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Parafoil kites are basically the easiest to fly among all common kite types. Because of this characteristic, parafoil kites are very popular among kids and beginners. Unlike stunt kites that take a lot of practice if you want to perform tricks with them, parafoil kites are the best for learning how to fly a kite.

Generally speaking, it’s much easier than learning how to fly a stunt kite since you don’t need to apply as much finger pressure and control to keep a paraglide in the air while you’re learning.

Furthermore, parafoil kites are equipped with fabric-covered spars(mostly square) instead of rods which makes them less breakable than stunt kites that have carbon fiber spars. On top of all these benefits, they’re also cheaper than other types of kites while they offer a pretty nice range of sizes and shapes so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Parafoil kites come in a variety of price ranges. If there is one thing that you should never compromise, it’s the quality of the toy. You’ll have an easier time narrowing down your options now that you know the many varieties of foil kites available. So let’s take a look at the top five parafoil kites on the market right now.

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Best Parafoil Kite Reviews

1. Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite

Prism’s Synapse Parafoil provides dual-line parafoil performance in a compact design that is ideal for beginners and travel. This unique kite is precision-built with professional Prism construction and tuning techniques to ensure precise control and maximum durability. Its innovative bridle and leading-edge system give it the ability to perform precise maneuvers like figure 8’s and figures 9’s while providing lightning fast relaunch in gusty winds. Since no assembly is necessary, it is ready to fly out of the box. It is an excellent option for those who want to learn two-line kite flying or wish to take their kite on vacation.


For the latest and greatest in kite technology, look no further than the Prism Synapse. One of the best ways to get into kiting, the Synapse is built for high performance, yet simple enough to operate by even novice fliers. With an increased depower range from the 14m to 16m span and super lightweight of only 1.64 kgs, reignite your desire with this parafoil flyer from Prism.


Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Prism Synapse is one of the finest sports kites ever made. Prism Kites use high-end materials and precision engineering to give professional flyers the ultimate performance. The Synapse is probably the best dual-line parafoil kite available on the market today.

Fast and agile

Prism Synapse Dual-Line Parafoil Kite, Fast and agile, Prism Synapse Dual-Line Parafoil is a kite that performs! It handles wind from a whisper to an all-out gale. The kite’s ease of flying makes it ideal for the novice flyer or experienced enthusiasts. This dual-line parafoil has been redesigned to include everything you need in one complete package. Adjustable bridle on all sizes, delta shaped canopy, and speed capability make this kite excellent for both the novice and pro fliers. Branded with high quality Prism graphics, this kite really turns heads.


  • Wings with a high aspect ratio provide high precision steering.
  • Quick and nimble.
  • Beginners will find it to be sufficiently stable.
  • It is simple to set up.
  • There is a strong desire to challenge serious pilots.
  • There are three different sizes available.

2. Prism Bora Single-line Parafoil Kite

Prism’s Bora Single-line Parafoil Kite has a design that is both easy to fly and ready in an instant. This kite is perfect to take along on your next backpacking trip or bike ride to the park – anywhere you want to get outside and enjoy nature. Mark your spot in the outdoors with a bright splash of color, and a long flowing tail! The single-line parafoil design requires no frame parts to assemble or lose, simply clip on your line and let the wind do the rest! 

Three Size Options

Prism’s Bora is a one-line parafoil kite with an attractive design and high performance. The Bora appeals to the intermediate to an advanced flyer with its three size options, including two parafoils that are perfect for learning to fly on a single line in light winds.

Easy setup

The Bora is essentially a larger version of the popular Prism Mojo kite. This easy setup parafoil kite delivers impressive wind range, durability, and steady pull for power kiting. The wind range from 5 to 25 mph, so you can have fun at a park or on the beach!

Excellent Kites

It’s a tough call between the Prism Delta and Prism Apex, but we’ll go with the latter just on the strength of it’s safety features alone — otherwise, they’re both excellent kites.


  • It is simple to launch and fly.
  • There are three different size possibilities.
  • Professionals feel a strong drive to take up new challenges.
  • The setup is simple.
  • The flying line made of braided polyester that is tangle-resistant

3. Amazona’s Octopus Paul Parafoil Kite

The Amazona’s octopus Paul parafoil kite, flying above the blue sky, has a good therapeutic value. It can help the nervous system relax while gazing at this graceful image in shifting shapes and colors which stimulate concentration and perception. The flying kite helps develop emotional stability by relieving tension in everyday life and reduces myopia by controlling eye muscles and nerves. It can also be used for decorating birthday parties, corporate events, and other festive occasions.

Large.Easy to fly and launch

Octopus Paul – Large.Easy to fly and launch, Octopus Paul, is one of the most advanced parafoil kites ever built! With a durable ripstop nylon sail, two control lines and a pair of easy-to-use handles with elastic bands your youngster will delight in controlling this fabulous design and watching it soar above the skies.


The Amazona kites Octopus Paul Parafoil Kite is a high quality kite for both children and adults. This affordable kite features a rip-stop polyester sail, adjustable tail, and line length to suit various winds and a fully assembled frame that is ready to fly right out of the box!

Fun Design And Vibrant Colors

Aim for the sky with the Parafoil kite from Paul & Friends. This colorful, playful kite features a fun design and vibrant colors. Made from durable ripstop nylon, steel hardware, and extra-strong parafoil construction. From Amazona and designed by Paul Schmitz.


  • It is simple to fly and control.
  • When there is a reasonable breeze, it is simple to launch.
  • Material that is long-lasting Design that is entertaining
  • Folds up into a small pouch when not in use.

4. IMAGE 3D Dolphin Breeze Beach Kites

The image 3D Dolphin Breeze beach kites feature a completely clear prismatic body for a colorful display in the air. The frameless soft and lightweight kite is easy to launch, has an adjustable flying angle, can be mouth or hand launched, and is extremely durable. The premium quality material and workmanship ensure that these kites provide fun for multiple seasons. This amazing dolphin kite is constructed from tear-proof cloth that also has extra reinforcement in key areas to increase its strength. The frame and winders are both made of high-quality raw materials, which means this product provides you with both quality and value.

Durable material

The Dolphin Breeze kite is an easy to fly, fun, and a colorful kite that can be flown indoors or outdoors. Dual ripstop polyester sails are stable in moderate winds. These easily assemble kites are designed to help you relax and have fun with your family and friends. Durable material, fiberglass rods, and strong connectors make this kite perfect for frequent use. Available at Target and Wal-Mart stores across the U.S.

Easy to fly and control

The Breeze is easy to fly and control for kids, beginners, or anyone looking for a light kite that’s fun and colorful. The Dolphin kite by Image is made in the USA. Includes 20-ft. extra line, kite storage bag, and illustrated instructions. It’s a perfect choice!

Fun Design

This fun design features a dolphin and tropical flowers for breezy, nautical-themed days at the beach.


  • It is simple to fly and launch
  • It relaunches on its own initiative.
  • Bright colors and a playful design
  • Affordable

5. Amazona’s presentz 5M Large Octopus Parafoil Kite

Amazona provides you with a high quality Parafoil Flying Kite – 5M Large Octopus. Unlike traditional paper kites that are easily broken and hard to fly, the newest Parafoil Flying Kites feature a powerful frame that is made of metal and very strong plastic, making them change the traditional concept of kite flying. Besides, they can be kept inflated by using a small fan or an electric pump.

Flies well in medium wind speed

Presentz 5M Large Octopus Kite This Parafoil is highly visible in the sky like a parachute and flies well at medium wind speed from 10 to 20 km/hour. A great flying time can be enjoyed for up to 15 minutes! Easy to assemble and fast to launch, this Kite is ideal for beginners. It has a bamboo pole anodized in rainbow colors with a plastic wing size of 86 x 52 cm. Assembly instructions included.

Durable Material

Fly this Amazona’s presentz 5M Large Octopus Parafoil Kite in the sky and witness its glory up close. This kite’s unique shape and design make it a hit among kite enthusiasts. What’s more, its tail is made of a durable material that can endure hours of flying-and sharp gusts of wind.

Unique Design

Amazona’s presentz 5M is the most innovative and unique design in parafoil kite flying. Amazona has put a cutting edge focus on safety, stability, flight dynamics, and fun. Unlike traditional parafoil kites with their low–tech parachute-style wing and limited performance, Amazona’s presentz features a high-tech wing design that harnesses the power of flight and delivers full performance along with complete stability.


  • Design that is vibrant and entertaining
  • Affordable
  • Material that is long-lasting
  • Flight performance when flying at a medium wind speed Folds up into a little pouch

6. the kizh Kite Giant 3D Goldfish Frameless Soft Parafoil Kites

Kizh Kite Giant 3D Goldfish Frameless Soft Parafoil Kites is designed with goldfish software, which could perfectly make the kite beautiful and foldable. With the joint of the three pieces of “Umbrella”, it makes its move a bit more freely and brings more fun for you. In addition, it also has multifunction joints, without any frame inside and outside skin. The kite can lift very high in the sky with breaking wind when your hands pull firmly.


Discovering how to launch and manage it will assist your youngsters to build coordination and critical thinking abilities in a very practical situation. Not only that but they’ll enjoy the pleasure of success when they ultimately launch it. Children and adults are able to enjoy the pleasure of kites, This will be a pleasant childhood memory for youngsters, let us enjoy the beautiful outdoor party, No one goes out of love with the Kite. Perfect Christmas Gift / Birthday Gift./Holiday Gift.

Novel Design

Novel Design Kite Giant Goldfish Frameless Parafoil Kites with the customized LOGO. Easy to fly, Made in China with very good price, Offer 100% satisfaction of Service and high quality.


Product description Great for first-time flyers, This Parafoil Kite is 50″ inches (125 cm) in Diameter, The Kite is 3D Goldfish on Water without a Frame, it will be flying straightly for about 10-15 minutes when ridden on a strong wind, the line will be very smooth, it is a powerful Kite.

When you let out the line, you can make this fish fly straightly as your wish, pay attention not to tangle with other kites or kitesurfing gear, safety first! We promise if you are not satisfied with our product or service, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, and hassle-free return policy; we will promptly refund your payment (or ship you a replacement if available). We commit that we only provide high quality products for our customers, please rest assured to buy them!


Color: Black/Red/Orange Package Size:11.4×2.3×2 inch(29x15x5cm)

Weight: About 10 ounces (285g)

Packing: Kizh zipper Storage bag Packing Included 1 x Large Goldfish Kite

7. AGreatLife Rainbow Kite

The aGreatLife Rainbow Kite for Kids will have your youngster jumping for joy! It’s a high quality kite that is built to last. It comes with a fiberglass frame and high-grade ripstop fabric so it can take the punishment of the elements. The rainbow body design is colored to match the vibrant colors of an actual rainbow and will add extra flare to your next outdoor game of tug-o-war. Working together with friends and family to get this kite up in the air will also increase social skills and help develop teamwork.


Our Rainbow Kite is the best kite to get your kids started with. It’s designed to be stable and easy to launch in practically every type of wind, from a gentle breeze to a strong breeze, unlike other kites. Learning to launch and control a kite is a great way for your kids to practice coordination and critical thinking in a fun way. Not only that, but when they ultimately launch it and keep it in the air, they’ll feel the rush of success.


It’s colorful, attractive, and quite simple to fly. These are just a few of the adjectives that our customers have used to describe the Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids. It’s been specifically designed to be simple to construct and fly. It can take off in a small breeze and still be easy to operate when the wind comes up thanks to its stable handling features.

Making Memorie

Making memories with kites can be a magical family moment. For ages 4-8, the Rainbow Kite by aGreatLife is sure to please. Inspired by the traditional Chinese rainbow kite, this kite has an easy assembly design that allows its user to enjoy it right out of the box! The Rainbow Kite comes with a 200ft string wrapped ready to use and includes an extra 50ft cord with a handle. So whether you are flying alone or with friends and family, get ready to have fun flying this delightful craft!

Buying Guide For Best Parafoil Kite

Best Parafoil Kite

Kites with a single line

These simple kites are flown with only one line, as their name implies. They’re appropriate for people of all ages and provide an excellent introduction to flying for beginners. Single-line kites come in a variety of designs, but the delta and diamond shapes are the most common and easiest to launch and fly. These kites are reasonably priced, however the cost will rise depending on the quality of the materials used in their manufacturing.

Kites for Stunts

Stunt kites are suitable for intermediate users and come in four different shapes: delta, diamond, parafoil, and quad frames; the delta is by far the most common. Of course, it’s a question of personal preference, but keep in mind that some forms are more difficult to fly than others.

The choice of a stunt kite is influenced by one’s skill level. These kites are designed for acrobatics and stunts and can be piloted by a single or multi-line system, if you hadn’t guessed (you can find up to four lines on some stunt kites). These kites are popular because they provide a more involved flying experience.

Components for Kites


Kites exist in a variety of sizes and wingspans, so picking the ideal one is a matter of personal preference as well as wind conditions. A larger kite is easier to launch, keep in the air, and stay airborne even in mild winds, but a smaller kite will require more wind to stay in the air. Larger kites may be ungainly for younger children due to the amount of material involved and the speeds at which they may fly, which may be difficult for tiny hands to control.


Kites have improved over time, and the majority are now manufactured from materials that can resist the kind of harsh usage that comes with launching and sailing. High gusts, vertical collisions, and trees can all cause serious damage to a kite. Manufacturers are increasingly using Ripstop nylon and polyester sails with fiberglass or carbon fiber frames. Wood and plastic sails are included with cheaper kites, but these are mainly suited for first-timers who only wish to spend an hour or two at the beach. Some of the more expensive variants use silk, nylon, and even Kevlar in their construction.


Some kites come with tails, which is a matter of personal preference. These are streamers that are attached to the kite’s back or sides and provide additional aesthetic value as well as stability during flight. While they may not always deliver an overall benefit, some consumers prefer them over others. In the end, whether or not a kite has tails is a question of personal preference.


Cotton twine is the most basic line you can use. Single and dual line variants of high-quality kites are made of nylon, polyester, silk, Dyneema, Dacon, and linen. Kevlar will be present in the strongest forms of line. Any mix of these materials can be used in lines, and the optimal type to choose is determined by the kite’s wind rating.

Single-line kites just require one hand to fly, whereas dual or quad-line kites require two. The lines are coupled to one of two types of controls: a regular spool that allows you to simply wind the line back or a flight ring that functions similarly to a classic fishing reel.


That’s a pretty hefty list of factors to consider. We know it can be intimidating at first. Hopefully, we’ve made the process a bit less daunting with the information and resources provided here. Before you buy a parafoil kite, do your research. Visit our website and read our reviews, especially if you’re looking for an expert opinion on a specific model. The best parafoil kite is out there just waiting for a new owner—and we want you to find it!

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