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Best Panettone is a delicious, fluffy Italian bread that is perfect for any holiday or special occasion. This bread is made with a special starter dough that is fermented for several days, which gives it a unique flavor and texture. Panettone is often served with a sweet, creamy filling, but it can also be enjoyed plain.

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Top 10 Best Panettone Reviews

1. Bellamore Traditional Italian Panettone

Bundled with festive red and green ribbons, our Traditional Italian Panettone is sure to bring cheer this holiday season.

This large panettone loaf is made from the finest imported ingredients, including golden raisins, candied orange peels, dark chocolate and tasty orange blossom water.


The perfect balance of sweet and savory, our traditional Italian Panettone combines raisins and candied orange peels with a fluffy bread base, creating a dense yet surprisingly light loaf.


We’ve packed everything you love about Panettone into our Bellamore Traditional Italian Panettone. It’s made in Italy with fresh traditional ingredients like butter, eggs, and fruits. The end result? A flavor reminiscent of your nonna’s freshly baked Christmas bread rolls.

2. Gran Panettone Italian Cake

There’s something in the air this time of year, a spirit of goodness and cheer. It comes from an Italian tradition that started eight hundred years ago when a mother baked bread for her son so he would have something delicious to give to his friends.

It came to Italy as a gift from Rome, but eventually made it across the Alps into Switzerland and France where it settled into its three most popular forms: panettone, pandoro and brioche.

Madi Panettone is one of the few remaining followers of this great tradition and is made using a specially selected 45 year old live 100% sourdough yeast.

Classic Pantone

This classic Pantone has been made for hundreds of years using live sourdough mother yeast and lots of time. The result is a delicious, golden-brown cake that’s perfect for sharing on special occasions.

100% Sourdough Yeast

Mad Panettone is one of the few remaining followers of this great tradition and is made using a specially selected 45 year old live 100% sourdough yeast.

A tasty Italian cake that’s been specially designed to be suitable for all diets, produced in artisan quantities and baked in small batches. Madi panettone is one of the most popular panettones.

3. Giusto Sapore Italian Panettone

This Italian Panettone from Giusto Sapore is a real treat – especially when served warm and fresh from the oven.

The perfect gift for any occasion and all year round, this gourmet imported Italian Panettone is made with butter, generous portions of raisins and candied orange peels.

Served as special treats for Christmas and Easter holidays. It is enjoyed at breakfast or as a dessert – served plain or toasted with butter and powdered sugar.

Family Made

Giusto Sapore Panettone, a premium gourmet traditional Italian Classic brand that is imported and made in Italy.

Our Panettone is a light and fluffy sweet bread bursting with the taste of fruit and spices. Its flavor creates an unforgettable experience for your senses.


The classic Italian Panettone gets a little uncouth, but no less delicious with Giusto Sapore’s version. This authentic Italian imported Panettone is made with butter and generous portions of raisins and candied orange peels.

4. Panettone Classico

What makes Panettone Classico so special is its unique blend of brioche dough and 100% natural ingredients to create the finest quality panettone bread.

This deliciously moist, naturally sweet cake has plump raisins and orange peel baked inside. It’s ideal for any celebration, or give it as a gift!

5. Sophia Italian Panettone

Sophia Italian Panettone is a delicious traditional Italian dessert straight from the fine bakeries of Italy. This panettone is perfect for that “wow” moment when you show off your cooking skills, or as a gift to give all on its own! It’s also great as an ingredient in baked goods like scones and coffee cakes.

Naturally Leavened

Sophia is our beautifully rich, perfectly moist and delectable panettone. This naturally leavened bread with yeast, is baked in Italy using only the finest seasonal ingredients.

Its original recipe (which hasn’t changed since 1879), ensures that every slice bursts with the character of the holiday season.

Rich With Eggs And Studded

Sophia Italian Panettone is a traditional Italian holiday treat, studded with dried fruit and candied citrus for a classic sweet taste. We’ve made our version with rich eggs and milk, so it’s easy to enjoy anytime of the year.

6. Amarena Fabbri Panettone

Our special Amarena Fabbri Panettone is a collaboration between the world-famous Amarena Cherries in syrup producer and the bakery “Brera Milano 1930”.

It’s an incredibly light and moist panettone filled with Fabbri amarena cherries, which gives it its characteristic juicy sweet taste. The panettone is wrapped in an iconic paper decorated with Fabbri colors, making it perfect for gift-giving.

7. Andy Anand Fresh Pistachios Panettone

Indulge yourself in the rich taste and flavor of Andy Anand’s Chocolate. The chocolate is suitable as gifts in any kind of celebration or special occasions like Panettone Italian Cake, Panettone From Italy, Panettone Mini Italian Cake, Panettone Cake, Panettone Cake From Italy, Panettone Italian Cake Bread, Italian Cake Bites.

This can also be used during Christmas Chocolate Gifts And Many More Events. Made using hand-sorted, carefully aged beans from Central America working closely with Cacao farmers to create delectable chocolate that delivers distinct cohesive flavor.

Authentic Italian Traditional Pistachios Panettone

Andy Anand Presents World Famous La Pasticceria Sicily, Italy Pistachios Panettone Made By 5th Generation Descendants. The Most Authentic And Simply The Best In The World.

Made In Italy

A classic style cake, Panettone is a traditional Italian fruitcake that’s full of authentic European flavor. This classic cake style is made by combining specially selected ingredients like pistachios, candied orange peel and raisins with a unique mix of natural vanilla.

8. Giusto Sapore Italian Panettone

Our Traditional Panettone is a sweet Italian bread that originated in Milan, dating back to the 15th century. This delightful bread originated as an Italian Tradition, enjoyed at breakfast time or as a dessert.

The soft and airy bread is filled with raisins and candied orange peels. Serve Plain or toasted with butter and powdered sugar. Pairs wonderfully with coffee, hot cocoa, or a glass of sweet wine.

Family Made

The original Panettone from Italy is delicately layered with raisins and candied fruits in the classic brioche style.

The subtle sweetness of this Italian delight is made from a special recipe using only the finest ingredients. Each panettone is carefully handcrafted to ensure that it stays moist and delicious for days!

For Use

A delicious twist on the traditional Italian Panettone, Le Dolci panettones are filled with layers of sweet almond paste and fruitcake. The cake is crusty on the outside and moist inside. A delicious way to celebrate the holidays!

9. Pistacchio Cream Panettone

This Pistachio Cream Panettone cake is an exquisite treat for special occasions. It is a traditional Italian cake traditionally served at Christmas, but also great for any occasion where you want to make someone feel extra special.

Perfect with morning coffee, afternoon tea or as an after dinner treat, this cake tastes just like it’s made at home by your mother! Pre-sliced and packed in a cellophane box this makes it easy to give or eat straight away.

10. Cannavacciuolo Artisan Chocolate & Pear Panettone

The history of Italian Christmas cuisine and Italian desserts began in Piedmont. The capital of Torino, the second biggest city of Italy, is home to one of the most significant political and cultural centers in the country.

There, generations have followed a tradition that includes making the authentic Xmas Milanese cake. Antonino Cannavacciuolo decided to revive this historical tradition with his Decadent Chocolate Pear Panettone.

In a delicious pastry cream, there is one delicious pear per 1 kg of dough. As tradition dictates, it features a 36-hour leavening and 5 kneading steps.

The diligent preparation also includes a 7-hour head-down rest. The finest ingredients include 100% Italian wheat flour, egg yolk of 100% Italian free-range eggs, 100% Italian butter, chocolate, and sourdough.

The creation process is carried out by highly skilled professionals at Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s pastry lab and all ingredients expertly selected for their great quality are hand skilfully processed so as to create culinary delights!

Evergreen Taste Combination

Cannavacciuolo Artisan Chocolate & Pear Panettone has an evergreen taste combination that makes it the perfect gift for Christmas or a holiday celebration with friends and family. This panettone is also great to serve at any festive occasion!

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Panettone


The quality of the ingredients used in the panettone is one of the most important considerations. If the panettone is made with high-quality ingredients, it will be more delicious.


The flavor of the panettone is another important consideration. You should choose a panettone that has a flavor that you like.


The texture of the panettone is also an important consideration. You should choose a panettone that has a texture that you like.


The price of the panettone is also an important consideration. You should choose a panettone that is affordable.


The brand of the panettone is also an important consideration. You should choose a panettone that is made by a reputable brand.


The size of the panettone is also an important consideration. You should choose a panettone that is the right size for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Panettone

1. Does Panettone Have Alcohol?

Panettone is a rich fruit cake which uses yeast and is made from a dough. It usually contains some amount of alcohol in it.

2. What is Panettone Made Of?

Panettone is made of flour, water, eggs, butter, sugar, candied fruit, and raisins. It is often flavored with orange or lemon peel.

3. How Long Does Panettone Last?

Panettone will last for about 2 weeks when stored in a cool and dry place.

4. Where Can I Buy Panettone?

You can buy panettone from most supermarkets or Italian food stores.


If you’re looking for a delicious and festive best panettone to enjoy this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with either Bellamore or Giusto.

Both brands offer traditional recipes that are sure to please everyone at your holiday gathering. So whether you’re looking for a classic panettone or something a little more unique, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your taste at either of these two great bakeries.

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