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If you have moved to the US and haven’t found a good place yet for nail art supplies, I will tell you where to find them a,t least. I am from Canada, and some of my friends think that the simplicity of designs on the nails is rather unimpressive. Whatever the case, nail art has become very popular worldwide a. Definitely, it should be ignored by any woman who considers herself rather traditional but still wants to maintain her unique look.

Whether you’re a trained nail artist or juve painting your nails, there are always some great styles for you to try. And best of all? They’re low-cost and super simple. In this article, I will give you three easy nail designs that anyone can do at home!

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Leading 7 Best Nail Tips Reviews

1. 480PCS Extra Long C Curve Nail Tips

The Half cover c curve nails are made with environmentally friendly, high-quality ABS material, which is thick and sturdy enough to last about 2-3 weeks, what’s more. It’s not toxic, has a smell, or harms your nails, providing you a safe and comfortable pin-doing experience. Get the perfect fit with the highest quality extra long C curved acrylic nail tips.

These nails are 1mm thick, perfect for making beautiful and natural fake nails with no fuss. You can get a suitable size for your natural or artificial nails to cover them up, making them more charming, secure, and shining all day long

2. 500PCS Half Cover False Nails Tips

These profane clear acrylic nails for manicure are specially designed to help you create more beautiful and natural-looking nails at home. The 500pcs Clear False Nails Tips and Numbered Boxes offer ten different sizes with 50 pins of each size that fit most fingers, which are numbered 0-9, so they’re easy and convenient to choose the suitable size. You can wear them long or clip them short; they are easy to trim and file in any length and shape you like.

With your perfect style, you can achieve personalized fashion nail art. These Acrylic False Nails are easy to trim and file to in any length and shape you like, even cuticle shape options.

3. Acrylic Nail Tips 500 Pieces

The acrylic nail tips come with 500 pieces of fake nails in a clear box, providing ten different sizes for you to choose from, 50 pieces for each size, suitable for most people. The pretty artificial nails are made with Korea-imported ABS, a durable but flexible material. That can last about 2-3 weeks and no harm to nails, without toxicity and smell, giving you a safe and comfortable pin-doing experience.

The pretty acrylic nail tips are made with Korea-imported ABS, a durable but flexible material. That can last about 2-3 weeks and no harm to nails, without toxicity and smell that gives you a safe and comfortable nail-doing experience. They come with 500 pieces of false nails in a clear box and provide ten different sizes for you. And it is suitable for most people

4. Square Nail Tips Full Cover, 504 Pcs Nail Tips

This Clear Fake Nail Kit includes 504Pcs straightforward acrylic nail tips that are easy to trim, paint and apply. They hold the color without separating or streaking. Pairing up paint and colorful decoration, your nails could be more natural. Extra long coffin nails, known as ballerina’s nails, are designed with transparent colors & two optional sizes of long/short; choosing the most suitable size that fits your finger is convenient.

This kit comes in 12 different sizes, so it’s easy to find the one that fits you best! The clear french tip nails are made from high-quality acrylic material, which is a kind of green-friendly environmental material

5. Makartt Oval Nails Tips 500pcs

These high-quality, durable, reusable false nails are designed with natural color and full cover round shape, easy to file, paint, and apply. Once painted with a suitable glue or decorated with colorful decorations, they look natural and friendly, holding the color without separating or streaking. You can wear them long or clip them short; they are easy to trim and file in any length and shape you like.

These high-quality, natural nails are made from ABS material to give you a beautiful and comfortable experience with nail art. They are easy to apply and come in natural colors with a whole round shape with different lengths available to design your magical style. The fake nails are fully compatible with glue specially designed for extensions of acrylic plastic (gel nail polish). These will also look great when decorated with colorful designs, glitter, or other decorations for a fun look!

6. Coffin Nail Tips Natural – ECBASKET 500pcs Acrylic Nail Tips

These solid and durable fake nail tips are designed with a half cover shape with moderate length and thickness, like the Letter “U.” You have the option to wear them long or clip them short, which is super easy to trim and file them to in any length and shape you like.

Perfect for DIY nail art, freeing your imagination and becoming a professional manicurist.EBCASKET French Nail Tips are made from quality ABS material that is soft, light, and breathable, which makes it fit well with your natural nails. You can be free to worry about damaging your nails when wearing these long false nails.

7. Gelike EC Soft Gel Full Cover Nail Tips

Alike EC Soft Gel Full Cover Nail Tips Kit for Soak Off Nail Extensions, 240Pcs Clear Short Almond Gelly Tips Pre-buff PMMA False Press on Nail Tips, 12 Sizes Made from newest soak off soft gel material, instead of the traditional cheap ABS material. It means thinner, more malleable, and more natural, creating a light-cured preshaped nail enhancement in 20 minutes or less.

Soft gelly nail tips kit, incl 240 pcs straightforward short almond gelly nail tips and 3 in 1 nail glue gel. The innovative soft gel material is thinner, more malleable, and more natural. More explicit, lighter, and more durable material for a smooth finish that lasts for days.

Use of Nail Tips

Nail tips are a great way to add some polish to your nails without the commitment of full-on nail polish. Whether you want to try a new color or make your nails look more attractive, nail tips can be a fun and easy way to achieve that look.

You can use nail tips in two ways: by applying them over your existing nails or by painting them on top of the information. The first method doesn’t require any special equipment but will give you a more natural look than the second option.

If you choose to paint over the tip itself, make sure that you apply it sufficiently thick so that it covers up all of your natural nail’s white part. This will help ensure that no one can see where your natural nail ends and where the trip begins!


Which nail tips last the longest?

The best tips for lasting the longest are those made of 100% natural nail tips. These tips come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your nail perfectly.

Some tips are made from artificial materials like acrylics. These are usually more expensive than natural nail tips but last much longer than natural nail tips because they do not have any moving parts or joints that can break off easily like some natural nails do after a few uses.

Other artificial nails include silk wraps (silk thread instead of glue) and gel polish (applied over a clear base coat). Gel polish lasts longer than other artificial nails because it does not require buffing/polishing after application, so there’s no chance of chipping or peeling paint off!

Which Nail Tips are Best for Acrylic Nails?

The best nail tips for acrylic nails are the ones that match your style and fit your budget.

If you’re looking for something more natural, you may want to opt for a tip made of rigid material with a more rounded shape. This will help it blend in with your natural nails. If you want something more glamorous, consider a tip made of soft materials like silk or cotton or one with a pointed shape.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or something more expensive, there are plenty of options available on the market today.

Which is Better, Acrylic or Gel Tips?

Acrylic tips are more affordable, and they’re also easier to remove than gel tips. The downside is that acrylic tends to be less durable and has a tendency to crack or chip more easily than gel.

Gel nails last longer and are more flexible than acrylic nails, making them a better choice for those who have active lifestyles. They’re also easier to apply because they don’t require UV light to cure them after application.

Both types of nail tips come in various colors and designs, so you’ll be able to find something that fits your style.

Is it Better to Use Nail Forms or Tips?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Nail forms are typically made of plastic and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different nail types. They’re also straightforward: Press them onto your nail, file off the excess, and paint over them!

Tips are also easy to use: You glue them onto your nail with special glue, file off the excess, and paint over them! The main difference between tips and forms is that tips are made from natural nails and have a curved shape. This means that they look more realistic than the flat surfaces of forms.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. Go with forms if you want something that’s easy to apply but doesn’t look natural. If you want something that looks more natural but requires more time and effort to use, then go with tips.


You have to give celebrities credit. They’re always on top of the latest trends and front-runners in the industry. Celebrities sport different designs, from full coverage to French manicures. No matter what style you choose, there is one crucial thing that you need to remember; don’t bite your nails!

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