What’s The Best Pencil Grip In 2023

The role of a pencil grip is to boost writing skills. This is done by delivering an ideal grip to make sure a kid enjoys a perfect writing posture. The best pencil grip also boasts safe materials. Hence, they ensure safety for your kids. There are different grips meant for right and left-handed people in the market.

Choosing an ideal pencil grip can be somewhat challenging. This is because of the versatile options in the market today. Luckily, we have picked 10 perfect pencil grips you can consider when making purchases. Please go through each detail keenly to discover what is best for your needs.

Top Picks: 5 Best Pencil Grip

Best Pencil Grip: Top 11 Picks

1. Firesara Original Breakthrough

These gorgeous pencil grips from the firesara brand incorporate the benefits of several pencil grips and overcome their disadvantages. This makes them a breakthrough in the stationary area. Luckily, they are easy to use because they are designed so a right and left-handed person can use them. Besides, they can be used by kids with special needs and adults with hand tremors or arthritis.

In terms of materials, it is made of quality silicone. This assures you safety and comfort when using it. Using this best pencil grip will not experience muscle cramps and hand fatigue for a long time.

To use the grip, all you need is to insert the index finger and the thumb in the two holes while the middle finger is in the ring below. The fingers’ position hinders the middle finger from cocooning. As a result, you can maintain writing excellent handwriting for a long time. Nonetheless, some people find it of poor quality and consistency.

2. The Classics 12-Pack Soft Foam Pencil Grips

Besides being the oldest in the market, these grips have the most common styles. They give you a smooth and comfortable writing experience. Additionally, they fit most ordinary-sized pencils, ordinary pens, and drawing appliances.

A package contains 12 grips in assorted colors and shapes. You can use them whether you are left or right-handed. They have a well-engineered design that you can hold easily and comfortably.

While these grips are comfortable for the users, they are only compatible with ordinary-sized pencils.

3. The Pencil Grip Original Pencil Gripper

The Pencil Grip Original Pencil Gripper is a perfect grip for kids and adults. Moreover, you can use it whether you write with your right or left hand. It is the original universal ergonomic design for writing purposes. This grip helps boost your handwriting and offers an excellent grip because it minimizes finger soreness and hand fatigue.

This grip’s patented design helps your hand and fingers to have a proper gripping position. You will experience a natural feeling when holding this grip. This is guaranteed by the comfortable ergonomic design plus the cushiony, soft, and latex-free material used to make it.

Whether you are a child or adult, you can comfortably use this grip at home, school, or in a company. Its design is one size fits all. It is usually used in training kids to enhance their writing process. Luckily, you can use it on pencils, crayons, pens, markers, paintbrushes, etc.

Unfortunately, this grip might be a little long and comfortable for very young children.

4. 12 PCS pencil Grips for Kids

As the name implies, these pencil grips are 12 in a package. This includes 3 three-finger pencil grips, 3 forefinger pencil grips, and 6 fish grips. They are made of silicone to ensure they are safe and non-toxic. Besides, the material is soft and flexible to give you a comfortable writing experience.

These grips are meant for everyone: whether you are students, kids, or adults. In addition, it can use by a person with hands tremor, arthritis, or other health problems.

When it comes to appearance, these grips are funny and attractive. They have exciting designs and vivid designs. With these grips, your child will overcome the writing fear.

Thanks to the manufacturer, these grips are easy to use. When putting your pencil in the grip, place the strip on one of your hands and then rotate it into the hole with your other hand. Afterward, adjust it to a proper position for excellent writing.

Even though these grips are ideal, some people complain that they are not designing for lefties.

5. BAZIC Pencil Grip Soft Gel Pen Grip

An ideal pencil grip should be durable and unbreakable. Luckily, this is precisely what BAZIC PENCIL Grip Soft Gel Pen Grip does. They are making of quantity material and are available in several attractive colors. This helps put you in an excellent mood and ensures your writing experience is fun.

The material used to make these grips is soft. As a result, it offers the tactile sensation that minimizes muscle strain when making sure you have a wonderful writing experience. Moreover, this material ensures the grip does not change its shape despite being used for long.

These grips feature an ergonomic design. Hence, writing with them prevents soreness, fatigue, and blisters and prevents your fingers from being rubbed heavily. In addition, these soft-gel grips do not all of your pencils.

Luckily, you can fit your pens, crayons, and other writing and drawing tools in these pencil grips. In addition, they can use by left and right-handed people in schools, offices, and homes. Many customers have complained about the grip not fitting a normal pencil on the drawback.

6. Wolfride 30 PCS Pencils Grips

If you have several kids who need grips, Wolfride 30 PCS Grips is for you. This is because a package contains 30 pieces. They can fit 7.5- 8.0 mm diameter pencils and pens.

Also, these grips are making of silicone material. Luckily, this material is not only non-slip when sweating but also non-toxic. Thus, you have the assurance that your writing experience will be great and comfortable.

These pens come in different colors. This is an advantage as you can choose the most attractive color that suits your needs. Most of the batches come in 4 different colors.

The design of these excellent grips is reasonable. In general, they have a cute dolphin shape. This design makes sure you experience less constraint and more flexibility when writing. These are excellent grips, but some claim they are too loose on ordinary pencils and slides.

7. The Pencil Grip 3-Step Training Kit

If you are a therapist, teacher, or parent who has set the standard for excellence in education, consider getting The Pencil Grip 3-Step Training Kit with 3 Premium Ergonomic Grips. Besides being a grip, you can grip your markers, crayons, pens, and paintbrushes.

Inside the pack, you will find 3 grips meant to ensure you have a comfortable writing experience. The crossover grip is the best for training. They have wings to prevent your fingers from crossing over. On the other hand, the pinch grip balances structure with freedom. Lastly, you should graduate with the original grip that offers comfort and control for an extended time of use.

Having this grip is advantageous as it makes your writing easy and natural. In addition to enhancing your handwriting, this grip gives you more control and minimizes hand fatigue.

Besides being a great choice, these grips are not suitable for kids because they are way bigger than those offered to occupational therapists.

8. The pencil Grip Premium Pencil Grips

Even if a doctor designs these grips, you can use them in therapeutic and classroom settings at home. Inside the package, you will find a crossover grip, original grip, medium-sized claw grip, groovy grip, and bumpy grip. They all have an exceptional shape designed to fit kids, adults, and left-handed people.

Thanks to the manufacturer, you can use these grips as training tools and permanently for additional comfort. They fit primary pencils, crayons, pens, paintbrushes, and markers. Hence, you can use them differently.

The six different grips available in the pack are beneficial because you can choose what suits your style. The pencil grip enhances your handwriting, offers you more control, and minimizes hand fatigue.

Although these grips are meant for left and right-handed people, some left-handed consumers complained they had hand cramps after writing with them after a short time.

9. Mlife Pencil Grips

Whether you are a kid or an adult and write with right or left hand and looking for the right pencil grip for your needs, take time to get Mlife Pencil Grips- 10 PCS. As the name implies, they are ten in the box.

These grips are made of soft silicone material with a pleasant feeling. In addition, the material is free from non-toxic substances. This ensures that your grip is safe for everybody. Luckily, they fit on many writing tools, drawing tools, crayons, pencils, and pencils.

If you are an adult looking forward to correcting and improving your handwriting, take time to buy this pencil grip. They are comfortable and help reduce muscle train as you perfect your handwriting.

These grips are designing greatly. They have a science triangle design to allow children to immobilize their fingers in the designated proper position.

The downside of this tool is that it is not suitable for kids under three years. This is because they are small, and these kids might swallow them when playing with them.

10. Pencil Grips- JuneLsy Pencil Grips for Kids

If you want to buy pencil grips for your kids, we recommend you buy Pencil Grips- JuneLsy Pencil Grips for Kids- 3 PCS. As the name suggests, you will find three pieces of these grips in your package. They are available in light blue, orange, and green colors.

Thanks to the manufacturer, these grips are made of durable and comfortable ultra-soft material. In addition, they have a hollow design to ensure they are breathable and guarantee you a comfortable writing experience.

Luckily, it is easier to use these grips, whether left or right-handed. When using these tools, all you need to do is put your thumb and index finger into the holes of the side. They are double finger grips that ensure you can grasp them easily.

You can use these grips for pens, pencils, and other writing instruments whose diameter is 7.2-8.2 mm. unfortunately, these grips are meant for children with small hands only because they cannot fit those with bigger hands.

11. The Pencil Grip Mini Pencil Grips

These mini pencil grippers are the best to use at home, in classrooms, and in therapeutic settings. Whether you are a left or right-handed kid or an adult needing a pencil grip, this is a perfect one to consider.

You can use these grips as a training tool and afterward use them permanently for extra comfort. They fit primary pencils, crayons, pens, paintbrushes, markers, and pencils. This means you can enjoy their benefits widely.

These grips are shaping to have a design that encourages your hands and fingers to rest in the perfect position for gripping. The ergonomic design of these grips makes your hand feel natural because the material used is soft, flexible, and latex-free.

Despite the excellent features of these grips, they are not recommended for small kids because they are so small, and they have to put their fingers in the right spots.

The Best Pencil Grip Buying Guide

boy holding pencil with grip

Many people do not recognize the importance of a pencil grip. But, the truth is that they are very important as they help build good writing skills. To choose the best, use the factors below in your search.


Pencil grips are available in two material types: quality silicone and hard plastic. The two types are perfect and provide almost the same comfort level. Nevertheless, silicon pencil grips are softer and provide many options when it comes to sizes and shapes. Your personal preferences will help you make the proper selection.


When buying a pencil grip, size is a perfect factor you cannot overlook. Make sure you choose the proper pencil grip based on size. The correct grip based on size will make you comfortable. Otherwise, choosing the wrong size is just wasting your money. In today’s market, you will find different options of pencil grips in terms of sizes and shapes.


A pencil grip’s durability can be determined by the material used during its construction. Both materials offer an equal level of durability. But, you will find that the silicon grips get dirty faster than the grips made of hard plastic. Therefore, you might require to throw them away faster because of the germs.


You should not consider this factor before the above factors. This is because all of the above factors are the ones that determine the cost of the pencil grips. When buying a pencil grip, do not rush to choose the cheap ones. You should not go for the most expensive ones. Typically, affordable products are not a sign of poor quality. Also, expensive products do not mean quality products. Choosing a pencil grip that will satisfy your needs and be sold at an affordable rate is wise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Most Efficient Way to Hold a Pencil?

The best way to hold a pencil is to make sure your middle finger supports the pencil. These three fingers form a triangular tripod shape. The pencil barrel lays back on the hand. Doing this allows the fingers to move and the wrist to control the pencil easily.

Is it Bad to Hold a Pencil Wrong?

Typically, there is no right way to hold a pencil. However, holding a pencil can affect the learning attitude of a child together with their academic achievements and motor development.

Does Pencil Grip Really Matter?

A pencil grip greatly impacts the speed and legibility of handwriting in a group of fourth-graders. These pencil grips help you to write neatly and without fatigue.


Having the best pencil grip enhances your writing skills from the guide above. You have to be very keen when making purchases to ensure you settle for the right one. Keep in mind that they are available in different options, each with pros and cons. Therefore, your needs and budget will determine which one to buy. If you do not find what suits you best in the article, use the buying guide, and you will have confidence with the grip you buy. All the best in your shopping!

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