What’s The Best Paper Cutter for Cardstock In 2023

Do you need a reliable and the best paper cutter for cardstock? You are lucky because you have landed the best website that discuss the best paper cutter. You need to have the best trimmer to make it easier to cut your paper in your office, school, or business. The best paper cutter comes with a technical feature that enables precise and clean cuts on your documents.

With the best paper cutter for cardstock available in the market, it is not easy to know which is best. Some are easy and simple to use, while others are not. The best paper cutter has a well paper shaper made of long-lasting material. Because cardstock papers are thicker and more durable, the cutters must be more vital to make precise and accurate cuts.

To help you decide which cutter to buy, we decided to use experts to list the best paper cutter for cardstock in the market. They include:

Our Favorite Best Paper Cutter for Cardstock

Top 10 Best Paper Cutter for Cardstock- Buyer’s Guide

1. Swingline ClassicCut Lite Guillotine Trimmer

Swingline Classic guillotine paper trimmer is the best paper cutter for cardstock who needs a faster cutting experience device. The cutter is steady and simple, designed with a sharp guillotine blade that cuts papers precisely in an alignment to insure accuracy has been achieved.


Quality material- The crafts and Arts, starting from cutting Blades, scissors, quilting, and rotary, are made of high-quality materials. The Guard rail is made from quality material that keeps your fingers safe when using it. The device blade latches hook safely to lock the trimmer arm when not in use.

Precise and accurate cuts- The trimmer is designed for an accurate and precise cut. It features a double scale ruler with marks in centimeters and inches that help measure depending on the system you prefer. The 12-inch cutting length makes the device a perfect option for all tasks.

Easy to use- The lite trimmer is easy and simple to use. The Handy alignment grid and sharp guillotine make the device easy to handle and use. Its base is made of sturdy plastic materials that make it light and easy to transport.

Versatile paper trimmer cuts perfectly lightweight materials like cardstock photos while doing crafts and arts. It is an excellent device that you can use daily as it cuts up to 10 sheets once.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Double scale ruler for accurate and precise cuts
  • Accurate alignment grid
  • Provides you with excellent cutting experience
  • Easily portable


  • It lacks a convenient grid on the cut desk

2. WORKLION Paper Cutter

WORKLION Paper Cutter is another top-quality paper cutter perfect for cardstock with all the features you need for cutting laminated papers. The device features a mini blade that is sharp and durable in cutting. This makes it perfect for smooth cutting for a long period with safety measures catered.


Quality material and design- WORKLION Paper Cutter makes from ZBS+Zinc alloy and stainless steel blade that is sharp and sturdy enough to ensure precise, clean, and accurate cuts. The blade is designed to work only when pressed; it is hidden to make it user-friendly.

Easy to use- The cutter is easy to operate; you only need to place your desired material on the slot and have a simple push to work. The transparent guide ruler ensures that you have a perfectly straight line cut. You can easily replace the blade when it gets blunt.

Wide material cut- The device’s blade is sharp and hard enough to cut A3, A5, A4 paper, cards, card stock, laminated sheets of up to 0.4mm, PVC film of up to 0.3mm, and others. The cutter can cut a maximum of 12 sheets of paper.

Portable- The compact size and lightweight nature of the material makes it easy to use in homes, offices, schools, etc. it is also easy to store and move from one place to another. The quality of the material is unquestionable as it lasts for a long period.


  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Stable when cutting
  • Easy to replace the blade when it gets blunt
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and long-lasting material


  • It lacks an extended ruler

3. Fiskars Craft Supplies

Are you looking for a trimmer that is perfect for crafts and arts? If yes, This Fiskars trimmer is designed for crafters. It can use in various crafting media like photos, stencils, etc. it is uniquely designed with strong plastic material to last for a long period.


High-quality tools for crafts and arts- Fiskars crafting tools make the best way to express your work, from cutting mats and scissors to paper cuts and rotary. It features 12″ sure cut deluxe craft paper with a wide base of 6 ¼ inch base. Its self-leveling swing-out arm extends to over 15″. This makes it perfect for high-level work.

Versatile paper trimmer- It is perfect for cutting lightweight materials like cardstock and photos or thicker materials like cardboard and balsa when you are doing crafts. It is a great addition to stationary and scrapbooking projects.

Precision and accuracy in cutting- The SureCut wire cut-line make the trimmer perfect and easy to experience the blade cuts on the photos, scrapbook, etc. It also has a Triple Track System which interlocks the blade and rail to have a straight and precise cut. The scale and grid cuttings ensure that there is accuracy when cutting.

Powerful and portable- It has a high-profile blade carriage ergonomically designed to make it easy to grip and have accurate cuts faster than other trimmers. It is lightweight to provide the required stability.


  • Perfect in cutting almost all media types
  • Stable base
  • Cuts accurate and straight cuts
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Safe Blade


  • Bends papers

4. Westcott Guillotine Paper Cutter

The Westcott 18″ is another top-quality brand well known for producing quality work for paper cutters. The device has a wooden-looking base that is attractive and contemporary in look. The trimmer comes with top-quality features that are perfect in speed and quality.


Top-quality material- The device features titanium-bonded cutting technology. The base has a wooden material that is strong and stable. The item measures 26.25x 13.75 x 3.75 inches; these measurements and materials make it deliver unparalleled performance in cutting.

Contemporary design- Westcott combines performance and design; it comes with a contemporary design that helps to deliver unparalleled performance. The base is made of natural plastic or wood, making it stable. It also features a safety guard and ergonomic handle for easier usage.

Technology- The cutter uses proprietary blade technology that helps to keep the blade sharp and strong for a long period. The blade uses various technologies ranging from CarboTitanium to stainless steel bonded. This enables it to have an accurate and easy cutting of up to 20lb sheets once.

Easy to use- Like other trimmers, Westcott is easy to use; it can work on a 30-sheet capacity at once yet has an accurate cut. You do not need to worry about the blade’s sharpness because Titanium always keeps the blade sharp.


  • It is durable and portable, easily
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Able to cut 30 sheets once
  • The Titanium-bonded blades don’t get blunt easily
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks proper guide on how to use it effectively

5. Amazon Basics Portable Paper Trimmer

Are you looking for a medium sharp trimmer at your home or office? If yes, then worry not; Amazon Basics Portable Paper Trimmer is a medium and high-quality device with a sharp blade that you will like. Despite that, it is a 5-sheet trimmer; you can use it in your office or home if you want clean and top-quality work.


Quality material- Amazon Basics makes strong quality materials and lasts longer. The base is made of plastic with easy-to-see gridlines that measure 0.25 x 1 inches and a printed ruler with both inches and centimeters scale. This helps you to have accurate and precise cuts.

Sharp blades- Amazon trimmer comes with a sharp stationary steel blade that helps have smooth and steady cuts. The blade is sharp and can replace easily to ensure the edges are always sharp. The handles have a protective gear that keeps your finger far from the blade and protects it always.

Design- Amazon trimmer has a unique design perfect for cutting. It has a measurement of 16.3 x 8.9 x 1.5 inches. It has a swing-out arm that extends up to 15 inches which helps to keep a longer paper level. However, the device is lightweight and can transport easily.


  • A double scale ruler included for precise cutting
  • Stable and strong supporting base
  • It is affordable
  • The design uses a self-sharpening blade
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • It is not durable

6. CARL Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer

CARL Professional Rotary trimmer is one of the top-quality devices that assure you with fine and accurate cuts. If you are searching for such a cutter, your solution is here. The cutter carbide blades are designed to hold paper together firmly to have a fine and precise cut. The quality of the material isn’t questionable because it is sturdy and stays for a long period.


Strong material- CARL professional paper trimmer is made from strong plastic and alloy steel that lasts for a long time. It has a solid metal calibrated baseboard that is sturdy and features present measurements dimensions of 18 x 10.3 0.8 inches. The carbide blade is strong and provides smooth operation.

Wide usage- CARL rotary trimmer is a perfect device to cut card stock, matboard, and plastic papers, among others. Its base is made from a metallic board to ensure that stability has been achieved during the cutting process.

Patented rail technology- This device has a patented rail system, which helps to hold papers firmly when cutting to ensure an exact and sharp cut. The device cuts up to 10 sheets for the standard of about 20-pound bond paper.


  • Strong metallic base
  • It cuts up to 10 sheets at once
  • Has patented rail system that ensures that the blade is sharp always
  • It has a carbide blade that is ideal for smooth operation
  • It is easy to use and operate


  • It does not provide square cuts

7. Dahle 15e Vantage Paper Trimmer

Do you need a perfect paper cutter for single and multiple sheets at once? Dahle 15e paper cutter is the perfect option for you. The cutter features a sharp ground blade and provides an accurate and precise cut. There is also an automatic clamp that holds the paper firmly and prevents any pressure when cutting papers.


Automatic clamp- Dahle 15e has an integrated automatic clamping system that holds papers firmly, reduces pressure, and prevents the paper from being cut from shifting. The system also helps prevent uneven cuts instead of having accurate and precise cuts.

Sturdy metal base- The cutter’s base is sturdy and provides a solid foundation that makes it from crack or wrap. The base also features a carefully screened inch, angled guides, and metric that helps to align your cuts. The base is adjustable to guide you on having a perfect cut.

Blade-The trimmer has a machine ground lever designed blade for precision edge cut and ensures that you have the perfect accuracy. The trimmer has a cut blade of 18,” and this makes it perfect for cutting professional papers. The cut blade can cut a single piece of paper or 15 sheets.


  • Has automatic clamp that holds papers firmly for perfect cuts
  • The base contains guides for accurate cutting
  • Sturdy and long-lasting material
  • The handle can lock if not in use


  • The blade gets blunt easily
  • Some cuts are not accurate

8. CARL Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

Many of us are looking for a trimmer perfect for small tasks; however, if you are looking for a trimmer that will help you work on several papers, then CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer is the best option. This device comes with top-notch features that are sturdy and have precise and accurate cuts.


Blade- The CARL Heavy-duty trimmer has a 36-sheet rotary with a carbide cutting edge. A licensed rail framework is aligned to the metal baseboard, capacity compartment, and automatic attractive paper guide. The blade can cut 36 sheets of up to 20-pound paper at once.

Patented locking rail- The trimmer features a patented locking rail system used to hold papers firmly in place for premium carbide paper cut to achieve the desired accuracy. An adjustable magnetic paper also helps place the material together in the calibrated sturdy material base for cutting.

Safe and easy to use- This trimmer is perfectly simple and easy. The blade is an 18-inch rotary and has a handy storage compartment for cutting mats and extra blades. It also comes with a spare cutting mat, perforating Blade, and straight Blade.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting baseboard
  • It comes with replacement spares
  • It has a storage compartment
  • The baseboard has a common measurement and alignment grid
  • It Cuts 36-sheets and once accurately


  • The blade gets blunt quickly 

9. X-Acto Heavy-Duty 15″ x 15″ Paper Trimmer

X-Acto Heavy-duty trimmer is one of the most well-known commercial-grade guillotines designed in office settings schools and easily cut high-volume papers. It also features a solid wood base that offers a steady base when cutting. It is also able to cut 10-15 sheets at once.


Accurate and straight cut- The X-Acto trimmer is made from a strong steel blade, perfect for making straight and clean cuts on films, papers, and photos. This makes sure that your work comes out as planned. The edges reduce as it makes it easy to work with various shapes.

Strong built- This trimmer has a ¾ inch solid wood base that is strong enough for heavy-duty cutting. There is a grid on the wood base for easy orientation and measurement of the paper, allowing precise and accurate cut. The commercial guillotine blade can cut 10-15 sheets at once.

Blade- The paper trimmer features a perpetual Edge self-sharpening system which helps to keep the hardened steel blade sharp to every cut. The trimmer also has safety guards that help keep your finger protected and keep the Blade safe when the trimmer is not in use.


  • It is sturdy and long-lasting
  • Able to cut 10 to 15 sheets at once
  • The trimmer is effective in cutting a variety of papers
  • Straight and accurate blade
  • It is affordable
  • Wooden base that makes sure that there is stability in cutting
  • A self-sharpening system that provides a long-lasting use


  • The blade is flimsy

10. MARIGOLD Paper Cutter Corner Puncher

At the bottom of our list is the MARIGOLD Paper Cutter Corner Puncher trimmer. This is also another top-quality high-selling paper cutter ideal for certificates, insurance, and official papers. The trimmer has all the features to ensure the papers are well aligned properly for proper and accurate cuts.


Unique design- This trimmer has a patented 2-in-1 design, a creative design meant for perfect cuts. The design features built-to-last self-sharpening blades that are strong and durable and don’t need to be replaced over time.

Cutting limit- MARIGOLD Paper Cutter Corner Puncher is a perfect trimmer that can cut ten sheets of up to 20lb per paper at once. The cut looks perfect and spotless as the base provides stability required. The device can cut a wide variety of papers like coupons, photos, cards, and other paper types.

Blade- The trimmer has a 12″ cutting length convenient for heavy-duty works. This perfect length makes the trimmer used in solicitations, presents, fliers, and other weight materials. The base also features alignment and metrics for perfect, accurate cutting.


  • Lightweight and hence easily portable
  • Long-lasting metal base
  • Able to cut ten sheets at once perfectly
  • The blade has a protective guard
  • There is an alignment grid on the base for accurate cuts
  • Ideal 12-inch cutting blade


  • It lacks a lock at the arm

Best Paper Cutter for Cardstock Buying Guide

paper cut with cutter

Before you decide on which trimmer to buy, you need to look at the criteria you use to choose the best from many. The overall quality of the best trimmer is reflected in several factors to consider. Some of the factors to consider include.

Cutting Capacity

The trimmer’s cutting capacity is one of the important factors to consider. This is because the cutting capacity lets you know how many sheets will be cut. Various trimmers have various cutting capacities; some have five sheets, while others can do 200 sheets. It is, therefore, reasonable to determine the cutting capacity that you need.


Various cutters have different sizes. Sharp and compact cutters that occupy small spaces are perfect for use compared to others. Even if you need a trimmer for your personal or office use, ensure you choose the sharp and compact designed cutters.

The material can be cut

The material that your trimmer can work on is also an equally important factor to consider. There are various papers or materials that a cutter can cut. Each trimmer has different materials that they can work on. To have an accurate cut, you need to check on the materials that the cutter you are about to buy can work on. Always choose the cutter that can work on various materials.

The Blade

The cutter blade is also another essential factor that you need to always check on your cutter. Before buying the cutter, you need to check on the available blade and understand how durable they are. Make sure that the blade of the cutter you choose is sharp solid and cuts the paper smoothly. It should also not be to get blunt quickly.

Safety Features

Safety is an important thing one needs to look at in any work. Working with the blade of cutters might make you lose your finger if safety measures are not taken. It would be best to guard yourself by using a cutter with safety features to avoid this.


Considering the above features on your cutter, you will realize that cutters are made from different materials and have different durability. Most of the devices are made from steel, wood, aluminum, plastic, etc. all these materials have different durability, so choose cutters that have more extended durability to use them for a long period.

How to Sharpen the Paper Cutter

To have successful sharpen the paper, follow the following steps,

Step 1: Blade Removal

Removing the blade from the mount is the first step towards blade sharpening. Unscrew the bolt that holds the blade on the mount. Be careful when removing it because it is still sharp and might cut you.

Step 2: Sharpens with a Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is one of the most ways to sharpen your blade faster. With this method, the speed of the grind-wheel is faster, and therefore it is ideal in sharpening steel blades. As you sharpen, ensure that the grit size is large and sharpen the blade while slanted.

Step 3: Sharpening with a Stone

Grindstone can use to sharpen cutter blades, just like they are used in knives. The idea is the same with knives, although, with blades, you need to sharpen the oblique side. Use a large grindstone because the cutter blade is long compared to knives. When you sharpen the blade, ensure that you have kept it at a slanted angle of about 20 degrees.

Step 4: Use of Professional

If you get it hard to sharpen your cutter’s blade, you can seek the help of a professional sharpener who will help you achieve your goal. There are several professional sharpeners in various towns; find one in your town.

How to Use a Paper Cutter Board

Using a paper cutter is easy if you have come across the paper board. The trimmers are designed so that you will not experience any slip when cutting. The cutter allows you to practically cut your papers or photos to achieve a precise and accurate cut. Here are the steps on how to use the cutter board.

Step 1: Placement of the Cutting Documents

Place the photo or paper well-aligned near the plastic edge at the top of the trimmer. Ensure that the paper or photo is aligned in a straight line.

Step 2: Document Alignment

With a ruler at the baseboard, resize the paper or the photo, e.g., with scrap paper, align it along the gridline or extend your ruler to have the size you prefer to make precise and accurate cuts.

Step 3: Trim the Documents

Once the paper is well aligned, hold the handle on the trail and press it lightly. Move it gently back and forth to cut the documents.

Step 4: Handle Release

Once you have finished cutting, release the blade and collect your photo or paper. 

If you follow the above steps, you will have your photo or paper cut. To have an accurate cut, you need to know the maximum number of sheets the trimmer can handle. A small sheet cut adds to the accuracy of the cuts.


How Do I Choose a Paper Cutter?

Choosing the best paper cutter is not easy; various parameters need to consider to have the best paper cutter. However, choosing the best check on the material, cutting capacity, safety features, and other features.

How Do You Cut Thick Paper Easily?

The best trick of easily cutting thick paper is using a paper cutter with a sharp blade. You also need to use your trimmer on a few sheets; if you have papers that have thick sizes reduce the number of sheets.

Which Is Better, Rotary or Guillotine Paper Cutter?

In general, a rotary paper cutter is better compared to a guillotine paper cutter because a rotary cutter is equipped to handle large volume works every time. In contrast, a guillotine cutter can be used for large tasks for once.

What Is the Main Difference Between Paper Cutters and Stack Cutters?

Paper cutters and stack cutters seem to be similar, but they are different. The stack paper cutter is a heavy-duty model made to handle thick stacks of papers, while paper cutters are perfect for a thicker and large stack.

What Are the Materials Used in Paper Cutting?

Paper cutting is made from various materials depending on the brand. The most common material used is plastic, wood, steel, and steel alloy, among other materials. Most of these materials are durable and long-lasting.

Final Words

From this article, I am sure you have realized that all of our paper cutters are of high quality. Our devices were picked based on their performance, durability, security features, and other considered factors. This article has made it easy for you if you are looking for the best paper cutter for cardstock. Choose any devices from our list, and you won’t regret it.

If I were to choose CARL, heavy-duty rotary, or Swingline guillotine paper cutter would be my choice. Other than their top-quality features, they have excellent accurate cuts and look professional. They are also made of durable materials that can last longer with quality results guaranteed.

We have also highlighted the features to look at if you want to buy the best paper cutter in your office or home. If you can follow these features, you will be assured of getting the best device that works professionally.

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