Best Waterproof Pen to Use With Watercolor

Are you looking for the best pen to use with watercolor? Based on pen experts, various pens can be ideal for use with watercolor. These watercolor pens are excellent for artists who prefer great artwork. This is because they are convenient, easy to use, and dry quickly when using them.

With our experience with watercolor pens, we understand what makes the watercolor pen best. You can create various things using watercolor pens that are cool and fun. To give you the best solution for the best pen to use with watercolor, we have compiled five comprehensive pens that are best for watercolor. Here are our best waterproof pens.

Our Favorite Best Pen to Use With Watercolor

Top 5 Best Pen to Use With Watercolor Reviews- 2022

1. PANDAFLY Precision Micro-Line Pens

PANDAFLY Precision Micro-Line Pen is our number one of the best pen to use with watercolor available in the market. The pen is cost-friendly and comes with ten unique nibs sizes that offer the perfect solution for various tasks. Other high technologies have been applied to this waterproof pen to make it stand out as our best pen.


Easy to use- This top-quality pen comes with a coded cap and pocket cap that is lightweight in each pen. The material is durable and makes it easy to hold the pen easily as you use it. This makes the pen ideal for note-taking, technical drawing, and bullet journaling, among others.

Multiple tip sizes- PANDAFLY Precision micro-line pen is a multi-drawing pen with ten unique nibs of various sizes, 9 micro nibs have sizes that range from 0.2mm to 1.0mm, and one soft brush tip. The tips have skip-free writing, and a smooth experience, and these tips make it ideal for drawing and writing.

Waterproof ink- The pen has top-quality black ink that is non-refillable, waterproof, non-toxic, won’t fade, smear, bleed, skip, and odorless. It works perfectly with markers, ink, and watercolor. This makes it safe for photocopying and perfect adult coloring.

Black drawing pen- The pen can use to trace vellum and a wide variety of papers. The ink solubility, high-quality pen build, and line quality make it the perfect answer for artists. The consistent ink flow with a smooth glide enables you to have clean work and detailed work of top quality.


  • Strong pen nibs that withstand firm pressure
  • Consistent ink flow with a smooth slide
  • Waterproof
  • Quick to dry up
  • The sound quality lasts for long
  • Don’t bleed or leave smears on papers
  • A large variety of nib sizes


  • It is not opaque on the first layer

2. Winsor & Newton Fineliner Fine Point Pen

Winsor & Newton Fineliner Fine Point Pen is another top-notch pen with water-resistant ink and other features that make it is used easily with water techniques. It features a smooth tapered nib with a longer barrel placed comfortably in hand for easy grip adjustments.


Sleek artistic design- The pen has a simple, sleek, creative design that features a smoothly tapered nib and a long barrel that sits perfectly in hand to make it easy and flexible to adjust and grip. Due to these features, the pen can be used in journaling, animation, manga, graphic design, drawing, sketching, and illustration, among others.

Reliable and consistent ink flow- Winsor & Newton Fineliner pen is a high-performance waterproof pen that is water-resistant, fade-resistant ink which is consistent and dependable in flowing. The ink also is non-toxic and acid-free, with minimal bleeding on paper.

Multiple tip size and Long barrel- This pen contains five distinct fineliner that range from 0.1mm to 1.0mm. The pen features an extended barrel that makes it easy to adjust and sit comfortably on the hand for an extended period. This makes it used in homes, offices, classrooms, and beginners to professional artists.

Durable tips- The fine tips in each of the pens are made from a solid and durable metal-clad encasement. This makes the pen perfect with fine and precise linework and for creating intricate patterns.


  • Made from durable and high-quality material
  • The long barrel is good for grip adjustment and holds comfortably
  • Non-fading ink pigment
  • Water-resistant
  • Reliable and consistent ink flow


  • It doesn’t dry out quickly

3. Copic Multiliner SP Black Ink Marker, 0.5 Tip

Are you looking for a pen that is ideal for watercolor and that is cost-friendly? If yes, then Copic Multiliner SP Black Ink pen has to be the answer for you. This black pigment pen is the perfect answer to those who want to do comics, journaling, fine art, paper crafting, and design. Like any other quality waterproof pen, it has the best features that will make your work look professional.


Thick tip- Copic Multiliner Sp black ink pen has a unique single thick tip of 0.5mm with the bold line quality, making it perfect for various tasks. The size is great for various tasks like paper crafting, fine art, journaling, comics, and others.

High-quality material- This black pen is drafted from rounded metallic that is strong and durable. The pen tip is also made of solid material, making it compatible with Copic marker ink. This allows one to have a comfortable grip of the pen when writing or drawing.

Waterproof ink- The Copic Multiliner SP Black Ink Marker is the perfect pen for the watercolor pen as it has water-resistant ink, is fade-resistant, and doesn’t skip. It also has a reliable and smooth ink flow, and its ink is very dark. When writing, you won’t experience any skip or nip bent. 


  • It writes smoothly
  • Made of metallic solid material that lasts long
  • Less expensive
  • Perfect sleek design


  • It does not dry quickly

4. KC-3000N/24VB, MANGAKA CNM/3VBK (MANGAKA 3 set)

This is also another top-quality watercolor ink pen that is on the market. The set comes with three pens that you can use depending on the line width. The pen also comes with top quality, a feature that makes it ideal for calligraphy, doodling, and lettering, among others.


Wide usability- MANGAKA pen is designed so that it comes with three pens per set, which are of high quality. The pens are recommendable to manga artists, designers, and illustrators. The pens are also suitable for doodling, lettering, calligraphy, etc.

Top-quality ink- Each of the three pens contains a top-quality ink that is water-resistant, an ink that doesn’t bleed nor mix with water when dry. This makes the ink be used with water-based dye ink and alcohol-based ink pen. The pen is certified and safe for use as it is xylene-free.

Perfect for line drawing- The pen has an assortment set of 3 black pens that suits any application. The three pens are perfect for line drawing that incorporates Japanese cartoonists and creative thoughts. The pen nips are firm and cannot bend, allowing quick and smooth ink flow.


  • Water and water safe ink
  • Strong and durable pen nibs
  • Smooth and reliable ink flow
  • Water-resistant ink
  • It comes with 3pens with a perfect nib size for various tasks


  • It doesn’t dry faster

5. Uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens Fine Point

Uni-ball is our last top 5 best watercolor pens available in the market. This uni-ball is a leading pen in providing optimal writing experience and functionality at an affordable price. The pen features an exclusive uni-super ink that protects it from fading, water, fraud and provides consistent and smooth ink flow.


Uni-super ink- The quality pen has an exclusive uni super ink that is perfect for protecting it from fading, fraud, and water. This feature helps in composing a high-quality document and is long-lasting.

Classic design- This pen has a professional and classic design that aims at preventing any leakage due to the change in cabin pressures. The stick-in pen provides a smooth writing experience with the micro point or bold colors.

High-quality construction- Uni-ball vision rollerball pens have a visible ink window that ensures that you aren’t running out of your ink unexpectedly. A convenient clip ensures that the ink is always provided in your hand.

Visionary performance- This pen is designed with a fine tip that combines vivid lines and solid writing that delivers smooth ink flow. The fine nib of the pen helps to create a concise, smooth ink flow on documents with vibrant lines. The pen captures the most delicate details due to the precision ball pens.


  • High quality and precise color
  • Solid and durable material that is long-lasting
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Water and fade resistant
  • Reliable and smooth in writing
  • Classic and professional design


  • It doesn’t dry quickly

Best Pen to Use With Watercolor Buying Guide

pen set

To determine whether your pen is suitable for watercolor or not, there are a few factors that you need to consider. They include


Waterproofing is one of the most critical factors you need to consider when choosing the best ink pen for watercolor. This is because a good waterproof pen does not bleed or smudge when the watercolor is applied to it. With high-quality ink, you won’t experience any transfer of color or bleeding.


It is good to determine the type of pen for watercolor you prefer to use in your task. You might not use a given pen type of pen on a particular project due to a given requirement. It is vital to check the specific task and essential factors that differentiate a pen ink for watercolor.

Easy to Use

There is a need to have a watercolor pen that is easy to use without any trouble. The simplicity of making the watercolor pen should be a priority if you want a top-quality pen. The simplistic design helps save time, and you will be able to accomplish your task within a short period.

Drying Period

When choosing your best watercolor pen, check the rate at which it will dry. It is a bad idea to apply watercolor on a drawing that has a link that hasn’t dried, and it makes it appear smeared and prone to fade. Experts argue that you need to allow the ink to dry for at least 12 hours before applying the watercolor. If you choose a pen with a quick drying, it will be the best idea.


The durability of the pen you use is also vital. This includes how long the ink stays and the material used to make the pen. To know this, check on the material the pen uses and customer reviews about it. Watercolor pens with quality materials have long durability compared to others.

Smooth Ink Flow

The smoothness of how the ink flows from the nib of the paper is also another vital factor you need to look at. As you buy your pen, check on the pen nib and how comfortable the ink flows from the nib. This will help prevent your pen from smudging, bleeding, and smearing the paper.

How Do you Combine Watercolor and Pen?

Combining watercolor with a pen can be done if you are aware of what to do. Ink and watercolor work beautifully if there is a good combination, this may lead to various styles and amazing effects. Here is the factor to use to have a perfect combination to achieve this combination.


One of the most important things to look at when you want to combine watercolor and pen is the waterproof nature of the ink. Working with watercolor requires one to combine it with top-quality waterproof ink. This will help to prevent bleeding and smudging when water is applied.

Water Soluble

Some pens and inks are water-soluble. In this case, you need to avoid such pens because they are made of water and will bleed when combined with watercolor. Such water-soluble pens can be used for other styles but aren’t ideal for pen and watercolor combinations.

Time is Taken to Dry

Drying time is also another thing you need to look at when combining pen and watercolor. Applying watercolor and pen on a drawing that isn’t dry could lead to smudging and fade of the paper. Consider a pen with a spot of ink with a fast-drying because it will significantly impact when combined.

Is the Ink Pigmented

some pens have ink pigmented which are tiny particles of colored materials that do not dissolve in water. Pens that have pigmented ink pens make a good combination with watercolor because they are rarely dissolved.

What Kind of Pen Do you Use with Watercolor?

Although we have reviewed the top-rated pen perfect for watercolor, you need to understand the kind of pen you are using. There are various kinds of pens that you can use with watercolors. The most common varieties include

Gel Stick Pen

These are top-quality pens that come from Uni-ball that are waterproof. These gel pens work perfectly with watercolor. These pens are waterproof and have a very thin and straight line. The pens are affordable and are a perfect option for a beginner to use with watercolor.

Winsor and Newton

This is another fine liner watercolor pen that you can use. They are high-quality pens that work well with watercolor. They have a variety of pens of different sizes and colors that are good with watercolor.

Parker Pens

Parker is one of the popular brands known for producing high-quality pens and fountains that work perfectly with watercolor. They have different ergonomic designs of various options, making the pen look quality and perfect for waterproof ink.

Unipin Fine Line

This is another quality fine line pen perfect with watercolor. It is also a great fine liner pen for beginners who want to use it with watercolor. This is waterproof, fade-resistant, and doesn’t smudge. It is a brand you need to use if you haven’t used it.

Lamy Safari

Lammy is another popular brand known for making beautiful pens and fountain that works well with watercolor. They are budget-friendly, and they can be one of the best alternatives for those who want to use them with watercolors.

Faber Castell Assorted Pens

This amazing brand comes with eight waterproof pens, four brush ink pens, and four fine liners of various sizes. These pens give you the taste of top-quality ink pens, which work well with watercolors.


Can you use watercolor over the pen?

Yes, however, with this, you will be required to have watercolor paints with oil to have your top-quality work like that done with a pen. This also depends on the brand you use; for example, Winsor and Newton watercolor can do some perfect drawings. You also need subject matter or work to make it top-quality work.

Should I sketch before watercolor?

Sketching your work is a good thing for sure. However, watercolor layers are transparent, and therefore if you have sketched your work with hard pencils, they will be seen even when you have applied watercolor. This is due to the thinness and transparency of the watercolor. If you water to sketch, use a light pencil that is erasable once you apply your watercolor.

Are watercolor pens good for beginners?

Watercolor pens can be good for beginners. Although, it is good to know that not all watercolor pens can be good for beginners. The most recommendable are those watercolor brush pens because they are an easy alternative that can withstand and at the same time look beautiful even when used by beginners.

Can you watercolor over a ballpoint pen?

Of course, all you need is to mix the ballpoint pen with the watercolor. By doing this, you will have a different atmospheric feel of high quality. The layers of this mixture will be transparent washes of charcoal lines that can create a depth layer that is of great focus.

Is Sharpie water-resistant?

Sharpies are water-resistant when hay is used on sturdy papers. They can last for a long period without bleeding. However, there is a need to apply watercolor over Sharpie marking when they dry up to look professional and of high quality.

Final Words

The market is full of pens that can be used with watercolor. Even when you have a recommendation on which pen to buy, there is a need to research before taking it. It is good to know what makes that pen different from the available ones.

When looking for the best pen to use with watercolor, you need to know that waterproofing is one of the top factors to consider. This implies that you can use the ink or leave it to dry before applying your watercolor and it remains amazing. You also need to consider so many factors, as we have mentioned in this article. Take your time to analyze each of them.

Finally, we have simplified things for you by reviewing the top 5 best pens ideal with watercolor. Our list is based on expert analysis, usage, and customer review on each brand. Do not hesitate to pick one of our top list brands if you need one.

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