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If you have heard of a Cricut, you are probably familiar with its cutting capabilities. However, did you know it can also be used to write and draw? That is correct. Pens and markers can be used to write and draw text, pictures, doodles, coloring pages, and more on Cricut machines. If you have a Cricut Maker, there is even a fabric pen for marking fabric cuts. The usage of pens on Cricut will blow your mind once you get the hang of it. As a matter of fact, these pens work tremendously with the Cricut machines and make different min-blowing designs. 

Although using Cricut pens is simple, we wanted to give a complete analysis of them, including the many types of pens and how to make sure your file is set up correctly in Design Space. When writing with your Cricut, this is arguably the trickiest part of the process but it is not difficult if you grasp how the Attach tool works. We also wanted to enlighten you on the available best pens for Cricut. Cricut owners already know the benefits and various usage of this amazing technology. It is time that you understand how these pens work and which ones are the best for you. 

Speaking of which, before we start the article, today’s winner is Cricut’s Ultimate 2004060 Pen Set, Fine Point, Assorted, 30 Pack. This set of 30 colors will offer the most variety of colors with a guaranteed printing experience. DIY your cards, posters, T-shirts, and whatnot with Cricut’s Ultimate 2004060 Pen Set, Fine Point, Assorted, 30 Pack.

Our Favorite Best Pens for Cricut

Top 7 Best Pens for Cricut Reviews- 2022

The list of our seven top products will not only give you a better idea of the best Cricut pens and 

Cricut pen set but also will help you to understand which one would suit you better. Take a look at these products and choose carefully. 

1. Cricut’s Ultimate 2004060 Pen Set

Cricut’s Ultimate 2004060 Pen Set, Fine Point, Assorted, 30 Pack is one of the best pens for Cricut. With the Circuit Ultimate Pen Set, you can express yourself in every hue of the rainbow. Have a wide range of color options to create rich, nuanced crafts for every event, mood, or style. There are 30 fine-point pens included with your Circuit Explore machine for stunning writing and drawing.

Key Features


Create beautiful, elaborate coloring pages for both adults and children, and add phrases to framed art or scrapbook pages with a handwritten script in a suitable shade.

A one-step procedure

You can even cut, write, and draw all at the same time. It is simple to personalize your life. The circuit Explore One machine, on the other hand, necessitates the use of an adaptor and additional processes.

Set of Fine Point Pens

You will adore working with these lovely complementing colors. Fine-point pens are a great way to show off your Cricut machine’s detailed, precise writing and drawing capabilities. Draw flawless shapes and lovely coloring pages, or write elegantly styled customized messages on cards, invites, decor, and more.

An accessory Adapter is required.

For use with the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines from the Cricut line. The Accessory Adapter, which is offered separately, is required for the Cricut Explore One. Use a handwritten font in a complementary color to personalize cards or invitations. Create beautiful, intricate coloring pages for adults and children alike. Alternatively, write phrases on framed paintings or scrapbook pages.

30 pens with a fine point.

Exploration machines by Circuit allow you to draw and write. Water-based, acid-free, non-toxic, and permanent after drying; ASTM D-4236 compliant. Use with any electronic cutting machine from Circuit Explore. Thirty more pens have been added.


  • These pens are also compatible with the Cricut machine.
  • These pens also operate on black paper.


  • It is not permanent, but you can make it by using a non-acidic sealer.

2. Cricut Metallic Pen Set

With these Cricut metallic pen sets, you can add precise writing to any Cricut Explore project. Use handwriting-style Cricut fonts or outline system fonts from your computer. The Cricut Explore pens can draw any picture from the Cricut image library, including those that are specifically made for drawing.

Key Features

Make your own cards.

In a single step, the Cricut Explore can cut a card and then write a greeting exactly where you want it. With your Cricut Explore, make personalized cards, gift tags, party décor, and more with the Cricut Explore Pen sets.

Reduce the use of smart technology

Cricut pens were created specifically for use with the Cricut Explore and its patented pending Cut Smart technology.

For any DIY project, beautiful details are essential.

With Cricut Explore Pen sets, you can add flawless writing to any Cricut Explore project. Use handwriting-style Cricut fonts or outline system fonts from your computer. Cricut Explore Pens may also draw any image in the Cricut Image Library, including several that are made expressly for drawing.

Long-lasting for the best possible outcomes

Cricut Explore Pen sets have been thoroughly tested to ensure that your projects look professional. Our pens are acid-free, non-toxic, and dry to a permanent state. With Cricut Explore pens, you can make stunning wedding invites, holiday banners, and gift tags.


  • They operate well and last a long time as long as the tops are kept on them.
  • There is no need for an adaptor.
  • They are thin and write effortlessly.


  • If you do not cover them, they can dry up rapidly.

3. Cricut Infusible Ink Pens

The next big thing in DIY crafts is infusible ink. Infusible Ink Markers, Pens, and Transfer Sheets create brilliant, long-lasting transfers that adhere directly to your favorite Cricut blank product. Infusible Ink is the first of its kind in the arts and crafts industry. These pens for Cricut makers are the future. 

Key Features

Infusible ink 

Infusible Ink designs become one with your compatible material, resulting in rich, full-color transfers that last a lifetime, unlike iron-on transfers or heat-transfer vinyl that attach to your project’s surface.

Transfer sheets with a twist

Two 30. 5cm x 30. 5cm Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets are attached and each set protects products from bleeding ink during the heat transfer procedure.

Colors that pop 

Apply heat to your custom designs and watch them bloom into vibrant, long-lasting, high-quality transfers on your preferred Infusible Ink blank. You will have everything you need to create invisible artwork with this collection of 5 black markers.

Use Cricut blanks for this project.

All of our items are made to work together. Use these transfer sheets with your Cricut smart cutting machine to add exciting, colorful graphics to plain laser copy paper, or freehand your own drawings for a unique touch.

Tools for Cricut

We provide a large choice of accessories for every craft and craftsman at Cricut. Cricut Transfer Sheets work with the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore families of machines. Create one-of-a-kind T-shirts, coasters, totes, and more with our Infusible Ink products.


  • Add a name, logo, inside joke, or favorite quotation to any compatible Infusible Ink blank.
  • Consistency is excellent.


  • Light-sensitive Cricut Transfer Sheets will harm if they come into touch with water.

4. Fine Point Pens by Diyit for Cricut Maker

Another set of markers that work with the Cricut maker is Diyit 0.4 tip fine point pens. This set contains 30 pieces of marker pens. Diyit fine point pens for Cricut are Diyit 0.4 tip fine point pens come in a set of 30. For invites, cards, and other craft projects, Diyit fine point pens for Cricut are fantastic. Your project will come to life if you use a wide range of colors.

Key Features

Lines to Draw

For invites, cards, and other craft projects, Diyit fine point pens for Cricut are fantastic. Your project will come to life if you use a wide range of colors. Diyit 0.4 tip fine point pens come in a set of 30. They are the ultimate fine tip pen, and the colors are vibrant. The 30 colors in the Diyit pen set are vivid and exactly as they appear.

Instrument for writing

Water-based ink, no duplication, no smudging, quick-drying, acid-free/non-toxic ink, smooth writing The colors in Diyit fine point pens are permanent after drying since they are water-based, acid-free, and non-toxic. Diyit’s ultimate fine point pen set comes with a handy display stand to keep everything in order.


Diyit has tremendous performance results and output in, writing, sketching, art coloring, note-taking, calendar, art projects, and is comfortable to write with.

Fine Point Pens in a Pack of 30

Diyit fine point pen is ideal for use with the Cricut machine. Diyit’s 30 sets of fine point pens are excellent. It works splendidly for drawing lines or details. This 30 set of fine point pens is excellent for Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Explore 3. 


  • The explorer air 2 can use with these.
  • They are identical to the Cricut pens in terms of fit.
  • They were a perfect fit in the machine. When they have ink in them, they write smoothly.


  • These are not for sketching on paper, such as for making cards.

5. Joy Sublimation Set of Ink Pen for Cricut

These sublimation ink markers with dual tips are made exclusively for the Cricut Joy machine. You can either put it in your joy machine or draw whatever you want on sublimation paper. Transfers on the material nicely and brightly. These sublimation ink markers will give your heat transfer creations a new lease on life.

Key Features

Pack of 36

The Joy Sublimation Set of Ink Pen for Cricut by Xinart comes in a staggering 36 different and vibrant color combinations. The rich and colorful colors will inspire your artistic talent. This 0.4 tip and 1.0 tip sublimation ink pen for the Cricut cutting machine includes two tips.

Tools that are ideal

Joy Sublimation Set of Ink Pen for Cricut by Xinart are ideal tools for turning your gorgeous drawing into permanent, flank-free, one-of-a-kind t-shirts, coasters, baby suits, and bags, among other things. Your artwork will come to life if you use a wide range of colors. It is worth noting that these markers only work on polyester, and the higher the proportion, the better.


Sublimation ink designs become one with your appropriate material, resulting in rich, full-color transfers that last a lifetime, unlike iron-on transfers or heat transfer vinyl that attach to your project’s surface. Once ironed on, the colors are vibrant.

It is packaged in a highly secure manner.

Xinart’s Joy Sublimation Set of Ink Pen for Cricut comes in an acrylic case. The storage container keeps materials organized for convenient access while traveling and on a daily basis. Please remember to put on the pen cap when not in use to extend the pen’s service life.


  • In one stroke, you can switch from generating sharp details and laying down broad, thin, or variable lines thanks to the simple dual-tip design.
  • These markers are compatible with polyester.


  • If the lid is not closed, the ink will dry quickly.

6. Dual Tip Pens by REALIKE for Cricut Maker

All of the Cricut explore pens have been thoroughly tested to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. You will adore it. For use at school, on the road, or in the home and office. Perfect for gift ideas for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, parties, and New Year’s.

Key Features

Pens for use with a Cricut machine

REALIKE’s Dual Tip Pens for Cricut Maker is made exclusively for the Cricut Maker 3/ Explore 3 / Maker / Air/ Air 2 and can write and draw with the cutting machine. Invitations, handwritten cards, DIY decor, and other drawing/coloring craft projects are all possibilities. For Cricut accessories, the REALIKE pen set is a must-have.

There are 34 different hues to choose from.

A good variety of colors will encourage your artistic creativity. Dual Tip Pens from REALIKE for Cricut Maker has a staggering 34 unique and vivid color possibilities to pick from. Great for arts and crafts, adult and children’s coloring books, scrapbooks, school projects, greeting cards, and doodles, among other things.

Pens with two tips that can be used for a variety of purposes

This simple dual-tip design allows you to simply switch between creating crisp details and putting down thick, thin, or variable lines in one stroke with the REALIKE Dual Tip Pens for Cricut Maker cutting machine. Perfect for line drawing, painting, writing, coloring, sketching, marker, manga, animation, art design, journaling, and illustration, among other things.


  • Water-based, acid-free, and odorless ink that dries rapidly and lasts a long time.
  • It is ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Perfect for use with a Cricut machine.


  • If not properly cared for, it will dry out.

7. DOOHALO Fine Point Pens

These Cricut gel pens are for Scrapbooking, Coloring, Journaling, Nail Art, Kids, Sketching, Painting, Drawing, Writing, Tattoos, and Other Custom Artistic Creations. Ideal for decorating handcrafted cards, invitations, and other sketching and coloring creative projects. It’s ideal for making DIY crafts to make one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. These fine point pens with dual tips can help you complete your art projects or unwind while coloring.

Key Features

Cricut Cricut pen

Only compatible with Cricut Maker 3/Maker/Explore 3/Air 2, these dual-tip marker pens are ideal for sketching, coloring, and writing.

Pack of colored pens

In the pack, there are a total of 34 unique selections and two EXTRA black colors, all of which are primary colors. A pen with non-toxic water-based ink could be useful. Bring dazzling and vibrant color looks to your project with this long-lasting and quick-drying paint.

Simple to use

Card crafting, drawing, coloring, sketching, doodling, bullet journaling, and calligraphy hand lettering are all possible with this pen set. Ideal for decorating handcrafted cards, invitations, and other sketching and coloring creative projects. It is ideal for making DIY crafts to make one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family.

T-pens with dual-tip coloring

Tip with two tips The Fine point tips may be comfortably accurate line control, and the brush tip is great for coloring. Both tips are exceptional color blending and flexibility of smooth pen strokes.


  • Suitable for delicate liner and rush.
  • For the convenience of use and comfort of mind, these pens are water-based, acid-free, non-toxic, and permanent after drying.


  • For usage in your destination, this product may require an adapter or converter.

Best Pens for Cricut Buying Guide 

cricut pen

 When you attach a pen to a Cricut Maker, Joy, or Explore, you may use it to write and draw. In Cricut’s Design Space program, doodle and scribble your creations, then send them to your machine, where the pen takes care of the rest. Find the best pens for Cricut by the following list according to your Cricut machine. 

Pens with Fine Points

Cricut pens feature a white barrel with an “F” for “fine” stamped on the end. They have a 0.4mm tip and are available in a variety of colors.

Pens with Extra Fine Points

The extremely fine point pens are only 0.3mm thick if you need something even finer. They come in a white (older) or clear (newer) barrel with XF imprinted on the end, which stands for “extra fine.” These are the pens that you can use to write on cards and gift tags.

Markers / Pens

Depending on the product, the 1.0 size is designating as a pen or a marker. The felt tip on these pens/markers is thicker, and they come in a variety of colors and metallic finishes. On the bottom, there’s an M for “marker.” Because the subtleties can easily be lost while writing with a thicker felt tip, these are suitable for larger writing jobs.

Pens (Gel)

Instead of a felt tip, Gel Pens have a rollerball. They are 0.8mm in diameter. They have a white barrel with a “G” for “gel” stamped on the end. These are great for doodle projects on paper. These should not use on glossy or textured surfaces.

Gel Pens with Glitter

Glitter gel pens, like their ordinary gel cousins above, feature a rollerball with a 0.8mm size. They have a clear barrel with a glittering lid, and the end cap is branding with “G” or “GG” (for “glitter gel”). These should not use on glossy or textured surfaces.

Pens for Calligraphy

Cricut pens have a gray barrel with a calligraphy “C” stamped on the end. Calligraphy markers have an angled tip and must be put at a 45° angle into your Cricut clamp to write properly. Cricut Joy does not have any calligraphy pens.

Fabric Pencil

It has a clear blue cap with an “M” embossed on the end and a white barrel. Learn more about Using the Fabric Marker in particular. This marker can found in the color dropdown under Marker > Blue (washable fabric).

Pens with Infusible Ink

Sublimation ink is infusing into poly-coated surfaces. The tip of the Cricut Infusible Ink pens is 0.4mm. These pens have a single color barrel with an “F” on the bottom for “fine.” 

Markers with Infusible Ink

The tip of the Cricut Infusible Ink markers is 1.0mm. These pens have a single color barrel and an “m” on the bottom for “marker.” More information on the Cricut Infusible Ink Pens may found here.

How to use Cricut pens?

At this point of the article, we will let you know how you can use your Cricut pen , step by step:

Step 1:

To follow along, go to your Cricut Design Space canvas area and click on pictures, then enter #MA931415 in the code box. Select the “camera” image when it shows on your screen and click insert images. Use the Contour tool for a variety of pen colors.

Step 2: 

There is a quick way to modify the colors of a single image. The tool that allows you to do this is calling “Contour,” and once you have tried it, you won’t be able to stop toying with images and Cricut Pens.

Step 3: 

Let us add some text now. The Text option is found on the Canvas’s left panel. When you click there, a box in the design space area appears where you can type. You can use any of Cricut’s fonts or your own system fonts.

Step 4: 

The pens can use on a single piece of paper without having to cut it. Assume you created your design on a circle. Select the circle option from the shapes icon on the left panel to add a circle. You can alter the color of the circle in the same way as you can change the color of pens. Keep the operation in the “Basic Cut” mode, nevertheless. Select the circle, then click the arrange icon and select the option “Send to Back” to reorganize everything. 

Select the camera and text layers and set them on top of the circle after the circle is in the back position. Last but not least, pick everything on your canvas and click “Attach” before drawing and cutting.

Step 5:

If you are making invitations, gift tags, or even stickers, making copies is really useful. To do so, repeat the previously attached design until you have the required number of copies. Then, once more, click Attach. Click Make it. Once you are ready for drawing and cutting.

Step 6:

Everything should be in order and ready to go if you followed all of the stages. If you did not attach, though, everything will be in separate mats and a complete mess. If this is the case, go back and attach: P. Click the continue option and begin selecting your supplies, if everything appears to be in order.

How to Store Cricut Pens?

Storing Cricut pens is not that tough if you manage to be a little organized. You can follow the following steps for storing your Cricut pens. 

A Caddy that is Divided

A divided caddy can found at the dollar store, Target Dollar Spot, Walmart, and pretty much everywhere else that sells dorm goods. Make nice labels for the pen caddy using your Cricut to boost the design ante.

Tube Container that has been Repurposed

These adorable pen and marker containers were created from recycled disinfectant wipe bottles and are excellent for Cricut markers. You may complete this project for free by using leftover vinyl and your Cricut TruControl knife.

Cart for Making Crafts

I stored all of my Cricut pens and markers in the top drawers of my craft cart for almost a year. Inside Walmart’s cheap basket organizers, I sorted them up by color and category.

Cups for Pegboard

One of my favorite places to keep my most-used Cricut pens is in a cup on my crafting desk’s pegboard. Ikea sells pegboard and cups for a very low price.

Containers that Can be Stacked

These stacking containers are just the correct size for the Cricut pens and markers. That is exactly what I am getting at. They are also outrageously inexpensive, at $2 per container. I found them in the bathroom storage section of Target. I used chalkboard vinyl and a chalk marker to make the labels.

Pouch with a Zipper

I adore Cricut’s new Infusible Ink blank three-piece cosmetic bag set, and they are the perfect size for storing all of your writing supplies. They are especially useful if you like to craft with your pals and use your Cricut on the go. You can easily fit the marker bag into your purse.

Inserts for Specialty Cube Shelving

In my new studio, I recently installed some Ikea Kallax units, and I splurged on these Stamp and Storage pen/marker inserts. They make storing and retrieving the writing instruments require a breeze.


  • Can You Use Other Pens in the Cricut Maker?

Yes, you can. You may make it with any pen that fits, but I think the Cricut Calligraphy Pen looks best on envelopes and invitations.

  • Can You Use a Pencil in a Cricut?

You can use practically any pen, pencil, or crayon with your Cricut machine thanks to Cricut pen adapters.

  • What Is a Good Writing Font for Cricut?

Most of the other fonts are pretty lighter and perfect for casual tasks, and Cricut Sans is a wonderful fundamental font for Cricut. If you want to be able to choose a writing font that works as expected from Design Space and develop your projects swiftly, having Access makes it very easy.

  • Is There Free Writing Fonts for Cricut?

Yes, Cricut writing fonts are available for free. On Cricut, there are about twelve different free writing fonts.

  • Can Cricut Pens Write on Vinyl?

Cricut pens can write on vinyl, and they are really good at it. Cricut pens and markers can write on any paper, cardboard, textured cardstock, and vinyl that conventional pens can write on.

  • How Do You Fill a Pen With Cricut?

Set your Cricut pen tip down in clamp A. Push the pin in until the arrow on the pen’s side vanishes.


Who does not enjoy creating a colorful, pattern-filled greeting card with exciting images? Make a greeting card for any occasion with Cricut pens, whether it is for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or someone’s birthday. These pens are available in a range of colors and designs. These pens are of excellent quality and will produce the greatest results when used in conjunction with your Cricut machine.

The best pens for Cricut are discussed in this post. You now know, where to get the right match, how you can choose the appropriate Cricut pen set that you can utilize according to your demands and task.

The purchase guide will assist you in narrowing down your choices. Not to mention the seven products we have chosen for you. These are the most compatible Cricut pen sets on the market. Some of them may appear to be a little pricey, but the quality is well worth the money.

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