Best Pens for Autographs

The market today is full of pens for the signing of autographs. However, the question is, are all these best pens for autographs? Most of the customers are overwhelmed when trying to look for the best pens for autographs. All the autograph pens available in the market aren’t good. There are those that are best compared to others.

The best pen for signing photographs varies from one user to another. Avid autographs understand that they can’t use any pen in signatures. There is a need to choose the ideal marker for autographs. We have highlighted the ten best pens for autographs that one can use to have a high-quality result that doesn’t fade. They include

Our Favorite Best Pens for Autographs

Top 10 Best Pens for Autographs Reviews- 2022

1. Pentel® EnerGel™ RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pens

Pentel® EnerGel™ RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pens is one of the best pens for autographs available in the market today. The pen provides an effortless and smooth writing experience that you will always be proud of. The high-performance ink technology of the pen combines gel and liquid that dries fast.


Sleek design- The pen has a sleek and stylish design made of stainless steel accents that make it professional. There is a latex-free grip that gives extended comfort and control of it when writing on your autographs. It is available in 0.7mm tip to write medium lines and 1.0mm tip writes on the bold lines.

Vibrant and beautiful colors- The pen is available in favorite colors like red, green, lime green, black, navy blue, violet, turquoise, orange and brown. This makes the autograph pen ideal for autographs and for taking notes and updating without any skip. The pen uses high-performance ink technology that uses quality liquid and gel ink to have a smooth writing experience.

Quick-drying technology- The liquid-gel dries faster and writes smoothly because the paper has a high-quality gel and liquid ink ideal for drying up faster. The pen writes without smudges, globs, and no smears.


  • Dries quickly to prevent the ink from smearing and smudging
  • Has smooth writing experience
  • It comes with various vibrant colors that take notes comfortably
  • It is waterproof
  • Perfect for both fine and bold lines


  • It wets some papers

2. Arteza Rollerball Pens

The Arteza Rollerball Pens have been in the market for a good period now, and the pen’s high quality hasn’t changed over the years. They still do excellent writing not only with autographing baseballs but also with other activities. The pen strives to create products that you are proud of with the writing.


Created and designed for artists- Arteza is designed to generate an autograph outcome that inspires your work. It is designed to express the human experience in writing on your autographs. The paper exhibits the quality that overwhelms the eyes, making a perfect artwork with intense vividness.

Fade-Resistant- Arteza Rollerball bullet journal paper is made in a way that is best. It has waterproof ink and is resistant to acid. It writes fine, full ink on every page. The gel pen ink writes smoothly when compared to traditional pens. The high-quality ink dries quickly without leaving any smudge back.

Convenient bulk pack- The Arteza comes with a large pack of 20 blue roller tip pens with a premium ink flow experience on every page. Even if you take notes at school, mark your baseball, sketch, or do other work, this pen gives you the best experience and quality.

Multi-use and long-lasting- With the high drying factor, the pen can be used for creative writing work that requires quick drying. It has a 0.7mm stainless steel tip which creates precise lines that do not fade. It also features an ergonomic grip for comfortable writing and is durable.


  • Smooth writing experience
  • Ergonomic design that is easy to grip and use
  • It is affordable
  • Dry quickly
  • Perfect ink consistency


  • It comes with a single color

3. 12 Pieces Rolling Ball Pens

One of the best things that I found out with these metallic markers is that they feature firm, felt, and flexible brush tips. The 12 piece rolling has a wide range of usage like writing important notes, using in class, and marking different words. The fast dry nature and precision make it perfect for those various tasks.


Quick-drying nature- This pen has a super-quick drying nature, smooth-writing black ink, and a precise tip. This helps keep your work organized, and you need more, especially on the rollerball. It also has a fine point of 0.5mm and black ink good for precise writing, fashion, and durability.

Unique design- The 12 Pieces Rolling Ball pen has a unique transparent pen case that lets you check your ink level on the pen. The case is of good quality in that it doesn’t leak easily even when used for a long period.

Smooth ink flow- The autograph pen has an inbuilt precision ink output regulator with a tip of 0.5mm that is perfect for ensuring constant ink flow when writing. This also makes the pen have a smooth writing experience on various items. The flow also makes it have a quick-dry feature.

Wide application- These pens have a wide application as they can be used in class, at home, in a company, or an office when writing importance notes or marking different words.


  • Fine point tip that is perfect for precise making of autographs
  • Unique and transparent case that is long-lasting
  • Write smoothly and dry faster
  • It is waterproof once it dries
  • It is perfect for autographs


  • The caps get lost easily hence exposing the tip

4. IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set

Are you looking for the best pens for autographs for executive business signatures? If yes, Ideapool genuine Rosewood Ballpoint pen is the perfect option for such work. It is crafting with top-quality features and technology to help you achieve the creative style and work you need.


Unique design- The Idealpool is an elegant, luxurious, and stylish pen perfect for any creative type like business, work colleagues, and writers. It is a natural handcrafting antique wooden pen with a matching black gift of 0.7mm that is perfect for smooth writing.

High-quality material- The pen comes with two extra stainless steel black inks for a pen refill with an easy process. The pen is making of genuine rosewood, with the color and texture varying. It makes from a handcrafted antique wooden vintage collection. The thicker line of this weight makes it perfect for autographs.

Money guaranteed- The pen provides you with good quality products and excellent services that your business customers can be proud of. The pen compliments what you are getting from the pen to make it more professional and attractive.


  • The pen looks gorgeous
  • Elegant pen design
  • It writes smoothly
  • It comes with two ink replacement cartridges


  • The pen tip wears out easily

5. PANDAFLY Precision Micro-Line Pens

PANDAFLY Precision Micro-Line Pens are compact designing products that look unique and efficient in autograph signing. The black water-based ink stays on top of the paper without causing bleeding. This makes it a high-quality waterproof ink, fade and chemical resistant, quick to dry, and neutral.


Multiple pen tip sizes- This multi-drawing pen comes with ten unique nib sizes that one can choose from in their task. It includes 9 micro nibs of 0.2mm,0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 1.0mm and a 1 soft brush tip. This black tip marker makes the pen ideal for writing and drawing.

Easy to use- Every pen has a coded cap and a pocket clip cap that is lightweight and long-lasting. It has a smooth and skip-free writing experience, plus the crisp ink color, which has consistent lettering in every line all the time. This makes the pen ideal for note-taking, technical drawing, and journals.

Water-resistant ink- PANDAFLY Precision Micro-Line Pen has black ink that is non-toxic, archival quality, non-refillable, waterproof, odorless, and does not fade. It works well with markers, ink, and waterproof. It doesn’t dissolve toner when photocopying and is perfect for bible journals and adult coloring.

Ink quality-The ink quality is built with high-line quality that pleases artists. It also features a smooth slide that provides consistent free ink flow. It is clean outlines that line drawing for all drafting techniques. The high-quality ink is the number one choice for designers, architects, sketch, and illustrators.


  • Has multiple ink tip sizes
  • It doesn’t bleed on paper easily
  • It is waterproof
  • High-quality ink perfect for various sizes
  • Easy to use on various papers and items


  • It takes time to dry

6. LONG KEY 3PCS Diamond Pens

LONG KEY 3PCS Diamond pens are metallic markers that deliver high-quality results on autographs and letter signing. It is one of the best pens known for the long writing experience and making precise marks on its fine point. The pen has some good top-quality features that make it competitive with other top-quality pens in the market.


Unique design- This 3 piece has an elegant writing design that adds fashion-forward. Every bling ballpoint pen is made with a stunning metallic finish for perfect writing. It also has a large diamond-shaped crystal gripped to help add flair to the pen.

Quality material- The pen is made of colorful metal that is well constructed and guarantees long durability. With the pen, you revolve to open with all three different pieces. This also makes it comfortable to hold with a smooth writing experience. They are available in Rose gold with polka dots, white, and silver with Rose polka dots.

Wide use- These bling pens are gorgeous, and they are lightweight, which helps it provide defined lines smoothly on lines without skipping or smudging and, hence, bringing some pleasure when writing. They are also best for guest table pen-like parties, weddings, use in offices, etc.


  • They are easy to use
  • Made of durable material
  • Top-quality material those are beautiful
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Waterproof


  • It only comes in three colors

7. Precision Micro-Line Pens

Do you need the best pens for autographs with various nine micro nip tip sizes for your work? Precision Micro-Line Pens are pens with top-quality features that make them safe and easy to use. The pens are waterproof, acid-free, and non-toxic, with long-lasting, superior quality. The pen doesn’t fade, smear, skip or bleed when writing on various surfaces.


Assorted tip sizes- This multi-drawing pen features nine different pens with nine unique nibs of various sizes perfect for different purposes. This size ranges from 0.2mm to 0.6mm micro nib and has a soft brush tip. All they are black nibs that offer an ideal fine tip for drawings.

Strong ink- The ink pigment of the marker is water-resistant, and it doesn’t fade. The fine ink quality and various nib sizes make the pen perfect for drawing as it doesn’t bleed the paper. It is also perfect for technical drawing, sketching, writing, and art drawing.

Easy to use- Precision Micro-Line Pens features a pocket clip cap, lightweight and coded cap that makes it easy to hold the pen and increase the pen durability. They are perfect in note-taking, technical drawing, and bullet journaling. The pen can be used even with children of 3 and above.


  • Easy to use and safe
  • Professional quality
  • Convenient to store
  • Perfect with watercolor
  • The varying thickness that is perfect for various task


  • It is not well smeared

8. PILOT G2 Premium Rolling Ball Gel Pens

G2 is an ultimate pen that is not only of top quality but also writes smoothly and comfortably for a long period. It is a competitive pen that you can trust if you want a reliable and clean pen that is comfortable to hold. Like the other top-quality paper, it has a fine point size of 0.7mm for perfect writing.


Long-lasting comfort- The Pilot G2 PREMIUM Gel pen is made from a comfortable grip to hold it comfortably on your hand without experiencing any ache. The top quality material used is durable, and therefore you can use the Pilot G2 gel ink pen for a long period.

Perfect for various tasks- This pen is ideal for achievers as it features a comfortable rubber grip and ultra-fine, bold point, and extra fine. The pen has exceptional writing that is comfortable for all tasks. The pens are available in ballpoint, erasable and gel ink pens, retractable, and every writing style.

High-quality- For the long period the pen has been on the market, the pen has shown great quality. The pen features metallic and fashion gel ink for various sizes and colors that are perfect for use. Even if you are preparing to write notes, school offices, and any work, the pen will help you.


  • It is the long-lasting pen
  • Perfect for various task
  • Trusted quality
  • Comfortable rubber grip for use
  • Variety of different colors for various task


  • It doesn’t work well with watercolor

9. Sharpie S-Gel, Gel Pens, Medium Point

One of the best things about this Sharpie-S Gel autograph is the best pens for autographs that it is always available and ready for any task. This makes it perfect for you if you are looking for an autograph pen for use. When writing, you do not need to shake it with the marker to get ink flow from your pen. You only need to take your pen and use it as it has a smooth flow of ink when writing.


Multiple nib sizes- Sharpie S-Gel, Gel Pens, Medium Point feature different sizes ideal for ultra-fine, fine, medium, and bold sizes. The sizes range from 0.38mm to 1.0mm. All these different tip sizes vary depending on the pen’s ink color.

Design- The pen is available in various colors and designs aimed at high performance. The design is professional in design, making the writing experience exceptional without experiencing bleeding or smear on the paper writing.

Contoured rubber grip- Sharpie S-Gel, Gel Pens, has a contoured rubber grip that makes it easy to hold the pen comfortably on your hand and make it easy to write comfortably. The top nibs have barrel finishes plus a gel link color that offers a perfectly smooth writing experience.

Vivid ink color- The Sharpie S-Gel has a range of ink colors that are of top quality and can be used in offices, schools, and homes. The pack comes with four blue, four black, and four red gel ink pens perfect for various tasks.


  • Perfect ink flow that writes smoothly
  • It does not get erased easily or fade
  • Waterproof with no smudge
  • Multiple colors with various tip nibs


  • It does not dry easily

10. Scrivener Silver Chrome Ballpoint Pen

To sum up, our top 10 best pen is Scrivener Silver Chrome Ballpoint Pen. This pen is a heavyweight pen well-crafted from brass with silver chrome that is durable and quality. The smoothness and writing style is recommendable for those who want a high-quality outcome. The pen feature has an underneath compartment for perfect hold and refills the pen.


British design- Scrivener Silver Chrome Ballpoint Pen has an elegant and sophisticated design from London. The British design shares tireless classic attributes that you will be proud of. The pen guarantees you 100% satisfaction due to the high quality of the product.

Smooth and easy to use- The pen uses the Schmidt refills that make the pen glide smoothly on any paper. It is perfectly balanced and weighted to over comfort in writing. It is made to be used in everyday tasks with top-quality results.

Impressive appearance- This pen comes in a beautiful box that makes it a perfect gift for anyone. The good thing with the pen is that it can be used for multiple areas, be it executive use or personal office use. The high qualities of the material allow you to enjoy quality outcomes in every work.


  • Smooth ink flow when writing
  • A perfect and ideal tip for ink writing
  • The ink gets dry quickly
  • Made of durable material
  • Writes in many surfaces
  • High-quality pen
  • Attractive pen


  • It is costly

Best Pens for Autographs Buying Guide

giving autographs with pen

You need to be choosy when buying the best pens for autographs to use in your autographs. It is not about buying a famous brand but getting the best brand to meet your autograph expectations. Here are a few things you need to look at if you want the best brand

Ink Drying Time

The ink of the autograph pens you buy has a different drying time. Some dry quickly, while others do take time to dry. For excellent work and avoidance of smudging, always consider the markers that have a faster drying nature.

The Ink Quality

The quality of ink that the marker has is an equally important factor that you need to look at. The best pen needs to have ink that is thick and has a uniform consistency. When drawing a line, you need not experience a line with a thicker part while the other is lighter; it should be uniform ideally. The color also needs to be vibrant for those markers that are colored.


The performance, quick-drying, and correctability of any marker pen depend on the waterproof or fade-resistant nature of the pen. To get a fade-resistant or waterproof pen, you need to understand the surface you are going to use it on. Always choose a pen that applies to various fade-resistant and waterproof surfaces.


Autograph pens have various designs, with retractable, twist mode, and capped being the standard design. All these designs are good, but checking which is perfect for your autographs is good.

Easy to Use and Hold

Buying autograph pens that are not easy to use or hold isn’t a good idea. These pens have a different ink flow; some need to be constantly shaken to allow the ink to flow to the tip, while others have a smooth flow of ink; such pens are easy to use. Also, ensure that the pen has a grip that will help you hold them comfortably as you continue writing.

Line Precision

One of the bad experiences with some autograph pens is that they bleed a lot on their paper. Therefore there is a need to check on those that do not bleed. Ink pens with thick consistency are ideal for absorbing the topmost layer and avoiding bleeding.

How to Protect Autographs From Fading

Autographs do fade if they aren’t taken care of. Even if one has used top-quality and best pens for autographs that is waterproof and fade-resistant, it will be affected with time if it is not taken care of. Here are the tips you need to use to prevent the autographs from fading.

Keep the Autograph in a Dry and Cool Area

Humidity and temperatures are vital when it comes to preservation. Do not expose your autographs to areas like the garage, basement, or attic. Store them in dry, dark, and cool areas with moderate humidity and temperature.

Do Not Expose Them to Bright Light

The UV lights from the sun play a significant role in fading inks from autographs. It is good to store your autographs in dark areas or areas not exposed to UV light to avoid this.

Avoid Fireproof Safes

Many people make mistakes in using fireproof safes whenever they want to safeguard their valuable documents; this is wrong. They fail to understand that in this case, humidity is higher, and it will eventually affect or damage their paper documents and autographs. Avoid this at all costs.

Bind the Document

Binding the documents together using a paper clip and staples can be a perfect option in keeping your autographs. Documents with metal objects need to be removed because they will stain them with rust and affect the autographs.

Avoid Acids

If you want to secure photos, autographs, and other documents in protective cases, always use acid-free or non-vinyl folders. They should also be kept in a store in an acid-free box. For the safety of the signature, do not expose them to acids because they will begin to fade.

How to Sign Autographs

Once you have achieved your dreams and become popular among your fans, you will need memorabilia that your fans will never forget you with, the signature. The process of making it might be tedious if you are not prepared. Here is how to make your autographs

Choose the Correct Signature

The first step of signing autographs is to choose your signature that is different from the official signature. There is a need to separate the two signatures because you do not understand where they might end up.

Determine the Message You Need the Signature to Communicate

Different Signatures communicate different messages, and each signifies something special to your fans. Do some experiments of the various signatures and try to communicate the message you want to be associated with to your fan, which can be culture, manners, encouragement, etc.

Look to Others in the Same Industry

Other famous people in the same industry may have identical signatures. You can imitate them and add some flavor or develop your unique style that will inspire your fans. Always ask yourself the intended message that the other colleague is communicating to develop your unique style or add flavor to your message.

Choose the Part of Your Name You Intend to Use

To have a clear difference between your autograph and official signature, you can decide to appreciate your name or use initials. This will be a perfect way because you will be signing a lot of autographs and therefore it will cut your time spent on a signing.

Add Some Flavor to Your Signature

If you want to flourish your signature, you can add a special paragraph to make it unique and attractive. Two lines can’t cost your autograph; instead, make it attractive and difficult for duplication.


What Is an Autograph Pen?

The autograph pens are those pens that are used for signatures of some famous individuals, more especially written to a fan to keep them for remembrance. They are simply pens used to sign on items by famous individuals. They are like markers that leave a mark on the fan by their favorite celebrity.

What Should I Bring to an Autograph Signing?

To be honest, there are several items that you can bring to be signed. The item also depends on the nature of the celebrity; football fans can bring T-shirts, boots, soccer balls, journals, etc. The other items can be baseball, boots, among others. It all depends on what you will be able to remember.

How Much Does an Autograph’s Pen Cost?

The cost of autograph pens ranges from one pen to another. Some are costly, while others are cheap. The cost of each brand depends on the color, size, and number of the pen in each packet. However, on average most autograph pens have a cost that ranges from $5 to $30.

How Does the Autograph Pen Work?

The idea of how this pen works also depends on the nature of the brand. Those autograph pens require you to press the pedal that they have to begin signing. The others need to be shaken to allow ink flow, and then you do the signature, and within a second, you will be done.

What Does an Autographs Pen Look Like?

The autograph pens look like the other pen, but they are uniquely designed in that they have tip nibs with various measures to give a precise signature. They have a special design with special waterproof ink and dries quickly.

Final thought

Getting the autographs of your favorite celebrity is good. The worry with it is that you will not be assured on which day you will meet them again. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you have used the best pens for autographs to get their signatures whenever you are lacking in meeting them.

It is not easy to know which autograph pen is better than the other if you are unfamiliar with them. In addition to that, the best autograph pens embrace various technicalities and factors. This review has simplified what to look at and the top 10 best autograph pens in the market.

For my choice, I will choose 12 Pieces Rolling Ball Pens, Quick-Drying Ink 0.5 mm Extra Fine Point Pens, Liquid Ink Pen Rollerball Pens because the pen is durable and comes with many pens with various tip sizes that are perfect for various tasks.

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