Best Pens for Art

Are you looking for the best pens for art in the market? This website will explain to you the top 7 best art pens that will help you create fascinating artwork. If you are new to art or you are professional or experienced, we have checked on the best art pen that will be ideal for you.

To help you choose the best pens for art, we have explained the top quality features that make these pens stand among the many art pens. The material, durability, customer, and expert recommendations were the bases that were considered when choosing these art pens. Our expert also looked at the pros and cons of every pen when preparing the list.

Top Picks: 5 Best Pens for Art

Best Pens for Art- Top 7 Picks

1. YISAN Black Drawing Pens

YISAN Black Drawing Pens are the best pens for art available today. The pen is designed to write artwork with an excellent display and lasts longer. The multi-size pen tips are perfect for technical drawing, journaling, calligraphy, designing, etc. This micro-pen has top-quality features that make it our top-quality pen.


Excellent variety sizes- YISAN Black Drawing Pens come in different sizes, ideal for various artworks. The sizes include 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0,35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm. These pen tip sizes do not smear, bleed, or feathers on most of the used papers.

Wide application- Thanks to the various sizes, the pen can be used by illustrators, archivists, comic artists, laboratory professionals, and watercolor artists. The pen’s line width enables this fine line pen to be an excellent pen in professional writing and drawing artwork.

Perfect storage- This micro-pen comes with a convenient organizer pouch that helps to hold each of the pens well. This helps keep them neat and well organized, ready to be used. This allows the artist to choose the right pen size for the specific function.

YISAN Black Drawing Pens


  • Professional pens for a wide variety of works
  • There are 11 pens of various sizes hence ideal for multiple works
  • The fine liners work excellently with watercolors
  • Does not smudge or smear on papers
  • Ideal pen for professionals and beginners who want top-quality work


  • It runs out of ink easily

2. TWO HANDS Set of 12 Micro Pens

If you are looking for an art pen that you will always be proud of, TWO HANDS Set of 12 Micro Pens is the pen to go for. I have used TWO HANDS Set of 12 Micro Pens; it has been nice to me because of the size, doesn’t skip, and has a smooth mark making. When you first do a quick sketch, you will realize that the artistic work is of another level.


Excellent quality– TWO HANDS Set of 12 Micro Pens unlashes all your artistic imaginations due to the archival ink quality that is chemical resistant, quick in drying, bleed free, and waterproof. The excellent pen quality makes them ideal for bullet journals, technical drawing, professional illustration, general writing, and personal doodling.

Wide variety pen tip size- Whatever you want to draw or write, the pen has the right tip that fits well with your purpose. There are 12 pens with different pen tips ranging from 0.2mm to 3.0mm. Every pen cap is labeled with its size to make it easy to draw and convenient storage.

Fade-resistant- One of the most important things with these pens is that they are water-resistant and do not fade in your work. Even though they dry quickly, they stay longer on the artistic work they have been applied to. This makes the pen perfect for sketching, scrapbooking, manga, etc.

two hands set of 12 micro pens


  • Dries quickly
  • Variety pen tips that are ideal for various task
  • Water-resistant
  • Does not fade
  • It has a friendly dark black ink


  • It leaves some ink scratches when you use the large pen tip.

3. Drawing Pens Mogyann Black Art Pens for Drawing

Thanks to this pen’s 12 different pen tips, it provides you with all you want in the arts. The 12 different sizes make it ideal for beginners and experienced art professionals who wish for cheap but high-quality pens. The pen is reliable and can be used for an extended period. The pen’s design is good and inspires you when drawing your work.


Unique design- This pen is designed to motivate you when you are using it. The penholder has a starry sky pattern that looks beautiful and makes it easy to be carried to any place. The design makes the pen reliable, and one can use them for an extended period without any problem.

Excellent pen tips- Mogyann pens come with 12 pieces of different sizes. This size makes the pen multifunctional; the size ranges from 0.2mm to 3mm chisel tips. The pen’s thick and thin brush tips make drawing various works enjoyable.

Premium ink- The premium ink is on another level, and it is non-toxic, doesn’t fade, is odorless, and lasts longer when stored well. The waterproof and quick-to-dry nature of the ink makes it perfect to be used in various works.

drawing pens mogyann black art pens


  • Its ink Dry quickly
  • The ink is waterproof and fades resistant
  • Variety pen tips that meet drawing requirements
  • Perfect design that is ideal for any work


  • No cons have been reported with it

4. Sharpie Art Pens

Do you want to unleash your artsy side quickly? If yes, Sharpie Art Pens is your ideal art pen. If your mind is full of artistic drawing ideas that need to be sketched, Sharpie Art Pens will help you put that idea into reality. The pens have top-quality ink that doesn’t bleed and dries quickly in the paper. Sharpie markers allow you to conquer your creative idea into reality.


Striking colors- Sharpie pens have 24 pieces of different unique colors. There are two black, two blue, two red, one orange, coral, purple, turquoise, yellow, boysenberry, clover, grey, sepia, navy art, brown, tangerine, hot pink, wine red, lime green, and berry. The inks are exceptionally and brilliantly pigmented to make a stunning array of art that helps in having creative and perfect work.

Precise fine point- This lightweight designed pen has refined fine tips that ensure you have created your dream artwork. They also help to control the drawing or creations because they have the best tips that are delicately nuanced.

Superior ink- The ink of Sharpie Art Pens is on another level; it is bright, quick-drying, vibrant, fade, and water-resistant. The ink is also acid-free and makes it ideal for art projects and scrapbooks. Since the ink is smear-resistant, it does not bleed paper, ensuring you capture your idea in clarity.

sharpie art pens


  • 24-pieces with the ideal pen tip
  • Superior ink that is fading and water-resistant
  • A smooth glide when drawing
  • Vibrant ink
  • It doesn’t bleed the papers


  • The pens wear out fast

5. Sharpie Art Pens, Fine Point, Colors may vary

Do you want a bold color pen that doesn’t bleed on paper? Sharpie Art Pens provides you with that, and it has a fine tip with vibrant colors that are easy to fill on the pictures. The pen has excellent features like a sturdy stand-up case for easy storage and premium ink that is acid-free, waterproof, and dry quickly.


Wide and vibrant color- Sharpie Art Pens comes with eight pieces of different colors that are best in various tasks. The colors include blue, black, hot pink, brown, red, yellow, green, and orange fine point pens. The unique brilliant, and rich pigments are stunning and can be used in every drawing situation.

Powerful ink- This pen has a vibrant designed ink perfect for use as it doesn’t bleed through papers. The ink is acid-free, dry quickly, and water-resistant. The smear and fade-resistant resistance of the pen’s ink makes it perfect in lasting for long compared to other marker pens.

Good design- The pen has a slim design which makes it easy to control and ensures that you are sparking your creative art. The stand-up pack case for the pen is sturdy that folds the pen for easy storage and access. Sharpie also has a color matching cap that makes it easy for you to choose the right color for use.

sharpie art pens fine point


  • Superfine pen tip that is perfect for coloring pictures and journals
  • Sturdy hard case for easy access and storage
  • Acid-free and fade resistant
  • It does not bleed papers


  • They have limited pieces

6. 120 Colors Dual Tip Brush Art Marker Pens

With 120 different colors, this art pen provides customers with the best and most high-quality professional products. The 120 colors are designed with vibrant colors for easy color identification and usage. The pen has top-quality features like safe ink that does not bleed flexibly and a fine tip that allows it to create creative and bold artwork.


Many vibrant colors- Shuttle art pens have 120 vibrant colors with a colored cap design that is useful in storage and identification of each color easily. Every pen has a different thickness shape pen holder that makes it easy to write or color for an extended period. The bonus one color book helps you reduce stress and relax when writing.

Dual tip pens- This pen has two main tips, the fine tip and the flexible fiber brush tip on one marker. This helps you create bold or medium strikes through the change of experience and brush pressure. These tips are made of wear-resistant material hence durable and ideal for calligraphy, journal hand lettering, and adult coloring books, among others.

Top-quality pen ink- Shuttle art pens use safe ink that is acid-free, fast-drying, unscented, and non-toxic. The ink has been approved by ASTM-D4236 and is therefore safe for students, college, kids, and teachers. The satisfaction of buying this ink is higher as it guarantees you customer support and a safe product.

120 colors dual tip brush art marker pens


  • Perfect 120 unique colors
  • High quality and safe ink for use
  • Dries faster
  • Water and fade resistant
  • It is easy to use
  • Many of the colors flow easily


  • Some colors are lighter
  • Inconsistent with the colors

7. Shuttle Art 120 Pack 60 Colored Gel Pen

To wrap up with our list is another great quality art pen that is perfect for an adult and comes in 120 different colors for use. This premium package has 60 vibrant colors with 60 refills of different colors. Writing with the pens is more comfortable than how you will imagine; it doesn’t bleed or skip lines but writes smoothly without skipping lines.


Comfortable holding and smooth writing- Gel pen writes smoothly as you comfortably hold it. The pen’s 0.8mm- 1.0mm ballpoint tip produces smooth writing with no skipping of fine lines or smearing or bleeding of the paper. Each pen is coded and named for easy identification.

Multiple colors- The Gel pen features 120 valuable packs with a bonus color book. There is a set of 60 vibrant colors and 60 refills that includes six different types of colors. The Gel pens are packed in a portable case where individual colors are kept conveniently. 

Wide use- This many Gel pens are acid-free and non-toxic; hence they are used for various purposes. Since they are conformed to ASTM-D4236 guidelines, they are an ideal art for kids and adults. They can be used in sketching, drawing, bullet journaling, and coloring books. The gel pens are also designed to be used in greeting cards, school projects, scrapbooks, party invites, DIY d├ęcor, and letters to friends. With the pen, you are assured of satisfaction.

shuttle art 120 pack gel pen set


  • Outstanding quality for adult coloring
  • Many and vibrant colors
  • The top-notch case that keeps all the pens organized
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Smear resistant and acid-free pen


  • Several pens run out of ink faster

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Art Pens

The artworks require being of high quality. One thing that makes your drawing attract your customers’ attention is the type of art pen used. Using the wrong art pen will affect your work. As we have highlighted, several good pens are available in the market. Here are the factors to look at if you want the best art pen

The Ink

Ink pen is one of the essential things you need to look at when buying any art pen. There are two types of inks, oil and water-based inks, in most cases. With artwork, you need to choose a pen with water-based ink. This is because the ink flows easily from the pen and can easily be used with other pigments instead of oil-based inks.

The Pen Tips

Drawing requires using pens with different tip sizes, from fine tips to brush fine tips. Most of the art pens come with different pen tip sizes, with many of them ranging from 0.2mm to 3.0mm. As an artistic professional, always choose the art pen that comes with various tips because you will need them in your work. Don’t be tempted to use an art pen with one tip type because it might affect your work.

The Color Options

Once you have identified the ideal ink and tip, the next vital factor to consider is the color options the pen comes with. The art pen will be used on various surfaces; you need to use different colors to have an outstanding result. You also need to ensure that the color option doesn’t smear or bleed the paper. It should also be water and fade-resistant.

Comfort in Holding

None is ready to have an art pen that is uncomfortable to hold, as you decide on a given pen, check on how comfortable the pen is for holding as you draw your art. Different art pens are stable, comfortable, and easy to hold. Check on such pens and buy them instead of buying uncomfortable ones.


The market is full of top-quality art pens, making it hard to choose the best. You can decide this by checking on the design that you need. The material, color, and pen tip add to the overall design of the pen. Know the design you are comfortable with, which can help you have a perfect drawing and buy it.

How to Use Art Pens?

Using art pens isn’t that hard; it is used just like the standard markers. However, there are various steps involved in the usage of art pens. They include

Step-1: Sketch the Design

If you want to do any art, you need to begin with sketching it. You can do it on your paper that you want to draw your art.

Step-2: Start With the Easy Part of the Art

With light red color, carefully follow the sketch lines to draw the easy part of the art. The pen tip tends to be sensitive and therefore does not apply a lot of pressure. If you use more pressure, it might bleed the paper.

Step-3: Apply the Darker Color

Once you have applied the red color, it is easy to draw; you need to use another color, black color, on the other part. Blend the ink with a lighter color like orange or red. This helps to achieve the desired color and to prevent it from fading.

Step-4: Add Contrasting Colors

To make your artwork professional, you need to apply a contrasting color to some artwork parts. For example, if you were drawing a flower, you can apply contrasting colors on the petal and other parts.

Step-5: Add Water

Before the artwork dries, apply a few water droplets to check if the color is water-resistant. The use of the blending brush guides the water to the ages carefully. Let your work artwork dry and watch how excellent the work is.

Art Pen vs Art Pencil

Both a pen and a pencil are vital instruments ideal for drawing. It is not easy to decide which of the two is worth the other. The use of either the two depends on individuals’ effects, needs, or purpose. To differentiate them, here are the pros and cons of each.

i. Pencils

Pencils are great instruments for drawing. They are a significant advantage in modern artwork. Here are the advantages of pencils and disadvantages

Advantages of Pencils in the Art

  • Easy to erase when one makes a mistake
  • It can be used to mark any surface
  • The graphite of the pen is resistant to natural factors like light and chemicals.
  • Perfect for any temperature for use
  • It has a long-term lifespan

Disadvantages of Pencils on Art

  • Light writing can make it difficult to read
  • It is hard to photocopy
  • They make one prone to making mistakes

ii. The Use of the Pen in Art

Pens are known to be durable and long-lasting. Many people prefer pens over pencils because of the benefits that they have.

Advantages of the Pen in Art

  • It comes in different ink colors
  • It is easy to photocopy
  • Pens are more functional than pencils
  • The writing is easier and clear to read
  • It does not require constant sharpening

Disadvantages of the Pen in Art

  • The ink may end at any time
  • Not easy to erase when one makes a mistake
  • It is a bit more expensive than pencils

Pen vs. Pencil is ideal for any artwork. None is better than the other. Al, you need to do is to choose the one that meets your expectations. The tool is not as vital as you may imagine, but it depends on how you use it. If you want long-lasting artwork, then the pen is ideal for you, but if you know you are prone to mistakes when drawing, try using pencils.


What Type of Pen Is Best for Drawing?

Drawing is a type of visual art where artists use various instruments to mark on the paper. Such instruments are pens, and different pens are ideal for drawing; one of such pens is a shuttle art pen. This pen has an acid-free ink, water-resistant and archival quality that will last longer.

Which Pen Is Best for Pen Art?

Just like drawing, there are top-quality pens that are ideal for it. One such pen is the Sakura Pigma pen. The ink of this artist’s pen dries quickly, flows smoothly, and does not smudge or bleed your paper. It is also available in a variety of pen tips in every set.

Which Pen Is Best for Doodling?

Various pens are best for doodling; however, Uni-pin fine liner is one of the best. This pen has a tip size of 0.1mm, which is best for doodling and drawing. The pen comes in various sizes that are best for doodling.

What Pens Do Graphic Artists Use?

To identify the best pen that is best for graphic artists. Several pens are ideal for that task, and all that one needs to consider is to check on which of the many is best. Any Copic 1.0mm more multiline is one of the best. There are other excellent pens you can use for graphic drawing.

Are Sakura Pens Good?

Yes, Sakura is one of the high-quality pens used for various tasks. The pen is excellent with scrapbooking because it does not smear or fade. It is the best option for scrapbookers that need to have permanent work that is of high quality.


There are a variety of drawing pens available in the market today. With this, it is difficult for one to choose the best. The art pen is best if it meets each of your needs. Most experienced artists and professionals understand the impact a high-quality pen has on their work.

If you are looking for the best pens for art, it is good to consider the following factors, ink quality, color options, ink type, pen tip size, and design. From our list, you can realize that all the art pens reviewed are unique and provide you with an excellent outcome. Our experts have tested them and proved to be on another level.

If you are a stack, I recommend you try Shuttle art 120 colors dual tip brush pen. With 120 different pens of various pen tip sizes, you can enjoy drawing with them. The vibrant colors of the pen also are fade and water-resistant. The ink flows smoothly and does not bleed any paper.

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