Best Notebooks for Writing: Top 7 Picks

Purchasing the best notebooks for writing is advantageous. The reason is they create a new space for jotting, list-making, journaling, or reporting. Besides, they provide an appreciably best writing experience for students, artists, and anyone who can write.

There are various notebooks for writing, from soft covers to hardcover to spiral-bound. So, finding the best notebooks can be an obsessive quest, and that is we have this analyze highlighting the best options.

Check out the buying guide for some considerations to help you choose your preferred notebooks. Our research resulted from sampling the number of product details and customer ratings on Amazon.

Our Favorite Best Notebooks for Writing

Top 7 Best Notebook for Writing to Buy

1. Ruled Notebook/Journal

Get this 5.4 x 8.3 notebook from BooQoo. It’s the best notebooks for writing, from artists students to anybody who loves writing. The 128 papers are thick enough for comfortable writing while preventing bleeding. Again, the hardcover is sturdy with super leather to protect your writing.

Additionally, the binding is perfect for anybody, and that is why it’s the right journal for home use, school, or office. It assures one a fantastic writing experience. The only downside is that the papers are not waterproof, so you should be careful.

Key Features

  • Leather cover: The texture of the outer cover is fantastic as it is made of leather. You will feel great when holding your notebook in your hands. Again, the faux leather cover is beautiful and durable to adapt to any body movement. Not only does the outside give you a comfortable surface to write on, but it also protects the pages.
  • Thick 128 papers: This notebook has 128 thick pages that are bare ink-proof and can’t allow feathering. 30% thicker than the regular papers, these papers are best for most pens. The pieces of paper are also acid-free, and it’s hard for them to get damaged due to air or light.
  • Sound design: The notebook got a humanized design to expand the inner pocket. The cardboard bound cover is also expandable to securely close the notebook. Again, the elastic closure ensures you can use the notebook from any place.
  • Great for all users: Grab this notebook perfect for school, office, and even home use. You can use it to take some notes, keep work in order, write ideas, sketch or use it as a diary or journal. You can also craft your heart contents when moving around.


  • The exterior is made of leather
  • No feathering
  • Humanized design
  • It’s an elegant quality notebook


  • It’s papers are not waterproof

2. Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop-Lemome A5

Here is a notebook perfect for drawings and writing. It is suited for any pen, but you can go for the wettest fountain pen inks. Besides, it is a 90 sheets journal making 180 pages good for anyone who loves writing.

The quality is good as the papers are thick enough that a passionate artist can’t resist behind. As a student, artist, parent, or business person, this notebook can give you the experience you ever wished for. You can never lose your pen due to the elastic pen holder.

Key Features

  • Lay flat style: The large notebook can lay flat for easy reading and writing. You can securely close this book because of the tight band. Again, you’ll love the binding, which is done professionally to prevent papers from peeling away.
  • Sturdy hardcover: As a writer or artist, you need protection over your content. Like artists, they would love to refer to what they have been doing. Lemon A5 is the right notebook with a comfortable, rigid leather hardcover. The elastic pen holder is there on the cover to help you keep your pens well.
  • Multi-purpose: Lemome A5 is a journal you can gift your friends or family. Still, it can act as a deco on your desktop. Additionally, you can purchase this notebook for school, meetings, writing workshops, etc. You can use it to hold tiny treasures like receipts, business cards, notes, and many more.
  • One hundred eighty pages: The 180 pages are thick to avoid bleeding or ghosting. It’s a favorite companion for most artists as it is perfect when traveling.


  • Can lay flat
  • It’s a multipurpose notebook
  • Durable leather cover
  • 180 ink-proof pages
  • Got elastic pen holder


  • Paper quality is not that good

3. TAKA PRYOR Lined Journal Notebook

If you are looking for a notebook, you can consider TAKA PRYOR lined notebook. Besides, it’s a fantastic writing book for study, meetings, travel, conference, class, business to draft new ideas. If you are a business person, you can track your schedule.

Moreover, it’s a quality book with overwhelming features to give you a fantastic writing experience. The only downside is that the papers are not perforated, so you must be careful when cutting them out.

Key Features

  • Versatility: TAKA PRYOR is a multipurpose notebook perfect for meeting notes, office use, business, journal writing. Also, you can consider it as a professional journal to write some important things. Weighing 15.5 ounces, you can easily carry it around.
  • Thick paper: The 120gsm notebook is thicker than most of the notebooks. Sure, it’s an ink-proof paper that can’t allow feathering or even ghosting. Due to its thickness, it’s sturdy enough when writing on it with the wettest fountain pen inks.
  • Can lay flat at 180 degrees:  You will enjoy writing in this notebook as it can lay flat. Another advantage of lying flat is you can write efficiently and even comfortably. The band is tight to ensure the proper closure of the book. Also, the binding is firm to prevent papers from peeling away.


  • Multipurpose notebook
  • Thick enough to prevent feathering and ghosting
  • 200 pages for users
  • The papers are acid-free


  • The notebook papers are not perforated
  • It doesn’t come with a pen

4. 4 Pack Tree of Life Journals

Grab this stunning journal for your writing or even sketching. The four-pack tree of life journals is just comfortable with a hardcover. The hardcover provides you with a surface for comfortable writing. The 200 pages are thick to avoid bleeding when using ink pens.

Moreover, it can also lay flat for easy perusing of pages. Also, it’s a ruled notebook to guide your writing. Preserve your words through these four-pack journals with places for a date, days of the week, and somewhere to write a memo.

Key Features

  • Can lay flat at 1800– With these four-pack journals, you can read and take your notes efficiently- it can lay flat at 180 degrees. It’s the best notebook for travel as you can write at any place due to the leather hardcover. Get the freedom you wish to have as a writer.
  • Thick pages: A notebook with lined pages is super thick and wide-ruled. You will never experience bleeding when using ink pens. Again, the papers are light yellow, which can’t affect your eyes. The benefit of the wide-ruled pages is that you can use a variety of pens and fonts to give you a great writing experience.
  • Strong binding: The binding is exquisite to guarantee the durability and security of your content. So, you are sure your pages will never fall apart.
  • Leather cover: The faux leather cover is hard, and you can feel good by a touch. Not only does it decorate your desktop, but it also securely covers the pages. Further, it is durable and can adapt to body movements. Moreover, it’s sturdy to ensure you read and write with ease.


  • Rounded corners to reduce wear
  • Faux leather hardcover
  • Sturdy binding
  • Can lay flat


  • Some people complained of it not smelling nice when new

5. RETTACY Lined Journal Notebook

Do you want to fulfill your writing needs? Then, RETTACY is the right notebook. It’s a 384 pages notebook proving plenty of space to draw, journal, or take notes. True, the binding ensures the papers are held intact, making it a durable journal. No bleeding as the pages are thick.

However, it is a convenient notebook with a pen loop holder to ensure you won’t lose your pen. The design is also human to accommodate anyone who loves drawing or writing. Though there are eight perforated pages, the others are not, and you should be keen when cutting a paper.

Key Features

  • Leather hardcover: You will feel the smooth touch of this notebook. The leather hardcover assures you durability. Apart from using the cover as a writing surface, it protects your content for several years.
  • Premium paper: RETTACY is a super notebook with 384 pages. The 100gsm quality, smooth papers are acid-free. They are also thick to prevent bleeding to give an experience you ever wished. 
  • Design: First, the elastic closure ensures the notebook is safely closed. There is a pen holder where you can safely keep your pen. Also, the pocket can have your receipts and other small items. Forget about tear as this notebook got rounded arc corners.
  • Versatility: You can consider this notebook for school, home, and office use. You can use it as a sketching book, travel journal, daily diary, drawing notebook, and more.


  • Pen holder
  • Quality product
  • 384 blank pages
  • Study hardcover


  • The pages are unlined- due to this, some people can’t write neatly

6. 2 Pack Classic Notebooks/Journals

Moving around with a notebook is essential. The advantage is that you can note down new ideas and write about the current mood or memories. Here is a notebook that can be of help to you. It’s a two-pack journal with 128 pages to write anything you want.

Nevertheless, it is a quality notebook with thick paper and leather to protect your content. The binding is also good, so you should be worried when carting your notebook anywhere.

Key Features

  • Thick paper: Buy this notebook as it is of high quality. The 128 pages are wide enough to prevent bleeding and ghosting when using ink. Also, you will not experience feathering. Again, the pages are acid-free, so you should be afraid when changing your environment.
  • Leather hardcover: Nothing can give you the courage to buy a notebook than see a leather outer cover. It’s never a doubt such bodies bring out the book’s elegance while proving quality. With such a cover, you are sure of the safety of the pages. Also, the cover provides a surface for comfortable writing.
  • The design: The binding is on professionally with an elastic closure to ensure the notebook is closed well. The ribbon helps you to mark where you left. Also, you’ll love the inner pocket that can expand at any time when storing receipts and other small items.
  • Quality product: The notebook is of high quality. Not only is it elegant, but it provides thick 128 pages at an affordable price. It is good with the wettest fountain pen inks.


  • Fantastic texture of the faux leather outer cover
  • Expandable inner pocket
  • Elastic closure
  • Thick papers


  • You can’t erase pencil writings

7. Royole RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Notebook

Many people are going the digital way, and here is a notebook using the latest technology. The Royole RoWrite notebook is equipped with a flexible sensor with a special pen to convert your work into a digital format. The RoWrite pen 2 got a ballpoint ink pen that senses automatically when writing up.

Through the RoWrite app, you can transfer any writing or drawing to your mobile device or computer. So, you can edit, playback, or enhance colors on the text. Still, using this notebook, you can share anything you want via WhatsApp and even email. The only downside, it can be hard to erase once you make a mistake.

Key Features

  • Retro hardcover: RoWrite is an electronic notebook made of leather and aluminum. It’s a stylish, bendable, and compact design. This cover protects your notebook when moving around to get ideas.
  • Digital stylus pen: The Magnet digital stylus pen will efficiently help you write in this electronic notebook. So, you will not have to look for your pen. Interestingly, you only need to place the pen into the magnetic groove to charge it.
  • RoWrite App: RoWrite app is here in this notebook to convert your handwritten work into digital format. This is for editing, enhancing colors, playback, and doing other things. Again, you can share content on WhatsApp, email, or OneDrive. You can also store your content in the cloud to work on different devices.
  • Electronic quality notebook: Best for students, teachers, and even artists, this is a reliable quality notebook with impressive features. The synthetic leather on the cover protects you anytime you’ve written. The notebook can bend to give you comfort when writing.


  • A digital stylus pen accompanies it
  • Retro leather hardcover
  • RoWrite app
  • Works electronically
  • You can edit your work


  • Pricy

Best Notebooks for Writing Buying Guide- Top Considerations

flower with notebooks top table

The best notebooks for writing are what you need if you’re passionate about writing. This is the best way to record your thoughts as you generate more ideas. When buying a notebook, there are several things you must consider. Luckily, there are considerations to help you pick the best.


The size of the notebook you need depends on the usage. They range from slim to extra-large. The mini notebooks are the most suitable to carry around as they are highly portable. You can still go for grand-sized ones with more pages or large and extended text. 

You can try different notebooks to be sure of what you want.


Most notebooks got soft or hardcover. The good thing with hardcovers is that they are durable. Also, they give you a rigid surface for comfortable writing when on the go. Still, it is easy to use your lap writing.

Besides, some people prefer softcover due to its flexibility when folding. With a softcover, you can fold your notebook to take the shape of your pocket. Whether soft or hardcover, your pick should be determined by your working environment.

Paper quality

When shopping for a notebook, it is vital to be keen on the paper quality. Undoubtedly, quality papers got a smooth finish, and the opacity is good, whereby you won’t see prints on the reverse side. Also, confirm about feathering.  


After having an idea of the size you want, it is time to confirm the binding. This is what holds the pages together. However, there is a variety of binding depending on the size of the notebook. Stable binding is standard in pocket-sized notebooks.

There are also glued notebooks that are never sturdy and can’t lay flat. The stitched binding has many advantages as the notebook can lay flat and keep the pages in place.

How to Decorate Notebook Covers for School?

You can encourage your kids to go back to school in style. This is by finding ways to decorate the covers of their notebook. Craft kids will find ways how to have a unique notebook cover. There are so many ways you can decorate your notebook. Let’s get to them.

You can rub everything on the outer cover and paint or write what you want. You may need to have the name of your next class, or you want to have your name. Another way you can decorate your notebook covers is through embroiling. You can buy all the requirements- sewing needles, needle thread, scissors, and a darning needle to come up with cozy stuff.

Still, you can consider watercolor. This is if you love colors to create a great cover. Also, you can go for old magazines and cut your favorite picture to glue on your notebook cover. Another way to decorate your notebook cover is by using some beautiful puffy fabric prints. Using your styles, you will know where to place the fabric.

The use of washi tape is another way you can unify your notebooks. You take the washi tape and take it throughout the cover. You can use different types of different notebooks.


What Notebooks Do Writers Use?

There are many notebooks in the market, as we’ve listed above. You need a notebook that is fit for your own use. Again, they come in different sizes, weights, and qualities. Most writers are unto notebooks with hardcovers and many pages. The thickness of the pages is another thing they do check.

What Makes a Good Notebook?

A good notebook is made of hardcover to protect your content. Also, it should have a pocket to hold your small items. It is also good to confirm if it has enough pages to use it for long. Again, remember to verify if the notebook is thick enough to prevent bleeding.

When buying a notebook, ensure it is easy to carry around, giving you comfort when writing. Another thing, the papers should be durable. Durability means the papers do not rip out quickly, and it doesn’t bleed.

What Are Good Writing Journals?

There are so many good writing journals in the market. A good writing journal should have a leather hardcover for the safety of your writing. The biding should be strong to prevent papers from falling off. Further, it should have thick papers never to allow bleeding.

What Kind of Notebooks Do You Use for Journaling?

I use notebooks with sturdy pages. This assures you that you won’t lose some pages on the way. I’m always keen on the thickness of the pages to avoid ink bleeding. Also, my notebooks got leather hardcovers to use it a writing surface. Not forgetting such covers protect what has been written inside.

What Is a Spiral Notebook?

A spiral notebook is a writing book held together by a wire seen curving round and round through small punched holes.

Are Composition Notebooks Better Than Spiral?

Composition and spiral notebooks are different, and they come with various features. Some people do love composition notebooks, and others love spiral ones. The good thing with composition notebooks is that they are sturdier than spiral. So, it is hard for the pages to tear apart.

But some people love spiral notebooks due to their full-sized papers, and it’s an easy-to-use notebook. Also, you can fully open the pages as you move to the next page, not like the composition notebooks.


For good quality writing, it is imperative to go for the best notebooks for writing. For sure, you’ll be productive the whole time. Remember, with the right notebook, you’ll be able to organize your work when journaling.

We are hopeful this article with the most suitable notebooks will guide you through. Nonetheless, when buying a writing notebook, it is vital to check the cover, binding, quality, and number of pages. Lastly, make sure you can pick a notebook that will skyrocket your writing skills.

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