAdditional
Scriveiner F402 Retractable Ballpoint Pen Waterproof, fade resistant1.0 mmUltra-fine
Zebra F-402Fast dry ink0.7 mmUltra-fine
PILOT Dr. Grip Limited Retractable Ball PenSmooth and fast dry0.7 mm Additional
Cross Beverly Gel PenPremium Quick-Drying Ink0.2mm Ultra-fine
Chrome Rollerball Pen Smooth and fast dry0.7 mmUltra-fine
Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel PenSuper-fast dry fluid ink0.55 mmAdditional
Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen High quality liquid ink0.5mmFine
Thanh Personalized Rosewood CaseSmooth and fast dry ink0.7 mm Fine

Top 10 Best Pens for Doctors Reviews- 2022

1. BEILUNER Luxury Ballpoint Pen

The BEILUNER Luxury Ballpoint Pen is the best pens for doctors. The ink flows smoothly and quickly, which means you won’t have to go back and forth while writing out your thoughts. It has a durable clip that will help keep the pen in place no matter where you put it down. Moreover, there’s also a medium point that helps with precision.


Top Quality

The pen is made in top notch quality and carefully assembled with a consumption safe and lightweight feature.

Nice Gift Option

Each pen accompanies a lovely, embellishing black box that could present a decent decision for doctors.

Medium and Fine Point

The pen is ergonomic, along with its different ink colors. You can easily use PILOT, Dr. Grip, with its available red, blue, or black smear-resistant ink. You will also have variations in a medium and fine point. 


  • A painstakingly paired pen set.
  • The 0.5mm medium point makes it simple to compose.
  • The metal clasp is extremely steady.
  • Speedy evaporating ink holds well to water/downpour.


  • The region where you get it is excessively slight.

2. Sotania Personalized Ball Pen

Everybody has somebody they need to give a little badge of warmth to in their life. Why not create something they can involve each day as a reliable token of the amount you mean to them? A pack accompanies 24 pointer pens with various tones Red, purple, Black, Green, Blue, Light blue, and Orange. This pen makes great bulk handout gifts for doctors. 


Light-up feature

With this special 3-in-1 pen, you will be arranged 100% of the time to stand out a pen

with an illuminated “Thankyou” LED light up included!

Strong Design

SyPen 3 out of 1 Stylus Gift Pens are intended to go the distance. Our pens are developed from a durable metal material that is more solid than contending brands.

Shading variations

There’s a wide exhibit of tones for you to look over to suit your style, including Red, purple, Black, Green, Blue, Light blue, and Orange.


  • Allows you effectively to skim across your gadget’s screen.
  • Contains a LED light back of the barrel labeled “Thankyou”. 
  • Clip it to your coat pocket or your satchel chain.
  • The ink is made of the greatest quality.
  • The pen has a sophisticated, chrome accented look.


  • These pens DO NOT have a flashlight

3. Scriveiner Silver Zebra Pen F402 Retractable Ballpoint Pen

This Classy gift box ballpoint pen set is an optimal present for a specialist or a meriting adored one. The metal ball-point pen is a work of art, smoothed out composing instrument. It has clean lines good shadings, and the ball-point tip creates a smooth and even print in dark ink.

You can supplant the ink tone with tops from any nearby writing material shop. Add custom etching to the cap for nothing for an extraordinary, customized present for a collaborator or business partner. This engraved ball-point pen comes bundled in a gift box and ships out the following workday.


Smooth Writing and Easy to Grip

The 1.0 mm medium point makes composing simple and guarantees staggeringly smooth and extreme composition or drawing experience. 

Higher Perceived Value

Create recollections with a bit of personalization. Esteem that unique individual in your life by making your gifts novel and noteworthy. Catch those extraordinary minutes by etching it.

Superior grade of Skill

With north of 20 years of involvement, they offer remarkable and engravable customized items. They bring you a great gift line, and we treat etching extremely in a serious way. Every item is taken care of with incredible consideration and engraved to your details.


  • Can be customized with personal quotes. 
  • Introduced in an exquisite gift box with Extra Refill Ink Cartridge
  • Medium tip composes without a hitch, curve to open and close
  • Profound, reflexive white enamel finish


  • No underlying compressed cartridge for composing.

4. Zebra F-402 Ballpoint Pen

The Zebra F-402 is a smooth ballpoint pen with a moderate plan. It includes a hardened steel body, an elastic grasp, a durable metal pocket clasp, and a smooth ink stream. The metal look is exceptionally appealing at its cost point, and the metal clasp appends well to dress shirt pockets. The 0.7 mm ballpoint tip composes of a smooth, intense line.



You will have no regrettable comments when you see the plan of this superb pen. Zebra’s spirit of progression has focused constantly on serving buyers with remarkably arranged, smooth forming pens.

Solace in Usage

It contains a delicate elastic hold for composing solace.


Structured with 0.8 mm extra fine point. Extra fine stamps for all time on most surfaces.


An original simple skim ink stamps unendingly on most surfaces, and its additional fine point gives exact transport.


  • Solid treated steel barrel
  • Non-slip rubber treated hold
  • Fine 0.7mm tip guarantees fresh lines with each utilization.
  • Refillable with F-Refill


  • Too heavy pen

5. PILOT Dr. Grip Refillable Ball Pen

When you need a pen that’s as comfortable as it is reliable, try the Dr. Grip ballpoint pen. Each refillable, ergonomic pen features a smooth writing tip and quick-drying ink. This means you can write anything without smearing or ghosting what you’ve written. Moreover, the ballpoint tip also makes it easy to use with little fuss, so all your pens will be ready for action at a moment’s notice!


This smooth-creating ergonomic ballpoint pen incorporates our smear-safe Advanced Ink and a wide barrel with an ergonomic, plastic free cushioned hold to help with lessening forming pressure.

Ergonomic Pen

The American Arthritis Foundation has declared it a safe pen for longer use.


Retractable and refillable with G2 finishes off.


  • Arranged with awesome weight flow
  • Very smooth writing experience.
  • Comes in medium and fine point
  • Available in dim, blue, or red smear-safe ink.


  • A little expensive.

6. Scriveiner Silver Chrome Rollerball Pen

Delightfully created metal with a silver chrome finish and 24 karat gold arrangements. The nature of craftsmanship and materials is usually observed uniquely in pens costing ordinarily more. This is a pen that will dazzle in any climate. Regardless of whether in a leader meeting room, a café, or out and about, this present specialist’s pen will draw appreciating looks and remarks.

Luxurious Pen

Stunning extravagance rollerball pen by Scriveiner. Metal with silver chrome completed in 24 karat gold. Premium quality and downplayed extravagance from a store British brand.

Effortless Writing
They utilize the Schmidt fluid ink framework from Germany, which permits your pen to float flawlessly across a paper. This joins the ink feel of a wellspring pen with the accommodation of a ballpoint and gives a better composing activity than gel ink pens. Impeccably weighted and adjusted for your composing solace – this is an extravagance pen intended for the people who love to compose each day.

Excellent Package

The pen arrives in an excellent show box, making it the ideal gift, regardless of whether as an easygoing or chief pen, for work, office, or individual use, your Scriveiner rollerball will be appreciated by people around you.


  • Secret compartment under holds an extra top off.
  • Delightfully created out of metal with a silver chrome finish
  • The smooth composing style
  • Contains Schmidt fluid ink framework from Germany 
  • Impeccably weighted and adjusted for your composing solace


  • It’s a mix of being slippery and an extremely close fit.

7. Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

The Pentel EnerGel Alloy RT retractable fluid gel pen is a wonderfully planned composing instrument intended for specialists exceptionally. Elite execution ink innovation consolidates the most desirable characteristics of fluid and gel ink for a super-smooth composing experience that left handers love – No Smears, No Smudges, No Globs. An incredible present for any event, the amalgam barrel arrives in an assortment of metallic sheens and incorporates a particular, finished grasp for more prominent composing solace. The 0.7mm metal tip composes medium lines and is refillable with any EnerGel top off.


Assortment of Color

An extraordinary present for any event, the combination barrel arrives in various metallic sheens.

Finished Grip

Experience more noteworthy composing control with the particular finished grasp.

Aluminum Alloy Barrel

Exquisitely planned with an aluminum amalgam barrel for the individuals who need to say something.


  • Wonderfully manufactured with an aluminum compound barrel.
  • Superb quality ink.
  • super-smooth composing experience.
  • Experience more prominent composing control.
  • Incredible present for any event.


  • The refill is temporary.

8. Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen GT

The Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen uncovers that underneath your chief persona blends an imaginative soul. Let your vision and energy sparkle in your expert existence. Just the circumspect brilliant glimmer of its trim rivals the profound dark of its finish. A strong, contemporary mix of ageless class. Waterman ballpoint pens produce impeccable lines and never dry out. It’s a whenever anyplace ink that gives the free rule to your unconstrained articulation.



A striking report in futurist shape and exemplary completions, Expert, blesses intensity of structure with agelessness of soul. Contemporary in context, commendable as a coworker or gift, Expert II talks through the strong elegance of its outline, characterizing accomplishment without overabundance in enduring praise to deliberate excellence.


Just the careful, brilliant glimmer of its trim contends with the profound dark of its polish. A strong, contemporary blend of ageless class.

The Nib

WATERMAN Ballpoint pens produce faultless lines and never dry out. It’s a whenever anyplace ink that gives the free rule to your unconstrained articulation.

The Clip

Structured excellently with 23K Gold.


  • Liberal outline for exceptional styling
  • Refined shine dark lacquered body.
  • Glimmering 23-karat clip.
  • Handily developed ballpoint tip.
  • Introduced in a superior dull blue Waterman gift box.


  • The clasp on this pen doesn’t keep going long.

9. Thanh Personalized Rosewood Case

“Doctors have terrible penmanship.” How many times have you heard somebody say this? Well, this is valid. A couple of specialists pride of their penmanship. These are the ones that required some investment to rehearse in their penmanship. Be that as it may, observing them is quite a problem.

The obligation of a specialist is to assist individuals with recuperating. Be that as it may, others put in any amount of work to save you or your family member. All things considered, assuming you have a specialist that assisted you, a relative, or a companion, you better get them this pen genuine speedy. For will see the grins they set all over when they saved you on their countenances.



You will have no regrettable comments when you see the plan of this great pen. Zebra’s spirit of progression has focused constantly on serving buyers with extraordinarily arranged, smooth writing pens.


High Quality Rosewood Business Holder Wedge with Clock And Roller Ball Point Pen.


This Item Is Handmade from Real Wood. In this way, Minor Blemishes, Though Rare, May Occasionally Occur on The Item.


  • The Medical logo and the Doctor’s name are engraved by 100W laser etcher.
  • Delightful woodcraft.
  • Bundling item and quality.
  • Great gift bundle without burning through every last cent.
  • The most prestigious and possessed customized pen case in this world.


  • Pens are not bloated to endure delayed use.

10. Cross Beverly Purple Lacquer Selectip Gel Rollerball Pen

Cross Beverly assortment is exquisite and even. The sparkling enamel gives the pen a refined look, with chrome arrangements, while the dabbed band and top add class. Remarkably contemporary and delightfully female, Cross Beverly makes composing an unadulterated joy. Cleaned chrome subtleties and a carefully bended clasp add interest to its smooth profile.


Advanced technology

Cross keeps on developing with tech-based highlights and canny plans for the manners in which we live and work today.

Remarkable Quality

Committed to the most elevated level of craftsmanship, we convey incredibly dependable items to known authors.

Lifetime Satisfaction

All Cross Writing Instruments are ensured against mechanical disappointment, paying little heed to mature.


  • Cap can be taken out and put on to the furthest limit of the pen.
  • Highlights a cleaned chrome hold segment.
  • Incorporates one dark rollerball top off.
  • Provided in an extravagance Cross gift box.
  • Covered by the Cross-lifetime guarantee against mechanical disappointment.


  • Sometimes it drops an excessive amount of ink on the paper.

Best Pens for Doctors Buying Guide

best pens for doctors

While we are moving further into the computerized age, doctors using pens is great. Regardless of whether most records and information will be advanced – you need to place your mark on specific papers. Much of the time, it will be finished with a pen. In this aide, we will attempt to assist you with tracking down the best pens for doctors.

Stand a Pen

On the off chance that a pen will generally be standing on a work area, search for a pen with a stand. Moreover, you might add the specialist’s name, family name, and strength on this stand. Normally, these pen stands to meet up with a clock or photo placements. Pen stand would be considerably more helpful, assuming it contains little paper notes. You wouldn’t believe the number of notes specialists compose on ordinary premises.


A pointer can be extremely helpful if a specialist utilizes contact screens. Assuming that it is important to wear medical gloves will impede a specialist’s capacity to use a cell phone. In these cases, a pointer on a pen is a fantastic arrangement. On the off chance that you have utilized these pointer pens, you realize that these elastic tips are not all that sturdy. So it’s smarter to purchase a specialist pen with extra replicable elastic pointer tips.

Laser Pointer

Specialists don’t simply treat patients. They have numerous extra obligations. To lay it out plainly – public talking. Where? Meetings, addresses for understudies and associates, introductions for patients, and so on. With the laser pointer, they would have the option to stress the vital things in their talks and introductions.

Additionally, during daily adjustments, specialists normally appear and point at something.

Delicate And Sharp Pick in Pen

As we began discussing nervous system specialists – how about we proceed. Nervous system specialists are checking a pupillary reflex as well as sensations. To do that, they regularly utilize delicate and sharp picks. With these picks, they contact various body pieces to decide if there is a deficiency of sensation in certain districts.

Light On a Pen

For many people, light on a pen would be only a decent expansion. For specialists, it very well may be a significant expansion to work. Nervous system specialists frequently look at pupillary light reflex and the patient’s capacity to respond to light.


Which is The Best Pens for Doctors?

BEILUNER Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set to be the best pens for doctors. Assessment and management of everything about materials and assembling advances have been improved by the BEILUNER group to guarantee all parts conform to the specialized guidelines and prerequisites prior to entering the creation. To give a superior composing experience to end clients.

Which Brand of Pen is Best for Writing?

Much of the time, the Uni-ball Jetstream RT is the ideal pen to make it happen. It dries rapidly, so it’s incredible for lefties and anybody worried about smirching (particularly when composing on smooth paper, names, or receipts). Because of its “mixture” or “low-consistency” ink, the Jetstream RT produces the haziest lines of any ballpoint pen we tried, and its ink streams out without a hitch and equally without skipping like a gel pen, yet with the speedy drying benefits of a ballpoint. Additionally, this pen’s ink is water-safe, blur safe, and formed to oppose looking at the washing.

Do Doctors Write in Black Ink?

Black ink is the norm for all clinical experts to put down in the clinical account. The principal reason clinical experts should utilize dark ink is that the record copies well.

What Color Pen Should be Used in Medical Records?

Preferably, all sections in the clinical record should be made in dark ink. This would simplify it to deliver a photograph generation and guarantee that the ensuing duplicates would be neat.

Final Words

This wraps up our rundown of the 10 best pens for doctors. When purchasing a pen, the price is not the only thing to consider. There are a few things to think about when choosing a doctor’s pen. These pens should be bright and colorful so they can easily be spotted in a hospital setting. They should also have a slip-proof grip for prolonged writing without interruption or slippage. And also have long durability where they won’t run out of ink quickly. Moreover, the overall usability of the pen should be taken into consideration as well.

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