Best Orange Soda In 2023 [Tested & Reviewed]

Orange soda is loaded with nostalgia. It makes you think of hot summer days spent at the pool, chasing down baseballs in the field, or cracking open a can to enjoy during a lunch break. Perhaps it reminds you of sipping those little orange-flavored ice cubes at your grandma’s house? You may not drink it very often anymore, but that doesn’t mean the nostalgia for this classic beverage has to fade away. So here are some ways to bring a little bit of this favorite childhood beverage into your adult life.

Here are the best orange soda on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Orange Soda

Best Orange Soda Reviews In 2023

1. POPPI Sparkling Prebiotic Orange Soda

Make no mistake, soda is delicious. But most are loaded with empty calories and chemicals. So we made a better one! poppi combines fresh fruit juice with the prebiotic powerhouse apple cider vinegar (ACV) to create a modern soda that tastes amazing and helps you maintain a happy gut. Every can is made with 1 tablespoon of ACV, less than 20 calories, and under 5g of sugar. And, there’s NOTHING artificial, so you can feel good about drinking it. Apple cider vinegar has been known to help boost immunity, aid digestion, support glowing skin, and naturally detoxify. From Texas to your taste buds, with love. Cheers!

Our Story

Husband and wife team Stephen and Allison created poppi in 2016 as a solace from Allison’s chronic health issues. Apple Cider Vinegar answered her prayers — after drinking it everyday for week her symptoms all but vanished. Fast forward through 2 kids, a Shark Tank investment and a very poppi re-brand, to today when their delicious soda makes it easier to drink to your health. Cheers!

Fun(ctional) Prebiotic Soda for All

For centuries, people have turned to apple cider vinegar (ACV) for its health benefits. From gut health to immunity, glowing skin to that natural detoxification – every can contains ~1TBSP of pure, unfiltered ACV. Our bubbles are made with the “mother” for that trusted function we all love.

We Flex on Flavor

Quench your thirst with our crisp, lightly carbonated soda all grown up. poppi boasts 7 super delicious flavors with all the bubbly benefits of our prebiotic powerhouse, apple cider vinegar. But our ACV is in stealth mode so all you taste is yummy poppy flavor. We’ve cracked the code and made our bubbles pop with the natural sweetness from real fruit juice.

As seen on Shark Tank

We took it to the tank! poppi was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, where Rohan Oza, aka The Grandfather, fell in love with our product & story. We knew we had something special when Rohan came on board, so together, we’ve spent the last year+ redesigning and redefining our brand from the ground up to create a modern soda for the next generation.

2. Fanta Orange Soda

The Fanta Orange Soda 7.5 Fl Oz Mini Cans (pack of 18) are small cans of Fanta Orange Soda. Each can comes with a brightly colored label saying “Fanta” at the top. The rest of the label is filled with images of oranges, orangutans, and the words “Orange Soda.” The cans are sold in a box containing 18 cans: 3 rows (6 cans per row), 5 across or 3 across, 2 down. Each can is 7.5 fl oz (213 ml).

Nazi Germany’s Ministry Of Food

Fanta Orange Soda is a soft drink brand produced by The Coca-Cola Company. The drink was originally introduced in December 1940 as Fanta under the GmbH division of Nazi Germany’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Iconic Citrus Soda Drink

Fanta Orange Soda is an iconic citrus soda drink. Enjoy an ice-cold Fanta Orange Soda on a hot day, after a meal at a restaurant or home in front of the television. With this pack of 18 mini cans, you get more than 135 fl oz of soda, that’s sure to be enough to start any celebration.

3. sunkist zero orange soda

Sunkist Diet orange soda is made with real sugar and provides consumers with a satisfying citrus experience. Offered in a 12-pack of 16.9-oz. cans, at about a dollar per can, it’s an affordable option for enjoying your favorite cold beverage at home or on the go.

Real Crisp Orange Flavors

Orange Soda, Zero Calories. Developed to be the best-tasting diet soda on the market, Sunkist Zero Orange Soda is a premium citrus drink full of real crisp orange flavors. It’s got all your favorite classic orange pop taste without any added sugars. Enjoy our tasty flavor crafted to quench your thirst!

Complement To A Healthy Lifestyle

sunkist zero orange soda is the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle. Made with real sugar and no artificial sweeteners, sunkist zero orange soda contains 89 more vitamins and minerals than cola. With no high-fructose corn syrup, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their calorie intake or switch things up.

4. Product of Sunkist Orange Soda

Sunkist Orange Soda is a lightly carbonated soda with a sweet, citrusy orange flavor. It’s made from real oranges and delivers a refreshing energy boost that may help improve your overall health.

Sunkist Orange Soda

A fun, delicious soda that is sure to be a hit with kids. Sunkist Orange Soda is a great option for birthday parties, or just when you are having a hot day and want something refreshing. The 24-pack provides 12 ounces per can, and can be purchased in packages of 12 cans or as a full case of 24 cans.

5. A’ Siciliana Sicilian Blood Orange Soda 24 Pack 11.5 Fl Oz Cans

The Blood Orange is a variety of orange with crimson, almost blood-colored flesh. The name “blood orange” comes from the characteristic dark color of the inner sections of the fruit, which is caused by dyes, particularly the anthocyanins found in plant pigments. The color appears close to that of watermelon flesh or other types of citrus fruits.

Taste Comes From Sweet Orange

A’ Siciliana is an Italian soda made by the Berio Group in Italy. A’ Siciliana is a light-colored carbonated soft drink with a medium-sweet taste. Its citrus taste comes from sweet orange and blood orange. The unique fruit that goes into this beverage is known as Licorizia Nera (black licorice) and is split in half so that both the pulp and skin are used in the soda. This delicious flavor has long been popular throughout southern Italy and Sicily – making it a perfect fit for Ginger Ale!

Blood Orange Soda

Blood oranges have a unique flavor profile compared to other oranges, being distinctly raspberrylike in addition to the usual citrus notes. A’ Siciliana Blood Orange Soda is made with this distinctive fruit, as well as real cane sugar and natural flavors.

The World’s First Orange Soda

J.M. Thompson of Chicago invented the “original orange soda”—Orange Crush—in 1906. Still, it wasn’t until 1911 that Neil C. Ward, a beverage chemist born in California, mastered the mixing technique that the drink became widely popular. This invention ultimately popularized the “zesty, all-natural orange flavor” of Orange Crush.

After quickly improving the original recipe, Ward partnered with Clayton J. Howel to launch the Orange Crush Company in 1916. Howel, a pioneer in the beverage industry, contributed his experience from creating “Howel’s Orange Julep” (an orange syrup) to the collaboration. Ward was given the privilege of having his name on the bottle as the creator of the enhanced Orange Crush, which was a customary practice for early soft drink manufacturers. The word “crush” was retained in the name “Ward’s Orange Crush” to refer to the method used to obtain the drink’s distinctive flavor, the extraction of oils from orange skins.

Orange pulp was initially used in the recipe instead of the juice, and real orange juice wasn’t used until 1921. The original orange juice and pulp were replaced with more shelf-stable flavorings to produce the same outstanding taste almost ten years later.

Crush was quickly so popular in the US market that the firm increased its distribution to Canada. In 1919 and 1920, two new flavors—lemon and lime—were added to the brand, opening the door for an onslaught of other varieties in the years that followed.

The Crush portfolio has previously included tastes including chocolate, blue raspberry, banana, and even red licorice. However, in addition to its trademark orange, Crush currently emphasizes promoting classic flavors like grape, strawberry, and cherry. Although it remains well-liked in Canada and other countries, Keurig Dr. Pepper’s Crush has scaled back its US distribution.

Orange soda generally tends to be more popular elsewhere. In actuality, though, people like a different brand, one with a considerably more turbulent history of origin.

How A Wwii Soft Drink Became A Global Favorite

Time travel to the 1950s. Pepsi, a rival, had begun introducing several fresh drink tastes, but Coca-commercial Cola’s strategy remained centered on marketing its lone, iconic product. Coca-Cola reassessed the Fanta brand and changed the formulation for the European market to compete more effectively. To provide a fresh and delicious orange flavor, local citrus was used in the 1955 launching of the new Fanta in Naples, Italy. From this recipe, later iterations of Fanta Orange have developed.

The beverage immediately grew popular throughout Europe, but business leaders were hesitant to introduce the new product in the US. Coca-Cola eventually decided to introduce Fanta Orange to the US market in the 1960s despite its concerns that it would reduce sales of its iconic beverage. However, with little assistance (and funding for marketing), the US release was less successful.

Until Coca-Cola stopped offering it across the country in the middle of the 1980s, Fanta Orange continued to sell poorly in the US. The corporation discovered a niche market for the product and permitted it to continue being sold in areas with sizable immigrant populations who would be familiar with it.

Coca-Cola gave it another go in 2001. Once more, Fanta Orange went nationwide in the US, and this time, a considerably more aggressive marketing campaign helped to support the rollout. Fanta has improved from its early 1990s sales volume of minuscule amounts to being one of the top 10 soft drinks in the US—and the world. Fanta has had a market share of slightly under 3% in the US for the past ten years, and in 2020 it became the only orange soda brand to be included on Statista’s list of the “Most Valuable Soft Drink Brands Worldwide.”

With more than 90 flavors available in every country, it is clear that Fanta excels internationally—of course, orange will probably always be the most popular flavor. Orange soda has a chance to make its comeback as long as beverage trends continue to promote nostalgic flavors and profiles that offer freshness and a sense of sweetness. Orange soda is a classic beverage that dazzles the taste buds and keeps changing what the world drinks. It is bubbly, juicy, bright, and sweet.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the 3 orange sodas?

Add it below. This list features the world’s best, most delicious orange soda brands, including Sunkist, Fanta, Cactus Cooler, Dr. Brown’s, Orangette, Jarritos, Jones Soda Co., Minute Maid, Mountain Dew LiveWire, Orange Crush, Orange Dream, Royal Crown, Slice, Stewart’s, and Faygo.

Is orange soda good for health?

Fruit-flavored fizzy drinks like lemonade and fizzy orange are slightly better choices than cola, but not ideal as your regular drink. The combination of sugar and acid can damage your teeth; over time, excess calories from a high-sugar diet can lead to weight gain.

What is the original orange soda?

The “original orange soda”—Orange Crush—was created in 1906 by Chicago’s J.M. Thompson; however, the commercial formula wouldn’t take off until 1911, when California-born beverage chemist Neil C. Ward perfected the blending process.

Who drinks orange soda?

The “Who loves orange soda?” sequence is the well-known catchphrase uttered by Kel Kimble in almost every episode. Kel is obsessed with orange soda, which he is seen drinking in most episodes.

What soda is the healthiest to drink?

Sierra Mist is the healthiest soda. A single can of Sierra Mist Lemon-lime soda contains 140 calories, 37 g of carbs, and 35 mg of sodium, which allows it to place slightly better than its closest competitor. Of course, you should still take care not to drink too much despite that.


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