Best Paper for Art Prints to Buy 2023

Are you challenged on which paper is best for art prints? Creative artists do not sit for free; instead, they search for something unique to make their artwork look creative and productive. If you have been looking for the best paper for artworks, you are on the right website. There is a range of available papers in the market, but not all are the best.

The best artwork paper enables you to emphasize picture composition, giving you the perfect color and shading in the artwork. Even if you have the best printer, you must have the best artwork papers to achieve your goal. Some of the top-rated artwork papers include

Our Favorite Best Paper for Art Prints

Best Paper for Art Prints: Top 10 Picks

1. Canon Luster Photo Paper Letter, 50 Sheets

Canon Luster Photo paper is one of the top and high-quality artwork papers available in the market today. It is designed for enthusiasts and professionals that prefer to have quality work. The luster paper features glossy and matte finishes, among other features that easily match your creative ideas on artwork.


Durable material- The paper is made from pure cotton that is more durable compared to wood pulp paper because of its robust nature. The cotton fiber paper can last longer than others, making it ideal for artwork. If used with genuine ChromaLife or Canon LUCIA ink, it reduces image degradation and improves the quality of images.

Stunning prints- This Pro Luster is made to provide a consistent appearance and provide sharp color that is attractive. The paper has been professionally designed to make the images look of high quality without sending the artwork to labs for further editing.

Luster surface texture- This fine premium art paper features a luster surface texture that provides you with a 3D depth. This is one of the fantastic features that many artwork professionals look at. The Luster texture helps you achieve a stunning and vivid color in printing.


  • Excellent image fade resistance
  • Smooth luster surface
  • Perfect match with Most PIXMA pro printers
  • Top-quality and outstanding color production
  • Best quality material that lasts longer


  • The color fades if exposed to some climate

2. Epson Premium Presentation Paper MATTE

Do you need a paper that will not fade when your artwork is printed on it? If yes, Epson Premium Presentation Paper MATTE is the best solution paper for you. The paper produces watercolor photos that are vibrant and hence do not fade quickly.


High durability- The Epson Premium presentation paper is made from high-quality cotton material that provides long-lasting artwork with a matte finish. Despite that, it has a fast and instant dry, which prevents the color from fading leading to remarkable color production.

Great design- This high-quality paper is designed to be used in commercial and business fields like fine art, graphics, images, and others. When the paper is used with Epson UltraChrome in technologies, it can have a leading artwork that can stand out among other papers.

Perfect Size-The paper has an ideal size of 8.5 x 11 inches and a weight of 1.85 pounds per 100 sheets. The paper is a heavyweight and ultra-smooth finish, perfect for a photo that doesn’t fade.

Print stability- The print stability with this paper varies depending on the image printed, light intensity, display conditions, and other conditions. The effect of the paper on an image is of high quality and can’t be compared to other papers of the same level.


  • Faster drying time
  • Made of durable material that lasts longer
  • It doesn’t fade easily
  • The paper is waterproof and resistant


  • I can’t complain about the paper so far

3. Hamilton White Cardstock Thick Paper

Hamilton is a top-quality paper option available in the market and ideal for various artwork jobs. If you are looking for a cheap, brighter, and excellent paper that will show the exact color for your artwork, Hamilco Cardstock is the best option for you. Cardstock paper is thick and smooth and has a plush surface best for painting.


Superior quality- Cardstock is a top-quality paper that is thick and acid-free. The pure cotton material is durable and can last for an extended period without fading. The package comes with 50 sheet papers that are of high quality.

Multiple uses- This top quality paper measures 8.5 x 11 inches making it ideal for various uses. The paper is excellent in brochures, stationery, and awards. Cardstock is heavy as it weighs 80lb per package of 50 sheets. It is an acid-free paper that delivers the quality that is required.

Professional, vibrant prints- There are significant differences in quality whenever Hamilco paper is used. They are professionally printed, perfect for copier, laser, and inkjet printing. It has a securely packaged box that ensures that you get the quality and original papers.


  • Durable and long-lasting artwork paper
  • Superior printing performance
  • Bright and white cardstock papers
  • Multiple uses
  • Sturdy and easy to use


  • It is not such thick compared to papers of the same level.

4. PPD Inkjet Canvas 100% Real Printable Cotton

Despite so many artists working on printing papers outside there, only a few papers can withstand quality; PPD inkjet canvas is one of them. This paper is not like others; instead, it is made from pure cotton that provides you with full-fledged canvas features ideal in inkjet printers.


Solid and sturdy- The PPD art canvas is pure cotton with a high-resolution inkjet coating. The paper is helpful in high-resolution art reproductions and photo prints using the standard inkjet printers. It features a matt finish ideal for artistic prints, landscapes, portraits, and more.

Brighter color- This paper has an excellent, bright white color and matt finish that is perfect for all types of prints. The paper also absorbs ink faster no matter how detailed the photo or art is; the drying process in this paper is quicker and faster than others.

Printer compatibility- These sheets are compatible with any high-quality inkjet printer, pigment, and dye-based. The paper is designed to feed it easily to any office or home inkjet without the requirement of any special equipment.

Design- PPD printable actual cotton canvas paper is designed for all tasks. The package comes with ten sheets that measure 8.27 x 11.69 inches and weigh 125lb. The canvas fabric on one side is coated to enable high-resolution inkjet printing. You must print on the smoother side because it is resistant to water, making your work look professional.


  • Bright white and matte surface
  • Made from pure cotton that is long-lasting
  • Surfaces are water-resistant
  • Allows high-resolution and high-quality prints
  • Works perfectly with pigmented, dye, and inkjet inks
  • Quicker dying paper


  • I haven’t experienced any problem

5. Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper

Do you need a paper that will have the ultimate beauty on your print? If yes, Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper is the ideal alternative for you. It is undoubtedly the best paper perfect for fine art prints. It is textured paper with a high-quality performance that doesn’t fade with time.


High durability- The paper is made from a pure cotton rag with a premium appearance, giving a canvas feel. Pure cotton paper lasts for an extended period, making it the perfect option for archival fine art reproduction. The paper dries instantly, no matter which work is printed.

Top-quality output– The paper has an enhanced 1140 dpi printing that works with the bright white surface to have an excellent color reproduction. It also features an ISO brightness of 94% and opacity of 96%, which helps produce top-quality color for your artworks and photos.

Compatibility- Epson Velvet Fine Art Paperwork perfectly paired with the correct printer and ink. The paper could hold the original ink for more than 100 years if it was used correctly and with the right printer. This can be achieved if you use any anti-UV protection on the printed paper.


  • It is the acid-free base for preserving images and fine arts
  • Excellent 1440 dpi printing for high-quality work
  • Perfect white surface for an image printing
  • Compatible with many top quality printers
  • Quicker drying time
  • Great quality
  • Sturdy and long-lasting


  • The corners appear bent in almost all package

6. Strathmore Textured Inkjet Paper

Strathmore paper is one of the best top-quality papers with a textured finish. The paper allows the ink to stick on its surface for an extended period without any fade. The paper doesn’t have a textured surface and can be used for almost all top-quality printers available in the market.


Textured surface- Strathmore paper has the perfect textured surface, ideal for sharp printing. The surface also dries faster, and its thickness allows it to dry faster simultaneously, providing enough resistance to any scratches. It will enable the paper to last for an extended period without fading off.

Broad compatibility- The paperwork differently with different inks to have the best outcome. The paper can be used with pigment and dye-based inks and have fantastic results. These inkjet quality papers produce the perfect outcome with inkjet printers.

Perfect Design- The paper measures 8.5 x 11 inches and weighs 80lb, making it perfect for any artwork. Each package comes with 25 sheets, with each paper having the ideal thickness. The high-quality sheets can be used in all kinds of works.


  • Perfect bright white color
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Excellent for all kinds of work
  • High-quality prints
  • Water-resistant


  • It isn’t that perfect for professional work

7. 11″ X 14″ Premium Arctic Matte Inkjet Photo Paper

To have an alternative in any artwork is a plus; all the sheets we have mentioned provide the alternative, but Premium Arctic Matte inkjet photo paper stands to be the perfect alternative as it provides you with plenty of options in sizes and quality. The paper offers a highly saturated print with fine arts.


High-quality design- The Premium Arctic Matte Inkjet Photo Paper has a perfect size of 11 x 14 inches and weighs 2.95 pounds, making it ideal for artwork, photos, and CAD designs. The set also features 50 sheets with the perfect thickness.

Perfect surface texture- The paper has beautiful bright-white matte finishes perfect for all work. The water texture is sublime instantly when you have your prints. The paper is environmentally friendly, and acid-free paper safe for use as ISO 9706 standards have approved it.

Wide compatibility- Premium Arctic inkjet paper has got wide compatibility as it can work with various printers to have long-lasting high-density prints. If the paper is matched with the perfect and right ink, it can outperform the other overrated artwork papers.

Perfect prints- You can use the paper to print colorful paintings, artwork, black or white photos, etc. you can print all of them on this bright white paper.


  • Smooth and matte finish
  • Work excellent with either pigment or dye-based ink
  • Environment-friendly and acid-free papers
  • Work perfectly with many printers
  • Bright white color with high-quality outcomes
  • Ideal for archiving digital and fine prints


  • It doesn’t work with canon printers

8. Translucent Vellum Paper

Do you want to have a unique artwork with a beautiful appearance? If yes, then this paper provides you with an excellent print that is durable and does not fade easily. The superior 50 sheet paper is perfect for creating artwork like creative wedding invitations and envelopes.


Translucent vellum sheet- This printing paper comes in a package of 50 sheets, each measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. The sheets are translucent, a quality you can trust and be professional in its outcomes. Dowsabel vellum papers do not curl easily, and therefore it ensures that your artwork is professional.

Wide compatibility- Dowsabel creative papers are versatile, making them perfect and ideal for papercrafts, photo overlays, and scrapbooking. With paper, you can create personalized packing, which provides superior quality.

Superior paper quality- These 100 GSM vellum papers are thick in design to provide the high strength, transparency, and high printing quality that is required. Both inkjet and laser printer machines can print on their smooth surface. Once printed, the ink takes a few seconds to dry up without experiencing any scratch.


  • Superior paper quality with quality outcomes
  • Translucent paper with a quality thickness
  • It is strong and durable
  • Perfect paper size
  • Compatible with both inkjet and laser printers


  • It takes some time to dry

9. U.S. Art Supply 9″ x 12″ Premium Painting Paper Pad

This is another high-quality paper ideal for printing all types of artwork, painting, and photos. The watercolor paper makes it a perfect option for all those young artists eager to create easily frameable photos. Within a short period, you can print your artwork quickly. The paper has a faster dry feature.


Standard quality- This paper provides photos with vivid colors that indicate what you have captured. The sheets are cold press natural white to ensure that you have high-quality artwork with exact details. The heavyweight paper is a perfect option for watercolor, among other wet media.

Excellent natural white surface- US Art supply paper features a standard 90 weight that has mastered watercolor techniques that can work with wet media. It is an excellent paper for wet printing with watercolor and mixed media.

Wide Compatibility- It features a 9 x 12 inches premium heavy package that weighs 90 pounds. It comes in two packages, each with 24 sheets perfect for any artwork. The print stability of artwork with this paper varies depending on the light intensity and other conditions.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Acid-free paper
  • Dry instantly
  • Superior paper quality


  • Questionable about its quality

10. Amazon Basics Photo Paper

Amazon Basics Photo Paper sums up our top 10 quality artwork printing papers in the market today. Like the other papers, it comes with numerous paper sheets that measure 5 x 7 inches which can be used in inkjet printers. It is a premium photo paper stock that is flexible and durable.


High-quality prints- Amazon basics photo paper is a perfect option for those who want to create high-quality artwork and photos. This quality paper measures 5 x 7 inches and weighs 0.95 pounds. This size makes the papers perfect for any task; the good thing is that each package has 100 flexible and durable sheets.

Glossy finish- The paper’s surface is white with a glossy finish that can display the colors and details of the artwork beautifully. The finish allows vibrant color display and the image details to display perfectly on the paper.

Wide compatibility and smudge resistance- The paper is sturdy and has the same weight as the traditional amazon papers. This makes it compatible with all inkjet printers. The paper’s surface is smudge resistant, and therefore papers can easily handled or displayed on the surface. They stick to it for a long period without fading.


  • Great quality with great price
  • Thin but strong and durable
  • It is light hence perfect for all artwork
  • Compatible to inkjets
  • The package comes with many sheets


  • It can’t be used on some printers

Best Paper for Art Prints Buying Guide

paper on art print

Purchasing a standard printing paper for your printing job isn’t hard. However, when you need the best paper for artwork, there are some parameters you need to check. Artwork sheets or papers need special features to make them compatible with printing artwork. Consider always


The weight of artwork paper is considering to be vital in the artwork. In this case, the thickness of each paper is what we look at and not general weight. Good artwork paper has a weight that is between 200 to 400 GSM. The best paper needs to have a higher GSM because it will hold the ink for an extended period without fading and also make it strong enough to last for years.

Acid Free

The acid-free feature is not an added feature on a good artwork paper; it is a must-have feature that a good paper needs to have. This is because it adds to the quality of the paper, and it enables you also to use any ink on the paper. The feature also allows the artwork to last without discoloring or fading from the paper. Papers acid-free are safe and choose them for those that don’t have them.


Most of the top-quality art print papers are mostly making of cotton or other components. This is because cotton gives the paper the durability and purity required. If cotton is matting with water, they interlock and create a flexible and robust surface. Most professionals and artists prefer cotton canvases and cotton papers because they are professional.


The best artwork paper should be resistant to water; it also makes perfect printing when using watercolors. They also need to be resistant to blemishes, smudges, fingerprints, and scratches. The paper needs to have a higher dry speed.

Color Texture

Many of the artwork papers are white or slightly off-white. If you want to print black and white artwork, white sheet papers are perfect because they are compatible with many inkjets. With texture, some are embossed, coated, smooth, or textured. Textured and smooth papers are the most common and perfect because they portray everything on the paper, making it real.

The Size

The size of the artwork paper is also something you need not assume. Many of the papers have a standard size of 8.5 x 11 inches or 5 x 7 inches. Others have a considerable measure of 11 x 14 inches. Such papers are perfect not only for artwork but also for large and detailed images and posters. It is good you choose the paper with the ideal size that fits your needs.


Artwork papers compatible with many printers and inks are the best option. It is good to check if the paper you are about to buy is compatible with your ink and printer. Do not spend on a paper that will give you a headache in getting the printer or ink it works with.

How is Paper Made Step by Step?

Various steps are involving when making paper. Each step involved is keenly to ensure the end product is of high quality and attractive. The steps include

Step-1: Pulp and Paper Process

This is the first step for recycling paper to mix with water and stirring using a giant stainless steel vat called a pulper. Impurities are removing to ensure you get an only high-quality paper. Paper and pulp processing is vital in reducing waste.

Step-2: Diluting the Paper Fibers

In this step, a machine removes water from the fiber solution. Diluting the paper fiber makes the paper uniform and thin.

Step-3: Wire Section

This is an advanced water removal from the fiber; the underneath wire foils to improve uniformity and make sure the fiber holds together tightly. The wire passes through a suction box to remove water and leave a soft pulp mat on the paper, referred to as paper web.

Step-4: Press Section

In this stage, the paper web from step three passes through a series of nip rollers that squeeze it into our water from the pulp mat. The pressure compresses the fibers to intertwine and form a thick, smooth sheet. In this step, the water level is reducing to 45 to 55 percent.

Step-5: Paper Drying

The paper web passes in an enclosed space with many steam-heated drying cylinders. The heat is up to 130 degrees Celsius to ensure the paper is 80 to 85 percent dry. In this stage, wet sizing adds a thin layer of starch to the surface. Once the sizing is through, the paper passes through another heated drying cylinder to make it 93 % dry.

Step-6: Paper Finishing

The paper passes through a smooth roller to give it a glossy and smooth surface. The press embossed the smooth face of the paper on the surfaces.

Step-7: Real Time Quality Control

This step involves automatic inspection of the paper with a particular machine that detects imperfections to make the paper high-quality.

Step-8: Paper Winding

After a long journey of about 500 meters, the paper is automatically wounding into a jumbo reel. It can weigh up to 60 tones and be 7 meters long. A sample can take from here to test the paper’s quality.

What Type of Paper for Art Prints?

Art print papers are not making with the same quality. There is a certain paper that provides excellent performance in the artwork. As we have seen, to get the best choice, there are various parameters that you need to consider to have the best outcomes.

Art printer papers are making from canvas, cotton rag, or matte. These materials are ideal for artwork papers; however, papers made of a pure cotton rag tend to be the best option for all artwork prints. It is durable and produces the best printing surface that doesn’t fade with time.

In addition, cotton rags are ideal for fine art reproduction because the material’s texture emulates the original texture and work. They, too, add a greater depth and character to photo prints. So, the best paper for artwork needs to meet these conditions plus the other top-quality features we have seen.


What is Paper Thickness Best for Art Prints?

The paperweight and thickness are vital when it comes to artwork. The best artwork paper needs to have a thickness of about 170 to 200 gsm. This thickness makes the paper sturdy and robust enough for art prints. For more premium work, you need 210 to 300 gsm.

Should Art Prints be Glossy or Matte?

The two seem to be familiar and most preferred by most artists. Glossy papers are coating with brilliant and spark emulsion, which gives the inkjet prints a profound and striking gleam, while matte paper is a bit duller, and it is also covered but also gives the best outcomes in the artwork.

What Paper Does Professional Artists Use?

Professional artwork prefers using top-quality paper that will make their work look professional. Most professionals prefer paper with a matte finish because they make their artistic work stick glass and reflect the original light rather than a glossy finish.

What is the Difference between Photo Paper and Fine Art Paper?

The difference between the two papers isn’t that much, but photo papers are used to print normal photos that can be viewed occasionally. In contrast, fine art paper ensures that the photos shown are best in light and perfect when showing the prints. 

What is Paper Best for Pencil Sketching?

If you want to have a rough sketch with your pencil, you can use any paper to do it. However, for more professional practice, you need to have the best options paper; all the papers we have described above can be the perfect option; however, I prefer the Strathmore series paper because they seem perfect.


Most people don’t pay attention to the papers they buy for their printing work. However, in artistic work, there is a need to know the kind of paper you are buying and its effect on your artistic work. If you need to have excellent and professional work, there is a need to have a special paper with perfect features ideal for artwork.

Whether you are printing sketches, photos, or any other artwork, you must choose the best paper that will meet your expectations. Do not overlook things; pay attention to all the products we have described and the factors to consider so that you can be assured of the end product. Most of our artwork papers are compatible with many printers, and therefore you can’t regret choosing any of them.

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