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In this fast-paced world where technology is taking over everything, the use of pens has not decreased. Demand for a well-crafted pen has not gone down. People still invest their time and money in collecting their favorite pen. When it comes to the chronicle of pen Parker Pens will always be written in golden letters.

The top-class pen manufacturer has been making pens for the last 130 years. And now, they are an industry leader. With their craftsmanship and excellent quality, Parker pens are unmatched by any other brands out there. 

People, who are familiar with Parker Pen, know they can rely on their pens. They do not just offer excellent quality; they come at affordable price points. These pens have designs for long-lasting. Most importantly, they have different types of them for various applications. They have three types of them. They are:

  • Ballpoint Pens 
  • Fountain Pens 
  • Rollerball Pens 

Considering its features and performance, Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen is the best parker pen in the ballpoint category. It has a stainless steel body with a chrome trim finish- making it look even more attractive. It contains medium-point blue ink. Do read my full article to find out other top Parker pens.

Our Favorite Best Parker Pen

Comparison Table 

NamePen CountInk ColorMaterialPoint Type
Parker 1953170 Jotter Ballpoint Pen1BlueStainless SteelMedium
Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen Collection4Assorted RetroPlasticMedium
Parker Jotter XL Ballpoint Pen1BlueMetalMedium
Parker Jotter London Trio Discovery Pack3Blue & BlackStainless SteelMedium
PARKER IM Rollerball Pen1BlackMetalFine
Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain Pen1BlackLacquerMedium
Parker Rollerball Pen1BlackStainless SteelFine

Top 7 Best Parker Pen Reviews- 2022

1. Parker 1953170 Jotter Ballpoint Pen

Jotter is the most reliable segment from Parker and is hugely popular for its design and performance; First Jotter pen was released in 1954, following nine years of research; the classic design makes it stand out from others. 

This Jotter Ballpoint pen is probably the best Parker pen, and it has vivid blue color ink. It is a modern pen with a classic design that gives an exceptional writing experience. Plus, it can be a stylish yet practical accessory for you.    


Stainless Steel Body 

Jotter Ballpoint pen has a stainless steel body with a chrome trim finish that gives a sharp look. Its streamlined style makes it an iconic one. 

Distinctive Barrel Patterns 

From plastic to steel- it offers an upgrade in its barrel material; the stainless steel barrel has become an iconic design for a ballpoint pen; distinctive barrel pattern makes this parker pen a stylish and reliable pen.   

Retractable Closure

This Jotter core ballpoint pen has a signature retractable design- you have to click on the upper cap to open or close it; you will get a soothing satisfaction every time you click it. 

Blue Ink 

The pen has blue ink, and it produces vivid color. Quinkflow ballpoint ensures optimal ink flow while writing and, you will get a smooth and clean writing experience. 


  • Sharp streamline design with high shine trim represents a heritage. 
  • Lightweight despite an all-metal body. 
  • Easy to hold and writes pretty well.  
  • It has satisfactory soothing clickability. 
  • The distinctive barrel has an ergonomic design. 


  • A bit small for large hands.

2. Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen Collection

As we already know, Jotter is a classic yet stylish segment from Parker Pens that comes in various colors and a simple long shape; it has come a long way; Jotter Ballpoint pens are an example of it. These pens attract writers and artists with a professional look and rich colors.

This ballpoint pen set is fun and vibrant and, if you are a pen lover, you most definitely want to keep this four colors pen set as an accessory in your inventory. 


A Throwback to ’90s 

Parker has designed this set to pay tribute to the golden decade of the ’90s. It comes in a glossy and vibrant color palette combined with Jotter’s delineate and trademark click. You will get lost in the vibe of the good old ’90s with this Jotter set. 

Colorful Plastic Body 

This set uses an ultra-resistant and scratch-free plastic body; open and close with a soothing click with their trademark retractable design; its streamlined style allows the pens to stand out from others. 

Four Different Color Pens  

Parker Jotter Original collection comes in 4 different color pens. Such as Blue, Green, Yellow, and Magenta. They add extra vibes to your collection. 

Quinkflow Ballpoint Refill

These pens have a Quinkflow ballpoint refill feature that allows flawless ink flow while writing.


  • Four different color pens. 
  • Work fine with Parker gel refills. 
  • Medium point offers various writing styles. 
  • Durable ABS plastic body. 
  • Very comfortable for most hands. 


  • The thin barrel can be a problem for big hands.

3. Parker Jotter XL Ballpoint Pen

It is another excellent addition by Parker Pens; this large ballpoint pen is suitable for those looking for one- that is wide in size. It has a bold metal body and streamlined finishing. It can be quite a gift for pen enthusiasts. 

If you like writing something daily, it can be your ideal companion because you can write comfortably with its medium-point tip; let’s look at some of its features. 


Large Body 

This pen is 7% larger than other ones. Parker has used all its high-quality elements to make this big framed pen. As a result, it is very comfortable and easy to hold for people who prefer larger ones.  

Matte Black Finish 

The pen features a modern matte black body and, it has a shiny bold matte finish from the cap to the barrel. The black arrow-like clip complements its black color body. 

Signature Retractable Cap 

Jotter XL Ballpoint pen features a signature cap that opens and closes with a satisfying click. You’ll feel soothing when you click the cap. 

Superior Quality 

The pen body is made with superior stainless steel. Its silver finish and streamlined design will surely blow your mind. Quinkflow feature gives you an uninterrupted smooth writing experience. 


  •  Easier to grip for people with large hands. 
  • Arrowhead clip enhances the pen’s look. 
  • Compatible with jotter gel ballpoint refill. 
  • Suitable for everyday use. 
  • A premium gift box holds the pen. 


  • Produces some noise while clicking the cap.

4. Parker Jotter London Trio Discovery Pack

This trio pack from Parker Pens comes with a ballpoint pen, a gel pen, and a mechanical pencil. Its ballpoint pen comes in royal blue color, gel pen comes in red color, and mechanical pencil comes in original stainless steel color. 

It can be an on-the-go pen set for you. You do not need any other pen if you have this set with you. With an iconic design and eye-catching style, it will make your collection richer. 


Number of Pen & Pencil

As the name suggests, this trio set has three pens and pencils altogether. Two of them are pens, and one is a pencil. It has one ballpoint pen, a gel pen, and one mechanical pencil. 

Body Material          

Both the pens and the pencil have high-quality stainless steel bodies. These pens are superior quality pens and pencils. As they are made from strong and durable material,  no doubt they will last for a long time. 

Color of the Ink 

Two pens in this set come with two different color inks. The royal blue ballpoint has blue ink; the red Kensington gel pen has dark black ink and, the mechanical pencil has a 0.5 millimeter lead in it.   

Pen Design 

With refined designs and bold finish, pens and the pencil of this pack look superior and stylish. 


  • Non-skip Quink gel produces colorful strokes. 
  • Quinkflow ink dries fast. 
  • Get two pens and one pencil in a single pack. 
  • The pencil has an eraser in its cap. 


  • No eraser refill option.

5. PARKER IM Rollerball Pen

If you are looking for a writing companion, then the Parker IM Rollerball pen is your best choice. With its superior tapered design, you can write comfortably for hours with it. This pen has all the Parker trademark elements in it. 

The rollerball pen will give an ink thickness like a fountain pen and the comfort of a ballpoint pen. Plus, it has two ink color options to choose from Black and Blue.  


Build Quality 

This rollerball pen is made of brushed stainless steel and has a circular grain design. The Parker trademark arrow clip and gold trim increase its beauty. You will feel so much better just by holding it in your hand. 

Rollerball Design 

The rollerball tip ensures that the ink will flow smoothly the whole time you write it. It will create a deep impression on the paper and, you will feel freedom while writing. Most importantly, it works like the fountain pen and the ballpoint combined.

Tapered Design 

With its modern tapered design, you will feel so much comfort when you hold this pen. Its polished finish and tapered-silhouette design will make you feel comfortable and confident. 

Smart Refill

You can choose a 0.5mm fine point tip rollerball refill or a 0.7mm medium tip refill. In both cases, Parker Quink ink will ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable writing experience. 


  • Extremely comfortable to hold. 
  • It comes with a black fine point refill. 
  • Two ink color options: Black & Blue. 
  •  A beautiful gift item. 


  • Ink can bleed a little sometimes on your hand.

6. Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer finish fountain pen is one of the best fountain pens and probably the best Parker fountain pen in the market. It feels rich and luxurious with a glossy black lacquer barrel and gold finish. 

This fountain pen comes with black ink. With its classic design, it is a symbol of elegance for you. Let’s see what this fountain pen offers. 


Lacquer Finish Metal Body 

This fountain pen has a high-quality stainless steel body with a glossy lacquer finish. The gold trim finish makes this pen even more attractive. When you hold this pen, you will feel something. 

Gold Finish Nib 

The pen’s fine nib is made of stainless steel. But it has an 18k gold finish on it. Besides, it has engraved patterns on it. As a result, it looks very sleek and luxurious. The nib seamlessly writes on papers.

Parker Trademark Design 

It has a Parker trademark arrowhead clip with a gold finish. It completely changes the look of this pen. Because of the gold clip, the pen looks so elegant. 

A big Gift Box 

Parker Sonnet fountain pen comes with a big box that contains a lot of things. The box has your pen, a welcoming note, a premium booklet, and most- importantly, two loose standard black refills. 


  • Two black ink cartridges are in the box. 
  •  Its removable cap can stay at the end of the pen. 
  • An ink converter is there in the box. 
  • Feels very balanced in hand. 
  • It has a black grip for better handling. 


  • This pen is not for beginners.

7. Parker Rollerball Pen

Last but not least- this is yet another great pen from Parker. This pen has a Jotter design but, it is a rollerball pen. So, you will get benefits from both ends. The pen comes in an excellent Jotter design. 

It has a Kensington Red body and a chrome trim finish, and the ink is black. It comes with a fine point tip. Let’s take a glance at some of its features. 


Jotter Design 

Although it is a rollerball pen, it has an iconic Jotter design. Its Kensington Red color body with a chrome finish makes the pen look very attractive. You will like this pen when you see it. 

Stainless Steel Barrel 

The black-colored stainless steel lacquered barrel together and a shiny trim finish make this pen an excellent one. You’ll feel smooth when you touch it. Besides, its glossy stainless steel arrowhead clip makes its design even more eye-catching. 

Quinkflow Ink

This Jotter design rollerball pen’s ink combines a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. As a result, it writes smoothly and conveniently. Its Quinkflow fine point black refill gives excellent performance too. 

Fine Point Nib 

It has a fine point nib. So, you can take notes and write pages after pages quite easily. Because of the fine point tip, you will need less paper for writing.  


  • Feels very comfortable in hand. 
  • It writes cleanly on paper. 
  • It has the Quality of a fountain pen and the performance of a ballpoint pen. 
  • The refill is bold and wet. 


  • It is small in size.

Best Parker Pen Buying Guide

parker pen with notebook

A lot of Parker pens are available on the market, and they come in many categories as well; different pens serve different purposes, it can be a difficult task for you to find the best Parker pen. Nonetheless, you have nothing to worry about- I’m here to help you out in this regard.  

Parker pens come in many types, and they come at different price points too, but you must consider a few things while choosing your Parker pen- in this way, you will be able to select the right one that satisfies your purpose. Keep in mind the following factors when you go to buy a Parker pen: 

The Type you Need

You must know why you want to buy a Parker pen; you should choose your pen based on that consideration. Different types of Parker pens are available on the market but, you should choose one that serves your needs. Fountain Pens, Ballpoint Pens, Rollerballs are some of the pens available in stores. If you need your pen for everyday use, go for a Ballpoint Parker pen or a Rollerball parker pen but if you want smooth and line variations, then go for Fountain pens. 

The Looks of the Pen 

The look of your Parker pen should always be important to you because you are investing your money into it, so you should choose one that looks good to you; though most Parker pens are visually aesthetic, you can’t buy every one of them -you have to choose one from them. So, look for those attributes that you find attractive in that pen. Then see which Parker pens have those features. Choose one that has most of your favorite features in it. 

Prefer Comfort 

Comfort is a necessary aspect of a pen. As you would write with your Parker pen, you must select one that gives you maximum comfort. Parker Pen has many designs but, not all of them will fit comfortably in your hand; so, while choosing, take the pens in your hand and see which one feels better in your hand. You can also test write if the seller approves. Finally, buy one that gives maximum comfort. 


You definitely should consider the price of your Parker pen. While you go out to buy one- check the price before making your final decision. See if the price fits your budget. Try to remain within your budget. If you are a beginner, it’s wise to go for a cheaper pen first. 

How to Identify Original Parker Pen?

Parker is one of the most famous pen brands in the world. It produces high-quality pens from superior materials. But not all of them in the market that says Parker are original ones. There are fake Parker pens too. You should be able to differentiate between the original and the fake one. Otherwise, you might end up buying a copy of the Parker pen. 

Identifying original Parker pens is not that hard. You have to pay attention. Look closely at them. If it looks cheap, it is most definitely a fake one.

How to Spot an Original Parker Pen i will Show You:

  • Parker pens have Date codes on them. When you see a parker pen, you should look for its date code. It should be somewhere on the body. Though, date code has evolved with time. Different Parker pens can have different types of date codes. Just look for some code if you are not sure about it. 
  • Parker pens have nib codes too. A two-digit number represents the nib code. With this code, you will know which nib serves which purpose. 
  • They have different types of engraved hallmarks on their body or their cap. Look for these hallmarks. If they are missing, you know what to do. 
  • Parker pens also have condition codes for their body. Search for these codes. 
  • Sometimes, you can spot an original Parker only by looking at it. If it looks premium and high quality, it is an original Parker for sure. 
  • Look at the clip. If the arrowhead bristles are equally-distanced, it is an original one. 
  • Go to Parker Pen’s website. There you will find pictures of all the pens. Compare them with those pictures. If they match exactly, they are original Parkers.

By following these steps, you can easily spot an original Parker pen.   

How to Fill Ink in Parker Pen?

You can refill your parker pen when the ink finishes. Parker produces inks for all of its pens. When you buy a Parker pen, you will get a refill with it in most cases. Most of the parker pen has refill cartridges. You have to replace your old cartridge with a new one. But there are other methods too. Here I’ll show you how to fill ink in different Parker pens. 

Filling Ink in Fountain Pens:

You can fill your Parker Fountain pens in the following ways: 

  • Filling Ink with Fountain Pen Converter: You can use a converter to fill ink into your fountain pen. First, put the nib into the ink bottle and cover it entirely into the ink. Then rotate the converter piston anticlockwise to force the air out. Now, twist it again clockwise to draw the ink into the converter. Finally, use a cloth to mop up extra ink from the nib. 
  • Loading an Ink Cartridge: Firstly, remove the converter piston by drawing it away from the nib. Then take the refill cartridge and push it until you hear a click. Your refill cartridge is set in place now. 

Inserting a Refill in Ballpoint Pens:

Parker makes refills for its ballpoint pens. To insert it in your pen, first, you have to unscrew your pen’s barrel from the grip section. Then take your ink cartridge and push it until it sets in place. Finally, reassemble your pen. It is ready for action again. 

Inserting a Refill in Rollerball Pens:

Refilling rollerball pens are the same as ballpoint pens. Parker has refills for rollerball pens too. You have to insert it in straightforward and, that’s it. To do it, at first unscrew your pen’s barrel from its grip section. Then firmly push the refill into it until it sets properly. Finally, reassemble your pen. 


Are Parker Pens Good pens?

Parker Pens is a famous pen brand. It makes high-quality and durable pens and earned fame all over the world. It has been making pens for the last 130 years. This pen is safe to say no other brand in the market can match their quality. Parker pens are reliable, and they have earned fame worldwide. 

How Do I Choose a Parker Pen?

Choosing a Parker pen is not that tough. You have to choose one that satisfies your needs. First, determine why you need a pen. If you need a pen for writing and taking notes, you should go for one that has a fine point tip. Choose a Parker pen that fits comfortably in your hand. Always remember comfort and usability are the keywords. 

Is Parker a Luxury Pen?

Parker is a company that manufactures luxury pens. They make different categories of them and come in different shapes, sizes, built materials, and prices. Some of them are luxurious and expensive pens. However, they make cheap and affordable pens too. So, yes, they make both luxury and inexpensive pens. But one thing is for sure they never compromise with quality. 

Which Parker Fountain Pen is Best for Writing?

Parker Pen has many fountain pens on its product list. Every one of them offers good performance and durability. So, it is hard to handpick one. Different people prefer different ones as the best-based one on their needs. But as the Fountain pen is all about style and look, I find the Parker Sonnet Lacquer Gold Trim Fountain pen is the best one.  

Why is Parker Ballpen Expensive?

Parker ball pens are expensive because of their superior build quality and performance. They use high-quality materials to make pens. On the other hand, Parker is a big multinational brand. It has a great brand value. It also makes the ball pens expensive. However, they have some quality inexpensive pen lines as well.   

Final Words

Parker is one of the best pen makers on earth and has many designs in its portfolio. But, you have to understand that the pens I’ve mentioned above are some of the best parker pen available in the market and, I know it is always a challenge to select the best parker pen from tons of options. Importantly, now that you have read my full article, I’m sure it won’t be a problem for you anymore; with all the information at hand, you can easily select a parker pen that fits best for you- go out there and pick your best choice!

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