Top 10 Best Mug Press Machine – Buying Guide

Have you got a bunch of cheeky graphic design ideas for mugs that you would like to make a reality?

Do you fancy drinking coffee or tea every morning out of a mug that has your favorite pep-talk message on it?

Well, if the answer to both is ‘YES’, the machine we’re going to present to you in this article can certainly make this dream come true!

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best mug press – a machine that can imprint cool designs onto mugs.

Read on to find out more.

Our Favorite Best Mug Press

Top 10 Best Mug Press- Buying Guide

1. Cricut – Mug Press Machine

Featuring a fairly simple design with a round heat plate as the central part of the best mug press, this Cricut machine can be an excellent tool for making imprinting cool designs and patterns onto blank mugs – in the comfort of your home!


2 blank mugs – … that you can use to practice on before you start making all kinds of unique and fun-looking mugs.

As a part of this package, the folks at Cricut included two mugs for heat press specimens in this package and they are the perfect fit for the heat press that you are working with.

For the record, to get the best possible results, you need to be using the special ink as well as transfer paper recommended by the manufacturer.

Infusible ink sheets – … serve the purpose of transferring whatever print, message, or other sorts of media you had in mind to transfer using this machine.

Downloadable files – … containing all sorts of messages, designs, images, and other visual motifs, so to speak, come as a part of the bundle that comes with this product.

So, in case you’re not sure what designs you want to use with your heat press machine, these can give you some ideas you could work with!


  • Comes with infusible ink transfer sheets
  • Downloadable SVG files are a part of this bundle
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • You get two blank mugs in this package
  • Dishwasher-safe mugs
  • Microwave-safe mugs
  • Easy to use – one-touch settings


  • Only works on certain kinds of mugs that are ‘compatible’ with infusible ink

2. Cricut – Mug Heat Press for Sublimation

Thanks to the utility of this mode, all you have to do to make a design you’ve created or downloaded from somewhere online stick to the surface of the mug are to press it against the mug and then simply insert it into this press.

The heat plate will then do the rest quite quickly.


Easy-to-use infusible ink sheets – These sheets are specialized transfer sheets that work using evaporation technology that makes the ink vaporize when heat is applied to it.

When this happens in the press itself, the ink leaves the transfer sheet and adheres to the mug itself, which then leaves the imprint on it permanently! (This machine is compatible with those sheets, but you will have to buy them separately.)

Stylish design – … of the housing itself can mean that this product can easily become the central part of your art studio or workshop desk!

Safety-oriented design – … where the heating element, the potentially most dangerous part of this contraption, is hidden in a durable housing.


  • Compatible with infusible ink sheets
  • Automatic pressure and temperature settings (great for casual users)
  • Safety-oriented design
  • Easy, one-touch settings
  • Quick pressing time (a single mug can be done in minutes)
  • Automatic shutoff feature


  • The automated temperature and pressure settings may not appeal to advanced users

3. O BOSSTOP – Mug Press Heat Machine

Featuring an appearance of a piece of alien technology, this mug press from O Bosstop company works based on quite a simple principle.

Much attention was paid by the manufacturers of this machine to minimize the risk of harm to either the operator of this machine or the machine itself. For this reason, automatic timers and alarms are present, so that any potential problem can be promptly dealt with.


Temperature stabilization mechanism – Most heat press machines come with one temperature controller that controls the temperature of the hot pressure plate.

This model comes with two temperature controllers.

One is for the pressure plate, while the other one serves as the safety controller that will turn off the heater when the silicone pad is not in use.

Comfortable handlebar – The way you make this heat press wrap itself around the mug would be by using the handlebar to clamp and secure the mug in place.

The handle itself is made to be comfortable and easy to grip, which means that you won’t have to worry about your arm hurting after using this press.

Made out of stainless steel – … as well as carbon steel mixture.

These two materials give this model the structural strength it needs but also make it impervious to oxidization and rust.


  • Temperature stabilization system (with two temperature controllers)
  • Silicone cotton handlebar
  • Automatic timer
  • Automatic alarm
  • Made out of stainless steel & carbon steel mixture


  • Some users may not like the design of this unit

4. G HEAT-GOO – Mug Press 4-in-1 Heat Press

When it comes to the different types of mug presses that you can find currently on the market, one of the biggest problems that the majority of them seem to suffer from would be that they only feature one size of the press.

With this model, however, you can print on four different mug sizes with ease!


Dishwasher & microwave safe – What we mean by this is that the mugs that you make using this technology will be dishwasher and microwave-safe, rather than the mug press we’re talking about itself. (Which is NOT microwave nor dishwasher-safe, for the record.)

Thanks to the high-quality heat transfer technology used by this press, you can rest assured that the mugs you imprint this way will last you for years!

Sturdy build – … of this heat press machine enables you to use it easily & without having to worry about some part of it malfunctioning any time soon.

According to the manufacturers themselves, each component of this tool has been carefully welded together, as well as polished, and ultimately inspected.

So, if you want a heat press machine that you can rely on, this model from G HEAT-GOO can be the perfect option for your needs!

Built-in overload protection – … which comes in the shape of a fuse that will pop out in case the current coming from the wall socket you’ve plugged this contraption in gets a little bit out of control, so to speak.

Since any device with a heater built into it uses a lot of electricity, any sort of major disturbance in the power supply can seriously damage the parts of that machine.

Now, since heat presses for mug imprints also use heaters, this fuse protects it from a potentially catastrophic scenario involving an expensive-to-fix destroyed heater and an incapacitated heat press.


  • Inbuilt overload protection fuse
  • Comes with a smart timer controller
  • Features a pressure adjustment knob
  • This package comes with a user manual
  • 4 different sizes of coaters
  • Audio alarm when the heat pressing process is over


  • Some users might not like the design of this unit

5. VEVOR – Mug Press 600W Mug Heat Press 4-in-1

Featuring a powerful ceramic heating plate, this model from VEVOR will give you quite a few options when it comes to making high-quality cup designs.

The great thing about this plate is that it heats up quite quickly, so you won’t need to wait around for long for the heater to pick up speed and temperature!


LCD screen – … helps you set and monitor two different values – time and temperature.

All you need to do to set these two values to your liking is to press the + or – buttons a couple of times until you’re satisfied with the values you’ve set!

Next, it’s all a matter of waiting for the press to finish its pressing task.

High-quality ceramic heating plate – Boasting more than 20,000 hours of service life on average, the ceramic heating plate that you get if you buy this model is pretty impressive.

Different accessories – … including four different clamps come as a part of this offer.

The sizes that you can count on include two 11oz clamps, one 9oz clamp, as well as one for 3oz and one for 1.5oz!


  • Housing made out of thermostable nylon
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Comes with an LCD screen
  • Fantastic transfer effect
  • Four different clamp sizes (including 11oz, 9oz, 3oz, as well as 15oz)
  • One pair of gloves included


  • Fairly expensive

6. Happizza – Lightweight Mug Press

Featuring an interesting design that will fit nicely into any sort of office, home, or art studio décor, this heat press contraption from Happizza can be the best mug printing machine for anyone interested in making cool mug prints at home.

Once you get the hang of it, using this press will be a piece of cake and you will be able to get put any sort of visual design you desire onto a mug in under 3 minutes!


Ease of use – Thanks to its simple design and easy-to-figure out work method, this model from Happizza is a piece of cake to use – even if you’re a complete beginner at heat pressing mugs.

All you need to do is use some of that special sublimation paper to print your design of choice, carefully place this design on the mug and secure it with transfer tape, then place the mug in the heat press for mugs and watch the magic happen in minutes!     

Lightweight design – One of the most unlikeable things about heat presses is that they tend to be made out of heavy-duty materials.

Now, although this makes sense because heat presses need to be secure. Some companies have found a way around this in making their heat press housings out of high-quality engineering plastics.

This Happizza model has exactly this feature, so if you need to carry this contraption around, you can rest assured that this won’t be that much of a problem for you.

Instruction manual – … that comes with this model will certainly help you get the ropes of operating this contraption.

Of course, as we said, using this press is a piece of cake more often than not, but if you feel like contributing something extra to it, using this tool will help you do it fairly easily.


  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight build (housing made out of 2.6lbs)
  • Long power cord (78 inches)
  • 350 Watts of power
  • Housing made out of tough & durable engineering plastic
  • Flame-retardant power cord


  • This model features only one cup size

7. VEVOR – 2-in-1 Mug Heat Press

Fancy being able to heat press two cups at the same time, instead of just one?

Are you perhaps running a cup-imprinting business and you would like to obtain a 2-in-1 contraption that can help you heat press faster?

If the answer is YES to at least one of these, this VEVOR heat press contraption can be just the thing for you!


2-in-1 design – Let’s address the elephant in the room in this article – the 2-in-1 design of this heat press.

The idea the folks at VEVOR had was fairly simple – make a regular heat-press, but make it double!

Ergonomic handles – … represent a great way to get the most out of this press by clamping it around the mugs you insert in the mold, and to do so easily.

LCD screen – … helps you easily monitor the two most important parameters on these heat press contraptions – temperature measurement. (In both Celsius and Fahrenheit)


  • Extended, 2-in-1 design
  • Comes with a Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature measurement
  • Alarm reminder
  • LCD monitor
  • Rubber feet for a stable base
  • Coated, ergonomic press handles
  • Easy operation


  • This model is rather large, so it may not suit the needs of users looking for a smaller press

8. VEVOR – Mug Press 1,200-Watt Cup Heat Press Machine 4-in-1

Another model featuring the double build you’ve seen in the details above comes in the shape of this VEVOR mug press.

The thing that makes this model slightly different, however, would be that this one comes with a bunch of useful accessories, so you can heat press mugs of different sizes!


Durable housing – Since heat presses are exposed to hot temperatures (as their names suggest themselves), they must be made out of high-quality materials.

This model, in particular, is made out of a special kind of temperature-proof nylon!

Powerful ceramic heating plate – … that has an operational lifecycle of at least 20,000 hours.

That said, the longevity of the lifecycle of this unit is not all – this ceramic model is also good at heating itself fairly quickly, so you won’t have to wait around for it to reach a certain temperature!

Comes with a range of accessories – We’re talking about four different mug sizes, to be precise.

These would include two 11oz accessories, one for 9oz mugs, one for 3oz ones, as well as one for 1.5oz mugs.


  • Double press design
  • Comes with a ceramic heat plate
  • Comes with accessories for 4 different cup sizes
  • Features an LCD timer and temperature controller
  • Large cup capacity
  • Durable nylon-based housing


  • Fairly expensive (when compared to other mug press models)

9. VEVOR – Mug Heat Press 1,200-Watt Mug Press

Featuring a hard-core metal-looking design, this press from VEVOR packs a mighty pressin’ punch that will make producing cool-looking mugs a piece of cake.

Made out of tough nylon variant (similarly to the VEVOR model from the details above), this press will survive many hours, days, months, and even years of use!


Ceramic heat plate – … that’s inbuilt on this model means that you won’t have to wait around for this model to heat up!

Ceramic heating elements are also well-known for their uniform heat distribution, so you won’t have to worry about that, either.

Digital mug press control panel – … represents a great way to easily view the temperature of the heater in real-time.

Thanks to this simple display feature, you can always know exactly how hot your heat press is!

Set of accessories – … that you can count on if you decide to buy this heat press would include four different attachments corresponding to different mug capacities. (11oz, 9oz, 3oz, and 1.5oz)


  • Powerful ceramic heating plate
  • A set of accessories
  • Housing made out of thermostable nylon
  • An LCD control screen for easy temperature monitoring
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Comes with a pair of safety gloves


  • Some users may not like the color and design of this press

10. CALCA – US Stock 110V 20OZ Tumbler Heat Press

Representing probably the largest and most complex heat-press, at least appearance-wise, this CALCA model can help you make some pretty sweet mug designs – in minutes.

This particular model is made specifically for 20oz skinny tumblers, so if you want a press that can tackle some other ‘format’, this thing may not be for you.

If you do like the 20oz skinny mugs, here are some additional features of this mug.


Temperature reader screen – … where you can see how hot the heating element is and whether or not your mug is ready!

Tumblers as well as mugs – Other than tall mugs you might have seen in artisan coffee shops perhaps, or that you may be own yourself, this CALCA heat press can also be used to create tumblers!

Simple operation – All you need to do to press the design onto a mug of your choice would be to pull the lever onto it and you’re pretty much good to go!


  • Durable design
  • Can press tumblers in addition to mugs
  • 320 Watts of heating power
  • Simple operation
  • Celsius & Fahrenheit measuring system
  • Perfect for skinny mugs and tumblers


  • This model can only press mugs and tumblers of one size (doesn’t come with any accessories)

Best Mug Press Buyer’s Guide

men print mug with heat press

Ceramic Heating Plate

The heat-up time is arguably the strongest suit of ceramic heating plates since all ceramics-based heating elements heat up pretty quickly – especially when you compare them with some heating elements made out of other materials. 


Instead of being able to make just one kind of mug design, you will be able to make these designs in four mug sizes! 

The added accessories with mug presses usually mean you can press mug designs with mugs of different sizes.

2-in-1 Design

Thanks to this additional slot where you can place your cups, now you can press two cups at the same time instead of just one.

So, if you want to make a lot of mugs quickly, this model will help you achieve it with ease.

Ergonomic Handles

To be fair, you do not have to press hard with your hands to make a heat press do its magic anyway, but the ergonomic design of the handles is certainly useful if you need to press a lot of mugs daily, for example.

Smart Temperature Control

The temperature-measuring system can be set to display the results in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, so whether you’re based in the US or somewhere else, this model can still display the temperature in a way that you would find suitable.

How to Use a Mug Press Machine?

The heating element combined with the pressure you applied will leave a permanent imprint on the mug and then all you have to do is wait for the mug to cool down – that’s the basic principle.

Here Are the Steps to Making that Happen:

  • Design a press using on a computer or similar device,
  • Print it out,
  • Use specialized transfer paper to stick it to a mug,
  • Insert the mug in the heat press,
  • Clamp the press down, and
  • Take it out once it’s ready!

How to Sublimate a Mug Without a Mug Press?

The procedure is slightly different than what it is with mug presses, but all in all – the principle is pretty much the same.

Here Are the Steps for Pulling it Off, Though-

  • Print the design of your choice,
  • Use an infusible ink sheet to transfer it to with a printer,
  • Clean the mug thoroughly,
  • Place the tape over the mug firmly and evenly,
  • Go over it with a heat gun for about 4 minutes, (at about 1 to 1.5-inch distance)
  • Wait for the mug to cool off and then remove the tape carefully,
  • That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What Does a Mug Press Do?

Mug presses are contraptions that you use to press a visual message, image, or pattern onto a mug using heat and pressure.

2) Do I Need a Mug Press for Sublimation?

Technically, you don’t, as you can use an oven to make the design adhere to the mug.

That said, be advised – the results you get this way may vary.

3) Can You Use a Cricut for Sublimation?

Yes, you can.

Since Cricut’s infusible ink system is a variant of sublimation technology, it’d be safe to say that you could use a Cricut press for sublimation.

4) Is a Mug Press Worth it?

It all depends on what you want to achieve.

If you only want to make a couple of custom mugs here and there, then buying even the best mug heat press may not be worth it.

If, on the other hand, you want to produce custom-made mugs regularly, then getting a mug press can certainly be a smart investment!

5) How Do You Heat Press a Mug Without a Heat Press?

Well, one of the options would be to use an oven as a source of heat. (But you would need to be careful.)

Alternatively, you can use a heat gun to apply heat on the infusible ink paper you’ve placed carefully onto the side of a mug!

Final Words

All in all, whether you’re a person who just wants to make a custom-made mug as a present for their dad, or you hope to develop a small business based on making cool mug designs, owning a mug press can be a great way to be able to do it in the comfort of your home.

We hope that this article helped you find the best mug press machine model for your needs and we wish you plenty of success in your press ventures!

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