10 Best Paper for Brochures, Flyers & Cardstock – Buying Guide

Today, businesses and institutions are embracing less paperwork and replacing them with digital marketing media. Even then, brochures are still an ideal marketing tool. Some of the reasons why brochures are preferable are that they can be posted to customers, given out to the public and workplaces. However, since cardstocks are prone to wear and tear, you should choose the best paper for brochures to exploit the advertisement method successfully.

Read these top 10 papers for brochure buying guide to discover the most excellent option to buy. This list comprises quality papers with varied densities, thickness, colors, and other factors to meet your individual needs. Also, read our buying guide on how to choose the best printer for brochures.

Our 3 Favorite Best Paper for Brochures

Best Paper for Brochures- Buying Guide

1. Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte

No doubt, Epson produces the best paper for brochures. Premium Presentation Paper Matte is a reliable option for photographers who fancy photographs with a matte finish. The product produces durable, ultra-smooth, and bright white photographs. Versatility is another thing that makes this type of brochure popular in the contemporary world, where you can use paper for craft projects, photography, signage printing, etc.

Beginners, professional photographers, and hobbyists trust Epson premium papers for all their paper projects. Moreover, the paper supports various categories of inks such as UltraChrome, EPSON Archival, duraBrite, and other dye-based inks. Their flat surface design offers a unique platform for photographic needs. Something else attractive is the fact it allows instant drying and perfect color reproduction. The paper’s standard size makes it one of the best papers to use for brochures. The product measures 8.5×11 inches, and each pack consists of 100 sheets. 

Key features

  • 10.5 mm thick 
  • Measures 8.5×11 inches 
  • Weighs 1.85 pounds
  • Features a matte finish


  • Attractive, ultra-smooth, and white papers
  • Delivers durable photographs
  • Versatile thus ideal for signage, craft projects, and non-glare photos 
  • Their matte finish makes them the best choice


  • Too long storage can cause yellowing
  • Deeper tones with some printers display mottling effects

2. Neenah Paper 404.14 Exact Index Card Stock

If you are looking for the best glossy paper for brochures, then the 404.14 Neenah Exact Index is all you need. The product is sold in a package that weighs 110lb, measures 11’’x17’’, and 250 sheets of paper. For documents printed on the paper to last long, the brand ensures no traces of lignin or acid whatsoever. Further, these papers are universal as you can use them with an inkjet printer, copier, or laser printer and still get perfect results. 

Therefore, Neenah paper rolls are compatible with almost all printing and photocopying machines. You can purchase without fear as long as the size fits your requirement. Additionally, the paper’s uniform and smooth surfaces encourage ink sticking and encourage printability. Brochures printed using exact index paper can withstand the frequent handling and rigors of postal machines. Artisans can use the product fr art projects, and home accents, photo matte, etc.

Key feature

  • Measures 11’’x17’’
  • Weighs 110lb
  • Pack consist of 250 sheets
  • 95 brightness level


  • Ideal for single and double-sided documents
  • Compatible with copiers, laser, and inkjet printers
  • Has smooth finish best for letterheads, brochures, etc
  • Produces durable prints


  • No reported cons

3. Hammermill Cardstock Premium Color Copy Cover Paper

Well, in most cases, color papers available are inkjet friendly. However, Hammermill Premium Color Paper is ideally meant for copiers and laser color printers. The thick paper weighs 10.8 pounds and measures 17’’x11’’, making it capable of taking high laser heats and producing quality colored photos.

Moreover, the quality of this paper is guaranteed, and from a proven experience, you can print over 10,000 papers at high speed without a single jam. The brand proudly states readiness to replace the paper purchase in case jamming occurs sooner. 

In a unique sense, the copying paper has a brightness rated at 100, which ensures perfect image contrast and exact color reproduction. Again, hammermill papers are environment conscious with FSC certification. Thus the USA-made products’ raw materials are renewable resources tapped from sustainably managed forestry. By purchasing this thicker paper for brochures, you participate in conserving the forest and helping make the world a better place.

Key features

  • White paper
  • Weighs 10.8 pounds
  • Measures 11’’x17’’ inches
  • 100 brightness level


  • Extraordinary toner adhesion
  • Produces  image true color reproduction
  • 99.99% jam-free guarantee
  • Products of renewable resources and certified


  • Shipping cost away from us is a bit high
  • Not recommended for inkjet printers

4. ‎Superfine Printing Gray Pastel Color Card Stock Paper

Gray Pastel Color Paper from Superfine Printing manufacturers is among the best paper type for brochures. The design and applications make it a quality option to address all your paper needs. Upon the touch, you will feel the soft texture of a smoothly finished paper, a property that makes it printable and compatible with many digital printers.

Gladly, the paper is versatile enough to work with traditional crafting materials like colored pencils and markers. For this reason, papers are practically commonly utilized by lower-grade school kids. Without forgetting other excellent features like folding, die-cutting, scoring, and ink holdout capabilities

Many people prefer this glossy paper for printing brochures and any other paper needs. So many businesses and institutions globally order gray pastel color paper in bulky every day. Moreover, the paper manufacturer uses renewable resources and responsibly managed forests to produce.

Key features

  • 50 sheets per pack
  • Measures 8.5×11 inches
  • 67 lb cardstock weight
  • Brightness level rated at 98


  • Designed acid-free, thus long-lasting
  • Has  high ink holdout, snap, and folding quality
  • Ideal for printing signage, business cards, menus, etc. 
  • Paper comes in various color options.


  • A bit heavy for home use
  • Thick and a  printer needs backloading paper to  prevent stuck

5. Springhill 8.5” x 14” Cream Copy Paper

Are you looking for unique colored copy papers for printing flyers, inserts, and coupons? Springhill Cream Copy Paper comprises multiple premium card stock options. The product features a creative array of color shades to meet all your printing requirements. Moreover, the paper comes in 26lb and 28lb weights to meet your individual needs.

Manufacturer avails this paper for brochure printing in three different sizes; 8.5’’x11’’, 8.5’’x14’’, and 11’’x17’’. Interestingly, the Springhill pastel paper is available in 10 different colors packed in a single ream or multiple ream packages. The reason for packing all colors in one pack is to allow those in need of printing different colors, but the budget does not accommodate.

 However, you can get a single color and size for all paper sheets in the same roll or ream as you prefer. The brand is reputable and uses acid-free raw materials to produces papers. Hence, you can rest assured that your prints will never turn yellow over time.

Key features

  • Available in 3 size options
  • Paper weighs 28lb or 24lb
  • 1 up to 10 colors
  • Acid-free papers


  • Acquired from renewable resources
  • Certified product from responsibly managed forests
  • Versatile applications work with watercolors, crayons, etc
  • Usable on inkjet, laser printers, and copiers


  • No reported issues so far

6. Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy – S042174

Want to make vivid photo prints? Ultra-premium glossy papers rolls are the modern-day best alternative for office and home use. The Japanese company designed this best paper for printing colorful brochures intending to achieve exact image reproduction. Good enough, the glossy paper works well with all kinds of inkjet printers without jamming. Since the market competition is so stiff, the brand ensured the product is available in many colors to fit various user needs.

Many paper prints in the market take too long to dry, fading and yellowing over time. Fortunately, these high gloss papers are heavyweights and free of acids that cause nuisance yellow shades that corrupt the prints. The ultra-premium glossy paper is a great kind for framing and albums. However, you should know that the quality and stability of the image cannot be guaranteed due to some reasons. Actual print may vary with display conditions, printed image, light intensity, humidity, and other environmental states.

Key factors

  • Glossy finish
  • 4×6 inches size
  • Package contains 100 sheets
  • Weighs 1.1 pounds


  • Various sizes are available to choose
  • Available in multiple color options 
  • Reliable instant dry paper
  • High gloss and fade resistant


  • It does not guarantee longevity
  • Stability depends on environmental factors exposure

7. Hamilco White Cardstock Thick Paper

Want a thicker paper for brochures? White cardstock paper can lift your worries. The USA-based brand Hamilco is famous for producing this superb quality product and yet sells at a very affordable price. The printing paper can tolerate prolonged exposure to environmental conditions due to its ACID-FREE make. When you order, the product comes in secure packaging to prevent possible damage during transit.

The 50 Pack Hamilco Cardstock produces professional-looking prints from a laser, inkjet, and other copier printers. Additionally, the cardstock measures 8.5’’x11’’, which is a standard size for home and office media.  The cardstock arrives weighing 80lb, with 96 brightness, thus a most reliable option to print hotel menus,  Awards, business cards, and more.  The manufacturer offers a 100% cashback guarantee if dissatisfied.

Key features

  • Brightness rated 96
  • 50 pack
  • The package weighs 80lb
  • Cardstock measures 8.5’’x11.’’


  • Works with laser or  inkjet printers  and copier machines
  • Delivers superb quality prints
  • Shipped in elite packages for storage convenience
  • 100% cashback guaranteed Satisfaction


  • Super thick thus not reliable for thin applications
  • some users feel it’s not perfectly flexible for folding needs

8. Superfine Printing Natural Cream Stationery Parchment Recycled Paper

We all love quality, durability, and classic printed photos, but that perfection is quite a challenge.  Stationary parchment is the best paper for printing brochures, direct mails, newsletters, menus, and other documents as it makes them look elegant.  The package measures 65lb, and each sheet measures 8.5’’x11’’.  The cardstock comes in seven attractive colors for easy customization. Therefore, you can make a selection that fits your subject’s needs and looks.

As such, this cardstock is an incredible addition to any home or office. Due to the paper’s multi-purpose nature, you can use it with inkjet and laser printers or offset applications.  If quality is always proportional to the price, then the natural cream paper is worth more than its now price. The paper looks beautiful with a vellum finish, thus ideal for scoring, folding, etc. The cardstock is made of 30% recycled paper and contains no lignin or acid, hence produces timeless prints that never turn yellow over time.

Key features

  • Measures 8.5’’x11’’
  • The package weighs 65lb
  • Contains 30% recycled paper
  • 50 sheets in each  pack


  • Acid-free hence produces durable  prints
  • Compatible and printable on all printers
  • High quality yet affordable
  • Aesthetic and multi-purpose


  • Low brightness rating

9. Superfine Printing Cream Thick Paper Cardstock

The Cream Thick Paper Cardstock is a quality option for modern-day document presentations. Moreover custom sizes, this is the best paper for brochures and other customized sizes.  Superfine Printing brand uses high-quality materials to design this durable paper. The super quality makes it a top choice for customers who need printing papers for personal use, art projects, business offices, and school–institution supplies. Luckily, the paper has a smooth finish on both sides hence ideal for double-sided printing.

Moreover, the paper features a 96 brightness rating. Thus a perfect alternative for making aesthetic business cards, artsy designs, presentations, posters, and other documents.  Cream thick cardstock paper has a high affinity to colors, enhancing it to deliver classic and exact image reproductions. Additionally, this reliable paper for brochures printing has no acids, lignin, or other factors that would corrupt the texts printed over time.

Key features

  • The standard size of 8.5×11 inches
  • Lignin and acid-free 50 sheets package
  • Weighs 80lb cover stock (216gsm)
  • Smooth finish on both sides


  • Acid and lignin free hence preserves texts
  • Designed thick and heavyweight
  • Compatible with all  printers and copiers
  • Versatile and oriented for applications


  • No warrant information provided
  • Costly for 50 pieces only

10. Envelopes LUXPaper Paper for Crafts and Printing

If you are searching for standard paper size 8.5x11inches to print in cream parchments and office supplies, get this model from the envelopes brand. LUXPaper can sort your printing worries by adapting endless creative designs.  The paper size, thickness, and weight make it usable for your college papers, monthly newsletters, and bidders.

 Good enough, as the best paper for brochures, all prints on it are stable and capable of withstanding weather tribulations timelessly.  The premium papers can support inkjets, lasers, and other multi-purpose printers or traditional copier machines without causing jams. The manufacturer avails other color options if the cream is not your choice. All papers in the 50-pack have a smooth finish to ensure a consistent output.

Key features

  • Smooth, vellum finish
  • 50-pack(cream)
  • Standard measurement 8.5’’x11.’’
  • Universal for all printers


  • Designed reliable and jam-free
  • No acid or lignin for permanent applications
  • Smoothly finished for consistent printing
  •  printable on both sides


  • Only cream on display
  • No warranty provided

Buying Guide of Best Paper for Brochures

Both professional and novice buyers find it challenging to judge the best paper for brochures when buying online or in local stationery shops. Therefore, this guide can be a masterpiece to enlighten you on what to check and get reliable products for your needs. Read the factors discussed below before you make a final decision about the paper model to purchase.


When looking for quality paper, weight is an important factor to consider. Paper thickness or weight, in most cases, is measured in grams per square meter(GSM). However, papers manufactured by US brands have weights calibrated in pounds and GSM or both.

Brochure text weights are commonly between 70lb to 100lb, while cover weight is 80lb to 100lb. The text stock that weighs 70lb is the minimum weight and most affordable recommended for brochures. Additionally, where you need a stable and high quality at a reasonable price, an optimal pick is a 100lb text.

Purpose and Size

Before you decide on the paper type, ensure it is in the best size for your needs. Most paper stock comes in three standard sizes that is the letter (8.5×11 inches), legal (8.5×14 inches), and tabloid (11×17 inches). If you are going to print text on both sides, then go for something smooth and printable.

Again, think about printing machines; you will use. It is advisable to invest in universal paper quality printable on laser printers, inkjets printers, and other digital or traditional copier machines.

Matte Coated Paper

Matte stock is a common trend today. Matte coating is a top choice for personal or businesses that want the best paper type for brochures with a mix of text and photos. The matte coating makes reading the text easier than the glossy option, as there is no shiny glare.

Gloss Coated Paper

The glossy coated paper looks aesthetic and prestigious, making the option a great deal for photographs or artwork. The biggest advantage of using glossy paper is that the ink is not absorbed into the paper fiber but remains on top, giving depth to images.  Therefore, gloss is ideal for illustrations and photos.

Colored Paper

Several things influence the color to use, such as business log, etc. Colored papers are good for brochures as they help in creating visual contrasts. There are various cardstocks with multiple colors. By colored paper does not imply flashy or too bright. Colored papers are an ideal option for reputable organizations like law firms and banks. Buy colored paper if it is what you need.


The information in this context aims at helping you understand available options so it will be easy to make the right decision. If you want the best paper for brochures, then the guide above can be of great help. However, most importantly, you should discuss the goals of the brochure you need and the printer available in your company or home. After getting all the answers to your questions, it will be easy to make the final decisions.

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