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On this typical weekend, as your other half shouts at you for stinking up the house, you try and fail to clean your vehicle parts in the sink. Keeping your car clean is essential to ensuring its safety, but it can be a complicated process without the right tools and space. You will be able to relax with our solution. Based on our research, these parts washers are the best on the market. Our variety of parts washers is perfect for serious handymen and bikers who require washing fork legs or swingarm.

Here are the best parts washer on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Parts Washer

Best Parts Washer Reviews In 2023

1. BIG RED T10035 Torin Portable Steel Cabinet Parts Washer

“The Torin BIG RED TA92006 air hydraulic bottle jack is ideal for lifting heavy-duty machinery, industrial construction equipment, farm vehicles, and more. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, it’s designed to operate manually or pneumatically. It features a lifting range between 10-7/16″ to 20-1/16” with a 20-ton (40,000 lb) load capacity. The Torin BIG RED TA92006 has an air pressure range of 100 to 175 PSI (note: a minimum of 110 PSI air pressure is required to raise the rated capacity load).

Push-button Trigger Control

Equipped with an automatic dual spring controlled lowering system, fully polished and chromed cylinder rams enhanced with high-performance seals, and a push-button trigger control increases speed and efficiency, reducing lift time. The Torin BIG RED air hydraulic bottle jack is also fitted with a safety valve to prevent overloading. Welded handle grip makes this bottle jack easy to move and position. Manufactured with precision for quality and performance. Meets ASME PASE standards. Includes a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Cabinet Parts Washer Is An Air-cooled

The Big Red Portable Steel Cabinet Parts Washer is an air-cooled, forced hot air unit that can be positioned under a fume hood. This washer can be used as a benchtop part washer or mounted on casters for easy portability. It has settings to accommodate parts up to one inch (1”) in diameter and works well with parts like small bearings, gears, small block engines, and carburetors. The flat bottom makes it easy to store long parts where space is limited.

2. ARES 68001 – Portable Parts Washer with Flow Control Valve

Our new and improved portable parts washer is easy to use and requires no special maintenance. No plumbing is required, and its compact design makes it perfect for cleaning small parts in the shop or at home. Featuring a hard bristle flow-through parts brush, it’s made of durable nylon bristles and is designed to easily fit in most standard 5-gallon buckets. The brush also includes a control valve for temporary shut-off and a hanging hook to store the brush on the wash basin’s many hook holes when not in use.

Technicians And Mechanics

The ARES 68001 is the Ideal parts washing machine for automotive technicians and mechanics. It is extremely portable, lightweight, and compact. This compact power unit has been designed to make your job easier. The 5-gallon bucket with its removable lid makes cleaning parts a breeze.

Faster And More Effectively

The ARES 68001 is a powerful, portable parts washer that cleans faster and more effectively than traditional methods! The ARES 68001 has a built-in flow control valve that allows you to adjust the pressure of the water stream and remove stubborn dirt, grease, and grime to ensure a sanitary clean.

3. Parts Washer 3.5 Gallon Capacity Tank Cabinet Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner

This parts washer has a 3.5-gallon tank cabinet, can hold up to 600 ml of fluid, and is portable. The handle is heavy-duty grooved, which makes it easy to use. It comes with a special flow-through brush with a tube and rotating nozzle at 180 degrees. The flexible metal nozzle can be used to guide the cleaning agent right to the parts that need it most.

Portable Automotive

This Parts Washer 3.5 Gallon Capacity Tank Cabinet Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner is a portable, high-flow pump that can clean all types of parts efficiently and quickly, such as screws, bearings, and gaskets, suitable for all kinds of working environments, such as auto repair shop and construction site. Only water-based solvents can be used to clean parts in this washer due to the pump mechanism.

Resist Rust And Corrosion

Redsun parts washer cleaner was made of sturdy steel; the powder coating can resist rust and corrosion. The cabinet is flat with a double locking door design to prevent accidental opening. The tank has a 3.5-gallon capacity, and all of our parts washers are portable enough to be taken anywhere you may work on vehicles. This Redsun washer is perfect for cleaning small parts and painted surfaces and removing powder coatings or paint overspray prior to painting.

4. JEGS 5-Gallon Portable Parts Washer

The JEGS 5-Gallon Portable Parts Washer is a must-have for any home and shop workbench. This compact, portable parts washer can be placed on top of a workbench or used as a standalone unit. With its convenient, flexible hose nozzle and 5-gallon capacity, this heavy-duty parts washer is the powerful solution you need to do more with less space and time.

Eye-catching Design

Add a touch of convenience and efficiency to your next project with the JEGS 5-Gallon Portable Parts Washer. Features include a removable tray to provide versatility and ease in clean-up and an eye-catching design that’s sure to catch attention at any car show or race. Pair with your favorite parts washer brush for an even better cleaning experience.

High-capacity Portable Parts Washer Powder Coated

Designed to meet most small parts washers’ cleaning and degreasing needs, the JEGS 5-Gallon Portable Parts Washer is a high-capacity portable parts washer powder coated yellow tank with a yellow spin-on the hose and drain cock for long life and great looks! It comes complete with hose fittings, adapters, and 2 spray handles. For added convenience, this parts washer has a 5-gallon capacity.

5. Red Sun Parts Washer 20 Gallon Cabinet Electric Solvent Pump Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner

The Professional Portable Parts Washer is multi-use parts washing equipment that offers an effective way to clean parts of almost all shapes and sizes. It features an inline pump that allows the flow-through of high-pressure cleaning fluid to clean away grease, grime, or other contaminants. It comes with a flexible metal nozzle made of stainless steel, which can effectively guide the cleaning agent to the parts that need to be cleaned.

Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner

This 20 Gallon Cabinet Electric Solvent Pump Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner saves time and space. Built with a durable frame, it is ideal for small areas. The lid will be automatically capped when the washing machine’s operating temperature exceeds the safe limit, safety ensured in case of fire. Featuring wheels for easy movement, this automotive parts washer has a parts cleaning basket that can be used for storing cleaned parts as they dry.

Solvent Pump Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner

The Red Sun Parts Washer 20 Gallon Cabinet Electric Solvent Pump Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner is a must-have for people who want to clean their car parts, especially in an auto service center or construction site. The cleaning fluid passes through the pump from the hose, and the filter can filter out impurities from the cleaning fluid. This high-flow pump allows users to clean all types of parts efficiently and quickly, such as screws, bearings, and gaskets. The Red Sun Parts Washer 20 Gallon Cabinet Electric Solvent Pump Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner is suitable for all kinds of working environments, such as auto repair shops.

6. EGS 40-Gallon Parts Washer

Parts Washer40-Gallon TankSolvent Capacity: 24-Gallon115V/60HzOverall Size: 44.500 in. L x 21.750 in. W x 35 in. H99 lbsMax Pump Output: 5 gpmHeavy_Duty SteelYellow Powder Coat FinishRemovable ShelfParts Basket Tank Size: 42 in. L x 19 in. W x 10.500 in. parts Basket Size: 9.625 in. L x 6 in. W x 3.375 in. DDrain Plug: 14 mm x 1.5 mm ThreadOnly use with water-based degreaser, fill to just below the level of the parts shelf.

Basket And Fill The Vat

The VITAL TOOL for cleaning, degreasing, and removing paint from parts. Simply fit your parts into the basket and fill the vat with water and detergent. Push the Start button and watch your parts soak away all contaminants.

Powerful Enough To Clean

Remove them when finished, rinse them off and dry them on our drying rack with its handy 120V power cord. The EGS 40-gallon parts washer is compact yet powerful enough to clean various types of parts, including smaller pieces like gears and bearings. The quick drain system makes cleaning up fast and easy.”

Buying Guide: Best Parts Washer


A portable parts washer’s best features have a generous capacity without taking up much space. Consider the maximum size of parts you’ll use it for when selecting a benchtop parts washer based on its space requirements. A 20 to 40-gallon solvent capacity parts washer cabinet is necessary to submerge valve covers, while a smaller 5-gallon benchtop parts washer can be sufficient if you mostly need to clean smaller parts.


Aqueous or water-based, petroleum-based, or bioremediation solvents can clean parts washers. Parts washers are typically designed to work with a particular kind of solvent, and many are no longer made that way. Aqueous cleaning is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Fires Safe

Choosing the best parts washer means ensuring it is fire-rated and appropriate to the solvents you will use. Consider buying a UL or CSA-certified product, and look for features such as a fusible link on the lid to prevent the flame from spreading.

Pump and Nozzle

The nozzle should be moveable on a parts washer. It will be easier to remove gunk from parts if you can get as many angles as possible.

FAQ: Best Parts Washer

What Should I Look For In A Parts Washer?

A parts washer that maintains a temperature between 170 and 175 degrees is ideal. With these washers, your part’s washer will be operational in less time since they will heat up faster. You should always read the instructions before using a parts washer.

Do Water-based Parts Washers Work?

Water-based washers are the safest and most effective way to clean parts instead of using toxic solvents. Oil-based contaminants in solvent parts washers are toxic, flammable, and polluting.

What Kind Of Solvent Goes In A Parts Washer?

A good solvent for parts washers in 2021 is Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner/Degreaser. Oil Eater’s industrial cleaner uses the same formula as this fast-acting degreaser.

Are Parts Washers Safe?

Solvents used in parts washers usually contain hazardous and toxic ingredients that pose significant health risks and legal and financial risks to workers and businesses.

What Do You Use A Parts Washer For?

In parts washing, contaminants or debris are removed using a piece of equipment. Such as grease, dirt, carbon, oils, metal chips, mold release agents, ink, and paint on workpieces.


The best parts washer for you is the one that suits your needs. There are many to choose from, so it’s important to consider what qualities make a good car wash system and which ones don’t matter as much in your decision. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with whichever option you pick!

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