[Updated] Best Motorcycle Saddlebags On The Market In 2023

Perhaps you had a vision of riding a motorcycle wearing just a t-shirt, blue jeans, and old work boots before purchasing one. No matter where you went, as long as you could feel the wind blowing through your hair, you would feel at peace. In the meantime, you might have developed a sense of responsibility once you acquired the motorcycle. 

Combining several types of motorcycle bags to maximize storage space is possible, and a host of different types are available. There are also tail and seat bags, as well as a compact swingarm bag, in addition to traditional saddlebags. 

The tools, tire repair kits, and flashlights you need for emergencies should be stocked up, whichever type you choose. A raincoat would not be a bad idea, either. Please make sure you leave enough room in your bag for that carton of milk your better half reminded you to pick up.

Here are the best motorcycle saddlebags on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Motorcycle Saddlebags

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags Reviews In 2023

1. KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Saddlebags

This product is designed for riders looking for a nice and stylish saddlebag for their motorcycles. This bag is made of high-quality canvas with very durable yet flexible fabric. The stitching on the bag is white and gives the bag a personalized look. These are made with various fixing methods to fit different motorcycles, including Sportster, Softail, dynas, v-stars, etc.

Lifestyle Essentials

The KEMIMOTO Saddlebags come in a pair, enough to fit all your lifestyle essentials. They open from the top with a usable zipper and inner bag to keep small items organized. The waterproof material of the bags will keep your items safe even in bad weather conditions.

Easy To Access And Close The Bag

This motorcycle saddlebag comes with two kinds of open-way, The pin buckle&The quick-release buckle, The quick-release buckle make it easy to access and close the bag. At the same time, you can also close this saddlebag by using the double locks and key since it is made of soft but high strength material to avoid scratches on your motorcycle and reduce vibration while riding. The strong hook on the bottom will help you attach it firmly on your motorcycle seat or stand. The interior light will help find things inside your bags at night time.

2. Milwaukee Leather SH66602 Zip-Off Double Pocket

Made of man-made PVC material, this pack is durable and provides just the right amount of structure for comfort. Its one-of-a-kind double pocket design is great for keeping you organized and an added feature of day/night reflective piping safety to ensure you’re seen even in low light situations.

Saddlebags Are Designed

Milwaukee Leather SH66602 Zip-Off Double Pocket Studded PVC Throw Over Motorcycle Saddlebags – One Size. These throw-over saddlebags are designed for bike riders who demand the best in all categories. They are designed to fit most cruisers and tour bikes using metal brackets and hardware for easy installation, extra thick seat foam, heavy-duty zippers, and 2 inside pockets with 2 outside pockets.

Lock Bonus Pockets

Looking for a professional and durable bag that goes from day to night? This Milwaukee Leather SH66602 Zip-Off Double Pocket is the one you want! Bag dimensions are 12in Length x 9in Height x 6in Depth x 17in Diagonal Depth, giving you plenty of room for all your belongings. The two outer velcro lock bonus pockets allow you to store small items close by without having them dig into your back or sides when wearing your backpack. The double strap front with quick release gives you access to the main compartment and allows the pack to fold up when unused.

3. Kemimoto Motorcycle Saddlebags

These high-quality, long-lasting Motorcycle Saddlebags are made of durable vinyl that is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. With a sturdy mounting system and quick-release Velcro straps, these Saddlebags are easy to install, use, and remove. Rugged enough for daily use but stylish enough for leisure or recreational riders.

Make A Long Journey

A short break is a good chance to relax and refresh yourself. It is not suitable to make a long journey in a short time, so why not choose our motorcycle saddlebags? It has a large storage capacity, and the interlayer net allows you to classify items more freely. And the side bag has a detachable cup holder so that you can put the cup on it anytime.

Unique Texture

These bags are made of crocodile leather, with a unique texture, unlike any other material. The crocodile leather side bags will hold their shape, whether full or not, even after years of use. These motorcycle saddlebags are water resistant and include inner-lining to protect your cargo from rain, mud, and other forms of moisture.

4. Motorcycle Saddlebags, Motorcycle Side Bag

These motorcycle side panniers have been specifically designed to be used with Sports Motorcycles and offer excellent storage space, practicality, and versatility. Compact at 36L but expandable to 58L capacity (per pair), these Panniers are great for short or long tours, featuring side pockets and a large storage section with heat resistant and anti-slide material at the base.

Unique Third Seatbelt

They attach quickly, easily, and securely to your motorcycle, utilizing a unique third seatbelt safety strap that secures the Panniers underneath the motorcycle’s seat. They also come with two rain covers to protect your luggage from the elements.

Panniers For Sports Bikes

A pair of specially adapted Storage Panniers for Sports Bikes. Our Panniers can be expanded to a maximum capacity of 58 Litres (29L x 2) , the highest unilateral heavy 3KG. These have been designed to wear low so as not to narrow the angle of the handlebars when riding.

5. 2Pcs Heavy-duty Waterproof Motorcycle Saddlebags

These high-quality motorcycle saddlebags are a great addition to any bike. They will provide you with extra storage space for food, tools, clothing, and more when you’re out on the road. Made of durable 600D polyester with PVC coating on the inside and a waterproof zipper, these bags are designed to last through harsh conditions. Also, they come with straps that allow simple installation without professional help.

Leather And Stainless Steel

This motorcycle saddle bag is waterproof PU synthetic leather and stainless steel buckles with a metal frame. The hard-body saddlebags have a more durable construction than the typical plastic-coated ones, making them perfect for long rides where you need to pack a lot of gear.

Motorcycle Makes And Models

This saddlebag universal fit suits all motorcycle makes and models. The heavy-duty waterproof fabric construction won’t tear, crack or fade, even in extreme conditions. All hardware is stainless steel, and the mounting brackets feature a quick-release system to easily swap your bags from bike to bike.

6. KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Saddlebags

 These motorcycle saddlebags are universal and fit for many motorcycle models, including but not limited to Sportster Softail Dyna Road King V-star, Shadow, and Vulcan. (PS: Please make sure the clearance between the saddlebags and top exhaust.)

Always keep the shape.

This kind of motorcycle saddlebag has a built-in hard shape and is made from high-quality plastics. So, it is not easy to deform even if your bag is totally empty. You could store your regular stuff in your saddlebag like glasses, notebook, earphones, jackets, etc.

Quick Access

Two easy ways to open your saddlebag. One is a pin buckle & and the other is a quick-release buckle. The quick-release buckle provides an easier way to access your stuff inside the bag. And, you could close your motorcycle saddlebag easily.

Water resistance in slight rain

The bag is made from synthetic leather and covered with PU material. That would keep your regular stuff dry in slight rain. But remember, do not take it outside when it is heavy rain!

7. Motorcycle Saddlebags

Our waterproof motorcycle bags are suitable for most motorcycles, such as Sportster XL 883 XL1200, v-star, shadow, Vulcan, etc. They are sold in pairs; please ensure there is enough room for them on the rear of your motorcycle.

Enough Capacity

A pair of motorcycle saddlebags is large enough and suitable for daily use or outing trips.

Mesh Inner Pocket

Help organize your medium and little items like a paper notebook, sunglass, additional gloves, and so on.

Can Use in Light Rain

Made of high-quality synthetic leather, the design of the flap helps to keep some rain out and keep stuff dry.

8. kemimoto Motorcycle Saddlebags 

 These motorcycle saddlebags are made of high-quality oxford and PU leather; good stitches allow them to support the weight of your items well and will not lose luggage during driving. It comes with a pair of bag covers; they can protect your bags in light rain and on a dusty road.

Bluffs For Beach Picnics

Not for such long-distance touring but going on rides along the bluffs for beach picnics or just running errands and grabbing groceries. The size is just right for a weekend getaway or day at the beach. You can go to the grocery store and fill them up and enjoy a great quick shopping trip.

Zipper Design

Compared with lashing, our motorcycle saddlebag is more convenient to use a zipper to close them shut.

Magnetic Snap Buttons

These saddle bags are great for casual use, grabbing a few groceries. Magnetic buttons make it very easy to flip the cover.

Buying Guide: Best Motorcycle Saddlebags

Arrangement of Attachments

Pannier attachments can be divided into two categories. The direct mounting systems and velcro strap systems. Your bike’s setup will affect the kind you need. Bikes with rear racks can be quite expensive, as can bikes with just a back seat. A velcro saddlebag can easily be attached to most bikes and is designed to fit most bikes. Nevertheless, they are less secure and sturdy than those mounted directly to racks.

Racks aren’t commonly included with bikes, making installing them a problem. This means a rack will be necessary for your motorcycle touring setup, which adds to the cost. A saddlebag that can be attached with velcro is a good choice for an easy setup. You can attach panniers to your bike using this method unless your bike has the rack already installed.


Choosing a saddlebag that is durable is the next factor to consider. Because these are the bags that hold your equipment, it is important. No matter what you use for commuting or touring, you want it to be safe and protected. You can’t protect your panniers against the elements when you’re on the road. There’s also wind and rain, along with the road debris. Your gear will stay safe and dry if you choose the right side bags or cases.

A waterproof saddlebag or one that comes with an attached waterproof cover is best. A heat shield is also necessary for preventing damage to the components from exhaust and engine heat. Lastly, check the quality of the build. Plastic and other soft materials should be avoided. Motorcycle panniers are often made from polyester, aluminum, or other metals. Make sure you read the reviews of any model you are considering.


When buying the best motorbike panniers, you need to set a budget. A budget set too low or too high can have unintended consequences on your riding experience. Typically, cheap side cases are made from inferior materials. They usually aren’t as durable as you might think and don’t offer the best protection.

If you’re commuting to work or going on a short weekend trip, you don’t need to invest several thousand dollars in motorcycle luggage. You must find a happy medium between your budget and the equipment quality you desire.

A saddlebag or pannier can cost between $150 and $500. The price range is reasonable, but both ends have suitable options. Motorcycle gear isn’t cheap, so be careful.

Storage Facility

Last, you should consider the amount of storage space your chosen pannier offers. Other models have a fixed compartment, while others have expandable compartments.

Overnight trips and motorcycle tours are better suited to expandable compartments. Hence, you do not have to buy new luggage to increase its storage capacity. Saddlebags that expand can be bulky and heavy. For those traveling with motorcycle tank bags or other luggage, you might want to choose something smaller.

Saddlebags equipped with a fixed storage compartment are more appropriate for day trips, local errands, and commuting. They may have an additional side pocket for the additional organization and only one main compartment to store gear.

FAQ: Best Motorcycle Saddlebags

Do saddlebags fit any motorcycle?

Almost every metric cruiser motorcycle or Harley-Davidson can accommodate the throw-over style, meaning no additional motorcycle accessories are needed. They are extremely popular because they are easy to install and fit almost any metric motorcycle or Harley-Davidson. There is not much to it when it comes to installing throw-over saddlebags on your motorcycle.

Are motorcycle saddlebags waterproof?

Soft bags made of leather or synthetic materials are popular with people who ride cruisers. For your belongings to stay dry in inclement weather, you need to use waterproof liners or rain covers in addition to soft motorcycle saddlebags.

What are saddlebags on thighs?

The saddlebags on your thighs consist of fat deposits. Weight gain caused by this type of fat has a high relapse rate. Fortunately, Saddlebags can be eliminated with weight loss – starting with an effective weight loss program.

Should I buy a saddle bag?

When you prepare for a ride, you can easily find your essentials by attaching a saddlebag to your bike in advance, so you’re ready to ride. Your pockets are free to carry additional food and clothing in a saddlebag, which is useful in the winter when the weather can vary.

Does cycling help saddlebags?

Those saddlebags can be lost while riding a bike. It takes about 60 minutes to ride your bike for up to 75 minutes daily to lose one pound.


Best motorcycle saddlebags are a great way to carry your essentials on the road. They come in two different styles, hard bags and soft panniers. Hard bags are more durable but can be heavier than soft panniers, allowing you to pack around weight limits better because they have an open-top design. 

Soft panniers also don’t get as hot during long rides as hard bags do because of their breathable material, so it may be worth considering if there is no need for something that will last forever or stay cool when used often.

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