Top 10 Best Origami Paper – Buying Guide

Origami papers are an ideal solution for our brain’s exercise. Correspondingly, choosing the right product is an important thing as well. But the problem is all consumers cannot figure out if their choice is worth it. As a recommendation, I would say these 10 brands’ sheets would be perfect for you for some fun and creative origami designs. So if you want to grab the best origami paper, do take a look at these products.

Now let me tell you how the below article can help everyone. Every product has been enlisted with proper research and includes its key features, pros, and cons. Not only that, users can specifically know what they should consider while selecting an origami kit with a buying guide here.

For instance, a consumer should look for quality, paper type, thickness, and many others during their acquisition. And you will get its proper abstract in this article. 

To sum up, Kool Krafts Origami Kit is the show’s topper here. The reason why I am commending this kit is because of its stern fabrication and improved crisp folds. Still, other products are not less in quality. Instead of straddling the fence, let us go through the products now.

Our Favorite Best Origami Paper

Comparison Table

Products Description 
BUBU Origami PaperWorks great for creative fingers.
Suitable for teachers, students, and beginners.
All colors are vivid and vibrant.
Holds creases very easily.
BB Bachmore Origami PaperBest for its flexibility.
Contains vibrant and realistic colors.
Compatible for traditional origami shapes.
Suggests amazing artworks with an Ebook.
BB Bachmore Washi Origami PaperPerfect choice for all skill levels.
No less than a traditional origami paper.
Adapts well with all origami designs.
Best for birthday presents.
Oripup Double Sided Origami PaperPresents realistic origami works.
It gives enough smoothness while folding.
The soft edges give safer use.
Convenient for teachers, beginners, and kids.
Gamenote Colorful Origami KitBeautifies decorations with amazing patterns.
Best for making various origami shapes.
Does not contain any peculiar smell.
Ideal for craft projects and decorations.
Kool Krafts Origami PaperAllows creating some fun, cute, and creative origamis.
Has a stern fabrication.
Helps with an illustrated book.
Offers flawless, crisp folds.
It gives ease to create multiple designs.
Origami Craze Origami PaperA great handy for creative fingers.
Supports different hobbies like scrapbooking.
Durable and flexible throughout.
Involves non-toxic substances.
Tuttle Chiyogami Origami PaperShows decorative models and geometric models realistically.
Enhances creative works of artists.
Owns 12 beautiful, unique designs.
Maintains coordination between colors and prints.
BUBU Beginner’s Origami PaperConvenient for beginners and artists.
Do not curl at the edges so easily.
Holds creases in every possible way.
Does not contain any bad smell.
Papers are completely AZO free.
Tuttle Japanese Origami PaperLooks gorgeous in any shape.
Has good detailing and delicate patterns.
Suitable for novices and experienced folders.
Does not require any additional wire or string.

Top 10 Best Origami Paper- Buying Guide

1. BUBU Origami Paper

BUBU Origami Paper is none other than the best origami paper for acquisition. Indeed, creative fingers will get a great alternative once they purchase Bubu’s origami paper. Particularly, BUBU paper comes with 200 sheets that are highly suitable for anyone, e.g. for students, teachers, etc. To be more specific, beginners can have this Bubu Paper as a fine way to start with different crafts.

Since Bubu origami papers are completely AZO free, they do not produce any bad smell. Thus, consumers get more convenience while using BUBU’s origami papers.



As mentioned before, BUBU Origami Paper comes with 20 sheets. So it is inevitable that you will get 20 different colors here. And no doubt that these 20 colors are vibrant and vivid overall. Again, these papers have color on both sides.


Many papers are out there that often get curled at the edges. Such ordinary papers cannot hold creases in a click. But when it comes to BUBU Paper, you will not face such problems since it has a firm capability of holding creases.


The most popular size of paper is 6 inches by 6 inches. Similarly, Bubu Papers has a measurement of 6 inches by 6 inches to prevail amazing crafts.


  • Great alternative for creative fingers 
  • Suitable for teachers, students, and beginners
  • All colours are vivid and vibrant 
  • Holds creases very easily
  • Gives enough convenience with no smell


  • May tear in simple scratching

2. BB Bachmore Origami Paper

If you are looking for cheap origami paper, BB Bachmore’s papers are not a bad choice. Anyways, accomplished users and beginners can look to BB Bachmore Paper for its superb flexibility. 

Accumulating 500 sheets and 20 colors, BB Bachmore Paper leaves no stone unturned in conveying the best crafts. Likewise, BB’s Origami Paper has double-sided color on its sheets. Hence, your origami crafts will look more realistic. Moreover, this product guarantees returning money if customers find any objection. And of course, they can contact the seller for complaints.



BB Bachmore Origami papers would be a perfect choice as a perfect birthday present. Especially the kids who enjoy doing arts and crafts will cherish high-quality papers like Bachmore Papers. 


In BB Bachmore papers, you will get a perfect dimension of 6 inches by 6 inches. Also, this dimension is mostly used for making numerous traditional origami shapes. Hence, the newbies can get superior support from BB papers to start with simple Origami.


After purchasing this Bachmore Paper, Amazon will send you a PDF of 100+ examples of some beautiful artworks. And you will get this message within 24 hours after buying. So those who cannot figure out what artworks they shall do can take help from Bachmore’s Ebook.


  • Best for accomplished users and beginners
  • Renowned for its flexibility 
  • Contains vibrant and realistic colours
  • Compatible for traditional origami shapes 
  • Suggests amazing artworks with an Ebook


  • Feels like a regular printer paper sometimes

3. BB Bachmore Washi Origami Paper

BB Bachmore Washi Origami Paper ensures outstanding origamis every time within a uniquely Japanese feel. Alongside, BB Washi Origami Kit is a perfect choice for all skill levels and has all solutions to get started with some easy crafts. Not only that, Bachmore Washi Paper adapts well with almost all origami designs. Nevertheless, these papers work fine with different folding models. Therefore, accomplished users and beginners can use BB’s papers for authentic origami works.



Here, you will get 500 sheets of 10 different colors. Simultaneously, these colors are vivid and present realistic craftworks. Furthermore, you will get an Ebook here from Amazon’s text. 


For now, traditional origami papers are most popular for origami crafts. And the general size of such origami papers is 6 inches by 6 inches. Similarly, Washi Paper comes in the perfect size of 6 inches to showcase some beautiful crafts.


All being well, many adults and kids like arts and crafts. So it is inevitable that they will like papers very much as their birthday present. And when it is Washi Paper, that would be a cherry on top for them.


Although BB Washi has high-quality paper, customers may find some sorts of complaints about it. BB Bachmore Washi Paper’s seller guarantees to pay all money back and justify every term if such a problem arises.


  • Perfect choice for all skill levels
  • No less than a traditional paper
  • Adapts well with all origami designs
  • Best for birthday presents
  • Comes with a certain guarantee 


  • Thinner than required

4. Trip up Double Sided Origami Paper

Trip up Double Sided Origami Paper plays a great role in expressing anyone’s creativity through amazing crafts. Conversely, an Oripup origami sheet will ensure that your origamis appear realistically. Other than that, Oripup papers possess a fabrication that gives enough smoothness while folding. As a result, adults and kids will get a fine way to stimulate their brain growth with the help of Oripup Double Sided Paper. Additionally, improving artistic skills will become a cakewalk for children with these papers.


Safe choice

Nonetheless, Oripup papers are safe to use for everyone. Especially those who are more environmentally conscious can rely on Oripup’s origami papers. Besides, this product has no smell, which is never disturbing while working on our crafts. 

Soft edges

The sharp edges of papers often tend to harm tiny hands more. For this reason, Oripup Double-Sided papers have been made with soft edges so that little kids find it safe to do various origami works. 


Like other extraordinary papers, Oripup papers have a dimension of 6 inches by inch. However, this product has 200 sheets with 20 different colors. Again, teachers, beginners, and kids can conveniently work on their origamis using Oripup Double Sided Paper.


  • Ensures realistic origami works
  • Gives enough smoothness while folding 
  • The soft edges give safer use
  • Convenient for teachers, beginners, and kids
  • Has a variation of 20 vibrant colours 


  • All papers are fragile

5. Game note Colorful Origami Kit

Game note Colorful Origami Kit can be your true friend for making amazing origami paper designs. Here, all sheets are of high quality and come in square shapes. Along with 10 sheets, Game note Colorful Kit owns 108 double-sided origami folding papers. These sheets have vivid colors where 54 of them contain beautiful patterns. Yet, every two sheets of Game note Origami Kit has similar designs. 

In terms of size, Gamenote’s papers are 14 cm by 14 cm, which is not bad for making different origami shapes. School origami lessons use this kit, but beginner training and large projects require authentic papers like Game note papers.


Origami book

We often get confused about what to make as an origami craft. For this reason, the seller of Game notes Colorful Kit gives an origami book of 55 pages. Thus, both children and parents can completely guide making different origami shapes. 


From now on, you will not have to worry about curling at edges in origami papers if you have Gamenote’s colorful papers. Also, the papers of the Game note kit will not damage easily in simple scratches. On the other hand, this kit contains no peculiar smell and gives no harmful effects. 


Nonetheless, Game note papers never lose the vibrates of their colors. Thus, you can use them for different craft projects and decorations to boost the environment. Whenever you make a wrong folding mistake, Game note paper does not let its smoothness go bland and is easily adapted with new foldings.


  • Revives decorations with beautiful patterns
  • Absolute for making various origami shapes
  • Does not contain any peculiar smell 
  • Ideal for craft projects and decorations 


  • Not good for beginners

6. Kool Krafts Origami Paper

For those who love to make cool origami shapes, Kool Krafts Origami Paper is a reliable option. Furthermore, Kool Krafts’s product creates some fun, cute, and creative origamis. Not only that, parents and kids will get quality time with each other peacefully by doing some amazing origami designs. They come with stern fabrication to make sure your origamis do not face any grudges. Consequently, these papers will help you imaginatively express yourself.



In Kool Krafts Origami Paper Kit, there are 300 sheets of 6 inches by 6 inches. Besides, more than 50 Japanese patterns prevail in Kool Krafts papers. Now and then, customers will also get a complete guide from Kool Krafts’s illustrated book.


Kool Krafts Origami Paper offers flawless, crisp fold, unlike any ordinary paper. Contrastingly, its foldings increase the beauty of different projects’ outcomes. So stay tension free with these thick and rick papers from Kool Krafts.


It is nowhere hard to create origami designs with Kool Krafts origami papers. Hence, making lovely origami crafts every day will become your regular task. 


  • Allows to create some fun, cute, and creative origamis
  • Has a stern fabrication 
  • Helps with an illustrated book
  • Offers flawless, crisp folds
  • Gives ease to create multiple designs


  • It May does not seem like real Origami

7. Origami Craze Origami Paper

Origami Craze is one of the top-leading brands which provide plain paper. Alongside, all creative fingers will get a nice hand once they choose Origami Craze’s origami papers. Origami Craze Papers are a fine substitute to make virtual toys, trees, flowers, animals, etc. Thereupon, anyone can express themselves creatively and do lots of thrilling tasks. Such as scrapbooking, cardmaking, and so on.


Value pack

Origami Craze provides 500 origami drawing papers with a variation of 20 vibrant colors. Though this pack is bulky enough, it offers a true value for money. And for supporting all types of origami projects, Origami Craze papers own a perfect size of 6 inches by 6 inches. 


Since Origami Craze papers are made of 70 gsm papers, customers will hardly find any complaints regarding quality. In the same way, these papers never rip, tear, or curl on the edges. Origami Craze papers are not only durable but also flexible throughout. Thus, these papers hold creases finely and keep precise shapes.


Undoubtedly, kids and adults will have safer use from Origami Craze papers as they have no toxic substances. In addition, there is no bad smell in this product, and it provides ease to tiny hands with its soft edges.


  • A great handy for creative fingers
  • Stimulates virtual toys, trees, flowers, animals, etc.
  • Supports different hobbies like scrapbooking
  • Durable and flexible throughout 
  • Involves non-toxic substances
  • Soft edges are for tiny hands 


  • May come without wrapping sometimes

8. Tuttle Chiyogami Origami Paper

We all know Chiyogami papers are best for folding cranes in a professional way. Also, abstract decorative and geometric models tend to be more realistic with Chiyogami papers. Likewise, Tuttle Chiyogami Origami Paper offers flawless origami designs, which kids love to do as their hobby. 

In Tuttle Chiyogami Origami Paper, there are 500 sheets with 12 unique designs. As a result, different shapes will get an ambiance of different designs. Moreover, Tuttle’s Japanese papers enhance the creative work of many people. Like- paper crafters, origami artists, and many more.



Once and for all, Tuttle Chiyogami Origami Kit will give you 500 high-quality origami sheets, 12 different designs, double-sided color papers, 6 inches by 6-inch dimensions, instructions for 8 origami projects. 

Pleasing combination 

Meanwhile, a first-rated paper like Tuttle Chiyogami’s origami paper conveys aesthetic origami models with pleasing combinations. Tuttle’s Japanese papers seem like magic when they appear in shapes by showing both sides of origami sheets.


As Tuttle Origami papers maintain coordination between colors and prints, children will find it more enthusiastic about working with. Contrastingly, their motor skills will get developed day by day.


  • Presents decorative models and geometric models realistically 
  • Enhances creative works of artists 
  • Owns 12 beautiful, unique designs 
  • Maintains coordination between colours and prints
  • Increases enthusiasm of kids through the smoothness 


  • It cannot hold complex creases

9. BUBU Beginner’s Origami Paper

BUBU Beginners Origami Paper is a fine choice for beginners. Again, this origami kit ensures top-class origami designs since it can cope with children’s mental concentration. Indeed, many therapeutic settings go well by doing amazing crafts, like making Origami. Particularly, teachers and school students look for authentic Origami, which is inevitable to get in BUBU’s Papers. 

Overall, BUBU Origami Paper is an all-rounder product for decorating hues with origami designs. For this reason, BUBU Beginner’s Origami is now providing 160 sheets in a kit.



For instance, BUBU Origami Paper ensures liveliness with 20 vivid colors. In the same way, this product makes sure that all of your origami shapes look beautiful with their vibrant colors. Conversely, BUBU’s origami sheets comprise similar colors on both sides.


Like any extraordinary paper, Bubu Origami Paper also gains the ability to hold creases flawlessly. Also, the papers here do not curl at the edges so easily. 


If you see, traditional papers usually have a size of 6 inches by 6 inches. Comparably, BUBU origami papers are 6 inches by 6 inches. So if you fold your papers to create new shapes, no hindrance will come in your craftworks. 


As Bubu Origami papers are AZO free, consumers will not find any bad smell here. Hence, all your origami shapes will form smoothly.


  • Suitable for beginners and artists
  • Do not curl at edges so easily 
  • Holds creases in every possible way
  • Does not contain any bad smell 
  • Papers are completely AZO free
  • Will not tear in simple scratches


  • Not all sheets are square

10. Tuttle Japanese Origami Paper

Specifically, origami paper folders and all skill level crafters want genuine products like Tuttle Japanese Origami Paper. From newbies to experienced folders, all can give a check to Tuttle’s Paper. Additionally, customers will get everything they need for exciting origamis from Tuttle Japanese Origami Kit.



By accumulating 13 different and unique designs, Tuttle Japanese papers give varieties in their papers. In Tuttle’s papers, each contains colors on both sides of the paper, where all of them are solid enough and look glossy. 

Page book

With the help of a folding symbol key, Tuttle Origami Paper gives instructions to novices on how they can create numerous origami shapes in a click. Also, many practice sections, origami techniques, and others make the beginners more reliable for origami works.

Folding projects

Using Tuttle Japanese Paper, anyone can create 17 different folding projects with the instruction guide that comes with this product. Hence, making decorative wreaths, showy peacocks, etc., will become a regular task for kids.


Most importantly, Tuttle Origami Paper Kit has 144 sheets included. In essence, kids, adults, and beginners can create lots of Origami as much as they want.


  • Looks gorgeous in any design
  • Has good detailing and delicate patterns
  • Suitable for novices and experienced folders
  • Does not require any additional wire or string
  • Guides with an instructional book


  • Seems difficult sometimes, though after following the guide

Best Origami Paper Buying Guide

best origami paper

Many newbies and other consumers face a lot of trouble while buying origami papers. And to figure out the best origami paper, this buying guide below can help you with that. 

Paper Thickness 

Determining the paper thickness of papers is not so easy. Again, different types of models and trade-offs come with origami papers. Anyways, super-thin papers are easy to fold into multiple layers.

Facial tissue origami papers are too thin and can fold. On the other hand, cardboard boxes are too thick and hard to fold.

Paper Types

Generally, origami papers come with variations and colors. Besides, their thickness also differs. So, to know what type of paper is best for what, go through the below sub-points.

Kami or Standard Paper

Unquestionably, “Kami” is the best paper for making Origami. Indeed, Kami origami papers have color on one side of the paper, and the other side is white. For now, Kami owns some standard features. Such as, it holds creases that work nicely for simple and intermediate models. Also, standard papers are widely available in varieties of colors.

Tant Paper

With a nice sheen and beautiful texture, tant papers give no complaints regarding their surface. Usually, tant papers have a thickness of .118 millimeters in each sheet. Again, this origami paper is quite thicker than all ordinary and standard origami papers. Undoubtedly, tant papers upgrade the look of decorations and other origami creations. But tant papers are more expensive than standard papers. 

Duo Colour Standard 

A double color standard origami paper where the ink has been dyed on both sides. And when inks are dyed properly on duo color standard papers, a second inking process is required. Though duo color standard papers are quite expensive, they are cheaper than tant papers. 


Washi origami papers are made with long plant fibers, giving a uniquely Japanese feel. Within 50 sheets of multicolor packs, washi papers come with a thickness, i.e. 0.94 millimeters. Still, washi origami papers are thinner than tant papers.

Tissue Foil Paper

No other origami papers can be as simple as tissue foil papers. Because of the foil, this paper tends to be more stiff and strong, whereas the tissue makes it flexible. Especially complex foldings go well with tissue foil origami papers.


Well, nothing is more critical than the printing process of origami papers. Again, the printing of origami papers resists cracking and can be folded any time. Japanese manufacturers use long-lasting inks with no toxic substances to create a smooth folding surface.

How Big is Origami Paper?

Generally, origami papers vary because of their types. If you see, their shapes and sizes are not the same when put together unless you have the same papers. In most cases, people use square shaped origami papers for creating different designs. Now let us see what type of origami paper conserves what size.

Kami Paper

Even standard Kami papers vary in size. For instance, a kami paper’s size is 3 inches by 3 inches or 7.5 cm by 7.5 cm. Again, some Kami origami papers have a size of 14 inches by 14 inches or 35 cm by 35 cm. So it is obvious that Kami origami papers are square.


Modular origami papers are exactly like Kami papers when it comes to size. Simultaneously, modular origami papers have 3 inches by 3 inches.

Simple Level

Origami papers of a simple level are appropriate for beginners. And the size of simple level papers is 6 inches by 6 inches or 15 cm by 15 cm. 

Intermediate Level

After becoming a little bit of expertise, everyone reaches the intermediate level. For such a level, you will get many origami papers available in a measurement of 8 inches by 8 inches or 20 cm by 20 cm.

Complex level

Those who love doing complex origami work require the best origami papers. Especially for them, papers are being sold in a dimension of 12 inches by 12 inches or 30 cm by 30 cm.

Super complex 

For pro-level folders, papers of super complex size are the best. However, you will get them in a dimension of 20 inches by 20 inches or 50 cm by 50 cm, which is big than other origami papers.

How to Make an Origami Paper Star?

Let us have a look at how we can make origami paper step by step:


Firstly, you are going to need one sheet of paper. Then flip your sheet of paper around so that the color side faces down towards your table, away from you. And then, you’re going to take your sheet of paper and fold it in half to create a triangle. Afterward, unfold your paper and repeat the same thing in the other direction.


Cease that in and unfold. Now let’s fold the entire thing horizontally in half to create a rectangle. Unfold, rotate and repeat the same thing on the other side, piece it in, unfold.  So now, let us fold the entire thing again in half, diagonally. And we are to take notice of our paper’s crease that we just made on the left side.


Then take the top flap and fold it over along that crease you just made. Once you have done that, push it up with your right hand and flan. So now what you have is a square on the right side and a triangle on the left side. Now push the right side inwards towards the middle and flan. As a result, you will get two flaps on the right side and two flaps on the left side.


Take one of the flaps on the left, move it over to the right, and rotate it so that the triangle is facing you. Then take one flap with the three flaps to the right side, and you’re going to fold it diagonally to the center. After that, crease your paper in very well and then unfold. Now let’s take the top flap only and bring it to the left side. Thus, we will get two flaps on the left and two on the right.


Next, focus on the last flap of the right side. You will notice a crease that we made earlier. Then fold your paper over along that crease where you will put your thumb. After that, flatten the paper with your left hand and allow it to do what it naturally wants to do. So now you have the two points at the bottom and two large ones on either side.


Now let’s take the right flap, and we’re going to fold it along the crease. Fold it to the left, take the same flap, and then fold it over the Origami. And this is going to create one of the points to the star. Make sure your star is somewhat symmetrical, and then increase it in.

Now you’ve got your origami star.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need special paper for Origami?

Though it is recommended to use special paper to make Origami, they are not required. Besides, these papers are not bulky enough and thin for holding creases. Not only that, papers are stronger than any other papers. Hence, they can simply resist tears and work as a fine alternative for gift wrapping.

Is 80 GSM origami good?

No doubt, 80 GSM is a versatile paper. This 80 GSM origami is usually known as Tant. If you see, 80 GSM paper comes with a single color on each paper and both sides. Conversely, you will get numerous color options and enough flexibility throughout. An 80 GSM origami paper shapes well in any condition and can further hold creases.

Is cardstock good for Origami?

Cardstocks are thick objects. Also, they are never recommended for Origami. And because they are harder to fold, you will not get any flexibility from papers where cardstocks are included. Not only that, sometimes it becomes impossible to fold cardstock papers for random purposes. So yeah, cardstock is never a good option for papers.

What Origami should I make?

There are different origamis anyone can make to accelerate the ambiance of crafts, such as fortune teller, crane, lotus flower, masu box, jumping frog, butterfly, swan, hat, water balloon, water balloon, heart, and many others.

What is the advantage of using coloured paper in making Origami?

Colored papers play a big role in making papers. They increase our sense of colors along with our imaginations. With these papers, children can find it easy to figure out the reaching process of their final product. As a result, they get encouraged to bring their imagination to life. On the other hand, different imaginations are being created with different colors of origami papers.

Is Origami a good hobby?

Yes, Origami is a good hobby. Sometimes Origami is a hard thing and sometimes an easy thing. By the way, how hard or easy Origami is, depends on the model’s complexity. Contrastingly, Origami tends to be mindbending or relaxing. And such inconveniences depend on how you want to fold it. It doesn’t matter what level of expertise; papers are always fun for everyone.


Origami papers play a big role in supporting our mental concentration. Again, our hand-eye coordination gets improved and helps to meet our imaginative requirements through different shapes. Nevertheless, some research and browsing can help you own the best origami paper. All in all, each origami kit is famous for its different features. So, select your product by keeping your requirements in mind.

I suggest that you limit your options by Kool Krafts Origami Paper and BUBU Beginner’s Origami Kit. The reason is, these two products are leading in the market with their exceptional quality. So do not waste your time anymore; see here which origami paper suits your preferences.

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